De Leon Free Press


DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 28, 1927 


Two De Leon Girls Teaching Out West

            Misses Dannye WILLIAMS and Janice KEE left Wednesday this week for Anson, Jones county, to teach the coming winter.  They are attending the institute at Anson the latter part of the present week and expect to begin their school at Harmony, five miles from Anson next Monday.  Harmony is a three teacher school, they stated. 

Honored Mother on Her Birthday

            Johnnie HAYNEW honored his mother, Mrs. T.W. GLAZIER, with a birthday party at their home here on Wednesday, October 19.  HAYNESA prepared a splendid supper consisting of fried chicken, cream gravy, hot biscuit, fruit salad, cake, various kinds of pies, etc. and served to a number of invited guests.  There was music and much merriment in honor of the occasion.  Music was furnished by Jett LOGSDON, son and two daughters.  Others present were Mrs. Belle EWART, Mr. and Mrs. E.J. WISDOM and little son, Junior, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. POLNAC, Mr. C.W. HAFFORD and daughter, Paul HOLLAND and Misses Louise and Merle RICH.

Eastern Star Grand Chapter Meet Held

            The Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star of Texas held a meet at Mineral Wells, October 24-27 and a number of De Leon members of the order were in attendance, among them being Mr. and Mrs. J.N. JOINER, Mrs. Loy HILL, Mrs. A.R. BENDER, Mrs. John A. MOHON, Mrs. Ola GOLIGHTLY, Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN, Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE, Mrs. C.W. LEIGON, Mrs. W.H. REID and Mrs. J.T. PLEMMON.

Mrs. E.W. Owen Had Operation

            Mrs. E.W. OWEN of the Dependable Store had a major operation at Blackwell Sanitarium on Monday of this week and while the operation was serious, her condition following is encouraging and she is believed on the road to recovery.

Recent Arrivals

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed THORNTON of the New Hope community, a baby boy on October 19th.

Mr. and Mrs. WARREN of Oliver Springs have a new baby girl in their home.

A baby girl arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claude OTWELL, of New Hope, Saturday, October 22.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Mack HALL, a baby boy, Sunday, October 23rd.

Orchestra One Year Old; Had Anniversary

            A big snow-white cake topped with one candle was the center of attraction at a meeting held by De Leon Orchestra at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.E. GENTRY last Friday evening.  The occasion was to observe the First Anniversary of the orchestra.  All charter members but two were present, those absent being Dale WILSON and Alf SLOAN.

            The members present at the anniversary social meeting voted to change its name from De Leon Orchestra, by which it has been known since its organization, to the “Pat HOWARD Orchestra” in honor of the man whose patient and painstaking effort has made the orchestra a success.

            After the business meeting a social hour was enjoyed in which several musical contests were held and other enjoyable games engaged in, the evening being a most enjoyable one.

            The Pat Howard Orchestra now has a membership of eighteen as follows:  Mesdames John NUNNELLEY, Feltz TERRILL and E.E. GENTRY, Misses Gussie INSALL, Mary Alice SHORT, Louise LESTER and Alice CARTER; Messrs. R.W. BRANNAN, Feltz TERRILL, Oscar COZBY, Bonner NABORS, E.E. GENTRY, Emmett and Ruel LOCKE, Glen Edgar MORTON, M.D. STEWART, Kenneth FINKELSTINE and Bill STEPHENS. 

Optometrist of Cisco to Practice Profession Here

            J.D. SHAW, optometrist of Cisco, was in De Leon the last of the week and arranged to come to De Leon twice a month hereafter for the purpose of fitting glasses, the first and third Saturdays in each month, according to an ad found elsewhere in this paper.  Mr. SHAW is a graduate of two schools in optometry, he stated and holds a standard certificate, and has practiced twenty years.  He has fitted thousands of people with glasses, he stated, and once practiced in De Leon about ten years ago.  He will guarantee his work he asked the Free Press to say.

            Mr. SHAW is a professor at Randolph College, teaching mathematics there for five years, he told Free Press editor.

The “Laffalot Club”

            A group of jolly girls, 15 in number, met and organized the “Laffalot” club.  This club was organized for the purpose of keeping D.H.S. as cheerful as possible.  We do not only mean to laff and have fun, but we really mean to do something that is worthwhile to us and to other members of the high school as well.

            Members of this club are:  Louise LESTER, president; Lucy Mae MERRITT, vice-president; Madge YOUNG, secretary; Julia HAVIS, reporter.  And the following members Willie Mae JETTON, Opal IRVIN, Clara Bell FUNDERBURGH, Allene WEAVER, Ruby Van ZANDT, Ruth FARROW, Marjorie SWAGERTY, Bonnie Belle COONER, Ethel COZBY, Hazel HUDDLESTON and Myrtle UPSHAW.

            The first meeting was with our president, Louise LESTER, at the Lester Hotel on Saturday night, October 8.  This jolly group of girls arrived at about 8 o’clock and the fun began.  After several games and contests were over we were taken into the dining room where a delicious salad course was served to those present.  At the late hour of 10 all departed assuring the hostess that they had had their share of the “laffing” for that particular evening.


Mrs. W.T. DAV’S house caught on fire Sunday morning from the stove flue.  The fire was extinguished without much damage.

E.B. KIRKLAND of this community is preparing to leave for McCamey where he will work for awhile.

New Hope

Ed THORNTON received a very fine birthday present on his birthday last Wednesday, the 19th.  The stork visited their home and brought he and his wife a baby boy weighing 10 pounds.  They named him “Ed”.  The other present he received was a baby calf.  We haven’t learned its name but feel sure it will have a good name.

Miss Mary KIMBLE of Breckenridge visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude OTWELL are the parents of a baby girl, born Saturday night, Oct. 22nd.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack HALL are the parents of a baby boy born Sunday night, October 23.  Mrs. HALL was formerly Miss Myrtle HOLLAND of this community.


O.D. WORTHY of Cross Plains was here the weekend visiting his brother, Riley WORTHY.

W.H. WILLIAMS is making some improvements at his residence, remodeling his barn and painting his house.

G.L. BRUMBELOW of Route 3 has been making extensive improvements on his residence for several weeks.

Dad and Mother W.J. PHELPS are again at home at their place in the southwest portion of the city, after having lived at Gorman the past year where they were in charge of the dining room at the Gorman hotel.

C.L. KINCHEN and daughter, Miss Evelyn and Miss Marjorie GRISHAM were Cotton Palace visitors at Waco last Sunday.

Mrs. W.P. WEAVER and son, Herbert and daughter, Miss Allene, and Mrs. Chas. ROSS went to Waco and Mt. Calm several days ago to accompany home Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS, who had been visiting relatives at Mt. Calm.

Mrs. T. WEBB is here from Plainview, guest of her sisters Mesdames Willis CLARK, A.E. HAMPTON and Miss Joe HILTON.

Miss Maggie McCRUM is here from Putnam, a guest of her sister, Mrs. Guy SMITH.

Mrs. J.H. PARKS was a week-end guest with her mother, Mrs. O.L. HARELSON at Dallas.

Porter BLANKENSHIP is here from Rotan, guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. BLANKENSHIP.


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