De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 27, 1928 


Former De Leon Physician Died at Gorman Home

            Dr. R.H. RUSH died at his home in Gorman Monday and his remains were laid to rest at Gorman cemetery Tuesday afternoon.  His death was from heart failure, therefore unexpected.  He suffered a broken hip in a fall on the icy pavement at Gorman a year ago from which he never fully recovered.

            Dr. RUSH was a most beloved physician.  He had scores and hundreds of friends both here and at Gorman.  Friends from remote points came when they heard he was dead.  An immense throng filed by his casket, sorrowing for the one who had been family physician to a majority of them, and friend of all.  Rev. Seba KIRKPATRICK conducted the funeral service at Gorman Methodist church.

            He was born in Mississippi in 1852 and was 76 years of age.  He practiced medicine for more than half a century, about 18 years in Mississippi and 35 years in Texas, living at De Leon, Stamford and Gorman.

            His children are two sons and four daughters, all living, and all present at his funeral except the eldest daughter.  They are Dr. H.P. RUSH, San Angelo; Phil RUSH, Kerrville; Mrs. Fergusen (Claire), Commerce; Mrs. Tom HUGHES (Macie), Sweetwater; Mrs. Joe SCHLEGLE (Winnie), Fort Stockton and Mrs. Alvin GRAY (Maud), Sweetwater.

            An interesting fact that most of his friends did not know came to light in the funeral address of Rev. KIRKPATRICK.  Dr. RUSH was a descendant of the fifth generation from Lyman RUSH who signed the Declaration of Independence, a heritage which his modesty prevented him boasting of, but a fact in which any man might feel a patriotic pride.  This devout Christian-physician spent half a hundred years “going about doing good” and when he died left a heritage that history may not record, a story written on the “fleshly tablets of men’s hearts.”  The multitude when he served and blessed with his labor of love rise up to call him blessed!

Pioneer Citizen Here in Year ’75 Passed to Reward

            A.I. STEPHENS died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. K.D. RHOADS, at Caddo, Texas, at 2:30 o’clock p.m. Friday, January 20, 1928.  His last illness was of only four or five days duration although he had been in failing health since May last year.  The immediate cause of his death was cancer.  His going was peaceful and calm as a man might fall asleep.  Two of his daughters, Mesdames MORTON and RHOADS, ministered to him in his last hours and were alone watching beside him when he closed his eyes and was no more.

            Ammon Ira STEPHENS was born in Missouri, March 19, 1849, the year of the great California gold rush.  His childhood was spent amidst stirring scenes, his recollection of the Civil War being quite vivid although he was too young to fight.  He moved when a boy to Arkansas and lived there for a number of years, being married there to Miss Virginia Alice VALENTINE.  Shortly after their marriage he came with his bride of 16 years, to De Leon, or rather to the place where De Leon was later to be, settling on a homestead about one and a half miles west of where Downing now is located.  He landed on this homestead with 25 cents in his pocket and started out to make a living for his family.  He earned a living by splitting rails for the settlers and finally made his first crop.

            IN about 1880 or ’81 the railroad came through and De Leon was founded.  He came here and with E.H. WEBB, founded a picture business and years later was in the telephone business and once operated a saddle shop, spending perhaps 25 years here.  After leaving De Leon he moved a good deal, living first and last in Arizona, Louisiana, back to Arkansas and then returned to Texas.  His wife died some 20 years ago.

            Ten children were born to this pioneer couple.  Four have died, five daughters and a son surviving.  They are:  Mrs. Merle McDONALD, Mrs. Chas. WALKER, and Miss Ora STEPHENS, all of San Antonio; Mrs. G.E. MORTON of De Leon and Mrs. K.D. RHOADS of Caddo.  The son is J.F. STEPHENS of Wolfforth, near Lubbock.

            Mr. STEPHENS was converted and unified with the Christian church when a young man.  He expressed a living waith [sic] in the latter days of his life and was confident of his acceptance with God.  The funeral was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. MORTON here Sunday morning at 10:30 o’clock with a host of old friends present to mingle their tears with the sorrowing son and daughters of this good man.  Rev. A.F. NABORS conducted the service.

Mrs. M.G. Ray

            The death of Mrs. M.G. RAY, a sister of the late Tom BROWN and an aunt of Mrs. M.D. WHEAT, occurred here at six o’clock, Saturday, January 14, and her remains were laid to rest at Zion Hill cemetery at three o’clock last Sunday.  Mrs. RAY was 73 years of age and was afflicted with cancer.  Her husband died last year.  They lived for many years near Van Dyke.  They had no children.  Mrs. RAY was a faithful member of the Baptist church for many years.

Chevrolet Dealers Met Here Sunday

            Perhaps more by accident than otherwise, a whole flock of De Leon Chevrolet dealers held a salesmen’s pow-wow here Sunday.  They had an informal get-together at the office of J.F. CARTER and discussed the coming year’s outlook as well as the achievements of the past year.

            Z.C. STEAKLEY and Ben CARTER were here from Sweetwater.  They did a nice business there the past year, it is reported.

            R.W. STEAKLEY was here from Denison where he and his brother, William, only a couple of weeks ago took charge of the Chevrolet station.

            J.F. CARTER and W.C. BAGWELL were home from Breckenridge where they recently took charge of the Chevrolet Station in that thriving oil city.

            Then, there was Hime LLOYD, who was formerly Chevrolet dealer at Roscoe and De Leon and the local dealers BUTLER & HARVEY.  In fact Sunday was “Chevrolet Day” in De Leon.

Shakespeare Club

            Mrs. Loy HILL was hostess to the members of the club on Wednesday, January 18th.  After a short business session the following committees were appointed: Mrs. A.P. SCHMIDT, Mac Dowell WEEK, Mesdames HASKINS, HANCOCK and DABNEY, Better Speech Week;  Mrs. .Charles ROSS, Dramatic Week.  The following program was given.  Political Conditions in Brazil, Mrs. PARKS; “Two on a Tour Through Brazil”, Mrs. SCHMIDT; “Public Industry”, Mrs. ROSS; “Brazilian Forests”, Mrs. HANCOCK.

            The next meeting of the club will be with Mrs. G.W. ROLLIN on February first.

Former De Leon Man Lost Home by Fire Last Friday

            A message has been received from Newport, Ark., that Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McCLELLAN, formerly of this city, lost their home and came near losing their lives in a fire last Friday night.  They escaped from the burning building in their night clothes, snatching up a few articles of clothing which they put on in the yard.  Everything was lost, they said in a letter to his father, T.J. McCLELLAN of De Leon, Route 1.  De Leon friends will sympathize with them in their loss.

New Hope News

Clyde HODGES happened to a very serious accident last week.  He and others were sawing wood with a power saw when he got hurt.  It was hardly realized how he did get hurt but his head and shoulder was very painfully injured.  He has been suffering considerable the past week.

Among those who attended the singing at Round Grove last Sunday afternoon were: Miss Lucille LEE, Mattie Sue and Pauline SLAUGHTER, Estell HERRICK, Curtis HOLDRIDGE and Homer HAFFORD and family.  They all report having a real good singing.

John DUPRIEST has recently completed a new cellar.  We believe he is preparing for stormy weather.

S.N. WILKERSON and son J.T. went to Albany last Saturday to move his son-in-law and family out there.  They will make their home on the Howard SHORT place.  His name is Odis GREGG.

(From Last Week)

S.N. WILKERSON and wife and Riley WILKERSON and family were at the bedside of Mrs. Henry WILKERSON, of near Proctor Sunday.

S.E. GOLDEN and wife are now living at the J.P. COAN place.  Mrs. Ara HAMILTON and children are now living in the house formerly occupied by S.E. GOLDEN on the F.A. RUFF place.  Mr. EMORY and family of near Sipe Springs are now living on the F.A. RUFF place where Walter SHUPP and family formerly lived.  Dave LEWIS and family are now at Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIR’s old home place.  W.P. St. CLAIR and family are located at the R.W. BOSWELL place.  Mr. HASTY and family are living in the house formerly occupied by W.P. St. CLAIR on the F.A. RUFF place.  Shirley STRUBE and family are living on the TERRILL place where Jim DAVIS lived the past year.

De Leon Circuit

C.O. HATLEY is on the sick list.  He is threatened with pneumonia.

Little Wanda Gay WHITLOW is also on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Horace BOWEN have moved back into Downing community from San Antonio.  They will live on the Sam GRISSOM place.  Mr. BOWEN and Mr. HOLMES were in San Antonio last week and helped them move back.

Mr. and Mrs. Houston GRISSOM and family have moved over near Robinson Springs.  We are glad to note their presence at New Hope church the Third Sunday.

Jakehamon News

Mrs. A.C. YOUNG had the misfortune to be bitten by a spider one day last week, but is now improving.

O.S. ROBBINS and son Ralph, took a truck load of hogs to Fort Worth last week.

W.C. McGUIRE of Desdemona has moved into this community and his children have entered school.

Comyn News

Mrs. Effie BARNES, who has been visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Van GODDARD of Cisco, returned home last Saturday.

M.H. ROSS left Monday night with a carload of cattle, shipping to the Fort Worth market.

Rev. John L. HARRIS, from the Baptist Seminary of Fort Worth, who is pastor of the Comyn Baptist church, filled his regular fourth Sunday appointment here Sunday morning and night.

Mr. and Mrs. Armo CARAWAY of Kansas City, Mo., are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.G. CARAWAY and other relatives.

Grady and Wade NANCE, who have employment with a pipeline construction company near Whitney are spending a few days with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.S. NANCE.

Round Grove

Rev. George ROSS and wife are at Gorman where they expect to spend the winter with their son, T.S. ROSS.

H.O. GEORGE, who returned from the Baptist  sanitarium at Dallas a few days ago, is still improving.

Mrs. R.H. GILDER, who has been real sick, we are glad to report is better.

Aunt Martha SPICER, one of the early settlers of this community, and who is about 85 years old, is very low at this writing and not expected to live.

Ed RIPPETOE, who is afflicted with a rare skin disease (Dermatitus) of which the doctors say there are but few cases in the United States, returned Monday from Hot Springs, Ark., where he has been to try to get relief.  He is no better.  The attacks from this disease come about every two years and last from about two to six months with much suffering and has a resemblance of leprosy – however, this is not contagious. 


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