De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 2, 1927 


Youth is Bitten in Face by Dog; Hurried to Austin

       L.T. SLATER, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tommie SLATER, attempted to pet a dog Wednesday last week and the animal sprang at him, biting him severely through the chin and lower lip.  Mr. SLATER took his son to Austin immediately, taking the dog also and the animal was killed at the Pasteur Institute there and an examination was made.  No trace of rabies was found in the dog’s brain and Mr. SLATER and son returned home.

      The dog was the property of a boy named FANNING and the incident took place near Foust Lumber Yard.  The SLATERS went to Austin Saturday, returning here Monday.


      On November the 13th at the Baptist pastor’s home, Mr. Onie KEITH and Miss Almay OWEN were united in the holy bonds of wedlock.  Mr. KEITH is an excellent young man of the Highland community and Miss OWEN is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. OWEN, an accomplished and likeable young lady.  Congratulations and best wishes are extended to them.

Herman Lester Had Appendix Operation

      Herman LESTER was taken ill with appendicitis and went to Gorman for an operation the latter part of last week.  The operation was successful and he is reported recovering nicely and will be at home before many days. 

Leslie Daniell in Sanitarium is Doing Nicely

        The Free Press editor and wife visited Leslie DANIELL during the Thanksgiving holidays and found him doing nicely.  He weighed 167 when he entered the sanitarium and now weighs 174, looks well, seems in the best of spirits and is practically assured of ultimate full recovery.  Leslie’s address is Box 837 Gornick bungalows, San Angelo, and the Free Press editor believes he would be glad to hear from his friends.  He will enter the State Sanitorium at Carlsbad about Christmas, as soon as there is a vacancy.

Birthday Party

        Little Miss Eugena GENTRY celebrated her ninth birthday with a party at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. GENTRY on Wednesday, Nov. 23, although Thursday the 24th was in reality her natal day.  A very large number of her young friends were present for the occasion and the gifts were lavish and beautiful.  Many games and contests were enjoyed during the afternoon and at a late hour refreshments consisting of sandwiches, punch and cake was served to the following guests:  Little Misses Olive Winters BUCHAN, Zelda Lane BUCHAN, Lady Grace WHALEY, Ruth AYERS, Mary HAMPTON, Moray HOLLAND, Lera ADAMS, Billie Faye LONDON, Mary Dolph BOSWELL, Frances GREGORY, Hortense RUCKER, Dorothy McIVER, Bill ROLLINS, Virginia and Elaine SCOTT, Jocelyn KEMP, Elizabeth WILLIAMS;  Masters Chas. CHRISTOPHER, Roy Norman HAMMERS, George Van ZANDT, Henry HOWELL, Horace MULLOY, James HAMPTON, John Travis MOHON, Billie GREENWALDT and Charles LEIGON.

Warning Notice Bird Shooting

         Inasmuch as we, the undersigned, believe in and desire to protect the community against bird shooters,

         We hereby post against bird shooting at any and all times of the year hunting on or along the roads or lines of our premises.


Former Electric Manger [sic] Recently Moved to Eastland

            The Free Press is in receipt of a letter from our good friend, J. L. FUNDERBURGH, formerly manager for the Texas Electric Service Company here, asking that his Free Press be sent to 312 North Dixie Ave., Eastland.  Mr. FUNDERBURGH has been transferred to Eastland and continues in the employ of the same company.  Mr. FUNDERBURGH and family lived in De Leon for some 12 or 15 years, and made many friends while here, all of whom regret that they have moved away.  Best wishes of their friends go with them to their new home.


Mrs. Virginia MOSELEY of Walnut Springs has been here for some time, guest in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jim JOINER.

Mrs. R.A. JOHNSON of Johnson City, Tenn., and her brother, Billie BARTLETT of Dallas, were visiting in the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS recently.

Free Press has not before mentioned the return of Mr. and Mrs. R.L. HALL to this city, he being employed as pharmacist at Weaver Drug.  Mrs. HALL was formerly Miss Nell WEAVER.

Mr. and Mrs. H.J. STOCKMAN of Akron, Ohio, are the parents of a baby boy, born into their home on Nov. 18th.  Mrs. STOCKMAN was formerly Miss Willie Vei HAM.  Mrs. J.D. HAM, her mother, has been with her daughter for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon DOSS and baby and Miss Lillian MOHON of Matadore home for the Thanksgiving holiday, and Mrs. DOSS and baby will remain until Christmas visiting her father, George MOHON.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur WOMBLE and children are here from Munday visiting her mother, Mrs. James STRUBE.

Mrs. C.L. KINCHEN was a weekend guest with her mother, Mrs. G.H. McCARTY at Lawn.

Miss Ida Bell McCAIN from S.M.U. at Dallas, was a weekend guest of her aunt, Mrs. E.E. DABNEY.

Mr. and Mrs. Will ROBINETT visited their son, Lowell, at Fort Worth last weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie HENDERSON of Breckenridge were Thanksgiving day visitors with his sister, Mrs. Oscar RIDDLE.

Mrs. L. ALLEN is here from Dallas, guest with her sister, Mrs. Laura WOOD.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe STRICKLAND and family from Fort Worth were weekend visitors with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. STRICKLAND.

Mrs. E.R. WALL from Hico, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Z.C. CARNES.

Misses Winnie and Estell NOEL spent Thanksgiving in Colorado City with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.K. NOEL.

Emmett HOWARD from Simmons, at Abilene, visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD, over the weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest WILKERSON and daughter from Waco, spent Thanksgiving with His parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. WILKERSON.

Miss Agnes WILKINSON from Carbon spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.D. WILKINSON.

Ralph NICHOLS is at home from Gorman sanitarium where he underwent a serious operation for ruptured appendix and is improving nicely.

Comyn News

We are glad to see the improvements in appearance of the Comyn homes still going on.  This week B.F. BARNES is having a new coat of paint put on the house now occupied by G.C. MOHON.

The C.M. CARAWAY home has been made more beautiful and more convenient just lately by the walls being newly papered, the removal of a small hallway to make more spacious rooms and the addition of a new built-in kitchen cabinet.

Mrs. Calvin BRASWELL, a sister of Ernest STEELE of our community, died at her home near Rucker last Tuesday afternoon Nov. 22.  Her death was due to an attack of pneumonia.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Walter MARTIN Wednesday afternoon at the Rock church and the body laid to rest in Rock cemetery.

Mrs. Elmer SPRUILL fell on a bed of live coals by the side of the wash pot while washing last Wednesday morning.  She was so severely burned about her shoulder and side that it was feared for a time that the burns might prove fatal, but she is better now and every hope is held for her recovery.

R.N. CHANCELLOR of Archer City is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Jud MOORE.

Jiggs DRY, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. DRY, had the misfortune of getting his collar bone broken last Saturday.  He and the other children were jumping from the porch.

La Rue SPENCER who fell from one of the seesaws and broke an arm a few days ago is improving nicely.  We are glad to see her back in school again this week.

Mr. and Mrs. G.R. GOOSBY and children spent the weekend in Comanche visiting Mrs. GOOSBY’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee CAMPBELL.

Henry DICKEY of Big Lake is here for a few days visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.W. DICKEY. 


Mrs. M. L. DIXON and two children, Lloyd and Grace, who have lived in De Leon for the past three months, moved back to their farm here Saturday.  Grace entered school Monday.

H. L. THOMAS and family of Stephenville spent Saturday with his son, Frank.

G.W. YOUNG has moved into our community.  His daughter has entered school here.

Miss Irene BROWN from Tarleton spent Thanksgiving with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe BROWN, returning to school Monday.

Wes ROBINSON, who has been in the sanitarium at Gorman since November 18, is slowly improving.

John SPARGER, who has been seriously ill for the past three weeks is improving.  His sister, Mrs. Ed GALLOWAY of De Leon has been with him during this time.

New Hope News

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. WOMBLE and daughters, Misses Ruth and Elizabeth and Mr. and Mrs. Layne WOMBLE and little daughter, all of Munday, were visiting a few days last week among friends and relatives in this community.  They formerly lived here but have been at Munday for several years.

Dr. and Mrs. Allen LIGHTFOOT and little daughter of Abilene were spending Thanksgiving with his sister, Mrs. George DANIELL and other relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. O.C. THOMAS visited last week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.E. GOLDEN and other relatives.  Mr. THOMAS returned home and left his wife and children for a longer visit.

Miss Pearl LEE is spending several days visiting in the home of her sister, Mrs. W.W. HODGES, at Round Grove.

Mrs. W.P. St. CLAIR spent Monday with her grandmother, Mrs. John MAXWELL, at St. Joe.

Mrs. J.T. SOLLEY of De Leon spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON, who has been sick, but is now improving.

Jakehamon News

Zack PARMER, a former citizen of this community, died at his home in South Texas last week.

J.L. HUGHES had the misfortune to lose a very fine work horse last Sunday night.

Little Marciene LINDLEY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. LINDLEY was sick but is better now.

Mrs. O.H. MOORE and family spent Thanksgiving with her parents and other relatives at Carlton.

Oliver Springs

Tuesday evening Mrs. Eva BOSWELL passed away after a two weeks illness of pneumonia.  Her father, brothers and sisters from Dublin were with her when she died.  She leaves two babies and a young husband.  The casket, which was covered with flowers, gifts from neighbors and friends, was taken to Dublin where she will rest beside her mother.

Verdie CANTWELL has gone back to the sanitarium after a relapse from an operation for appendicitis.

Brewer THOMPSON has been quite ill for some time and has gone to the sanitarium.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.