De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 3, 1928 


Mrs. Paul Morgan Recovering Nicely

            Mrs. Paul MORGAN is recovering rapidly from a major operation performed at a Gorman sanitarium a week ago.  She has been in poor health for several months and the operation was resorted to with the hope of restoring her health and there is every promise that she will fully recover.  She is expected to be at home within a week.

Miss Evelyn Kinchen Was Critically Ill

            Friends of Miss Evelyn KINCHEN will be glad to learn that she is making rapid recovery after an attack of kidney trouble, having been the past ten days at a Gorman sanitarium.  If she continues to improve she is expected to be home the latter part of the present week.


            Mr. Terrell PITTS and Miss Willa Dell DAWKINS motored to Comanche Sunday and were married at 2:30p.m. in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Bob HAYNES, county clerk.  Rev. Forest MADDOX conducted the ceremony.

            Miss DAWKINS is the pretty daughter of Mr. J.H. DAWKINS of Trinity Community.  Mr. PITTS is the son of E.N. PITTS of Route 4.

            Both are very popular young people having many friends in and around this place who extend best wishes to them on their journey together. –Contributed.

Give Beautiful Gift to Bride

            Mrs. J.M. LILES, who before her marriage recently was Mrs. Jewell Scott HILL, was the recipient of a beautiful courtesy given Friday evening in the parlor of the First Methodist church by the Fred K. LITTLE class of which she was a member.  Mrs. LILE was presented with a beautiful chest of silver, the gift of the class.

            The marriage of Mrs. LILE furnished a humorous beginning for the entertainment which took the form of a court trial in which Mrs. LILE was the “culprit.”  In view of her splendid service to the class, the “offense” was dismissed and the judge, or class president Horace HOLLMAN, presented her with the silver.  Mrs. LILE made an appropriate response, thanking the class for the beautiful gift.

            There followed a program of fun in which the “Ford family”, the “Gossip family”, the “Giggle family” and the “Flapper family” entertained three minutes each, much to the merriment of the audience.

            Mrs. E.W. BODE and her little daughter, Orwina, gave readings, while Mary Paula WOOTEN gave a violin number.  Two other violin numbers were given by Miss Louise PETTY, with Miss Ruth THOMAS at the piano. 

Card of Thanks

            We wish to thank the many friends who so thoughtfully came to our aid during our recent great bereavement in the death of our son and brother.  Your every act of kindness will remain a treasured memory.  May the blessings of God rest with each of you.

Mr. and Mrs. M.D. WHEAT and children

Mrs. Fannie BROWN

Frank WALKER and family

Rowe WALKER and family


Mr. and Mrs. A.F. SIBLEY

Mr. and Mrs. Harry McFADDEN

Mr. and Mrs. Dalbert GUY

Texon Physician Now in DeLeon

            Dr. P.G. HAYS, physician for the Texon Oil Company, and in charge of a company hospital at Texon formerly, arrived in De Leon a few days ago and joined his wife and two sons who have lived here the past year.  They have been living on the block directly north of the high school building. 

            Dr. HAYS recently gave up his post with the company hospital and will engage in private practice.

High School Honor Roll, Third Term, January 20th

            The following people have made 90 per cent or above on all class work and deportment for the third term:

Seniors-Ethel VAUGHN

Juniors-Dorothy WILSON, Frances HARVEY, Grace SHORT.

Sophomores- Mattie Ruth RIDDLE, Geneva COLEY.

Freshmen-Edna Earl COZBY, Myredelle KEMP, Evelyn KINCHEN, Grace SMITH.

            The following have made 90 or above on three subjects and 90 per cent or above on deportment, therefore deserve honorable mention.

Seniors-C.L. KINCHEN, Jno. C. HASKINS, Gladys ASTON, Estelle NOELL, Myrtle UPSHAW.

Juniors-Macie BOSWELL, Norine DONAHUE, Blanche HANSFORD, Wayne McCHAREN.

Oil Well Comes In Near Ragland Farm

            J.D. RAGLAND reports the bringing in of what promises to be a good oil well on the John HAMILTON tract, 8 miles south of Ranger, on Tuesday of this week.  The well was shot at 3100 feet and made a beautiful flow of the “golden fluid.”  Raymond RAGLAND and wife and Mrs. OPDKYE, son and daughter of Mr. RAGLAND, were present and saw the well flow.

            Mr. RAGLAND owns 158 acres adjoining the Hamilton tract.  Should the pool develop as expected it should prove profitable to him.

Tom Walker Died From Accident In Graham Oil Field

            Tom WALKER, son of Mrs. M.D. WHEAT, died at St. Joseph’s Infirmary at Fort Worth at 7:15 o’clock on Saturday, January 25th, 1928.  He was at the infirmary two weeks where two operations were performed in a vain attempt to save his life.  He was seven weeks at the home of his sister, Mrs. A.F. SIBLEY, at Ft. Worth, before going to the hospital.

            WALKER’s death is believed to have been directly caused by an accident which occurred while he was working on an oil well near Graham last November 25th.  WALKER was one of a casing crew and was working with his brother, Frank WALKER, and a number of others.  The casing tongs, a heavy instrument, was dropped on his foot and one toe was severed.  The injury to his foot is said to have caused him to fall into the circle of the rapidly revolving casing crank nearby and he was struck on the head and shoulder, sustaining serious bruises.  He was unconscious for a time but afterwards returned to work for a short time before taking to his bed for his final illness.

            John Thomas WALKER was born on February 26, 1903, being the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Zeke WALKER.  At death he was 25 years, 10 months and 29 days old.  There were three brothers and three sisters of the Walker children, besides deceased, all living.  The father has been dead 15 years or more, the mother having remarried to M.D. WHEAT.

            The body was brought here from Fort Worth and the funeral was at De Leon cemetery at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon conducted by Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL.

            Those from distant points attending the funeral were:  Mr. and Mrs. Rowe WALKER, Wink; Mr. and Mrs. Frank WALKER, Graham; Mr. and Mrs. A.F. SIBLEY, North Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. Dalbert GUY, Wink; Alvin WALKER, Fort Worth; Bill BROWN, Throckmorton; Boliver BROWN, Woodson; Mr. and Mrs. Lea GLEASON, Waco; Mr. and Mrs. John BROWN, Cisco; Mr. and Mrs. Ed BROWN, Gorman; Mr. Asa MOSELEY, Cisco; Mrs. Katherine CURRY, Fort Worth; Mrs. Abbie WHITE and family, Fort Worth and Byron SMITH, Fort Worth.

Mrs. W.B. Blair Desperately Ill

            Mrs. W.B. BLAIR of Itasca, Texas, has been critically ill during the past week, having had a major operation at a Hillsboro sanitarium last Friday.  Her condition has been so critical in fact that her life was despaired of.  Thursday, as this paper goes to press, she continues desperately ill.

            Mrs. BLAIR was formerly Miss Inez BUCHAN and her mother, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN and sister, Mrs. E.E. GENTRY are at her bedside.  Mr. GENTRY returned from Hillsboro Tuesday.  Mrs. BLAIR has two children, one aged seven and a tiny baby aged three months.

Tri-K Club

            On Tuesday afternoon Mrs. S.G. PARKS was hostess to the Tri-K Club.

After five games were played, Mrs. Fred NABORS winning high score, refreshments were served.

            The club meets next with Mrs. MORAGNE on February 14th.

Round Grove

Mr. and Mrs. Dean RIPPETOE came over for a few hours stay with Dean’s father, who is confined to his bed, a few days ago.

Howell ROSS was a business visitor in Fort Worth last week carrying a nice carload of cattle.

Roy GEORGE is back from a few days stay in McCAMEY.

Aunt Martha SPICER, who has been confined to her bed for some time and for a week without knowing anything or able to take medicine or food, about 9a.m., Wed., January 25, fulfilled the words of Solomon, Eccl. 12-7, when her “Spirit returned to God who gave it”.  On the following day a host of friends tenderly placed her body away in the Round Grove cemetery to return “back to dust” from whence it came.  She was 85 years, 7 months, and 11 days old.  She was a consecrated member of the Missionary Baptist church of this place and has been for many years.  Until about two years ago, as long as she was able, Grandma SPICER was always on hand at her church meeting.  Usually she came a foot some two miles and when she failed to come it was assured there was sickness or some hindrance more than her having something more important to do.  Her husband, Roe SPICER and a child, preceded her in death some 37 or 38 years ago.  Mr. SPICER was a soldier in the Civil war; her father, Mr. NAIL, was a hero in the war with Mexico, and his name is so listed among the heroes on the books at Austin.  Mrs. Etter MORRISON, Ciscero and Ray SPICER, her children, also preceded her in death.  Those living are Neal SPICER and Mrs. Will LOVELACE of this place, Billie SPICER of Desdemona.  Mrs. Sallie HOBBS of Gordon, Texas.  She had many grand and great-grand children.  Her pastor, Walter MARTIN and Uncle George ROSS conducted the funeral service.  Her useful life of many years will be greatly missed.

No, The Jones Family Has Not Had the Smallpox

            John JONES, R.F.D. Carrier, was reported to have the smallpox.  Shortly after the Free Press editor heard of it, he saw Mr. JONES drive out of town with the mail – and he didn’t look speckled.  It has also been reported that there were a hundred cases here.  It is true three or four people were ill with a malady that might have been smallpox, but positively not more than five cases have developed at any time recently in De Leon.  There has been no wide spread epidemic of smallpox here at all.

            Mr. JONES asked Free Press to say that neither himself nor any member of his family have smallpox.


Mr. and Mrs. Carl ROSS have been here this week from Snyder for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS.

Rev. ANGLIN, formerly a De Leon young man, now pastor of the Methodist church at Bledsoe and Morton in extreme West Texas was here for a visit with his parents near Duster, and his sister, Mrs. J.A. LEE of this city.

Paul HOWELL is here from the Texas coast country where he has been with the Humble Company.

Mrs. A.K. BENDER and little grandson, Richard MOHON, have gone to Thurber to visit in the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.E. FORREST for a week or two.

Mrs. Bryant HOWELL was called to Iredell the past week to attend the funeral of her father, H. BRYANT, who passed away there at the age of 82 years.  Mrs. HOWELL’s De Leon friends will deeply sympathize with her in her loss.

Mrs. Johnnie NUNNELLEY has gone to Marlin where she will remain for some time.

Oliver Springs

An erroneous report was out that we have smallpox in this community.  There has been several cases of chicken pox lately but no new cases this week.

Misses Agnes JOHNSTON, Tommie and Will Jose BAIRD and Messrs. Bill THOMPSON, Royal HAMPTON and Pat JOHNSTON spent Sunday with Miss Viola and Joe BRASWELL at Rucker.

Miss Bernice CHATHAM’s mother visited her at school Friday evening.

A large crowd of relatives and friends spent Sunday evening with Nathan NABORS who has been ill but is recovering.

Miss Gladys REED has gone to San Antonio to accept a position there.

Orby LEE and Bernice HANEY are recovering from an attack of chicken pox.

Mr. and Mrs. EZELL of Duster were visiting their daughter, Mrs. Hurley COZART Sunday.

Mrs. Harve ECHOLS has her father, Mr. DAWCETT of San Antonio, with her this week.


Mrs. N.E. SWEEDEN, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred THOMAS and J.B. HOOVER visited during part of last week with Mrs. SWEEDEN’s son at Big Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur VINSON are the proud parents of a baby girl, born on January 31st.

Mr. and Mrs. Van DODGEN spent the weekend visiting with Mrs. DODGEN’s parents at Hillsboro.

Quite a host of little friends and playmates gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse BARNES last Sunday afternoon in honor of their little daughter, Chrystal’s tenth birthday.  Those attending and bringing their best wishes to the little girl were: Ruth, Paul, and Christine PAINTER, Johnny BARNES, Henry SPENCER, Raymond BANKHEAD, LaBon and Mattie Mell SPRUILL, Louise, Ruth and Mary Jean GOOSBY, Naomi CARAWAY, La Rue, Loveda and Mayme Katherine SPENCER, Girlie Kiker STRONG, Helen MOHON, Lanette STEELE, Mary Lois and Voncille ALSTON, Maxine PULLEY, Hortense RUCKER of De Leon and Garnett and Katherine BLANTON of Dublin.


Howard GARY of Baird spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. C.D. GARY.

Kenneth SMITH has gone to Wink to work.

W.D. and Leo SMITH, also R.L. CLIFTON, were business visitors in Stephenville Monday.

Doc PATTERSON is in the Blackwell sanitarium at Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. S. WADE of Desdemona visited Mrs. WADE’s father, H.C. JAMES, Sunday.

 - Victor Tattler

New Hope News

Clyde HODGES is better at this writing.  He spent several days with his father, W.W. HODGES, at Round Grove this week.

Henry DEAN and family and mother, Mrs. Renshaw DEAN, were visiting in the home of G.L. LEE last Sunday night.

B.C. CHAMBERS and family of Robinson Springs and Mrs. Lizzie CHAMBERS and children of De Leon visited Uncle Joe and Aunt Carrie CHAMBERS last Sunday.

Jakehamon News

George HUGHES, a high school student of this school, was sick and out of school during the first of the week.

Miss Lois McGUIRE has returned home from a visit at Ballinger and will enter school at this place.

Miss Lucile RILEY has returned to the Desdemona high school after having been out several days on account of illness.

Milton KING has returned to his work at Gatesville after a vacation spent at home.

Mr. and Mrs. HASH and son, Charles Roy, have returned to Ballinger after visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. McGUIRE.

Mr. and Mrs. Wade SALYER of Gorman spent the weekend visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse HUGHES.

F.E. OSBORN of Breckenridge visited his father, T.L. OSBORN, Saturday and Sunday.

R.L. GRAY of this community, who has been quite sick for some time, is improving.

Mrs. Nettie GUTHERIE of Amarillo, who has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS, has returned to her home.

J.W. HONEYCUTT is having a part of his farm set out in pecan trees.  A considerable amount of pecan trees will be put out in this section.


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