De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 30, 1928 



            Free Press has received announcement of the marriage of Mr. W. Furman FORD of Abilene to Miss Mary Ethel CLARK of Ballinger, the wedding occurring on Sunday, March 25th.  Mr. FORD is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. E. FORD who lived in De Leon for many years.  He is also a cousin of the editor of this paper.  Miss CLARK is unknown in De Leon.  This paper extends congratulations and best wishes.

Recovering From Recent Operation

            Mr. and Mrs. George VAUGHN and children are here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete SHAVER.  Mrs. VAUGHN was taken suddenly ill at their home at Hawley on March 8 and the following day she had a major operation at the Baptist Sanitarium at Abilene.  After she was able to leave the sanitarium she was brought here and is recovering nicely.

De Leon Girl On Honor Roll At Tarleton College

            Miss Lillie SINGLETON visited with her sister, Miss Lora, at Tarleton College, Stephenville, the past weekend.  Miss Lora’s name was on the honor roll at the college the past month, making no grade lower than B.  She is doing well in her school work, her sister stated.

Shakespeare Club

            The Shakespeare club met with Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL Wednesday afternoon.  The following program was given.

Argentina, the United States of South America.

Argentina, Her People – Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY.

Jose de San Martin – Mrs. H.T. WILLIAMS.

The City of Buenos Aires – Miss Bertha ROSS.

            After the program the parliamentary drill was given.  Mrs. Hiram SMITH will be the next hostess on Wednesday, April 11.

List of Grand and Petit Jurors Called for Spring Term Session District Court in Comanche County

            The spring term of the district Court will convene on Monday, April 16, at Comanche, for a six weeks term.

            Following is a list of the jurors as drawn to serve during the various weeks:

Grand Jury

            April 16, 1928: R.K. MACKEY, Comanche; T.J. WILLIAMS, Comanche; Tom H. JACKSON, Comanche; V.L. JACKSON, Sidney; W.A. PETIT, Gustine; J.W. ROBINSON, Gustine; H. SHOCKLEY, Lamkin; Ed STONE, Proctor, R.R. HARVEY, De Leon; Evan BARKER, De Leon; Ed LIGHTFOOT, De Leon; Avery JENKINS, Duster, John POGUE, Newburg, John W. WYATT, Wilson; F.C. WAGNON, Sipe Springs, and Jesse H. HARRIS, Comanche.

Petit Jury

            Second week, April 23: C.C. MILLER, De Leon, Rt. 3; C.V. CAVER, Comanche; C.M. HOLLIFIELD, Comanche, Rt. 3; R.L. TURNBOW, Proctor; D.H. ISHAM, Comanche; J.M. YOUNG, Gustine; E.D. HOLDEN, Sidney, Rt. 2; R.B. EASLEY, Comanche, Rt. 4; Roy LITTLE, Comanche; H. ATTERBURY, Comanche; S.C. BOYD, De Leon, Rt. 3; C.D. GRAY, De Leon, Rt. 2; H.N. DAVIS, Comanche; J.H. DAWKINS, De Leon; H.M. JOHNSON, De Leon, Rt. 4; R.L. MACON, De Leon, Rt. 3; J.H. McINTIRE, Comanche, Rt. 2; C.B. BURT, Gustine; R.W. FIELDER, Sidney, Rt. 2; W.K. GRESSETT, Comanche, Rt. 4; A.F. GREENE, Gustine; D.B. GEORGE, Dublin, Rt. 3; S.T. BRANDT, Carleton, Rt. 1; R.H. JOHNSON, Gustine; E.B. GREGORY, De Leon; Walter GARNER, Comanche; J.H. FIELDER, Comanche, Route 2; S.B. GEORGE, Dublin, Rt. 3; H.J. GILLE, Comanche; N.B. LARGE, Gustine; J.W. LITTLEJOHN, Comanche; J.W. LANE, Comanche, Rt. 5; A.C. JONES, Sidney; H.L. BEATY, De Leon; G.D. HEARD, Comanche, Rt. 3; J.C. EDWARDS, Comanche, Rt. 2.

            Third Week, April 30: J.A. COAN, De Leon; John BURTON, Comanche; J.S. STRICKLAND, Comanche, Rt. 5; W.H. GRIGSBY, Comanche, Rt. 4; H.C. BOWMAN, Comanche, Route 5; J.R. CARROLL, Wilson; C.W. HOUCK, Sidney, Rt. 2; C.P. FISHER, Comanche, Rt. 5; R.S. McCHAREN, De Leon; E.P. YOUNG, Gustine, Rt. 1; G.W. MASTERS, Comanche, Rt. 5; J.J. CANTRELL, Carton [sic]; L.C. DILLARD, Comanche; A.M. McCAMEY, Comanche, Rt. 1; J.D. FARROW, Comanche, Rt. 6; O.R. FERRILL, Blanket, Rt. 3; W.P. EASLEY, Comanche, Rt. 4; N.A. HENSLEY, Energy; E.L. HALFORD, Comanche, Rt. 5; Earl S. MORRIS, Sipe Springs; W.S. MORELAND, De Leon; J.L. ELLIS, Comanche; M.L. DOGGETT, Proctor; W.J. GODFREY, Comanche, Rt. 2; B.A. RILEY, Comanche; Chas. WALKER, Comanche, M.O. LANE, Sidney, Rt. 1; Walter BROWNLEE, De Leon, Rt. 2;  J.T. HUGHES, Proctor, Rt. 2; J.W. HARKINS, Comanche; Tom J. MOONY, Proctor, Rt. 2; E.H. LONG, Comanche, Rt. 5; Jim STOKES, Gustine; H.R. MAY, Comanche, Rt. 5; O.H. DONOHO, Comanche.

            Fourth Week, May 7: O.S. COX, Sidney; Walter BEAM, Comanche; E.D. COX, Comanche; R.J. SEAGO, Comanche, Rt 3; J. CUNNINGHAM, Comanche, Rt. 5; H.H. KILPATRICK, Comanche; G.O. MORELAND, De Leon; C.O. McKEEHAN, Sipe Springs; F.C. DEAN, Comanche, Rt. 3; G.F. CARAWAY, Gustine; R.L. WEAVER, Blanket; T.C. FREEMAN, Comanche, Rt. 5; Geo. T. NELSON, Comanche, Rt. 3; J.F. CARTER, De Leon; D.E. NABORS, Comanche; Troy WILLIAMS, Comanche, Rt. 3; W.S. GLOVER, De Leon, Rt. 1; J.D. GRAY, Sipe Springs; O.V. LOUDERMILK, De Leon, Rt. 4; R.F. FOLEY, Proctor, Rt. 1; S.P. ROBERTSON, Blanket, Rt. 3; W.S. BEENE, Comanche, Rt. 2; Ben ALDRIDGE, Comanche; C.E. BILBREY, Gustine, Rt. 1; B.F. McGLOTHLIN, Comanche;  W.J. WYCHE, Gustine; A.H. NOBLE, Comanche; M.D. CARMICHEAL, Lamkin; J.C. BRINSON, Comanche; W.T. CARRUTH, De Leon; L.T. CUNNINGHAM, Comanche, Rt.  6; John NUNNELLEY, De Leon; J.O. JONES, Sipe Springs; Jim COLLINS, Comanche, Rt. 4; W.R. GREENWALDT, De Leon.

            Fifth Week, May 14-T.H. GOSSAGE, Proctor; J.T. PATE, Comanche; G.B. MOORE, Comanche, Rt. 5; T.E. HOOD, Comanche; B.F. SIMMONS, De Leon, Rt. 2; Mat MAYES, Dublin, Rt. 1; W.C. CHILTON, Comanche; I.D. FRAZIER, Comanche, Rt. 5; W.J. HOOLEMAN, De Leon; C.C. MORRIS, De Leon, Rt. 2; Fred A. FERRILL, Sidney; B.J. COX, Sidney; Jake McCULLOUGH, Comanche, Rt. 3; D.W. DUTTON, Comanche; R.B. COFFEY, Blanket, Rt. 3; Elmer THOMAS, Comanche; M.W. HELMS, Comanche, Rt. 2; John W. MOORE, Carlton; G.H. MOORE, Sidney, Rt. 2; Geo. C. WETZEL, Comanche; C.T. MORRIS, De Leon; J.F. McCULLOUGH, Comanche; H.T. JOINER, Duster; W.F. COKER, Sidney, Rt. 2; J.D. JACKSON, Comanche; J.E. HULSEY, De Leon, Rt. 4; R.A. McDONALD, Gustine, Rt.1; S.T. HILLARD, Comanche, Rt. 2; F.M. HOLMSLEY, Proctor; T.L. HUTCHISON, Comanche; P.M. FAGAN, Comanche, W.B. BARRETT, Comanche; H.M. FOSTER, Sipe Springs; D.A. BROWN, Comanche; R.A. McNUTT, Comanche; Herbert BUTLER, Comanche.

            Sixth Week, May 21-E.F. MILLER, De Leon, Rt. 3; W.A. HUGHES, Dublin; W.A. KEE, Gustine; C.C. HOLDRIDGE, De Leon; W.L. STEAKLEY, De Leon; H.H. DUKE, Gustine; Wade EVERRIDGE, Comanche; J.R. BROOKS, Proctor; W.I. LANE, Comanche, Rt. 5; G.D. LINDLEY, De Leon, Rt. 1; R.F. HADDOX, Sidney, Rt. 2; H.A. HICKS, Comanche, Rt. 6; R.C. MORRIS, Sidney, Rt. 1; C.E. LaROQUE, Rt. 22; L.C. BURT, Comanche; A.B. LAMINICK, Comanche, Rt. 1; W.A. PAYNE, Comanche; R.S. PINKARD, Sidney; W.A. LANGLEY, Comanche, Rt. 3; J.R. LYNCH, Blanket, Rt. 3; R.A. McCULLEY, Comanche; D.S. MILLER, Lamkin; Geo. JONES, Gustine; D.V. COKER, Comanche, Rt. 1; Larry HOLMSLEY, Comanche, Rt. 5; H. HAMPTON, De Leon; A.E. BOYD, Sidney; A.J. BOLAND, May, Rt. 1; Newt HAYES, Gustine; John LEVISAY, Comanche, Rt. 6; R.K. LANE, Comanche, Rt. 5; Jim JOHNSON, Comanche; W.T. HOUSE, Comanche; R.W. CUNNINGHAM, Newburg; C.J. CAMPBELL, Lamkin; Guy WHITE, Gustine, Rt. 2.

Camp Fire Girls Have Hike Monday

            The De Leon Camp Fire Girls went on a hike Monday afternoon and all had a most enjoyable time with the following members present:

Mrs. CRONE, Mrs. BUTLER, Mattie BLANTON, Bertie SIMS, Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, Buel SNEAD, Sarah JETTON, Ruth LIGHTFOOT, May HAMELL, Ruth KEMP, Leano ASH, Little WOODLY, Jr.

            We will meet next Saturday night at six o’clock, so we can get through by church time.  Every girl who would like to join be sure and come. –Reporter.


Mrs. Bennett GRIFFITH and children from Rising Star were Thursday visitors with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.H. McCURDY.

Miss Zettie ARNOLD was a weekend guest with her grandmother, Mrs. BENHAM, at Anson.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross JENKINS, also Miss Leila JENKINS from Paint Rock, spent the last weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS.

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY and A.C. MARTIN left in their car for Yuma and Somerton, Ariz., a week ago and will remain there perhaps until next fall, visiting with McCAIN relatives and others.

Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL received a message a few days ago from Sapulpa, that her daughter, Mrs. Lucy THOMAS had gone to the Mayo sanitarium at Rochester, Minn., for treatment.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE were weekend visitors with their children, Misses Mary Louise and Virginia and Walter, at Austin.

J.S. DUPRIEST is leaving Saturday this week, for Las Cruces, N. Mex. To make his home for awhile with his sons, Ross and Jimmie DUPRIEST, in the Upper Rio Grande Valley.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY are expected home the latter part of the week from Glen Rose where they have been for the benefit of their health.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. RUSSELL of Stephenville, parents of Supt. D.M. RUSSELL, were here for a visit the past weekend.

Miss Lillie THOMAS from Sapulpa, Okla., is here for a several months visit with her grandmother, Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL.

Sherrod STOVER and Edmund GRIZZELLE returned last Sunday from Boydston, near Clarendon, where they taught school the past school year.  Their school was out on March the 23rd.


E.L. PAINTER and mother, Mrs. H. B. PAINTER, left Wednesday for Fort Worth.  While there Mrs. PAINTER expects to have some dental work done.

Miss Urselle SELF brought her debating teams for the Carbon school to Comyn last Friday evening for practice with our boys and girls.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PULLEY and baby went to Coleman Sunday.  Mr. PULLEY returned Sunday night leaving Mrs. PULLEY to be with her father W.H. TOUCHSTONE who is seriously ill.

Mr. and Mrs. H.H. HAMMOND and children came last Saturday from Bunyan to be with Mrs. HAMMOND’s mother, Mrs. SPRUILL, who was very sick.

Mrs. M.B. TEAGUE and children of Desdemona visited with her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. FLOYD on Sunday.

E.M. PAINTER left Wednesday for Skidmore where he has employment.

Mrs. A. LYLE of Ennis is visiting her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. F.G. GILDER.

Mr. and Mrs. L.P. HOLLAND have rented and moved into the vacant teacherage on the school campus.

Mrs. M.E. SPRUILL, who has been quite ill since last Saturday, is improving rapidly and it is hoped will soon be well again.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. HODGES of Wink came in Sunday afternoon to be at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. SPRUILL.

Mr. and Mrs. Buford McSHAN and Miss Ada BARNES went to Gorman on Saturday so that Mrs. McSHAN might have a throat examination at the Blackwell sanitarium.  From there they went to Ballinger to spend the weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. Black, Mrs. McSHAN’s parents.

Jakehamon News

Mr. and Mrs. John WHITE and children of Eastland spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. BRAZSELL.

R.E. ROBBINS of Fort Worth spent Friday night with her brother, Q.S. ROBBINS.

J.C. McKINNEY and family spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

R.L. GRAY, who has been in the railroad sanitarium at Wichita Falls, has returned.

W.M. RICHEY and J.H. RICHEY of Roscoe have been visiting with their relatives, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

New Hope News

Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES and Mrs. Fred HOLLAND spent Sunday with Mr. Lee HOLLAND and family of De Leon.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond RAGLAND visited her mother in Dublin last Sunday.

Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON and family, Ben BURROW and family and Riley WILKERSON and family spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. BURROW of near Ranger.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack HALE of near Rucker spent Saturday night and Sunday with the Walt HOLLANDs of this community.

Hollie HAFFORD and family and his mother of De Leon and Alford HAFFORD of Downing spent Sunday with Homer HAFFORD and family of this community.

Clyde HODGES and family spent Sunday with W.W. HODGES of Round Grove.


Mrs. R.L. CLIFTON, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. B.H. MACON of Dallas, returned home on Saturday.

Silver KEITH and family visited Mr. KEITH’s mother of Dublin Sunday.

Fred NEWTON and family spent Sunday with Mrs. NEWTON’s sister, Travis PARTEN of Dublin.

Frank THOMAS and family spent Sunday with H.O. THOMAS of Stephenville.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.