De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 4, 1928 


Miss Richeson Won Gold Medal Piano Award at Ft. Worth

            Miss Lelia RICHESON, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W.W. RICHESON of this city, won second place in a piano contest held under the auspices of the Utopian Club, a musical organization of Fort Worth, the contest being given at St. Paul's Methodist church in that city Friday and Saturday of last week.  Undergraduates in music from all parts of Texas were eligible to compete.

            The contest was held in three divisions, for the juniors, intermediates and advanced students.  Miss RICHESON entered the advanced division.  It is quite a distinguished honor to win over competition which must have been very keen indeed.  Three gold medals will be awarded in each division, however, the winners are asked to appear in concert again soon, at which time the medals will be awarded.

Barry Ice Plants Sold in Group to a Big Corporation

            The Texas Water Utilities Co., is the new owner of a group of ice factories in this section, of which the De Leon plant is one.  The other plants in the group sold are at Comanche, Cross Plains, Gorman and Rising Star.  Barry Bros. Were formerly owners of the string of plants, then Barry Ice Co., which company made the sale to the present owners.

            The De Leon plant, which is perhaps the largest in the group, will continue to carry the heavy part of the manufacturing load of the company in this section, the other plants, except Comanche, being auxiliary plants.  Formerly they have been operated only in the heat of summer.

            Mr. H.H. HIX, formerly of Fayetteville, Ark., is in De Leon as resident manager.  Mr. HIX has been here for two or three weeks and expects his wife and two children to arrive soon.

            In this issue of the Free Press the company is offering a reduced rate on ice when delivered at the plant.

Dr. Owen Back For a Visit After Absence of Over 25 Years

            Dr. and Mrs. L.B. OWEN and their daughter, Mrs. Lee FRANKS, returned to De Leon this week and visited with numerous relatives and friends.  Dr. OWEN is a half-brother of Uncle John OWEN.  They have visited here within the period, but is has been a quarter of a century since they called De Leon home.

            Dr. OWEN is a Baptist minister.  He was ordained and licensed by the De Leon Baptist church and was for seven years moderator of the local Baptist association and his first pastorate was the Oliver Springs church. 

            At the present time Dr. OWEN is pastor of the Theo Avenue Baptist church in San Antonio, a position he has held the past two years.

            Anyone who ever knew Dr. OWEN would recognize him instantly as he has changed but slightly, and there was mutual gladness in his meeting with the friends of other years.


Carl DUKE is here from Ralls for a visit with his grandmother, T.J. MACON.

T.J. MACON spent the last weekend with his son, Jesse MACON, in Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace RUFF of Brady were visiting Sunday in the homes of GILDER and RUFF relatives here.

Mrs. Dee HENSON left Monday for Rising Star where they will make their home.  Mr. HENSON has been there for some time.

Mrs. J.A. STROUP has returned to her home in Cross Plains after spending two months with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter SITTON near Victor, recently, twin baby girls, weight 7 1/2 and 8 pounds.  All doing nicely.

Jakehamon News

Joe HOLLEMAN and family of De Leon visited with W.A. LINDLEY and family last Sunday.

Mrs. J. PALMER visited his [sic] sister, Mrs. H.A. GREGORY, Sunday afternoon.

Ben PAYNE, son of L.C. PAYNE of this community, surprised his many friends by getting married last week.

Rev. E.G. THOMAS and family of Everman visited O.S. ROBBINS over the weekend.  Rev. THOMAS was a citizen of Comanche county many years and has scores of friends in this section who esteem him highly.


Several visitors from Comanche were present at our community meet last Friday night.  Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Harmon HOWARD and little daughter, Mrs. Lee CAMPBELL, C.M. EDMONDSON and Miss Vera Mae EDMONDSON.

Ralph TREADWAY, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. TREADWAY came near losing one of his eyes last Wednesday when he accidentally fell on a piece of broken glass which pierced his eyeball.  He was immediately taken to the Blackwell Sanitarium for treatment.  He is doing nicely and we hope will soon be recovered.

Mr. LEWIS of Hasse visited with his daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. PELL, this week.

Miss Jewell GRISHAM, Messrs, EMMONS, HEIZER, Perry COOK and Mr. and Mrs. GOOSBY and children attended the May Fete at Tarleton Monday afternoon.

O.A. TURGESON suffered a painful accident one day last week when he dropped a heavy iron pipe which fell on one of his hands and crushed a couple of fingers.

Mrs. PULLEY and children, Miss Florence and Claude and Ray, of Cisco, spent the week-end with their son and brother, W.E. PULLEY and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest DISHMAN and children of Brownwood spent the past week-end with Mrs. DISHMAN'S parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. CHANDLER.

Mrs. Susie SIDES, of Estancia, N.M., is visiting her relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES and family.

J.A. COOPER and daughter, Miss Myrtle, who have been visiting with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES and family left for their home at Abilene on Monday.  Miss Ada BARNES accompanied them home for a few days visit.

Roy HARVEY, 19, Comyn young man, is home from Gorman Sanitarium where he went 10 days ago for an operation for appendicitis.  His father, W.F. HARVEY, returned with his son last Monday.  He is recovering nicely.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. PARK spent a few days with her son, Charlie, last week.

N. NABORS, we are glad to say, is able to be around, spending a day or two in De Leon.

Johnnie BURLESON is at home from Wink, Texas.

Quite a crowd gathered on the school yard Tuesday night where a stew was served in honor of Tommie BAIRD and Leroy BURLESON's birthdays.  The young folks enjoyed playing the games by moonlight and music was given by Miss Bernice CHATHAM on the organ and Henry REED on the violin.  Leroy BURLESON will remember his 20th birthday always as Buck REEDS belt was made of the best grade of new cow hide.

New Hope News

Mr. and Mrs. Lee HOLLAND and children of De Leon were visiting in the home of his mother, Mrs. Fred HOLLAND, Sunday.

A few young people met with Lucille and Alonzo LEE on Thursday night of last week and "42" was played.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond RAGLAND were spending Sunday visiting in the home of her mother at Dublin.

Mr. and Mrs. Hollie HAFFORD and baby were visiting in the home of his brother, Homer HAFFORD, here Thursday night.

Mr. and Mrs. PIERCE were visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Jack OTWELL last Sunday.  Mrs. OTWELL is their daughter.

Miss Willie NANCE spent several days in San Antonio last week attending the State Clothing Contest as a representative from Comyn school.


2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.