De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 20, 1928 


Chevrolet is Now Owned by Butler & Harvey

            Otis HARVEY and Woodie BUTLER, are now owners of the local Chevrolet Station, having purchased the interest of Wm. STEAKLEY on Tuesday of this week.  They have an advertisement in this issue of the Free Press announcing the change.  They will continue the business in the same building, both sales department and their garage and Chevrolet service station.

            Both Messrs. HARVEY and BUTLER are too well known locally to require an introduction, both being home boys both have established their place in the business circles of the city by square dealing and energetic attention to business.  The Chevrolet plant has succeeded under the direction of STEAKLEY & HARVEY and it will continue to do so with BUTLER and HARVEY at the helm.

Steakley Bros. to Denison

            William STEAKLEY and Robert STEAKLEY have purchased the Chevrolet station at Denison, Texas, and they left immediately to take charge of the new business.  Denison is a city of 20,000 people, and the Steakley Bros. should and doubtless will do a splendid business there.  They are straight-forward and aggressive in their business dealings, each having made an outstanding success during the years they have been in business here.  The same principles of thrift and industry will win for them anywhere.  The best wishes of many friends go with them to their new field.

Steakley – Smith Stores Now Owned by W.H. Smith

            A deal was completed on January 17th between Hiram SMITH and Bob STEAKLEY whereby Mr. SMITH became sole owner of the Steakley & Smith dry goods and grocery business located in this city.  Mr. SMITH is already in charge and the business is going forward in all departments without interruption.

            Immediately upon assuming charge of the grocery department, Mr. SMITH had work started toward completely “working over” the grocery store.  It is to be modernized along the lines of the most approved style of city grocery stores.  New display space is to be provided, paint and calsomine employed to make the interior like new, show windows are to be completely made over, and in fact the interior completely changed and modernized.  Mr. Smith is negotiating with an experienced grocer to have charge of the new store, announcement to be made later.

Steakley to Sell Chevy’s

            Mr. STEAKLEY disposed of his interest in order to engage in the Chevrolet business with his brother, William STEAKLEY at Denison, and he has gone to Denison to take charge of his new situation.

            Steakley & Smith are both “home products.”  They learned the mercantile business in this city, and immediately following the World War, purchased the grocery store which they have continued to operate for about 10 years, adding the E.E. AKERS dry goods house to their business three years ago.  They have made a rapid rise in their business enterprises, due to an inexhaustible supply of energy and enthusiasm injected, and these same qualities will carry them to still greater success.

Carter & Bagwell Buy Chevrolet at Breckenridge

            The third new business firm organized in this city this week was the Carter & Bagwell Chevrolet Company.  This firm is composed of  J.F. CARTER and W.C. BAGWELL, both local men, who have taken over the Chevrolet business in the city of Breckenridge.  They left Wednesday for that city to take charge.

            Mr. CARTER is of the firm of Delaney & Carter, an oil drilling and producing company, and it is understood he will not be active in the management of the Breckenridge business, at least to the extent of moving to Breckenridge.  Mr. BAGWELL will be resident manager and head of the sales force.

            Mr. BAGWELL has been for many years in the employ of Higginbotham Bros. & Co.  For the past year he has been in charge of the office.  He has gained valuable experience in his business association with this large firm, and his ability as an executive of the new concern is unquestioned.  Messrs. CARTER & BAGWELL will doubtless make a success of their new business venture.

Nath Nabors Had Paralytic Stroke

            Friends of Nath NABORS will hear with regret of his illness, caused by a light stroke of paralysis, which occurred while he was at work at his home last Thursday.  He is up and about but still feels the effect of the strange malady.  It is hoped he may soon be fully recovered.

Card of Thanks

            We wish to extend to the good people of north De Leon community our sincerest thanks for the aid extended us during the illness of our aunt, Mrs. M.G. RAY.  Your response to the appeal was deeply appreciated and we wish to thank you one and all.

            Mr. and Mrs. M.D. WHEAT

Rt. 2 Youth Shot Toe Off with Shot Gun Recently

            Justin, the 14-year old son of J.D. HOLMES of De Leon Rt. 2, accidentally shot one of his toes off with a shot gun during Christmas week.  The young man was near downing at the home of his uncle, J.H. HOLMES, where the accident occurred.  Several boys were near the HOLMES residence, under a shed, whistling to a covey of quail nearby, attempting to call them within shooting distance.  Young HOLMES allowed his 12 gauge shotgun to be discharged, severing the second toe of his left foot.

In Memory of Willie Maud

            On the twenty-seventh day of June nineteen hundred and eleven, there came into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will BARKER, a tiny sweet baby girl whom they called “Willie Maud.”  Being about the eighth child to claim a place in the home they eagerly watched as she grew from infancy almost to a young woman.  They were now realizing their fondest hopes for her but she slipped away to live with God.

            Willie Maud was sick nine or ten days.  Her death was caused from a nervous breakdown.  Before death came, she sang hymns of praise to God.

            She was obedient and strived to do things that would please her teacher.  She was always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.  She was an important factor in the home.  Her parents have lost a dutiful daughter and the children have lost a helpful and playful companion.

            But when we gather at the river is it not a sweet consolation to think that she will meet us on the other side.

            Willie Maud was a faithful member of the Baptist church, having united with the church some time ago.  Her body was carried to the Baptist church at De Leon where the funeral services were held.  A large crowd of friends gathered to pay their last respects to their friend and interment was at De Leon cemetery.

            She was a pupil of New Hope school.  She had developed a noble character and a pleasant and loveable disposition.  She was loved by all her schoolmates and her friends are numbered by scores.


Carbon M.E. Church Destroyed by Fire

            Fire, which is believed to have originated from defective wiring in the ceiling, completely destroyed the Methodist church at Carbon, last Saturday at noon together with the furniture and large tabernacle adjoining.  The loss is estimated at $8,500 with $5,500 insurance.  The building was discovered in flames at 12:10 p.m., all efforts to extinguish the fire were of no avail as the town is without fire fighting equipment.  The church was a splendid frame structure and was erected only two or three years ago.  Rev. H.H. NANCE is the pastor.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry WARNER at Dublin on Jan. 2, a 10-pound boy.  Mrs. WARNER was formerly Miss Pearl HASLEY of this city.

S.B. ROBINETT of De Leon, Route 2, returned last week from a sanitarium at Dallas where he had several minor operation.

Houston PITTS and Jake DAVIS are here from McCamey at the bedside of N.E. PITTS who underwent a serious operation at the Gorman sanitarium.  He is slowly recovering.

Mrs. Lula Maud MERRICK and little daughter left Tuesday for Lueders to visit her parents after spending the week here with her sister, Mrs. C.E. GEORGE.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. FERGUSON and children of Lima, Ohio, spent last week here with their relatives, H.A. WATSON and family.

Misses Essie Mae WATSON and Doris DOGGETT of Tarleton spent the week with Miss WATSON’s father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WATSON.

Ector DRY left Monday to return to his work at McCamey after a two weeks visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. DRY.

Kenneth CHUPP, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. CHUPP, had his tonsils removed last week.  His recovery was so rapid from the operation that he only missed four days from school.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. PULLEY are the proud parents of a baby girl, born on January ninth.

Maxine, the little four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey DECKER died last Thursday night.  She had been troubled before with tonsillitis and during the last few days had had an attack which did not seem serious until it very suddenly developed into diphtheria.  Despite all the attending physicians could do the stubborn disease could not be checked.  Rev. BARRETT of Dublin conducted the funeral services and the little body was laid to rest in the Hanson cemetery at four o’clock Friday afternoon.

Mrs. Audie FLOYD, who has been ill for the last few days, became worse Tuesday and was carried to the Gorman sanitarium where she underwent an operation.

Jakehammon News

Ragle ROBBINS, who has had a long and serious illness in the Gorman sanitarium is recovering and his friends and relatives hope to have him home soon.

Mrs. Ruth and Mary MOBERLY spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS family.

Mrs. J.T. COOPER has returned to her home in Breckenridge after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.O. McKINNEY.

Mrs. Nettie GUTHRIE is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. ROBBINS.

Miss Eula MOORE, who is teaching in the high school at Desdemona, has been very ill but is now recovering.

Mrs. Henry DUKE, who once lived in this community was buried at Hamilton last Sunday afternoon.  The many friends of the family extend their sympathy in this sad bereavement.


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