De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 15, 1928 


Faculty Chosen for City Schools for Coming Year

            De Leon School Board met in regular session recently and completed the faculty for the year 1928-29.

            D.M. RUSSELL was re-elected some weeks ago as superintendent.  At the same time W.Z. COMPTON was chosen again as principal of the high school.

            In the high school the following were elected:  Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL, Miss Jamie GREENWALDT, Miss Bertha ROSS, Miss Virginia Grace WESSON, Miss BROCK of Grapevine, teacher of Home Economics.

            Ward school teachers were elected as follows:  Miss Della WALL, principal South Ward, Paul MORGAN, principal North Ward, Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL, Miss Alpha MOORE, Miss Phyllis SHORT, Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Miss Iris MOHON, Miss Lillian MOHON, Miss Bernice KIKER, Miss Edna MERRITT, and Mrs. Edgar SHORT.

Four Accidents in this Family; Child Lost Eye

            Mr. and Mrs. J.D. HOLMES may lay claim to having the most disastrous series of major accidents in their family of any other in Comanche county, the Free Press believes.  Recently their son, Doyle, aged four, was standing on the stock of a “nigger-shooter” and pulling up on the rubber bands.  The stock slipped from beneath is foot and struck him in the eye, splitting the ball wide open and scattering the liquid inside the ball.  When his mother reached him, the remains of his eye ball was hanging down on his cheek.  The child was rushed to Gorman where surgeons removed the eye.  The child was brought home the same night by his parents. (Moral: Don’t give a child a “nigger-shooter”.

            Last Christmas Justin, 16, another son of the HOLMES family, was waiting under a shed for a covey of quail to come within shooting distance.  He rested the muzzle of a 12-guage shotgun on the top of his foot.  The gun was discharged and shot part of his foot away.

            Henry, now aged 6, was riding on the side of a wagon loaded with wood a couple of years ago.  A stick of wood struck him and broke his leg.

            Doyle, 4, the same young fellow who recently lost his eye, was riding a yearling in the cow-lot last winter, at least older children were placing him on the yearling, and he fell, striking a feed trough and broke his collar bone.

Local Katy Man Left For San Francisco Meet

            H.D. PEARSON left this week for San Francisco to be gone for thirty or forty days.  He is representing the Texas Central branch of the Katy in national convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen.  He was routed by Kansas City, Pueblo and Salt Lake City.

            Mr. PEARSON has attended several of these national conventions as a delegate since 1912, one of which was at Washington, D.C., one in Denver, and another at Houston.

De Wolfe Forms Law Partnership at Goldthwaite

            Homer C. DeWOLFE has formed a law partnership with the firm of McGOUGH and DARROCH and will practice in Goldthwaite and have charge of the firm’s office in that city.  Mr. DeWOLFE received his degree from the law school this past year with highest honors and was selected as a member of the Order of the Coif, national honorary legal society.  He has spent this last week in and around De Leon in the interest of his candidacy for Representative of this District.

Jakehamon Youth Had Peculiar Accident

            Dalton KING happened to a painful though not serious accident last Sunday morning.  In handling a throw line for fishing purposes, the line was thrown in such a way that a hook caught in his forearm so that it could not be removed without the aid of a doctor.  He was taken to a doctor and between cutting and pulling, the hook was removed with considerable pain to the boy.

Miss Bernice Inzer Has Appendix Operation

            Miss Bernice INZER, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H.H. INZER, had an operation for appendicitis at Gorman late Tuesday, and reports indicate that she is recovering nicely.

Monday Night’s Storm Did Some Damage in City

            Plemmons Drug Co. suffered damage estimated at upward of a hundred dollars when plaster loosened from the ceiling and fell, breaking plate glass show cases and ruining expensive merchandise Sunday night.  The damage resulted from the storm blowing water into the upper portion of the building, or from leaks in the roof.

            C.H. LESTER’s confectionery was damaged by having a sign board blown through the front and by water damage.

            W.H. SMITH Dry Goods suffered water damage from flood water in some manner getting into their show windows, wetting expensive lingerie and other merchandise.

            The smoke stack at the cotton compress was blown down causing damage running up to a considerable sum.

            Scores of shade trees were blown down or uprooted.  Grain standing in fields was twisted and blown down, resulting in much damage.  Hail in places did some damage to growing crops and fruit.


            The marriage of Miss Mabell JOHNSTON to Mr. Howard D. WILLIAMS occurred at Comanche, Tuesday afternoon, June 5, 1928.  The young couple drove to Comanche, accompanied by the sister-in-law of the bride, Mr. Archer JOHNSTON and were married by the justice of the peace there.

            Miss JOHNSTON, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.L. JOHNSTON has lived in De Leon since early childhood.  She is a student in De Leon schools and is deservedly popular with a large majority of the people.

            Mr. WILLIAMS was formerly of Waco where his parents now reside.  He has been employed in De Leon and vicinity for the past two years.  Best wishes of many friends attend them as they start on the eventful journey of married life.

Two Daughters of J.A. Mohon Wed

            The marriage of Miss Allene MOHON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. MOHON of this city, occurred at Carbon at 3:20 o’clock p.m. Thursday, June 7, 1928.  The groom is Mr. L.B. HORN of Eastland, who holds the responsible position of chief engineer for the Lone Star Gas Co., Dept. 3.  The bridal party consisted of several relatives and friends including Miss Amazone MOHON, a sister of the bride, Miss Mable HORN, a sister of the groom, Miss Lillie SINGLETON, and Maurice NANCE.

            Miss MOHON was born and reared here where she attended De Leon high school, graduating in 1923.  She later attended John Tarleton College where she graduated in 1927.  She taught last year at Flatwood in Eastland county and will again teach there.

            Mr. HORN was born and reared in Eastland.  His present position is a most responsible one.  He is a World War veteran and was commissioned as First Lieutenant during the war.  His vacation, July 15th, will give the young couple opportunity to go away on a honeymoon trip.  They plan to visit Carlsbad Cavern.

            Another wedding in the MOHON family was that of Mrs. Glista MOHON DUNCAN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. MOHON, to Mr. B.C. GOWAN of Eastland, contractor, who has lived in that city since the oil boom came.  Mr. GOWAN’s permanent home is Tulsa.  They were married at the Church of Christ in Mineral Wells at 11:15 o’clock a.m., April 27th.  Mrs. DUNCAN taught the past two years in Eastland schools and was re-elected for the coming year but declined to accept.  They are at home at 220 South Oak St., Eastland.

Mrs. C.E. George is Ill at Abilene

            C.E. GEORGE, shop foreman for the Free Press, received a telephone call early Wednesday from relatives at Nugent, a short distance from Abilene, that his wife was seriously ill at the home of her parents there.  Mr. GEORGE left immediately for that place.  Mrs. GEORGE had not been well lately, but she was feeling as well as usual a couple of days ago, when she last wrote.

            In the absence of Mr. GEORGE, the Free Press was fortunate in getting our own “Kid” STOVER to help “pull us out of the hole.”  “Kid” happened to be over at Desdemona visiting his parents, after having traveled last season for Southwestern Engraving Co. in the state of Mississippi.  He will return to Mississippi next fall, he says.

Mrs. Andrews and Daughter Operating Dining Room Now

            The dining room at the Travelers Hotel is now being operated by Mrs. Ida ANDREWS and her daughter, Miss Marion, lately of Cross Plains.  Mrs. ANDREWS has had sixteen years experience in similar work, she stated, and will no doubt make a success of her new business venture here.

            Mrs. ANDREWS told the Free Press that she was two years proprietor of the Kemper Hotel at Cross Plains and has also had experience in this line at Ozona, Stamford, and other points.  Mrs. ANDREWS is a sister of the SHELTON brothers near Duster and formerly lived there.

            Special Sunday dinners will be a feature at the Travelers hereafter, Mrs. ANDREWS said.  The price will remain at 50 cents.  Local people are invited to save themselves the trouble and expense of preparing Sunday dinners and at the same time help a local concern to succeed.

Fire Destroyed Residence on the Magnolia Farm

            Fire broke out late Monday on the Magnolia Tank Farm in the residence of J.C. PIERCE, and although the workmen used every means at their disposal, the house was destroyed.  Chemical engines failed to bring the flames under control.

            An oil stove exploded and caused the fire, it is said.  Many of those who resided on the farm were in town for the Trade Day celebration.  Very little was saved.  Perhaps a hundred De Leon people drove out to offer assistance.

Rook Club

            The Rook Club met with Mrs. W.H. JETTON, June 8.  Mrs. GEORGE won high score.

            Cut flowers were used in decorating the home.  At the conclusion of the games delightful refreshments were served.  Members and guests attending were Mesdames PITTMAN, GRIZZELLE, BUCHAN, MULLOY, HILL, SELF, Mae WHALEY, McCLELLAN, MALONE, SCHMIDT, JOINER, SNEAD, SHUMAN, SHOOK, Bob STEAKLEY, TATE, SHAVER, Harold WILLIAMS, W.W. GREGORY, ALLEN, GEORGE, LEIGON, Misses Allene WEAVER and WILLIAMS.

            The Club meets next June 22 with Mrs. C.W. LEIGON.

Phillips Reunion Soon to be Held

            Grandmother M.E. PHILLIPS, mother of Mesdames H.D. PEARSON and T.J. COOK, left several days ago for Iredell to visit for some time, and to get ready for the coming annual PHILLIPS Reunion, of which she is president.  The PHILLIPS families are numerous and the reunion is quite an important and enjoyable occasion.


Mrs. J.M. MILES and daughter, Geraldine, were in Dallas this past week visiting her son, Johnnie MILES and Mrs. Ada Lou EDWARDS, and also visited her brother, Benton MALONEE and family in Plano.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymon WILSON and son, Earl, were here last week from Bell, California, guest of his aunt, Mrs. Will BOYD.

Mrs. Dave TERRELL received a message Tuesday from Bremond that her aunt, Mrs. Kitty BONDS had died.

Miss Lettie BONDS is here from Amarillo, guest of her grandmother, Mrs. Laura SMITH.

Mrs. T.F. BUTLER from Brownwood is here guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Len MAY.

Mrs. John DYSON and son, Bobbie, from Pyote are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.S. FREEMAN.

Miss Leila JENKINS has gone to Abilene where she will attend A.C.C. this summer.

Mrs. Lucy THOMAS and small son are here from Sapulpa, Okla., for a visit with her mother, Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL.

Mr. and Mrs. A.C. WATERS of San Angelo are here visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.B. RIDER.

Mrs. E.R. WALL and small son, Billie, are here from Stamford for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. CULPEPPER.

Mrs. Karl SMALLWOOD and children left Sunday night for Mangum where they will spend this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.T. TAYLOR.

Mrs. E.A. TERRELL and children returned Tuesday from Zephyr where she attended the burial of her brother, Forrest PETTY.

Mesdames Myrtle ST. JOHN, Lola McCLELLAN and son, Buster, and Doyle PITTMAN are here from Iraan visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will BOYD.

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. PETERS of Palatine are here for a visit with his brother-in-law, J.H. INSALL.

W.H. WILLIAMS drove to Kerrville last Monday, taking his young son, Billie, to a summer camp there.  The camp is called “Rio Vista,” and is situated in a beautiful spot on the Guadalupe river.  Billie will be there several weeks.

W.P. WEAVER and son, Herbert, attended the Druggists Convention in session at Abilene this week.

John D. HARVEY, who is attending summer school at Simmons U., Abilene, was spending the past week end at home with his father.

Mrs. J.B. McINTYRE, of Dallas, sister of Mrs. ANDREWS, is visiting here this week.

Curt MORRIS and young son, Curtis, drove to Marlin Saturday.  They returned Sunday bringing Mrs. MORRIS, who has been taking treatment in Marlin and their daughter, Marjorie, who went to visit her mother a week before.

Misses Jamie and Willie Maud GREENWALT left Thursday for Boulder, Colo., where they will attend school this summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl YOUNG have moved here from Santa Rita.

Mr. and Mrs. John J. HORN and little daughter left Tuesday for Port Arthur where they are spending a week or ten days in the home of Mrs. HORN’s sister.

Rev. and Mrs. H.D. ANDERSON and daughter, Esther, attended the annual District council of the District of Texas and New Mexico held in Ft. Worth, June 5 to 8.  They report a splendid and very successful convention.  Over six hundred ministers, delegates and visitors attended from out of town.  They were called away on the third day to San Antonio on account of the death of his mother.  They returned to De Leon from San Antonio Monday evening, after having to camp on the banks of the Llano with a hundred or more other cars from 3 p.m. Sunday until 11:30 a.m. Monday on account of a big rise in the Llano river.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. PULLEY and children of Cisco visited in the home of their son, W.E. PULLEY, Sunday and Monday.

Sam HODGES of Knox City visited in the home of his aunt, Mrs. D.P. RACKLEY last week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.B. McSHAN motored over to Stephenville Saturday evening after her sister, Miss Ella Clyde BLACK who is attending school there.

Mrs. Conway THOMPSON and children of Hawley have been visiting in the home of  A.R. THOMPSON this week.

Mrs. B.L. PAINTER and children visited her father, Mr. T.D. CRADDOCK west of De Leon Sunday.

Honoring her little daughter, Loveda, on her fourteenth birthday, Mrs. Hicks SPENCER entertained a number of little folks with a delightful party at her home at 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon.  After the party delicious ice cream and cake were served to the following little guests:  Derwood and Evelene HAZZARD, Hortence ROCKER, Christine PAINTER, Naomie CARAWAY, Jewel and Mattie Nell SPRUELL, Modell, Garnet and Catherine BLANTON.

Jakehamon News

Roy LINDLEY, a nephew of W.A. and John LINDLEY, who has been attending the Texas Technological School at Lubbock was visiting relatives and friends in this community last week.

Raymond and Doyl HUGHES have been sick with measles but are now about well.

C.C. SANDY and wife of the Big Lake country have been visiting with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GREGORY  the past week.

Marcel and Thurston WINNEGER, small children of Mrs. Lizzie WINNEGER, are suffering with a complication of whooping cough and measles, both being right sick.

Mr. W.C. McGUIRE together with all his children are having a siege of the whooping cough, the smaller of the children having such complications as to make them suffer more than is ordinarily necessary with the whooping cough.

Mildred McKINNEY is visiting her aunt, Mrs. T.C. SMITH of De Leon, this week.


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