De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 1, 1928 


Commencement Held at Comyn School Monday Evening

            Rev. W.W. RICESON was the commencement speaker at the close of the Comyn school, which was held at the school house at that place last Monday.  A class of seven received their diplomas.  The year has been one of the best in the history of the school, it is said.

            Rev. RICHESON’s subject was “The Unscrambled Ideal” and a capacity audience heard him present the theme unfolding in a manner to inspire highest ideals, to lead the young to greatest achievement, with the goal of a successful and happy life as the ultimate aim.

            The seven young people receiving their diplomas also had a part in the program as follows:

Salutatory, C.M. CARAWAY, Jr.

Valedictory, Blanche MARTIN.

Class History, Lowery EASLEY.

Senior’s Farewell, Mary Edna MOORE.

Class Will, L.O.E. SWEEDEN.

Class Proclamation, Perry COOK.

Class CREED, Jennie DICKEY.

Retiring Supt. George GOOSBY presented the diplomas to the class.

            Six of the seven graduates will attend college next fall, Lowery EASLEY alone not intending to go this year.  Miss Jennie DICKEY will attend C.I.A.  The remaining five will go to John Tarleton College.

Old Time Citizen on a Visit Here

            B.T. HIGGINBOTHAM, pioneer merchant of this city, who has lived for perhaps 20 years at Alvin, Texas, in the Gulf coast country, is here this week, accompanied by his wife and son.  They are visiting in the home of his daughter, Mrs. R.R. HARVEY.  Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM came here when De Leon was young and engaged in the mercantile business for many years.


            The marriage of Miss Essie Mae WATSON to Mr. William R. HEIZER, occurred at the Methodist parsonage at 4 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, May 30th, in the presence of a few close friends who had been invited to accompany them to witness the ceremony.  The solemn vows were administered by Rev. W.W. RICHESON.

            Immediately following the ceremony, the happy young couple left for a honeymoon destination which was not made public, however, the Free Press learned that they drove to Glen Rose for a short stay and from there will perhaps go to Galveston, also visit with his parents at Nolanville, Bell county.

            Miss WATSON is the charming young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. WATSON and was reared at Comyn where she has many friends and admirers.  Her modesty and personal charm has won for her the love and esteem of many friends.  She is a graduate of Comyn high school and studied at John Tarleton.  Mr. HEIZER is likewise a most worthy and excellent young man.  He came to Comyn three years ago as teacher of vocational agriculture and principal of the high school.  Upon retirement of Prof. George GOOSBY as superintendent this year, he was elected superintendent of Comyn schools for the coming year.  His work in vocational agriculture in this progressive community has been outstandingly successful.  He is a graduate of A. & M. college

            The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. HEIZER extend to them the very best wishes for happiness and success.  They will be at home after July first in the superintendent’s home on the campus at Comyn.


            Miss Faye TATUM and Mr. C.D. PITTMAN were united in marriage at six o’clock p.m. Wednesday, May 30.  The wedding occurred at the Methodist parsonage, Rev. W.W. RICHESON saying the wedding ceremony.  The young couple was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Floyd MATTOCKS of Sipe Springs.

            Mr. PITTMAN resides at Gorman and Miss TATUM at Dublin.  Both are reputed to be very excellent young people in their respective communities, and many good wishes attend them as they start life together.


            The death of J.S. DUPRIEST occurred at the home of his son at Las Cruces, N.M., in the upper Rio Grande Valley, at 2 o’clock p.m. on Sunday, May 20, 1928, and his funeral was at De Leon Baptist church at 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 23, following.  Cause of death was apoplexy.

            J.S. DUPRIEST was born near Marble Valley, Ala., Nov. 6, 1854, being there for about three quarters of a century of age.  He was married to Abbie GREEN on December 20, 1877, and to their union was born four sons, John, J.J., W.R. and Curtis, the latter two living at Las Cruces, the other at De Leon.  Curtis died some 10 years ago.

            In 1899 his good wife preceded him to the better world and he remained unmarried the balance of his life.  He was a life-long Mason and united with the Baptist church when a young man.

            The eldest son, Ross, came to Dublin in 1901 followed by the next eldest son, John, in 1903.  Being grieved over being separated from his sons, Mr. DUPRIEST sold his property and migrated to Texas in 1905, coming to Dublin.  After remaining there for three years, he moved to De Leon and has since made this his home except the last two years he spent much of his time with his two sons in Las Cruces.

            At noon Sunday before his death, he seemed in his usual health and ate a hearty dinner.  At two o’clock he died suddenly without apparently being ill for a moment before his death.  He was afflicted with high blood pressure.

            A large number of sorrowing relatives and friends were present at his funeral here and following his bier to its last resting place at De Leon cemetery.

Mrs. S.M. Warren

            I have been requested by the family to give a sketch of the life of Sister S.M. WARREN.

            She was born August 3, 1845, was married to H.A. WARREN January 2, 1868, to them was born 8 children, 5 preceded her death, the three that are living are:  Mrs. Beulah HARRIS, Robert (Bob) and Buford who were all present at her bedside.  Sister WARREN died May 5, 1928 at the age of 82 years, 9 months and 2 days.

            She professed a hope in Christ in early life, joined the Primitive Baptist church some 20 years or more ago.  They came from Mississippi to Texas a number of years ago.  She had lived a devoted Christian and to a ripe old age and has many friends in Texas and other states she leaves to mourn her loss, her husband and the three children together with their many relatives and many friends.  Yet we need not mourn as those that have no hope for our loss is her eternal gain as we feel to say that she is fallen asleep only to wait the coming of her Savior to gather his sons and daughters from their last resting place, when at His command these bodies of the Saints shall come forth and be changed from mortal to immortality and we can only say to Brother WARREN and her children to try as best you can to be reconciled to this sad trial.  You too will sooner or later have to pay the same debt that she has paid.

            Funeral services were conducted by Eld. J.J. EDWARDS after which she was laid to rest in the family cemetery at De Leon.

            -S.W. SHORT

Bridge Club

            Mrs. Will CLARK entertained the Bridge Club Wednesday afternoon in her charming new home.

            Several hours were pleasantly spent in playing this interesting game, Mrs. STEWART winning high score.

            An ice course was served members present and the following guests:  Mesdames Paul MORGAN, Ola GOLIGHTLY, W.E. LOWE, Brown SHAVER, and Mrs. W.F. HARRIS.

            The club voted to suspend thru the months of June, July and August.

Miss Duncan Has Been Quite Ill

            Miss Mississippi DUNCAN, an elderly lady who came to De Leon from Mississippi a number of years ago, and who now lives at the County Home of Eastland county, has been quite ill lately.  She called for De Leon friends a few days ago, who visited her.  Miss DUNCAN is almost 90 years of age.

Miss Ruth Harvey Had An Operation

            Miss Ruth HARVEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.R. HARVEY, is in a Gorman sanitarium recuperating from an appendix operation which she had there on Wednesday, May 10.  She is reported to be recovering nicely.

Baptist Church

            Rev. LESTER of Iredell preached two good sermons here last Sunday.  The pulpit will be supplied next Sunday.

            We welcome the following new members to the Sunday school last Sunday:  Beginner dept. Harold CLARK; Primary, Rupert DAVIS and Clinton RICH; Junior, George FERRELL; Young People, Eddie POLNAC.

            The following received this week, Seal 8, which is the last book of the regular course of the Sunday School Training Course and which book was recently taught by Mrs. H.H. INZER:  Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN, Mrs. Jeff SMITH, R.R. HARVEY, Mrs. W.S. SNEAD, Mrs. E.R. McCLELLAN, Mrs. B.W. AYERS, Mrs. Brown SHAVER, Mrs. R.L. WHALEY, Miss Lizzie MILLS, Mrs. Roy HAMMERS, Mrs. W.H. WILLIAMS, Mrs. Oscar COZBY and Mrs. Lloyd HAMPTON.


            Mr. and Mrs. Frank DANIELL and Mr. and Mrs. Demey DANIELL made a flying trip to Carlsbad and return on last Sunday visiting Leslie DANIELL, who is in the sanitorium.  Leslie looks well, weighs plenty, and eats and sleeps well and has not run temperature for two or three months.  It will require extreme care for months yet, however, to completely restore his health.

Mr. and Mrs. C.H. SHARP and children are home from a visit to Tennessee where they went for a vacation and visit to his former home, also to bring home their daughter, Miss Virginia, who studied last year at Seymour, Tenn.  They visited Smoky Mountain National Park and Mr. SHARP said he climbed the mountain and ate snow from its summit on the 14th day of May.  They were gone 20 days.

Messrs. Boyce HOUSE, editor of the Eastland Argus-Tribune and Claude MAYNARD, proprietor of the Horned Frog Bus Line, from Eastland to Dublin, were visitors in the city on Tuesday afternoon.

W.Z. COMPTON is teaching summer school here for a six weeks period after which he will attend school at A. & M. for six weeks.

Misses Bertha ROSS and Delia WALL are leaving this week for Alpine to enter Sal Ross Teachers College for the summer.

Miss Virginia Grace WESSON will enter school next week at Baylor university for the summer school.  She will be accompanied by her mother, Mrs. E.A. WESSON.

Mrs. M.S. CARTER, Miss Mattie REDDEN, Misses Alice CARTER and Dollie and Lottie PAINE were visiting in Comanche with relatives and friends last week-end.

Supt. D.M. RUSSELL is leaving this week for College Station to study during the summer months at A. & M.

Misses Pearl and Ollie SLOAN, who taught at Comyn, have gone to Comanche, to their home, for a short rest before entering school at Denton.

Comyn News

The closing exercises of Comyn school began last Wednesday evening with the 7th Grade commencement.  The class consisted of 22 graduates.  After a short program by the class, Rev. Noel P. WILKERSON of Comanche gave the class address.

With the closing of school this year Comyn is losing Supt. G.R. GOOSBY who has served us so well during the past five years and Mrs. GOOSBY, who taught English during the past term.  Mr. GOOSBY came to Comyn before the consolidation had been made and when the school was small and has taken an active interest in helping Comyn to be what we find it today with a faculty of nine teachers.  We deeply regret to lose Mr. and Mrs. GOOSBY and children, both from the school and community work, but we extend to them our best wishes in whatever field of labor they may enter.

Mrs. N.E. SWEEDEN and son of Big Lake, spent the week-end here visiting relatives and attending the commencement exercises.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard MAYES and sister, Mrs. MAYES and little son, of near Graham, were here for the commencement exercises.

Miss Pearl GOODWIN and Mrs. Otis DICKEY, both former students of Comyn school, attended the graduating exercises on Monday night.

Miss Essie Mae WATSON, Finis COOK, Doris DOGGETT and Bertha Fay STRANGE of Tarleton, spent the week here with homefolks and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. K.N. SPENCER entertained the senior and junior classes Friday night with a 42 party.  Refreshments of cake and ice cream were served to the following guests:  Misses L.O.E. SWEEDEN, Elzie KINNARD, Finis COOK, Essie Mae WATSON, Blanche MARTIN, Bertha Fay STRANGE, Julia HAVIS, Pauline BARNES, Ollie and Pearl SLOAN, Messrs. Perry COOK, Lowery EASLEY, C.M. CARAWAY, Jr., A.B. EMMONS, W.R. HEIZER, J.A. LYONS, Pete SIDES, G.R. GOOSBY and Mr. and Mrs. A.H. CARAWAY.

At a recent meeting of the school board Miss Addie WELCH, who has been teaching English in the Gorman schools, was elected to the English place in the Comyn school.

New Hope News

School was out last Friday.  The teachers this year were Mr. John LIGHTFOOT and Miss Enola McCHAREN.  They were re-elected for another year.

Riley WILKERSON and family attended the working at the Buffalo cemetery last Saturday.

Mrs. Pearl CARLILE (formerly Miss Pearl LEE) from Ira, Texas, is spending several days with homefolks.  She came to see her father G.L. LEE, who has been real sick the past week, but is better at this writing.

J.S. DUPRIES, father of John DUPRIEST, died in New Mexico last week and was brought to De Leon for burial.  His two sons, Ross and Jim, came for the funeral and stayed with their brother, John, until Saturday.

Mrs. Will LOCKE and family of Ross Chapel, Mrs. C.H. McCURDY and Mrs. Jack PATTERSON of De Leon and Walton LOCKE of Harmony visited in the home of G.L. LEE last Sunday.

Miss Susie HOLLAND is real sick this week.


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