De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 11, 1928 


Entire Faculty of De Leon School Was Re-elected

            The school board met recently and after review of the past year's work re-elected the entire faculty for another year.  Supt. RUSSELL and W.Z. COMPTON, principal, both were re-elected a month or so ago.

            Most of the faculty, it is understood, will accept their places for another year's work.  Miss Artie COLEY, Home Economics teacher, has asked for a year's leave of absence and will finish her degree at C. I. A.

            The complete faculty follows:

High School Teachers

D.  RUSSELL, Superintendent.

W.Z. COMPTON, principal.

Miss Bertha ROSS.

Miss Virginia Grace WESSON.



Miss Artie COLEY (given years leave of absence.)

Grade Teachers


Mrs. S.A. DUKE

Miss Alpha MOORE

Miss Phyllis SHORT

Miss Iris MOHON

Mrs. Oscar COZBY



Mrs. Edgar SHORT



Miss Bernice KIKER

H.J. LOGADON, janitor

Fire Destroyed Home of Emory Terrill Wednesday

            Just before noon last Wednesday, fire originated from a gasoline stove in the home of E.A. TERRILL, local dairyman, and completely destroyed the building.  Mrs. TERRILL was alone at home at the time of the fire.  She had lighted the stove and gone into the yard.  Turning around to re-enter the building she found the kitchen filled with flames.  So quickly did the flames spread that nothing could be saved more than a couple of bed quilts and two pillows.

            Mr. TERRILL carried only $500.00 insurance on the building.  His loss was several times that amount, it is estimated.

Father Buys Interest of Son in City Grocery

            G.L. TOLAR this week purchased the interest of his son, A.L. TOLAR in the grocery store owned and operated by A.L. TOLAR on the ground floor of the telephone building.  The senior TOLAR is now in charge.  He will continue to operate his wagon in this country he stated and will continue to buy produce and invites your patronage.

Entertains for Mrs. Carter

            Mrs. Bob CARTER entertained in honor of Mrs. M.S. CARTER on her 73rd birthday, Friday, April 27th.  A very enjoyable afternoon was spent meeting friends she had not seen in many years.  Miss Madge YOUNG in her own charming way assisted Mrs. CARTER in a contest which was won by Mrs. CARTER, being the oldest lady present.



Mrs. Ola BARROWS and Mr. And Mrs. Orval DYER and children spent Friday and Saturday with their parents, Mr. And Mrs. Frank DYER and all spent Sunday with Mrs. C.W. KING and family.

Mrs. J. PARMER of South Texas spent the week end with her sister, Mrs. H.A. GREGORY.

Ben PAYNE, who married recently, is farming with his father on the Joe DUKE place.

Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH of De Leon spent Sunday in this community visiting their relatives, Mr. And Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

J.L. PHELPS had the misfortune to lose a work mule this week.  This is the second work animal Mr. HUGHES has lost this year.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence SANDY of Big Lake visited their parents, Mr. And Mrs. W.R. GREGORY, last week.

Many people of this community attended the funeral of Mr. FUQUA of Desdemona who died last Wednesday and was buried at Desdemona Thursday.

W.N. HUGHES, Zollie KOONCE and J.L. HUGHES have recently fenced much of their places with hog wire.

Roy OSBORN had the misfortune to accidentally discharge his gun in such a way that the load passed thru his foot.  He was out hunting and had been shooting frogs for past-time at a small pond near the railroad track with a 22 target.  In loading the gun it is thought that the trigger was left in such a way as to be easily fired.  The bullet passed entirely thru his foot making a painful, but not serious injury.  Dorris HUGHES rendered first aid and with the help of Cogie KEITH, brought him home and he was then taken to a doctor by Jim KOONCE.

Miss Lois MOORE, popular high school student of the Jakehamon school, met with an unusual and very near a serious accident Tuesday morning.  She, in company with others, was on her way to De Leon with Mrs. Elgie MOORE driving.  After the very dangerous fashion among young people, Miss Lois was riding on the fender, seated just over the front wheel.  Some sand in the road caused the car to make an unexpected jump and Miss MOORE was thrown in front of the car in such a way that the car passed over her causing painful but not serious bruises.  She was taken to De Leon where she was treated.

Mr. and Mrs. G.A. LOCKABAY of Breckenridge were visiting Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.V. WHITE.  Mesdames LOCKABAY and WHITE are sisters.

Mrs. Tate LOCKHART, formerly Miss Pauline MORELAND, of Snyder, has been visiting her mother, Mrs. R.I. MORELAND lately.

Honor Roll

            First Grade-Dorothy Brown SHAVER, Orville JONES, Bobby D. HAMMERS, Thomas WILLIAMS, Royce STRINGFELLOW, Grady TERRILL, Jr., Billie TATE; James WILLIAMS, Elaine SCOTT, Nina HOLLAND, Ruby Lee PELL, Mary Elworth GEORGE, Louise ELLIOTT, Mary Elizabeth CARTER, Iona May BAGWELL.

            Second Grade-Martha Faye BARKER, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Frances HALL, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE.

            Third Grade-Eugene GENTRY, Frances GREGORY, Mary HAMPTON, Billie Faye LONDON, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW, Virginia SCOTT, Jocelyn KEMP, Boyd BROWN, Lenton JENKINS, Clyde DANIELS, Steadman STRICKLAND.

            Fourth Grade- Mary ZENTHOEFER, Wilfred BAGWELL, J.C. ELLIOTT.

            Fifth Grade-Azalea CLARK,  J.C. MILLER, Coy HOLDRIDGE, Doris MORTON

            Sixth Grade- Sarah JETTON, Nell NABORS, Martha RUSSELL, Buel SNEED, Susan SCHMIDT, Jim NANCE.

            Seventh Grade-Anthon Leigon, Dorothy RICHESON, Le Roy BRISTER, Paul CAMPBELL, Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, Dora COONER, Leonora FINKLESTINE.


2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.