De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 30, 1927 


Second Daughter of Joe Kemp Has an Operation

            Amber Ruth, 14, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe KEMP, was carried to Gorman and had an operation for appendicitis at six o’clock Wednesday afternoon.  She had been ill of the malady since last Sunday.  A report from Gorman Thursday stated that her condition was satisfactory.

            This is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. KEMP to have an operation for the same trouble within a month.  Jocelyn, aged about 8, had an appendix operation early in the present month.


            The marriage of Mr. Roy NANCE, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. T.H. NANCE  to Miss Mary COOK, occurred at Dallas on Thursday, Sept. 8, 1927.  Mr. NANCE had been attending school at Dallas and Miss COOK was visiting there.  They went to the home of Rev. O.P. KIKER, pastor of the Trinity Methodist church where the ceremony was said.

            Miss COOK was reared in Dublin.  She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. COOK and the two young people met in Dublin a number of years ago, in fact their romance is one of several years duration.

            On the day following their marriage they came to De Leon and have since been living in this city.  Their many friends extend congratulations and best wishes.


            The marriage of Mr. Morris FARROW and Miss Inez HATTOX occurred at the parsonage of Rev. SMOOT of Comanche at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, September 25, 1927.

            They were accompanied by Mr. C.M. FARROW and family; Mr. T.W. HATTOX and family, Miss Emily HUDDLESTON of Duster and Miss Nellie KEITH of Round Grove.

            Following the ceremony the wedding party returned to the HATTOX home where a six o’clock dinner was served.

            Mr. FARROW, a son of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. FARROW, was reared near De Leon.  He is a worthy young man and is admired by many friends.

            Miss Inez HATTOX, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.W. HATTOX, was reared near Duster.  She is a very accomplished young lady and is loved by her many friends.

            They left Monday for various points in northern Texas and Oklahoma.  On their honeymoon they will attend the Texas and Oklahoma Fair at Wichita Falls.  After October 17th they will be at home to their many friends.  They will teach school at Mt. View this term.

            The best wishes of friends is extended to this young couple as they embark on the eventful journey. -Contributed

List of Jurors Drawn for Duty at District Court, Convening October 17

            According to District Clerk, Henry GORE, the next term of the District court which convenes October 17th, will be a busy one, but most of its time will be taken up with civil cases and with minor criminal cases.

            Already about 20 have been bound over to await the action of the Grand Jury in liquor and theft cases.  Eighteen new civil cases are on the appearance docket and others may be filed up until October seventh, ten days before court convenes.

            Below is the grand jury and petit jury lists for the term:

Grand Jury

P.K. MACKEY, Comanche; Gus T. RUDD, Energy; G.M. SCOTT, Comanche, W.L. STEPHENS, Proctor; C.D. STATOM, Sidney; M.L. BROWN, Comanche Star Route; W.N. KOONCE, Desdemona Route 1; N.W. POUNDS, De Leon Route 2; C.M. CARAWAY, Comyn; B.F. PERKINS, Gustine Route 1; D.I. TRUITT, Lamkin; Walter LOUDERMILK, Downing; Tom PATTON, Gustine; I.I. JAY, Sipe Springs; John A. REESE, Comanche Route 2, Lloyd HAMPTON, De Leon.

Petit Jury Second Week Oct. 24

Irvin PINKARD, Comanche Route 3; W.H. STOVAL, De Leon; P.B. SHIRO, De Leon; S.C. VINEYARD, Comanche Route 2; T.R. RANDALL, Comanche; E.M. STONE, Proctor; D.H. MATHEWS, Comanche; K.M. VAN ZANDT, De Leon; J.O. HAM, De Leon 5; J.H. PRATER, Comanche; H.M. HENSON, Indian Gap; Y.L. DABNEY, De Leon; Lon DANIEL, Gap; B.E. HOWE, De Leon; W.C. MIXON, De Leon; F.C. McKINZIE, Comanche; T.A. WARD, Sidney; A.C. HUMPHREY, De Leon; J.D. MILLER Jr., De Leon; J.D. HOLMES, De Leon 2; C.K. PETERSON, Gustine; W.J. RANKIN, May 2; F.G. TARRANCE, De Leon; H.D. LANE, Comanche; J.R. IRWIN, Energy; J.O. TALLEY, Lamkin; B. McPHERSON, Energy; J.L. ELLIS, Comanche 6; W.N. HANSON, Proctor; W.H. PORTER, Gustine; T.W. EANES, Comanche; E.L. CARAWAY,  Gustine; J.M. HICKS, Gustine; H.W. SCOTT, Comanche 4; H.R. JONES, Comanche.

Petit Jury, Third Week, Oct. 31

D.L. TOLAND, De Leon 4; L.F. ELKINS, Comanche; Jim T. JONES, Comanche; J.T. ROBERTS, Sidney; J.Q. CHATHAM, De Leon 3; L.A. GLEATON, Gustine; J.O. STEWART, Comanche; A.T. PERRY, Comanche 5; C.E. DRENNON, Comanche 2; T.C. SUMMERS, Sidney 2; C.L. HUDDLESTON, De Leon; C.W. PARKS, De Leon 3; R.T. BAILEY, Comanche 4; J.L. TABOR, Comanche 5; F.B. CHAMBERS, Sidney 2; R.T. JAYNES, Sidney; H.D. HUDDLESTON, De Leon 2; H. RANDOLPH, Comanche 4.

Petit Jury, Fourth Week, Nov. 7

J.R. STEPHENS, Comanche; George DAVIS, Comanche 6; E.B. SMITH, Proctor; W.C. MALLONEE, De Leon; R.W. DANIELS, Gustine; W.I. LANE, Comanche 5; W.D. STEWART, De Leon; E. HAVIS, Dublin 3; J.J. KEY, Proctor; W.A. MERCER, Comanche 3; E.A. WHITESIDES, Sipe Springs; R.E. BLUE, Gustine; G.B. CRAWFORD, Rucker; J.B. BARRETT, Comanche 5; Jno. CHISOM, Proctor; J.J. GREENWALDT, De Leon; T.E. FROST, Comanche; M.T. SHOEMAKER 6; R.W. McCREARY, De Leon 4; W.S. CLARK, Comanche; O.Z. FOREMAN, Gustine; C.L. PERKINS, Gustine; O.F. BLOYD, De Leon; J.T. PETTIT, Energy; W.J. FRITZ, Comanche 4; J.C. PURVIS, Proctor; S.E. MORROW, De Leon 2; C.E. McELROY, Comanche 5; T.C. FREEMAN, Comanche 5; O.L. HARRIS, Proctor; A.G. MILLER, Comanche; Jack OTWELL, De Leon; C.L. KINCHEN, De Leon; F.L. BOLTON, Gustine; W.L. BLAIR, Gorman 4; W.A. CUNNINGHAM, Indian Gap.

Undertaker Has Greatly Improved Preparation Room

            Undertaker C.H. SHARP has recently made some necessary changes and improvements in the undertaking department at Higginbotham’s.  He has had that portion of his establishment used for the preparation of the dead for burial equipped with modern fixtures, in white enamel, and floors and walls treated or covered so as to render the place both convenient and attractive.  There is a furnished waiting room for those who might be in attendance with the dead while they are being prepared for burial which is both comfortable and attractive.  Mr. SHARP now claims to have one of the best equipped preparation rooms in all this section.

Pioneer of Town Dead, Was Here Before De Leon

            Some interesting facts about the early history of De Leon have come to light since the death of James J. HEATH which occurred last Thursday.  Mr. HEATH passed away at his home in the west portion of the city at a few minutes past 12 o’clock noon and his remains were carried to the nearby “city of the dead” on Friday afternoon where friends gathered to pay their last respects and hear Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL speak words of commendation and hope for the deceased who had professed a living faith in God some two years ago, and who had often affirmed his faith and willingness to meet his God.  Rev. A.F. NABORS assisted in the service.

            A group of Odd Fellows unofficially acted as pall bearers.  Mr. HEATH, while not a member, had requested that they bury him.  A number of the Odd Fellows had endeared themselves to him during his long illness by their brotherly ministrations.

            James J. HEATH was born in Cherokee county, Texas, July 11, 1853, living there until 1873 when he came to Brown county.  In 1874, when twenty-one years of age, he enlisted in the Texas Ranger service and saw service over West Texas when it was the rendezvous of desperate outlaws and savage Indians.  He was in a number of Indian fights, one of these being in Coleman county.

            In 1875 he left the Ranger service and came to Comanche county where his father had moved from Cherokee.  The home of his father was a short distance north of Onion Valley and not far from Ebenezer school house, the place now being owned by O.M. LOCKE.  He continued to reside under his father’s roof until his marriage to Miss Lou E. LOGSDON in 1880 and when the railroad came thru and De Leon was founded in 1881, he came with his bride to this place, they purchasing one of the first town lots sold, this being just across the street from where the depot now stands, and built a house and opened the first commissary or grocery store ever operated in De Leon, their building being about where the back yard of the Lambert Hotel now stands, facing north.  They lived in back of the store.

            After a time, they moved back to the farm, but in 1887 again moved to town, buying the corner where the Holdridge Bros. filling station is now located, their little residence standing there until Wm. DALE came here in the ‘90s and purchased that corner for De Leon’s first bank.  They had their little residence moved then to the corner where Gentry’s Service Station now stands and continued to reside there for a number of years.

            Mr. HEATH was made city marshal in about 1890 and served in this capacity for ten years, serving at a time when it was dangerous to be a peace officer.

            Mrs. HEATH told the Free Press that there was not even a village here prior to the coming of the railroad in 1881 and that theirs was among the first houses erected in the town.  The first Higginbotham store started in De Leon about that time, it being on the lot about where Bibby’s Variety Store now is.  Mrs. HEATH served as assistant postmaster under Uncle Bill CARNES in that early day, she stated.

Merle Talbert Was Married in Los Angeles

            The Free Press received the following clipping a few days ago from Merle TALBERT, former De Leon boy who was recently married in Los Angeles.  TALBERT was here this past summer to visit for a few days, taking his mother back to Los Angeles with him and the family made their home there.  The clipping follows:

“Friends of Miss Mary MERKLE and Frank TALBERT, who is connected with the Broadway branch of The Evening Herald, were today congratulating the couple following the announcement of their marriage on September 10th.

 “The ceremony was performed in the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs. Albert KREAG, 3216 East Third street, by Rev. Arthur HOBSON.

“Mrs. KREAK was matron of honor, Miss Ida TALBERT bridesmaid and little Miss Virginia MERTZ, flower girl.  S.C. DIXON acted as best man.  Fifty guests attended the service.” 

Comyn Merchant is Building Nice Home

            B.L. PAINTER has been having material hauled out the past few days for the erection of a new residence for himself and family at Comyn.  Mr. PAINTER operates a store and filling station at that place and has done quite well in the several years he has been there.  The new home will be just south of the three teacherage buildings at Comyn and will be commodious and attractive.

Bridge Party

            Mrs. M.D. STEWART entertained the Bridge Club at its first regular meeting of the fall on Tuesday afternoon.  Twelve ladies were present and six games were played.  High honor went to Mrs. A.G. MALONE.

            The next meeting will be with Mrs. D.L. TERRILL.

            Refreshments were served to the following members and guests:  Mesdames E.E. DABNEY, S.G. PARKS, N.T. HASKINS, Will CLARK, A.G. MALONE, H.H. CARLYLE, Dewey DANIELS, R.L. SCOTT, R.L. WHALEY, Hiram SMITH, Harold WILLIAMS and Grady TERRILL.


Mrs. R.V. WILSON of Breckenridge, and Mrs. J.B. PARKS of Iredell, mother and grandmother respectively, of R.W. BRANNON, are here this week, guests in his home.

Miss Opal DICKSON has returned to her home at Roby after a month’s visit with her grandmother, Mrs. Joe DICKSON.

Mrs. Pete SHAVER was a week-end guest with her daughter, Mrs. Geo. VAUGHN at Hawley.

Mrs. May STEVENS and daughter, Miss Oleta, are here from Brownwood for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Grady TERRILL.

Mrs. Stuart CATE was here from Breckenridge for the week-end, guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH.  She was accompanied home by her mother.

Wayne WEAVER has gone to Dallas where he will enter Baylor Medical College.

Mrs. R. JONES of Oklahoma, sister of Mrs. J.J. HEATH, was here recently visiting with her sister and Mr. HEATH, prior to his death.

Mrs. J.K. ANDERSON and daughter have moved here recently from Sipe Springs and will make their home in this city, living in rooms at the STRUBE residence.

Mr. and Mrs. Ross JENKINS and his sister, Miss Leila JENKINS, are leaving today for White Point, near Paint Rock, where they will teach the coming school year.  White Point is a three-teacher school, with teacherage on the campus.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.