De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 11, 1927 


Woman Past 80 Killed Rattler Near De Leon

            Mrs. Joe CHAMBERS, or “Aunt Carrie” as everybody knows is nearly 80 years of age but she still has her youthful vim and vigor which she demonstrated last week when she found a big rattlesnake near her home while she was out gathering up eggs.  The snake coiled to strike and she hurled rocks at it with splendid aim until her husband, Uncle Joe, came and they finished it.

            The snake had five rattles and a button and was a large one.  Aunt Carrie is to be congratulated.  Rattlesnakes are very scarce in the De Leon section.

Poe Greer Died Wednesday After Two Operations

            Poe GREER is dead.  The end came at the Baptist Sanitarium at Abilene at 10:30 o’clock p.m., Wednesday, November 9th.  His death was due to anesthetic pneumonia following an operation performed at 3:30 o’clock last Saturday morning for infected gall bladder and appendicitis.  Monday and Tuesday he was reported as better and relatives and friends hoped for his recovery, but Wednesday evening his heart action weakened under the strain of days of intense suffering and death resulted.

            Poe GREER was the youngest son of W.L. GREER.  He was born probably near Downing, July 2, 1898, being therefore 29 years of age at death.  He is survived by his father, one brother, Dr. N.E. GREER of Lockney, and one sister, Mrs. Tony PATTERSON, of Lubbock.  His mother died in 1906 when Poe was a lad of 8 years.  One brother met tragic death in a railroad accident some 15 years ago and three sisters have also died, Misses Kate and Chloe, each being mature young women and well known here.  The [other] sister died in childhood.

            Poe GREER was converted and joined the De Leon Methodist church at 12 years of age and several years ago became a Mason.  His church and Masonic affiliation remained at De Leon, he being employed as an oil scout and traveled much in recent years.

            Funeral service will be at the Methodist church at two o’clock today with Pastor W.W. RICHSON presiding and burial will follow at De Leon cemetery, the Masonic lodge in charge of the burial service.  The deepest sympathy of Poe’s many friends is extended the bereaved family in their hour of great sorrow.

Honor Roll of De Leon Schools

High School

            Following is a list of students who made 90 per cent or above in all class work and 90 per cent or above in deportment.

            Mattie Ruth RIDDLE, Ruth HOWE, Geneva COLEY, Mary Alice SHORT, Edna Earl COZBY and Grace SMITH.

            The following have an average of 90 percent or above on class work and 90 percent or above on deportment, therefore deserve honorable mention:

            Hazel HUDDLESTON, Willie Mae JETTON, Frances HARVEY, Virgil CLAYTON, and Macie BOSWELL.

First Grade- Talma RICE, Bobbie D. HAMMERS, Elizabeth CARTER, Johnnie Lee NORWOOD, Josie Beth ALLEN, Royce STRINGFELLOW, Helen INSALL, Elaine SCOTT, Junior TERRILL.

Second Grade- Martha Fay BARKER, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Margaret SHARP, Flora JONES, Virginia HORN, Eugene WEAVER.

Third Grade- Eugena GENTRY, Billie Fay LONDON, Hortense RUCKER, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW, Virginia SCOTT, Jocelyn KEMP, Roy Norman HAMMERS, Denton MULLEY, George Van ZANDT.

Fourth Grade- Wilfred BAGWELL.

Sixth Grade- Jim NANCE, Martha RUSSELL.

Seventh Grade- Dorothy RICHESON



            The marriage of Miss Flora HUMPHREY to Mr. Voss STEVENS occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK Sunday morning, Oct. 30 with Rev. W.W. RICHESON officiating.

            Miss HUMPHREY has made her home with the HANCOCK family for several years.  Following the wedding, the young couple went to Abilene where they are making their home, he being employed by the Abilene Street Railway Company.

            These are most excellent young people of the Dublin territory where they were reared and highly respected.  The best wishes of many friends go with them as they commence the journey of life together.

De Leon Man Had Eye Removed After Recent Accident

            Burl TERRY went to Gorman early in the week and had his eye removed.  A gun exploded in his hand while he was squirrel hunting two or three weeks ago, the plunger striking him in the eye and inflicting such injury that the sight was lost.  The member had not healed as hoped and since the sight was gone, it was thought best to remove the ball as its presence in an unsound condition might affect the other eye. 

            He is getting along nicely following the operation.

T.W. Hall

            T.W. HALL, prominent farmer citizen of this section, died at Gorman Sanitarium at 3:30 o’clock p.m. on Friday, Nov. 4th.  He was only ill a few days, taking seriously on Tuesday evening after having worked all day Tuesday as usual.  Wednesday at noon his condition had become so acute that he was taken to Gorman and soon after his arrival there an operation was performed.  A tumor on his stomach is believed to have ruptured, causing his sudden illness.  The operation was of no avail.

            Thomas Wilson HALL was born in Alabama, Feb. 3, 1886 and came to Texas when 15 years of age.  He was one of a family of 10 boys and 4 girls, only three of whom survive.  These are A.L. HALL, Bangs; J.D. HALL, Mineral Wells, and Mrs. Laura WILLETT of Alabama.  His marriage occurred at Dublin in 1905 and his wife survives him.  They had no children.  He joined the Baptist church 20 years ago and had lived a faithful and consistent member.  He had lived here the past 14 years, his home being just west of Humphrey Addition.

            Funeral service was held at the De Leon cemetery at 3:30 o’clock Saturday afternoon with Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL in charge, a large number of friends being present to pay their last respects.  Sympathy is extended to the bereaved wife and relatives.

Hank Watkins Died Suddenly Today

            C.H. (Hank) WATKINS, about 70, a resident of De Leon for the past 9 years, dropped dead, presumably of heart failure, at Stephenville at about noon Thursday.  Mr. WATKINS was for many years employed by the Magnolia Petroleum Co., and was retired by the Company about three months ago and continued to make his home here.  At press hour Thursday night funeral arrangements had not been announced.


Leslie Daniel in Sanitarium

            Leslie DANIELL, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank DANIELL has gone to San Angelo and is taking treatment in a private sanitarium, his lungs being affected.  His case is in the ? stage, and his recovery is confidently expected, but it will remain several months of treatment.  DANIELL will enter the sanitarium at Carlsbad as soon as an opening is available.


Those from a distance who attended the T.W. HALL funeral here Saturday were:  Mr. and Mrs. A.L. HAIL and son and son-in-law of Bangs, R.M. CARROLL, W.O. CARROLL and daughter and W.E. BAXTER and family, of Dublin.  Mr. and Mrs. E.E. BURNETT and children, Desdemona.

Mr. and Mrs. J.V. WHITE and daughter, Doris, went to Breckenridge on Sunday for a visit in the home of her sister, Mrs. G.A. LOCKABAY.

Dr. Henry RAY was called here from Dallas Monday to attend his niece, Miss Lorene RAY, daughter of Baxter RAY, who is critically ill with pneumonia.

Miss Ersel SELF, teacher at Carbon, was visiting home folks over Sunday.

Mrs. Stewart CATE is here from Breckenridge, guest with her mother, Mrs. T.C. SMITH.

Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE was a weekend guest with her daughter, Miss Mary Louise, at Belton.

Mrs. Exa DODSON was guest the past week with her son, Aubra and family at Cross Plains.

Mrs. W.S. HICKEY is here from Comanche, guest with her daughters, Mesdames Vernon and Dick BELL.

Emmett SPENCER of Plainview, was here the first of the week visiting in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George SPENCER, and attending business meetings.

Mr. and Mrs. Otis BUCHAN and Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN were visitors Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.B. BLAIR, who are the parents of a fine son, born November second.

Fred HOWE and his friend, Clyde JONES, were here from Daniel Baker College, Brownwood, for the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben HOWE.

School began at St. Joe last Monday with a good attendance.  Misses Cora WALL and Lucile VAUGHN are the teachers at that point this school year.

Mr. and Mrs. Don McCLELLAN from Putnam were Sunday visitors with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. VAUGHN and Mr. and Mrs. J.T. McCLELLAN.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD visited their son, Emmett, at Abilene on Sunday.

Mrs. Star INZER of Hamlin has been spending several days here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loy HILL.

Comyn News

Mrs. Ermine POWELL has returned home after a few days visit with her sister, Mrs. S.A. BARTLETT at Comanche.

C.M. CARAWAY received a message Sunday night calling him and his brother, L.G. CARAWAY, and other relatives living here to the bedside of their sister, Mrs. Kate JACKSON, of Dublin.  Mrs. JACKSON passed away Monday night and was buried Tuesday afternoon near Purvis.

E.G. THOMAS of Fort Worth is visiting in the home of his son, Ed THOMAS.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. G.H. BAIRD is spending the week with her sister in Eastland, while her niece is being operated on.

Verdie CANTWELL is improving after being operated on for appendicitis.

Joel SMITH is quite ill this week.

Duster Items

Our school has started with the following as teachers:  Mr. BOLING, principal; Mr. LIGHTFOOT, Miss TUNELL, Miss GREGORY, Miss McPHIAL, Mrs. BURDETT and Miss DUKES.  Everyone is glad to see each other once more at school.


Mrs. F.C. MOORE and children have returned from the West where they have been for several weeks picking cotton.

Prof. KNIGHT and family and Miss FLETCHER, the primary teacher, were visiting in Dublin Sunday.

Clyde CROW of this community, ran his car off a bridge on the road between Gorman and Rucker.  His windshield was shattered but he received only minor injuries.  He had been home and was returning to his work Wednesday night, when his lights failed and he missed the bridge.  He was forced to leave his car at the roadside for the remainder of the night and someone who seemed to need some of the pieces worse than he did, made good use of them.


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