De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 16, 1927 


Corner Drug Store in Hands of Receiver

            A voluntary assignment was made by John SWAGERTY, proprietor of the Corner Drug Store, on Sept. 12th.  B.J. PITTMAN was named as assignee.  The liabilities of the concern, according to Mr. PITTMAN, are approximately $2,000 and the assets about the same.

Tate Counts and Baby Have Tonsil Operations

            Tate COUNTS and his little daughter, aged three, had operations for the removal of their tonsils at Blackwell Sanitarium, Tuesday this week, and are at home now doing nicely.

Miss Greenwaldt Had Appendicitis Operation

            Miss Willie Maud GREENWALDT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis GREENWALDT, was carried to Gorman for an operation for appendicitis Tuesday of this week.  The operation was successful and later in the week her condition was reported as being most gratifying.

W.M. Steakley has Purchased Home of his Brother Here

            Wm. STEAKLEY last week closed a deal with his brother, Z.C. STEAKLEY, for the latter’s residence in the southeast portion of the city, which he expects to occupy, it is reported.

Coat of Paint is Attractive at the Howell Store

            Signs of prosperity at W.E. HOWELL, Sr., the Man Store, consists of a new and attractive coat of paint on the store front.  The effort freshened up the appearance of the entrance and made an already attractive store more attractive still.

De Leon Man Recalls Tragedy of Galveston Flood on September 5th

            C. SCHNARE, resident of this city, tells a thrilling story of how he was standing down by the docks in Galveston just 27 years ago on September 5th, when the great Galveston flood was brewing and of going down in the surging flood when the pier washed out and of an old negro plunging into the water and saving his life.  SCHNARE was saved with a party of others in the second story of his father’s house, some trees in the yard preventing timbers from breaking the house to pieces while the water rose almost to the second story floor.  The old negro was never seen again, Mr. SCHNARE said.

            Mr. SCHNARE is engineer for the Magnolia company at the RIDDLE farm.

Mrs. M.D. WHEAT Has Operation

            Mrs. M.D. WHEAT of this city had an operation for the removal of varicose veins Tuesday at Blackwell sanitarium.  She had been having a great deal of trouble from this cause for several months.  The operation was successful and she will be better soon.

            Roe WALKER, son of Mrs. WHEAT, who is employed in the oil fields in the Big Lake district, was here to attend his mother through the operation.

De Leon Public Schools

[excerpt from longer article]   The Faculty – Assignments

D.M. RUSSELL, superintendent, Vocational Agriculture.

W.Z. COMPTON, principal, Commercial Work, Physics.

Miss Artie COLEY, Home Economics, General Science.

Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL, English Department.

Miss Virginia Grace WESSON, Spanish, Freshman English.

Miss Bertha ROSS, Mathematics.

Miss Jamie GREENWALDT, History

            South Ward

Paul MORGAN, assistant principal, Grammar School Departmental Work.

Miss Alpha MOORE, Dept. Work.

Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Dept. Work. (temporary)

Miss Iris MOHON, Third Grade.

Mrs. Oscar COZBY, Second Grade.

Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL, Primary.

            North Ward

B.C. BOSWELL, principal, Dept. Work.

Mrs. Edgar SHORT, Dept. Work.

Miss Lillie SINGLETON, Third and Fourth Grades.

Miss Edna MERRITT, Second and Third Grades.

Miss Bernice KIKER, Primary.



Dalton KING, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. KING, was taken to Blackwell sanitarium at Gorman for an examination for his ear which had given him some trouble.  The doctor found only minor trouble which will soon be corrected.

Cecil LINDLEY, who formerly lived in these parts is back and helping his brothers in the operation of a thresher and baler in the peanut harvest.

V. WAYLAND was called to Cleburne the past week because of the serious illness of his brother.  Mr. WAYLAND’s brother had undergone an operation from which he did not recover.

Zollie KOONCE has lately installed a radio and is now prepared to keep up with the news of the world as it is being made.

Mr. Bud LINDLEY and Mrs. Mollie FUQUA stole a march on their friends by quietly getting married one day last week.  Both contracting parties have practically been raised in this part of the country and number their friends by the hundreds, all of which extend to this estimable couple their best wishes in their new adventure.

Birthday Party

            Last Thursday evening at eight o’clock Mrs. Joe SMITH was honored with a “Surprise Birthday Party” at her home given by her daughter, Mrs. J.O. STONE and Mrs. R.L. WHALEY.

            Mrs. SMITH was out driving when the guests arrived, on returning she was led into her living room by Miss Mary KIMBLE, finding there a host of her friends and loved ones.

            Several interesting contests were given, the prizes going to Mrs. A.K. BENDER, Mrs. J.R. WOOD and Mrs. S.S. SMITH.  The last prize being a cedar chest of lovely gifts presented to Mrs. Joe SMITH.

            At nine-thirty an ice course was served to the following:

Mesdames, Wayne BELL, R.W. BELL, S.A. DUKE, C.R. REDDEN, S.S. SMITH, J.R. WOOD, K.M. VAN ZANDT, A.K. BENDER, Lena MOHON, Jno MOHON, M.D. STEWART, Dewey DANIEL, A.M. ALLEN, C.G. HAMPTON, W.L. STEAKLEY, Sr., William STEAKLEY, Jr., J.M. WHALEY, Emmett SMITH, C.C. HAMPTON.  Misses Mary KIMBLE of Breckenridge, Delia LAWLESS, Frances SMITH, Lady Grace WHALEY.

            At ten o’clock the guests departed wishing the honoree many happy birthdays.

New Hope News

            Mr. and Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN and two of their children and Mrs. Gilder CHUPP and children motored to Cleburne Saturday to visit their daughter and sister, Mrs. Howard BURT, returning on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Whit SIDES are the parents of a baby boy born Sunday Sept. 11.

Lon WINKLES and family of Duster visited their daughter, Mrs. Bob SCOTT, on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Zeff SOLLEY of De Leon spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON and family.

Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIR and daughter Miss Ruth, spent Sunday with their son and brother, Frank THOMAS and family, of Victor community.

Morton Chapel

Mrs. NORTON returned Thursday from Glen Rose much improved.

Mr. and Mrs. Merriman POUNDS and mother were visiting R.T. NABORS and family Sunday.

We are glad to report that little Miss Marcelle RAFFERSON, who was operated on at the Gorman sanitarium Monday night, will soon be able to be brought home.

Gayle TOLAND of Brownwood was here Sunday to see home folks.


Grandmother COX, mother of B.F. COX, is here for a visit in the home of her son.

Mrs. S.G. CARNES is here from Rotan, guest of her son, S.Z. CARNES and family.

Mrs. Mary HAWKINS from Cisco is here this week visiting her brother, J.B. SMITH.

Little Miss Doris FORD is here from Marshall and will remain through this school term with her aunt, Mrs. C.H. WATKINS.

Mr. and Mrs. William IVY were here last week from Shreveport, guests of Mrs. C.H. WATKINS.  Mesdames IVY and WATKINS are sisters.

Mrs. Lela O’BRIEN and daughter, Vivian, are here from Corpus Christi visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. WILSON.

Miss Lillian MOHON has gone to the Panhandle where she will teach in the school at White Flat, near Matador.  Her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon DOSS, will teach at Matador.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD and son, Emmett, went to Abilene Wednesday where Emmett entered Simmons University.  He will play thru this term with the noted Cowboy Band of the university.

Fred HOWE left Tuesday morning for Brownwood where he will attend Daniel Baker college.

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. NABORS are here from San Antonio, guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George REED.

Mrs. Laura DILLON is home from Baylor Hospital, Dallas, and is recovering from a serious operation.

Mrs. George CARAWAY and daughter are here from Big Lake, guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam STRAWN.

Mrs. Naomi WOODWARD was in Dublin last week, a guest of her grandmother, Mrs. NOEL.

Mr. and Mrs. C.D. VANDIVER and children of the Duster community left last week for their new home, Rogers, N.M., having traded for a place there.

Bill Meyers Father Is Dead

            Charles MEYERS, 82, long time resident of Comanche, died there Thursday, Sept. 8th, 1927 after a brief illness.  His long life had been an active and useful one up until recently when the ravages of old age, augmented by kidney trouble, brought on illness resulting in his death.

            Mr. MEYERS was born in Germany, February 17th, 1846 and came to the United States while still a young man.  He settled first in Philadelphia, residing there 12 years.  He then moved to Pueblo, Colo., and resided there 16 years.  It was at Pueblo that he was married to Miss Kitty STANLEY and five children were born to them:  Bob MEYERS, Comanche; Mrs. Floyd CARPENTER, Comanche; Bill MEYERS, De Leon; Gus MEYERS, Comanche and J.A. MEYERS, Pyotie.

            Thirty-seven years ago Mr. MEYERS came to Comanche and settled with his family there.  His death occurred in the same house in which he had lived these 37 years.  His wife died in 1918.

            Funeral and burial was at Comanche Friday, Sept. 9th, Rev. HEARNE of the Christian church officiating, sympathy is extended.

Billie Carnes of Rotan was Found Dead in Bed Thurs.

            Thursday morning this week Billie CARNES of Rotan was found dead in bed at his home there.  The information was received by his son, Tarrance CARNES, who is employed by De Leon Peanut Co., here and CARNES left immediately for Rotan.  No details of his death have been learned.

            Mr. CARNES was perhaps 55 or 60 years of age, and is survived by his wife, four sons and two daughters, Tarrance, Ollie, Dean, Towers and Weaver and daughters, Mondieu and Annie.  Free Press does not know whether or not he had been ill recently nor any other particulars.

Mrs. R.L. Moreland’s Father Died at Houston

            M.B. WILKERSON, father of Mrs. R.L. MORELAND of this city, and himself once a resident of De Leon, died at his home in Houston last Sunday, Sept. 11th following a brief illness.  Mrs. MORELAND was apprised of her father’s serious illness and left on Sunday for that city.

            During the oil boom period Mr. WILKERSON lived at the Dr. PLEMMONS place in Heath Addition and is well known by many people in this city.  He was 88 years of age and has lived in Houston for a number of years.  His aged wife survives him, also the following children:  Mrs. MORELAND, Matt, Elliott, Calvin and Grover WILKERSON, Mesdames Frank CAMPBELL and Robt. LUNSFORD.  The funeral and burial was at Houston.

            Mr. WILKERSON visited his daughter here in August of the present summer.


H.A. NOWELL and Miss Minnie WADELL.

E.L. CURD and Miss Lucy UNDERWOOD.

Basil ELIFF and La Verne BENNETT.

Luther GORDON and Miss Margaret BLACK.

J.B. GRAHAM and Miss Ethel HODGES.


De Ava LESTER, age 3 ˝ years, Comanche, August 19th.

Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A.P. BROWN, Comanche, August 24.

Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy COTTON, Comanche, August 9.

Hugh S. LAM, aged 65 years, Comanche, August 24.


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