De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 18, 1927

Uncle Doss Miller In Texas 42 Years

On November 16 Uncle Doss MILLER recalled the fact that he had been in De Leon 42 years. Few men have been more closely allied with the development of De Leon than he, as farmer, banker, and business man. During those years, with his personal effort and with his money Uncle Doss has done a lot of good, in fact, many men who are now prosperous owe him a debt of gratitude for assistance rendered in days long gone.

Uncle Doss was 78 years of age last September and he is still a "young man". He is young in spirit. He has been ill lately and on last Sunday had sufficiently recovered that he taught a class at the Baptist Sunday school, of which he has been teacher for many years.

Born in Greenville, S.C., in 1849, Uncle Doss moved with his parents to Mississippi when 15 years of age, and in 1885 came to De Leon where he has filled a large place in community life for more than two score years.

Leslie Daniel In Sanitarium

Leslie DANIELL, youngest son of Mr. And Mrs. Frank DANIELL has gone to San Angelo and is taking treatment in a private sanitarium, his lungs being affected. His case is in the incipient stage, and his recovery is confidently expected, but it will require several months of treatment. Daniell will enter the sanitorium at Carlsbad as soon as an opening is available.

Hank Watkins Died Suddenly Today

C.H. (Hank) WATKINS, about 70, a resident of De Leon for the past 9 years, dropped dead, presumably of heart failure, at Stephenville at about noon Thursday. Mr. WATKINS was for many years employed by the Magnolia Petroleum Co., and was retired by the Company about three months ago and continued to make his home here. At press hour Thursday night funeral arrangements had not been announced.

Wild Goose Killed By Lad Sunday P.M.

Jack PIERSON, 14-year old son of Mr. And Mrs. M.D. PIERSON, residing a mile east of town, had the good fortune to kill a wild goose on a tank near their house Sunday afternoon. Little Miss Jane, young daughter of the Piersons saw the goose and told her brother who got his gun and stalked the big bird and brought it down with a shot gun.

Young PIERSON displayed the goose in town, proud of his prowess as a hunter, and well he might be as few men have an opportunity to kill such big game.

Comyn Eighth Grade Class

The Eighth grade met one morning last month and organized their class. We elected Leland HANCOCK president, Neva DAVIS, vice president, Webb COOK, secretary; Black MORRISON and Earline WILLIS, yell leaders; and Eva DAVIS and Faye KINNARD, reporters for the class. We hope all of the office holders will do their best and all of the class will try to help them.....


Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE was a weekend guest with her son, Edmund, who is teaching at Boydston. She will return home by way of Wichita Falls, where she will attend the State Baptist convention.

Claude FITZGERALD has gone to Denton to accept a position with Boren-Stewart, a wholesale grocery firm. FITZGERALD worked for these people at Denton four years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Vance SINGLETON spent Armistice Day with her sister, Mrs. T.L. NIPP, at Abilene.

Earl HOWELL of Dallas was here the past week, guest of his parents, Mr. And Mrs. W.E. HOWELL.

Miss Mary KIMBLE of Breckenridge was here attending the funeral of Poe GREER on Armistice Day, and visiting home folks.Mr. And Mrs. Bill BUTLER and children of Graham came down last Friday for a visit with their parents, Mr. And Mrs. W.E. BUTLER and Mrs. E.J. WEATHERFORD.

Mrs. J.P. CRISMAN, mother of H.E. WHITTLE, is here for an extended visit in the home of her son and family.

Mrs. Ira HARVEY was here the past week, guest with her brother, Mr. And Mrs. Allen BIBBY and family.

Sidney SWEARINGEN, lawyer of El Paso, was a week-end guest with his sister, Mrs. Curt MORRIS.

Ed FORD from Marshall is here visiting with his daughter, Miss Doris FORD.

Hubert COUCH is here from Marshall visiting his mother, Mrs. C.H. WATKINS and family.

Mrs. Dora WEBB and daughter little Miss Marie, from Breckenridge, were week-end guests with her sister, Mrs. C.F. MORRIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Len MAY were Sunday guests with Mr. And Mrs. Blon MORELAND at Putnam, who are rejoicing over the arrival of a seven pound baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. GUEST and Mr. And Mrs. J.R. GUEST have returned to their home at Houston after visiting their mother Mrs. GUEST and sister, Mrs. Tommie SLATER.

New Hope News

Grandma ROBINSON, mother of Mrs. M.E. ST. CLAIR, returned home Monday from Comanche where she spent some time visiting.

J.S. DUPRIEST, father of John DUPRIEST, returned Saturday afternoon from New Mexico where he has been with another son for some time.

Jack BOYD, who is working at Ranger now, was spending Armistice Day with home folks.

Mrs. BEATTY of Downing was spending a portion of last week with her daughter, Mrs. Jack BOYD.

Mr. and Mrs. Lea FULLER of Gorman have moved in the house with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Walt HOLLAND in order that Mr. FULLER will be nearer his work here.

Mr. and Mrs. Shirley STRUBE, who moved away to Munday some months ago, have returned and will again make this community their home. Their many friends welcome them home again.

HOMER HAFFORD, one of the well known singers of this community, had a new experience last Thursday night. He was one of a party of singers broadcasting over radio, from BAXTER's studio at Dublin.

Duster Items

Mrs. Buford SIMMONS, has come home from Gorman sanitarium where she has been for the past two weeks. We are glad that she is well on the road to recovery.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. DUKES of Rising Star visited in the home of Mrs. DUKES' parents, Mr. And Mrs. W.C. DUKES Saturday night.

Miss Jo FOOTE who is teaching at Gorman this year, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. L.L. DUKES for the past few days.

Miss Faith ELLIOTT who is attending high school at De Leon, spent the week-end in her home at Duster.

Comyn News

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. ALSTON and children left Sunday for Ft. Worth. Mrs. ALSTON expects to go from there to Decatur to visit with her mother, Mrs. SINCLAIR.

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. SPRUILL and mother, Mrs. M.E. SPRUILL, moved Saturday to their new home near Downing, which Mr. SPRUILL had recently purchased from Mrs. FILFOIL of Fort Worth.

R.J. TREADWAY and family moved Monday into the Mrs. M.E. SPRUILL home, just vacated by Mrs. SPRUILL and her son, R.L. SPRUILL.

Harvey LEWIS of Knox City came Sunday to visit his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Dave LEWIS. He left on Tuesday for Big Lake.

S.C. FUQUA and family have returned to their home here after an extended stay in Knox City and at other points in the West.

Ed THOMAS just recently had his residence moved from the spot where it had been built to a more desirable location and this week he is making it more spacious and comfortable by the addition of a sleeping porch.

H.L. SWEEDEN has returned to his work in Big Lake after several days visit with his mother, Mrs. N.E. SWEEDEN.

Buddy and Maxine, two small children of Mr. And Mrs. Harvey DECKER, have an attack of scarletina.

Miss Lela VAUGHN of Stephenville, visited her father J.H. VAUGHN over the week-end.

Mr. and Mrs. B.L. PAINTER have moved into their commodious new home. This house was built where the old home formerly stood. It is a conveniently arranged seven room house beautifully finished inside and out. The inside walls are made of plaster board, with finishings according to what each room is to be used for. To make everything complete Mr. PAINTER added a windmill to his improvements that there might be running water for kitchen sink and bath room.

Hundreds Attend Funeral Service of Poe Greer

Great banks of flowers, and friends who traveled half across the state to attend his funeral, attested to the popularity of Poe GREER, whose body was laid to rest at De Leon cemetery last Friday afternoon-Armistice Day. Greer died at Baptist Sanitarium Thursday morning following an operation for gall stones, developing anesthetic pneumonia.

GREER left De Leon some six or seven years ago in the employ of the Texas Company. Later he became field scout for the Osage Oil Company, a position he held when he died. His position had taken him into all parts of Texas and brought him into contact with men of affairs. His business ability, and likable characteristics had won for him friends by the score. He was destined for outstanding success in the business world.

After leaving De Leon, Poe, who had become a Mason, also became a Shriner, and the De Leon Masonic Order paid him tribute at the graveside. Six fellow oil scouts acted as pall bearers from the home to the Methodist church where the funeral service was held and the local Commandery furnished pall bearers from that point on.

The following relatives from a distance were here to the attend the funeral service: Dr. N.E. GREER, brother, Lockney, Texas; Mrs. T.L. PATTERSON, sister, Lubbock; Frank GREER, uncle, Brownwood; C.O. BRAGG and wife, Gorman; Marshall GREER, Abilene; Rev. Neal GREER, Rising Star; Allen GREER and family, Gorman.

The following friends: Mr. And Mrs. FUNKHOUSER, Fort Worth; Mr. And Mrs. E.B. NEAL, Ranger; E.M. NANCE, Cross Plains; Mr. And Mrs. B.E. McGLAMERY, Gorman; Mrs. Bettie VESTAL, Desdemona.

The following friends of the oil fraternity: Mr. And Mrs. Wesley MABEN, Ranger; Mr. And Mrs. Tom HOLDEN, Cross Plains; K.V. HART, Cisco; C.S. SMITH, Abilene; C.P. COLEMAN, Abilene; R.B. SANDIFER and wife, of Athens; T.F. HALBERT, Brownwood; T.M. McKINNEY and wife, Wichita Falls; Bob LIPSCOMB, Wichita Falls; Mrs. May WILSON, Wichita Falls; Arch KOUTS, Wichita Falls; J.T. MORROW and wife, Abilene; E.M. BETTS and wife, Abilene.

Daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Campbell Died Monday

Little Francis Yates CAMPBELL, age two years, died at the Gorman Sanitarium Monday, Nov. 14, after a short illness. The child moved to De Leon with her parents only a short time ago and very few of the good people of our city knew the child was ill. All that loving hands and medical skill could do was done but the little body could not overcome the terrible disease and on Monday morning the little spirit wended its way to God.

Funeral services were conducted at the cemetery Tuesday afternoon by Rev. George STRICKLAND and the little body laid to rest in the presence of sorrowing friends and relatives with the little mound covered in beautiful flowers-a token of love and sympathy which words could not express.

Out of town relatives attending the funeral were Mr. And Mrs. W.A. HOLLOWAY and daughter, Miss Emma of Oakwood and J.H. HOLLOWAY of Hamilton.

Card of Thanks

We take this method of thanking our friends and acquaintances for their many acts of kindness in the recent illness and death of our precious little daughter and sister, Francis YATES and especially for the beautiful floral offerings. May God's richest blessing rest upon each of you in your dark hours is our prayer.

Mr. And Mrs. Jno. A. CAMPBELL and children.


2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.