De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 4, 1927 


Tomlin Drug Store is Purchased by Plemmons & Son

            A deal is in process of completion this week between D. TOMLIN and Dr. J.T. PLEMMONS & Son whereby the PLEMMONS are to become owners of the Tomlin drug store.  The deal will not be finally closed until invoicing has been completed and the store has been closed during the week and the invoicing of stock in progress.

            “Doc” TOMLIN and family will move to Cisco where he will take charge of the Tomlin-Young Drug Store which he assisted in establishing there more than a year ago.  The TOMLINs have many friends here who wish them continued success in their new home.

            Dr. PLEMMONS and his son, Otho PLEMMONS, are local folks and therefore need no introduction.  The younger PLEMMONS has been engaged in similar work for a number of years and his experience will enable him to handle affairs of the store in a manner pleasing to the trade and profitable to himself.  The De Leon friends of the PLEMMONS will be glad to welcome them into the business element of the city.

Mrs. R.B. Kee Celebrates Her Birthday Saturday

            It was a happy occasion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff SMITH Saturday afternoon when 29 of the children and grand-children of Mrs. R.B. KEE gathered to celebrate her birthday.

            Sunday the table groaned under the weight of a twenty-five pound turkey and other good things to eat for the birthday dinner.

            She was showered with many nice gifts and in the afternoon, friends who had heard of the occasion came to bring flowers and wish her happiness.

            It had been sixteen years since Mrs. KEE’s children had gathered in their old home town.

            Those present were:  Mr. and Mrs. John A. KEE, Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. John T. DAY, Hamlin; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff SMITH, Adolphus, Rozelle and Grace, De Leon; R.A. KEE, Rex KEE and wife and two children, Betty and Donald; Janice, Richard F. LEUCILE, John T. and Charles, De Leon; C.M. KEE and son, Malcolm, Bentonville, Ark.; Mrs. W.T. PATTERSON and daughters L. Bernice, Pauline and Sarah Janet, Rotan; Mr. and Mrs. J.C. ??LIS and daughter Margaret, Abilene.

Little Infant Died Tuesday A.M.

            The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam SELF of this city, died at their home at 2:30 o’clock Tuesday morning, Nov. 1.  The little one lived but forty-eight hours.  The funeral and burial was at De Leon cemetery Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock, Rev. W.W. RICHESON in charge.  Sympathy is extended the bereaved parents.


            The marriage of W.M. WYLIE to Mrs. M.J. FIELDS occurred at Coleman Saturday, October 22, at 1 o’clock p.m.  Mr. WYLIE and Mrs. FIELDS drove to that city, accompanied by Miss Emma FIELDS, daughter of Mrs. FIELDS who witnessed the wedding ceremony which was performed by the pastor of the First Baptist church of Coleman.  After their marriage they drove to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon SMITH, a short distance from Coleman for a visit until the following day, returning here Sunday.  They will continue to make their home in this city.

            Both the contracting parties are well known and have a great many friends here who extend them congratulations and best wishes.  Mr. WYLIE is in the employ of the Katy here, being foreman of maintenance in the De Leon district.

Child Bitten by Rabid Cat Taking Pasteur Treatment

            If your cat acts strangely, kill it is the advice of C.H. SHARP, who is having his small son, Terrill, treated to avoid the dread disease, hydrophobia.

            A strange cat came to the SHARP home on the outskirts of the city and brought a batch of kittens with her.  Someone evidently dropped the cat and her family, not having the courage to kill them.  The cat was apparently all right at first.  The child was holding the cat when a dog approached and the frightened animal bit him through the thumb.  A week later the cat developed fits.

            Sunday afternoon, just one week after the child was bitten, the cat was killed and its carcass carried to the Terrill Laboratory at Fort Worth where an examination of the brain showed unmistakable signs of rabies. The child was examined by experts who advised administering the Pasteur treatment at once.  The serum was obtained there and the child returned home with its father and the attending local physician.  The treatment is being administered by the physician here, the serum being kept in cold storage, this means of treatment being as safe and effective, it is claimed, as could be given at the laboratory or even at the Pasteur Institute at Austin.

            The moral to this story is “Don’t drop your cats on other people.  And if they have fits, kill them instantly.”  Cats are said to be more susceptible to rabies than any other animal.


Mr. and Mrs. Z.C. STEAKLEY were here the last of the week for a brief visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY, driving to Waco on Saturday for a visit with relatives, and to see the Cotton Palace.  Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY accompanied them.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley FREEMAN and son, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. JAMES are here from Proctor, Okla., guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nelson.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil COONER of Ft. Worth are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.P. LLOYD.

J.M. RIKER from Dublin was a Thursday visitor with his daughter, Miss Bernice.

Misses Opal Mae FRANKS and Minnie Lee HEFLIN were week-end visitors with their parents.  They are attending Randolph College at Cisco.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. BOND from Eastland were guests Thursday with Mrs. C.L. BOND.  They were accompanied home by little Miss Charles LaVoice who will spend several days with her grandparents.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben NABORS and baby of Hamlin have been here recently for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. POLNAC.



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