De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 16, 1928 


Holland Opens New Meat Market With H. Caddell

            Lee HOLLAND has opened a meat market in the H. CADDELL grocery store, formerly D.P. LLOYD grocery, and is already open for business.  Mr. HOLLAND received equipment several days ago, and a crew of workmen have been busy getting things in readiness for the opening.

            Mr. HOLLAND purchased new and attractive fixtures for his market.  He has a sanitary display counter and showcase which will be kept iced, also a large refrigerating vault with ample capacity.  The vault was iced the first time Tuesday.

            Mr. HOLLAND stated that he will have a telephone and delivery service, barbecue daily and will handle the best in fresh and cured meats, and he invites the public to visit him.

Mrs. Harvey Presents Her Pupils in Recital

            Mrs. R.R. HARVEY entertained the mothers and grand-mothers of her expression pupils Tuesday evening, March 7th at her home with a recital.  She was assisted by a number of  Mrs.A.P. SCHMIDT’s piano pupils.  A very interesting hour’s program was rendered after which a refreshment plate was passed to the following:  Mesdames ALLEN, Lloyd HAMPTON, S.F. HAMPTON, W.H. WILLIAMS, MOHON, BENDER, EDMONDSON, KEMP, W.W. NANCE, SCHMIDT, SHARP and SMITH.

Fire Destroyed Two Big Master Trucks on Sunday

            D.A. STEPHENS and Hardy CADDELL were working Sunday morning on two big Master trucks, property of Mr. STEPHENS.  Parts of the motors were taken down and a pail of gasoline was standing open in the garage where the parts had been washed.  It is supposed that the pail of gasoline ignited from a cigar Mr. STEPHENS was smoking or from a match cast aside.  At any rate the garage and the two big machines were suddenly enveloped in a mass of flames, the men barely escaping without injury.

            Mr. STEPHENS’ loss will approximate $4,000.  He had some insurance, not enough to anything like cover his loss, it is said.  Mr. CADDELL had removed his coat in which was his purse and $45, and this was burned.

De Leon Baker Seriously Burned by Gas Explosion

            P.B. SHIRO is suffering from severe burns caused by a gas explosion in his baker’s oven last Friday morning at 3 o’clock.  Mr. SHIRO and his assistant, Tom BEBEE, were at work in the bakery when the accident happened.  The gas fire had been lighted in the big oven.  For some cause the fire went out and a head of gas accumulated in the oven.  When Mr. SHIRO discovered the fire out and lighted a match to re-light it, a terrific explosion occurred.  A moment later Mr. BEEBE picked Mr. SHIRO up a distance of ten or twelve feet from the oven where the force of the explosion had thrown him.

            Mr. SHIRO was severely burned about the face, neck and arms.  His glasses saved his eyes.  He is recovering nicely now.

Birthday Party

            Denton JENKINS, Jr., entertained a number of his classmates and friends Friday afternoon in honor of his 9th birthday.  Various games and contests were enjoyed throughout the afternoon, after which delicious angel food cake and fruit jello was served with a St. Patrick favor for each guest.

            The following enjoyed the delightful occasion:  Charles LEGION, Lera ADAMS, Bill ROLLINS, Charlene SMITH, Billy GREENWALDT, Fred HOLDRIDGE, Catherine MORTON, Mary Dolphe BOSWELL, Billy SMITH, Louise GREENWALDT, Wade SMITH, Percy WOODS, James Rector HOLDRIDGE and the host, Denton JENKINS, Jr.

New Home to Replace One Burned

            John NORWOOD is cleaning away the debris of the fire that destroyed his home recently, preparing the lot for moving a house on it which he purchased from Evan BARKER.  The new building is a commodious cottage and Mr. and Mrs. NORWOOD will be very nicely situated once they get things settled.

Birthday Dinner

            A birthday celebration in the form of a sumptuous dinner was given by Mrs. W.F. HARVEY last Sunday in honor of her husband and little granddaughter, Enis Allene HARVEY, of Comanche.  The following friends and relatives were present to enjoy the feast, and bring their good wishes to Mr. HARVEY on his 55 birthday:  Mr. and Mrs. W.F. ARNEY, Mr. and Mrs. R.W. COWAN and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. S.W. COWAN and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon WILLIS and family and Shortie MOSELEY.

Bride’s Shower

            Last Friday afternoon Mrs. K.N. SPENCER gave a miscellaneous shower at her home for Mrs. Buddie HUDSON, who until her marriage on Feb. 24, was one of Comyn’s high school girls.  After the guests had assembled, a sound of something approaching from an adjoining room caused all eyes to be turned just in time to behold a small covered wagon which was being drawn by two of the bride’s school mates, Misses L.O.E. SWEEDEN and Elzie KINNARD and being followed by another classmate, Mrs. Blanche MARTIN, who in a few well chosen words expressed for the class its best wishes and congratulations.  Then the heavily loaded little covered wagon traveled on until it reached the side of the bride, where it halted and she was told to look within.  Upon doing so she found that friends had placed there many nice and useful gifts to make happy the heart of a young housekeeper.  Refreshments of sandwiches, iced tea and angel food cake were served the following guests:  Mesdames DODGEN, SKIPPER, HAMPTON, McSHAN, HAZZARD, RUCKER, WATSON, C.M. CARAWAY, A.H. CARAWAY, SPENCER, MARTIN, BARNES, REID and HUDSON of De Leon, and Mrs. Frank BARNES of Dublin, Misses L.E.O. SWEEDEN, Elzie KINNARD and Ada BARNES.

George – Smith

            Mr. Roy GEORGE and Miss Cora SMITH were happily married March 10th at nine o’clock at the home of Rev. George ROSS.

            Mrs. GEORGE is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. SMITH, of Dublin.  Roy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave GEORGE and is a fine young man.

            Their many friends wish them much happiness over life’s road.


Mrs. Carroll BARTON from Truscott, who formerly lived here at the Riddle tank farm, had a major operation at Blackwell sanitarium in Gorman on Monday.  She is recovering nicely.

Mrs. J.H. IRVIN has gone to McGregor to visit her brother, Mr. and Mrs. DENSMAN.

Dale SADBERRY from Fort Worth was a weekend visitor with his mother, Mrs. Bob SADBERRY.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack O’BRIEN and little daughter, Vivian, of Cisco, were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Abb WILSON last week.  Vivian, who has whooping cough is better but has not missed a day in school and is making A on all her grades, hoping at the end of the term she passes from low 3rd to high.  It isn’t the older ones or the larger ones every time who make a success.  Vivian weighs only 40 pounds and is seven years old.


Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES and baby, and Mrs. Shirley STRUBE and daughter, Jamie Marie, went to Cisco last Wednesday to visit their friends, Mr. and Mrs. Frank BASSETT.

Rush SIDES, Lee HOLLAND and sister, Miss Susie, went to Fort Worth Sunday to attend the Fat Stock Show.

Mrs. Van GODDARD and baby of Cisco is visiting in the home of her mother, Mrs. Effie BARNES.

Mr. and Mrs. GOOSBY and children visited during the weekend with Mr. GOOSBY’s mother at Newburg.

Mrs. M.E. SPRUILL of near Downing is visiting with her sons, J.V. and Elmer SPRUILL and families.

Jakehamon News

Miss Opal McKINNEY of this place is visiting her sister at Caddo.

Ross ROBBINS has returned to his work at McCamey after having been off for a few days on account of illness during which time he was at the home of his brother, O.S. ROBBINS.

Misses Ila and Odell ROBBINS and Miss Ona WYATT and Ragie ROBBINS visited relatives and also the stock show at Fort Worth Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. BROWNING of Desdemona spent Sunday with her son, Charlie BROWNING and family.


Messrs. Edwin and Odis CLINE and Clyde CROW have returned from Shiro where they have been working.

Mrs. R.L. CLIFTON is visiting her daughter, Mrs. B.H. MACON, of Dallas.

Mrs. C.D. GARY has been very ill for the past few days but is some better now.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.