De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 28, 1928 


Ladies Invited To Use Rest Room at the City Hall

            Recently the city of De Leon installed sanitary equipment in the court room at De Leon City Hall.  This is for ladies only. Ladies and children visiting in town are at liberty to make free use of the court room for a place to assemble, the rest room being in the northeast corner of the court room.

            Free Press suggests this rest room proposition as a project for some local club.  Equipment for a lounging room, a real place to rest for ladies and children who visit the city, should be provided at City Hall.

Who Knows the Parents of W.O. DAVIS in De Leon

            The Free Press has the following letter from J.J. TROTTER, El Paso, Texas, which is self-explanatory. Anyone knowing the parents of W.O. DAVIS should communicate with them.  The letter:

            El Paso, Texas, April 20, 1928

De Leon Free Press,

Dear Sir:-

            I would like for you to print this in the De Leon Free Press for the benefit of W.O. DAVIS’ father and mother.  He has been in Old Mexico and won seventy-six hundred ($7,500.00) dollars gambling and bought himself a new Oakland roadster and he and a very pretty girl of El Paso, Texas, were going to Van Horn, Texas, to get married and the car turned over and killed the two of them.  The car burned up and so far as I know the rest of the money he had, around $3,500.00 was burned with the car.

            He had W.O.D. Panama C.Z. May 1926 tattooed on one arm and W.O.D. Panama Canal Zone, 7, Div. 25 on the other and he said he lived at De Leon.

            So if you will please print this I will be much obliged to you.  I would have told them where his people lived before they buried him, but it was too late.

            (Signed) J.J. Trotter

John Bracket Smith

            John Brackett SMITH, was born in Chicksaw County, Miss., on October 19, 1853.  He was the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil SMITH.  He departed from this world April 19, 1928.

            His parents moved to Lafayette county, Miss., when he was a young man and there he was married to Miss Sallie V. NUNNALLY and to this union there were born eight children, one died in infancy.  Most of the others were present when the death angel came.

            He and his family came to De Leon some 31 years ago and have resided here most of the time.

            His companion was called home in May 1917, and later he was married to Miss Ivora LOCKE about one year later.  Death again came into his happy home and called her away.  About three years later he was married to Miss Alice ALEXANDER at Oxford, Miss.  She preceded him to a better world.

            He was converted in young manhood and united with the Presbyterian church where he was ordained deacon.  Later he united with the Methodist church having been charter member of Ross Chapel church where he served as a faithful steward until the end.  The preacher always knew where to find help in time of need.  His home was ever open for his pastors and their families.  His children and friends found great pleasure in seeking his advice on things of importance.  He has been called a living epistle.

            Our loss is Heavens gain.  Weep not because his trials are over, but rejoice with him for he has fought a good fight and where he has gone we will meet again.

            Those of his children who were present were Mrs. Will AKERS, Denton; Mr. and Mrs. R.P. WALLACE, San Angelo; Mrs. J.M. SMITH, Holdenville, Okla; Mr. and Mrs. E.K. SMITH, Wichita Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur WARREN, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. SCOTT and Mr. and Mrs. Guy SMITH, and a sister, Mrs. Mary HAWKINS, Ft. Worth, and a brother, W.B. SMITH, Lubbock, and his nephew, Robert HAWKINS, Wichita Falls; Neil SMITH, Slaton; Craig SMITH and family, Gorman and other relatives from out of town were Mrs. H.T. SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Ed ANDRUS, Sidney; Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher JONES, Merkel; Mr. and Mrs. Don McCLELLAN and children, Putnam; Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCRUM and Miss Maggie McCRUM, Putnum; Mr. and Mrs. Len POE, Carbon; Mrs. Dr. STUBBLEFIELD; and Mrs. J.D. NARRY, Gorman; Vollie JACKSON, Sidney.

            The funeral services were conducted by Rev. A.F. NABORS and Rev. SMOOT from Comanche.  Interment was at De Leon cemetery.

His Niece Clara HOWARD

Card of Appreciation

            We wish to thank our many friends who were so faithful in our hour of bereavement.  May God bless each one who brought and served dinner also for the beautiful floral offerings for our dear father and brother, John B. SMITH.


            And those who brought flowers: Mesdames E. ANDREWS, Joe BLITCH, H.E. and Will IRVIN, Will COLEY, E.R. McCLELLAN, Oscar HOWARD, Eva LEE, W.E. LONDON, Nathan HAWKINS, SHIRO, BEEBEE, J.T. ROSS, FLETCHER, Aunt Bettie OWEN, A.J. PATTERSON.

            His children: Mesdames Will AKERS, R.P. WALLACE, Arthur WARREN, W.J. SCOTT, C.G. and E.K. SMITH, Mrs. Mary HAWKINS, sister and W.B. SMITH, brother.

Shower Honoring Bride

On Saturday afternoon, the 21st of April, Mrs. Dewey DANIELL entertained in her home the newest bride, Mrs. John I. WEAVER, with a linen shower.

            The rooms were gorgeously decorated with roses and blossoming potted plants.  Music Memory week was observed, a trifle out of season, with a humorous music contest.  This was followed by a trick spelling match.  The winner of the next table game was Mrs. John WEAVER and she was presented with a table laden with linens of all descriptions.  After these had been duly admired, refreshments of angel cake and punch was served to:



            Mr. R.L. RHODES and Miss Lennie WIDEMAN were united in wedlock on April 21 at 3:30 in Glen Rose, Texas. 

            Mr. RHODES home is Walnut Springs but he has many friends here.  Miss WIDEMAN is the accomplished daughter of Mr. WIDEMAN was reared in this community where she has hosts of friends who wish them much happiness.      

            They will make their home at Walnut Springs.


            Mr. Bascom BIBBY and Miss Bernice CRANE were happily united in marriage, April 21, at 3:30 in Glen Rose.

            Mr. BIBBY is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. M.B. BIBBY.  Miss CRANE is the accomplished daughter of Mrs. Romer BROWNLEE.

            These young people were reared here and have many friends who wish for them much happiness.

            Mr. and Mrs. M.B. BIBBY served dinner to about fifty guests on April 23rd in honor of the marriage.

Shower for Mrs. Weaver

            Friday afternoon Mesdames GRIZZELLE and BUCHAN entertained with a miscellaneous shower, honoring Mrs. John WEAVER at the home of Mrs. GRIZZELLE.  A number of interesting games and contests were entered into and greatly enjoyed by the guests, following which little Miss Zelda BUCHAN, daintily clad in pink, came into the room pulling a wagon gaily decorated in harmonizing color, in which were numerous gifts for the bride.  Apricot cream and angel food cake were served to the following:  Mesdames John WEAVER, T.P. WEAVER, B.W. ALYERS, W.H. WILLIAMS, A.W. McIVER, John A. MOHON, Oscar COZBY, Forrest FARMER, W.S. SNEED, W.L. GREER, J.T. PLEMMONS, L.W. EASTERLING, Jeff PEAK, Evan BARKER, A.M. ALLEN, S.A. DUKE, R.L. WHALEY, W.C. STREETY, A.E. HAMPTON, J. H. BUCHAN, J.N. CAMPBELL, A.K. BENDER, Curt MORRIS, Pete SHAVER, R.L. HALL, Lloyd HAMPTON, Wayne MULLOY, W.O. BUTLER, W.J. ROSS and J. P. TODD.

County Democratic Chairman Resigns

            N.A. PALMER of Comanche, who has served the Democrats of Comanche county as chairman for a number of years, handed in his resignation at the meeting of the county committee held at the Court House, Saturday, April 21, effective on May 8th, at which time his successor will be elected.

De Leon Whippet Co. Now Doing A Splendid Business

            Manager R.D. DAVIS of the De Leon Whippet Co., told the Free Press reporter the other day that the Overland company will be out immediately with a new line of Whippet “Sixes” and “Eights”.  Mr. DAVIS said he expected to have cars of the “6” type on his floor by the end of the present week.  The Whippets sold heretofore have all been fours.

            Mr. DAVIS said the price range of the Whippet will be as follows: Fours Coach, $642.00; Four-Door Sedan, $693.00; Whippet Six Coach $825.00; Six Four-Door Sedan $881.00.  The Whippet Company will also offer one and a half and two-ton trucks, he stated.

            The De Leon Whippet Co., recently took a lease on the Corner Drug building, across the street south from Higginbotham’s dry goods, which they are using for a sales room.  The place has a wide entrance and is ideal for this purpose.  The company is handling Pennant oil and gasoline with convenient pumps on two sides of the building.

Two De Leon Girls Make Honor Roll at Randolph

            The honor roll of Randolph College shows that two students from De Leon have won distinction in their studies.  These are Miss Kayutah BRADY and Mrs. Autrey SELF.  Only 17 pupils from five states gained this honor.  With the exception of Cisco, De Leon was the only city to have more than one student on the coveted list.

Mrs. Wheat Wins Suit for Legacy Left by an Aunt

            Manual RAY, uncle of Mrs. M.D. WHEAT, died near Van Dyke June 4, 1927.  His wife, Sallie RAY, aged 76, came to De Leon to live with her sister, Aunt Fannie BROWN, Sept. 14, 1927, and Mrs. M.D. WHEAT, daughter of Mrs. BROWN, took care of the two old ladies, both of whom were past 75 years of age.

            On January 4, 1928, Mrs. Ray contracted pneumonia here.  A physician was called and told her she was desperately ill.  She called for a lawyer and made a will, leaving all her property of approximately $4000 cash in bank, and a small house and lot here in De Leon, to Mrs. WHEAT in return for her kindness and in view of their relationship.  The following day she died.

            Three brothers, Bine, Bill and Boliver BROWN, one a half-brother of Mrs. WHEAT, the others full brothers, took the case to county court in March to contest her claim to the legacy and Mrs. WHEAT was awarded the decision by the jury.  This week the case was before the district court at Comanche and the jury again awarded Mrs. WHEAT the decision, which was rendered last Tuesday.

            Mrs. WHEAT also lost a son, Tom WALKER, in March, he having lost his life, it is alleged, as a result of an injury received while at work about an oil well.  The company for whom he worked carried employer’s liability insurance, it is said, and Mrs. WHEAT soon will receive a settlement on this claim.

Shakespeare Club Annual Banquet Held Monday

            The Shakespeare Club held its annual banquet in the parlors of the First Baptist Church, at 8 o’clock last Monday evening.  More than half a hundred members and guests were present for the occasion.  Rev. W.W. RICHESON acted as toastmaster.

            Tables had been arranged to seat the party in comfortable fashion.  Immaculate linen and silverware adorned the festive board which was further beautified with large cut glass bowls of roses and bluebonnets.  The three course dinner was correctly served by pupils from the Home Economics class, under the direction of Miss Artie COLEY, instructor.

            Music was furnished for the occasion by Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT, Miss Allene WEAVER and Miss Louise LESTER.

            Mrs. W.E. LOWE, club president, gave a resume of the year’s work and a forecast for the coming year.  Mrs. S.G. PARKS gave a toast to the president.  R.L. SCOTT gave a toast to the women.  Mrs. S.A. DUKE gave an interesting talk on Shakespeare’s home and Mrs. Chas. ROSS, a toast to the men.  A number of responses were made by W.E. LOWE, N.T. HASKINS and J.N. JOINER.  Invocation was by Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL, the benediction by Mrs. May WHALEY.

            Altogether, the affair was a very enjoyable one.


Mr. and Mrs. L.M. JAMES have gone to Proctor, Okla., to make their home.

Mrs. Inez BLAIR is here from Itasca for a visit with her mother, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN.

A baby daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. Alvis McCAIN of Comanche, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. APPLEBY here Sunday evening, April 22.  Mrs. McCAIN was formerly Miss Lucile APPLEBY.

Mrs. DAVIS of Dallas, sister of Mrs. Chas. ROSS, has returned to her home following a visit here.

Miss Willie Maud GREENWALDT, teacher in Proctor school, was spending Sunday with home folks.

Lewis EASTERLING, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.W. EASTERLING, is in the sanitarium at Stephenville recovering from an operation for appendicitis performed the first of the week.  EASTERLING was at home last Sunday in his usual health.  He is recovering nicely it is reported.

Mr. and Mrs. C.O. BRAGG of Gorman were spending Sunday with his mother, Mrs. W.L. GREER here.

Mrs. Leon NOEL was a over night visitor with Mr. and Mrs. C.E. GEORGE Monday enroute to Ralls where they are now making their home.

Mesdames Esta STEPHENS and J.A. RHODES from Coleman, were weekend visitors of their sister, Mrs. H.A. ALEXANDER.

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher JONES from Merkel, were week-end guests of her sister, Mrs. Oscar HOWARD.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. M.B. BIBBY, a nine pound girl, April 23rd.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry PATE, a ten pound girl, April 22nd.

F.L. KEMP, for the past year salesman for the local Chevrolet station, has resigned his position, effective May first.  Mr. KEMP resides near Downing.

Mrs. Stuart CATE from Breckenridge, was a Monday visitor with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH.

Miss Opal TIMMONS is at home from Abilene where she has been engaged in nursing at the Alexander sanitarium.

Mrs. Guy HESTER of Cross Plains, is returning to her home this week after a visit of several weeks in the home of her sister, Mrs. Curt GREGORY.  Miss Jaunita WILSON, another sister, also of Cross Plains, was here during the week.


Miss Iva JONES and the winners in the local contest, Blanche STRUBE, Willie Mae NANCE and Neva DAVIS and two others from the clothing class, Eva JONES and Faye KINNARD left on Wednesday morning for the annual state clothing contest at San Antonio.

Messrs. HEIZER and EMMONS left on Sunday morning taking Lowry EASLEY, Hap SIDES, Manton DOGGETT, Clyde THOMPSON, Vernon KIRKLAND and Lee HOOD, representatives from the Aggi. Class to A. & M. to enter the annual Smith-Hughes Agricultural Contest.  They returned Tuesday night and reported having a great trip well worth their time spent in attending.  Although the boys won no first places in the contest, they ranked high among the great number of schools from over the state entering the contest.

The Comyn Baptist church has been very fortunate this winter in having as its pastor, Rev. John L. HARRIS, who is an able student minister from the Baptist Seminary at Ft. Worth.  We deeply regret to state that at the close of the service last Sunday night, Rev. HARRIS tendered his resignation.  He gave as his reason for leaving us was that two sermons each Sunday and class work during the week, was making too much work for him, so he felt it necessary to give up part of his ministerial work for the present that he might be able to continue and complete his courses of study at the seminary and be prepared to serve better his churches in the future.  The entire church keenly regrets to lose Rev. HARRIS as pastor.

Blake MORRISON, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hard MORRISON, had the misfortune of getting his right arm broken while cranking his car Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. H.O. GEORGE went to Abilene Sunday to visit their son, Rush, who is attending college there.

Mrs. Ermine POWELL, our substitute teacher, is teaching this week in the high school department during Mr. EMMONS absence.

Mr. and Mrs. F.T. GRAY and children of Colorado City spent the weekend with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Doc PATTERSON.

Mr. and Mrs. John THOMAS and children and Miss Thelma WOLFENBARGER of Duster spent the week end visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.B. HOOVER and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred THOMAS.

Mrs. J.C. BRAMBLE of Cisco came Monday for a visit with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. T.W. LITTLE.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam RIPPETOE of Breckenridge visited I.E. RIPPETOE and family Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. THOMAS and children and Mr. and Mrs. E.G. THOMAS of Everman are spending a few days with their relatives, the Ed THOMAS and H.O. GOERGE families.

Mr. and Mrs. A.B. TEAGUE and Mr. and Mrs. Leon TARPLEY of Desdemona visited Mr. and Mrs. C.E. FLOYD last Sunday.

Mrs. A.E. PARKER has returned to her home in Leuders after a visit in the homes of her sons, D.S. and A.V. FLOYD and their families.

Jakehamon News

Jack RILEY was out of school the first of the week because of being hurt while playing ball.  Jack was catching and in some manner failed to see the ball in time and was struck in the face in such a way as to cause a painful injury.

Mrs. F.E. OSBORN is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.E. RILEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. HUGHES gave a party to the young people Friday night celebrating the 16th birthday of their son, Dorris, who is a popular high school student at Jakehamon.  A large number of people gathered for the party and the occasion was enjoyed by all.  A prize was given to the one who could eat a piece of pie the quickest.  Quite a number competed for this prize and the judges awarded the prize to Miss Opal McKINNEY.

Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY spent Sunday with their son, G.C. McKINNEY and family of near Dublin.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. GRAY have moved from this place to Wichita Falls where they will make their home.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. John LINDLEY of this community last Monday.

New Hope News

Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Walker MATHIS gave a big birthday dinner in honor of her father, Mr. McKEMIE of De Leon.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. PIERCE and family of near Robinson Springs were visiting relatives of this community last Sunday.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.