De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 6, 1928 


Cyclonic Wind Wrecked House at Rucker, Man and  Wife Hurt

            Wednesday night shortly after nine o’clock a wind storm wrecked the home of Mr. and Mrs. Milton GRISHAM, three-fourths of a mile southwest of the village of Rucker.  They were alone in the house when the storm cloud was approaching and heard a low humming noise so peculiar that their attention was attracted by it.  A moment later the swirling wind struck and the building was torn into shreds.  They extricated themselves from the wreckage with some difficulty and made their way thru the blinding rain to the house of a neighbor less than half a mile away and were given shelter and attention.  It was found that Mr. GRISHAM’s back was injured, probably in lifting heavy timbers off himself and wife, and Mrs. GRISHAM was slightly injured on one lower limb.  Otherwise their injuries were slight.

            The house was a complete wreck.  All the upper portion was demolished and the floor was slid off the foundation and lodged against a concrete well curb in the yard.  Two barns, a hundred yards in each direction, being 200 yards apart, were also demolished.  All the furniture in the house, except a cedar chest, was destroyed.

            The GRISHAM’s lived on a rented place belonging to Mr. WILKERSON of this city.  There was no insurance.

Saturday’s Fire Damaged Buildings on East Side Street

            Saturday afternoon, last, fire originated around a defective flue in the City Barber Shop where water was kept hot for use in the shop and before it could be brought under control, four buildings and five separate business concerns had suffered damage, either from fire, water or smoke.  The fire was discovered by a customer in the shop as it burned some crepe paper streamers extending from the partition in the middle of the shop to the ceiling.  The alarm was promptly given and the response of the fire department was almost instantaneous.

            Actual fire damage resulted only in the City Barber Shop building, and their damage to fixtures was not great.  No insurance was carried.

            J.T. EDMONDSON’s stock of tailoring goods, together with shop fixtures, was considerably damaged by smoke and water.

            Mrs. J.T. EDMONDSON’s Millinery and gift shop suffered almost total loss, the dainty garments being smoked and water-soaked.  Both the EDMONDSONs carried insurance.

            The A. & P. Store escaped the deluge of water that was poured into the other buildings, but was smoked considerable.  Their damage was slight.

            City Meat Market suffered considerable loss to stock and fixtures from smoke and water.  They were insured.

Corbell Family Are Erecting A New Home

            The framework is up for the new home of the CORBELL family which is being erected on the site of the old home where the family resided for so many years.  The old house was wrecked last week.  The sons and daughters of this family are to be commended for their enterprise.

Honor Roll

South Ward

First Grade – Billy TATE, Royce STRINGFELLOW, Thomas WILLIAMS, Josie Beth ALLEN, Dorothy SHAVER, Iona BAGWELL, Elaine SCOTT, Talma RICE, Syble ANDERSON.

Second Grade – Martha Faye BARKER, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Virginia HORN, Ola Mae KEMP, Margaret SHARP, Dora PEEVEY, Rex CARNES, Eugene WEAVER, A.C. HAYES, Frances HALL.

Third Grade – Steadman STRICKLAND, Clyde DANIELS, George VAN ZANDT, Roy Norman HAMMERS, Boyd BROWN, Jocelyn KEMP, Bobby STRINGFELLOW, Billy Faye LONDON, Frances GREGORY, Mary HAMPTON, Eugena GENTRY.

Fourth Grade – Willis LIGHTFOOT, Wilfred BAGWELL, Treasure Louise RUSSELL, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Maye ZENTHOEFER.       

Fifth Grade – Azalea CLARK, Pansy MULLOY.

Sixth Grade – Martha Frances RUSSELL, Nell NABORS, Buel SNEAD, Sarah JETTON, Jim NANCE.

Seventh Grade – Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, Hazel PRESTON, Lenora FINKLESTINE, Paul CAMPBELL, Anthon LIEGON, Dorothy RICHESON.

Another De Leon Boy Making Good At A.&M. College

            Woodlie REED, a student at A.&M. College, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.M. REED of this city, is maintaining the De Leon students’ record this year, being well on the road toward acquiring the “distinguished student” honor, if we may judge by a letter written him by his Dean of Agriculture.  REED and Howard BOSWELL have each been commended for outstanding scholarship during the present school year.

            The letter follows:  March 14, 1928

Woodlie Reed,

My Dear Sir:-

            It affords me considerable pleasure to note that with the record of 34 grade points you are well in line for being a distinguished student this year.  I trust that your work this term may be such that you will achieve this distinguishing honor.

            On behalf of the officers of the School of Agriculture I want to congratulate you upon the fine showing you have made.

Very Truly,


Dean of Agriculture

Johnagin-Brownlee Organize Wes-Tex Base Ball Club

            Tex JOHNAGIN and Vern BROWNLEE have organized a baseball club to be known as the “West-Tex Peanut Club”, De Leon being the peanut center of all creation so far as this writer knows, it is fitting to give the club this name.

            The matter of securing games has been gone into and it is found that there will be plenty of competition.  In the county, teams are being organized at Gustine, Duster, Sidney, Beattie, Downing and May.  Other nearby points will perhaps include Desdemona, Gorman, Dublin, Comanche and Blanket.  The season will open, it is planned, with a game on Friday, April 13th.

            Members of the club are as follows, others to be added:  Dutch CULWELL, Archie LEE, Red TERGERSON, W.R. HEIZER and A.B. EMMONS at Comyn, John WEAVER, Alvin STRINGFELLOW, Bennie LONDON, A.C. COZBY, M.D. STEWART, C.H. and O.C. LESTER, R.L. HALL, Fred SHAVER and JOHNAGIN and BROWNLEE.


Mr. and Mrs. J.V. WHITE have received a letter from their son, Goen, appraising them of a splendid promotion he has received.  WHITE has already gone to Chicago to remain for several weeks taking a special course in salesmanship in a certain line and will then return to Texas as a specialty salesman.  The advancement carried with it a good increase in salary.  He is to be congratulated.

Hubert PARKER is here from Leuders for a visit with his brother Dave FLOYD and family.

Mesdames J.H. and H.E. IRVIN were visiting relatives at Brownwood and Zephyr last weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey GEORGE and Aubrey THOMAS were weekend visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. THOMAS at Fort Worth.

Mrs. Hulda STROP is here from Pioneer for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. WILLIAMS.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BLASSENGAME returned recently from Arizona and he has accepted a position as barber at Grisham’s Barber Shop.  Mr. BLASSINGAME was raised in De Leon, but in recent years has lived at Douglas, Globe, and other points in Arizona.

Friends of Mrs. Jess DYER will greatly sympathize with her because of the death of her sister, Mrs. C.A. BENNETT, which occurred at Fort Worth last week.  Mrs. DYER attended the funeral and burial.

R.L. HOWELL of Snyder was here Tuesday visiting with his brother, W.E. HOWELL, Sr.  They made a business trip to Hamilton Tuesday morning.

Round Grove

Mr. and Mrs. George ROSS, who spent the winter with their son, T.S. ROSS, of Gorman, returned to their home here some time ago.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. RIPPETOE received word that their daughter, together with her husband and perhaps others. Mrs. R.S. BLACK, were pretty badly hurt in a car wreck last Saturday night.

Bill and George EDWARDS of Oklahoma City, dropped in unexpectedly to visit their uncle, G.H. TREADWAY, whom they had never seen, last week.  Many of the old timers will remember the father and grandfather after whom the Edwards crossing and the old swimming hole on the Leon river, north of the highway, was named.  At the request of their father, they were to go to the old swimming hole, but quite a change in this place since their father was here.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE, Howell ROSS and family, and Mrs. R.D. ROSS and family, attended the funeral of Uncle William HOWELL which was held at Green’s Creek on Monday.  Mr. HOWELL was a brother to Grandmother ROSS of this place, who is the last one left of her family.

Jakehamon News

Mrs. Elsie BRAZZELL visited her uncle, G.W. REEVES and family, at Stephenville Sunday, returning home Monday.

Mrs. R.A. BLACKBURN and son, Clyde, of Lowell, spent the last weekend with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. McGUIRE of this community.

W.M. RICHIE of Roscoe, brother of Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY, is visiting relatives at this place and De Leon.

Brother EDWARDS of De Leon preached at the school house Sunday.  A large audience heard the sermon.

I.C. REDWINE has sold his farm to his brother.

S.W. SHORT of De Leon attended preaching here Sunday.


A.H. BEATY and daughters, Daisy and Ethel of Coke county are visitors in this community this week.

John WATSON and family and Mrs. WATSON’s mother, Mrs. Millie WATSON of Olden, Mr. FAGAN and family of Lingleville, also Mrs. J.R. BRITTON of Abilene, were visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. CLIFTON Saturday and Sunday.

F.C. MOORE has been very ill for three or four days, but is slowly improving.

Bud McGRATH and West NEWTON have been having some terracing work done on their farms.

John SPARGER, who has been sick for so long, is staying with his sister, Mrs. Ed GALAWAY, of Dublin.  It seems that he is improving at this time.  We are hoping he will soon be able to return to his home.

Rome SMITH and son and daughter, Clinton and Colline, also J.C. FARRIS of Hamlin, visited friends and relatives of this community last week.

Mrs. S. WADE and little sister, Evelyn of Desdemona, visited their father, H.C. JAMES Sunday.

Oliver Springs

Hyson ECHOLS has been ill the past week.

Mrs. N. NABORS and son, Fred and family, visited Mr. NABORS in Glen Rose Sunday.

J. PANGLE and family, Dewey BURLESON and family, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jesse MOORE.

New Hope News

A very large crowd attended the party last Saturday night given by Ben BURROWS.  A most enjoyable time was spent by all present.

Kit MORRIS and family of Duster was visiting their daughter, Mrs. Eva DAWKINS last Saturday.

Henry DEAN and family and his mother, Mrs. Reuben DEAN, visited in the home of Mrs. G.L. LEE Tuesday night of last week.  Mrs. Reuben DEAN remained with them for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan ROSS and W.W. HODGES and family spent last Sunday in the home of Murray SIDES.

Brother Willie SKAGGS of Rock Bluff and Henry, Jim and Ernest JOHNSON, and families visited H.M. JOHNSON’s last Sunday.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.