De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 24, 1928 


Lambert Hotel to be Remodeled, New Garage Plans

            Work was commenced this week on a program of remodeling at the Lambert Hotel.  The old building is to be moved to the south part of the lot and remodeled into a better hotel building.  Later along Mr. LAMBERT hopes to brick veneer and rock-board the building, making it into a modern and more attractive building.

            The change is being made at this time in order to make room for a new garage and automobile filling station for W.W. WALKER, the Chrysler agent.  The new building will have a floor space of 50 x 100 feet.  It will be built of brick, with concrete floor and be fireproof and modern throughout.

Harvey – Pittman

            The wedding ceremony uniting Miss Lois HARVEY of De Leon and Mr. Melvin PITTMAN, of Big Spring, was solemnized at nine o’clock a.m. August 22, 1928 at the residence of the bride.  The wedding marked the climax of about a years engagement.

            Miss HARVEY is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY of this city.  She is a product of De Leon High School, graduating in 1926.  The last two years she has attended Simmons University at Abilene.  It was there she met Mr. PITTMAN.

            Mr. PITTMAN is the son of Mr. J.P. PITTMAN of Big Spring.  He is a graduate of Simmons University, receiving his degree from the university last June.  He excelled at Simmons as an athlete.  This last year he was captain and center on the Simmons football team.

            Those present at the wedding were Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY, Mr. J.P. PITTMAN of Big Spring, Mrs. J.R. WOOD, Ray HARVEY, Misses Ruth and Frances HARVEY, Doris AYERS, Mildred Van ZANDT, Ruth AYERS, Eudora NOEL and Rev. CAMPBELL who conducted the service.

            Immediately after the ceremony the young bride and groom left for Anson, Texas, where Mr. PITTMAN will coach next year.  Their car was “beautifully decorated” with old shoes, tin cans and signs by their friends.

Death of A.E. Pettitt

            On Wednesday evening, August 8th, the many friends of A.E. (Gene) PETTITT, 33, paused from their daily labor to mourn the loss of the dear young man.

            Gene was born and reared near De Leon.  When he was only a boy he was converted at Morton’s Chapel and lived a pure Christian life.  In every word, deed, or thought exemplified a spirit of kindness and helpfulness to his fellowmen.  His home life and companionship was beyond reproach.

            He was ever ready to sacrifice his own pleasure for the sake of others.  He was in training at Camp Travis during the world war.

            Gene received his early education at Trinity school and afterwards continued his training at North Texas State Teachers College, Denton, also attended Brantly-Draughn Business College, Fort Worth.  After which he taught school several years.  He concluded his teaching career at Ranger, as principal of Tiffin Ward for two years.  For the past two years he has been salesman for Durham and Pettitt Jewelry and Music Store.

            Funeral services were held at the Methodist church at Ranger after which the body was carried to De Leon for interment.

            Active pallbearers at the funeral were:  R.V. GALLOWAY, L.H. HAGAMAN, S.P. BOON, Walter HARWELL, Vernon DEFFERBACH, Lewis FLECK, W. SWANEY, B.H. MURPHY.



Mrs. Star INZER has been visiting the past week with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Loy HILL.

Mrs. Leslie BURGESS and little son, Billie, are at home after a visit with relatives at Abilene.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl LOWREY are here from Colorado visiting his mother, Mrs. J.H. LOWREY.

C.W. ARNOLD, a resident of this city during the days of the oil boom, now of Houston, was visiting in the city this week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY are home from Plainview where they attended the opening of the new Plainview National Bank, of which their son, John STEAKLEY, is active vice-president.

Mrs. J.E. WILEY and daughter, of Seattle, Wash., are here visiting her mother, Mrs. J.E. WOFFORD, and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry COONER of O’Brien and Mr. and Mrs. Rob CONNER of Gorman were Friday visitors of Mrs. Emma COONER.

J.M. EADS, brother of Mrs. Jim BROWN of Newcastle, Texas, is here for a visit with his sister and other relatives.  This is Mr. EADS first visit here in some three or four years.  They will return home Thursday.

Jim BROWN came home Saturday night to visit his wife and boys.  And to Mr. and Mrs. BROWN’s surprise on Sunday morning, his mother of McCalley and his brother and family of McCalley, Mrs. Mose LAND and baby from HAMLIN, sister of Mr. BROWN and his brother John BROWN and family of Post City, Ben KEITH and family of Beattie, Mr. and Mrs. Grady AUVENSHINE of Beattie, J.K. BRIGHTEN and family of Beattie and Miss Kittie MATHEWS of Beattie all spent the day with them.  The afternoon was spent talking over old times and making pictures.

Mr. and Mrs. J.A. CULPEPPER have gone to Roby for a visit with their son, Jim CULPEPPER and family.

Miss Jewel TIMMONS is at home from Cisco this week.

Pauline B. BRUMBELOW of John Tarleton spent the weekend with home folks.

Carl BRUMBELOW went to Stephenville last Friday.  He will enter college there September 15th.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard McCLELLAN and son, Buster, of Iraan, are here for a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCLELLAN.

Mrs. Inez BLAIR of Itasca is here visiting her mother, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN. 


R.C. McNUTT and family and Lon CLAYTON and family are away on a fishing trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde WYNN drove over to the sanitarium at Gorman Monday evening to see Mrs. Moncil HAYT, of Comanche, who is undergoing a serious operation.  Mrs. HAYT has hosts of friends and relatives in and around De Leon who will be grieved to know of her illness.

Mrs. DICKERSON is still at the sanitarium but it is hoped that she will be able to come home in a few days.

Dewey BROWNING was painfully injured one day last week when his hand got caught in the machinery of the well he is drilling and crushed his fingers so badly that he will not be able to work for some time.

J.T. EDMONDSON and Charles MORRIS returned Wednesday from a trip to Fort Worth where they attended a two day meeting of the state cleaners and dyers association.

Jakehamon News

Luther DAVENPORT and wife, with Percy DAVENPORT and wife, of Fort Worth are visiting with J.E. GUTHRIE and family this week.

Misses Odell ROBBINS and Lucille RILEY made a visit to Stephenville this week in connection with their entrance into John Tarleton College this fall.

Raymond KIRKLAND is visiting with his father this week.

Ben KOONCE is making extensive improvements on his residence, having built on and extended the building very considerable.  The paint work, which is being done by Jim KOONCE, will be finished this week.

Maurine MOORE was quite sick for a few days this week but is better.


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