De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, September 2, 1927 


Jesse Barker is Slowly Recovering

            Jesse BARKER, who was run over by a truck near the Magnolia Tank Farm a month ago, continues in serious condition at Gorman sanitarium.  The wheel of the truck passed over his stomach, crushing the backbone.  Since the accident he has lain flat on his back and is unable to move his body and can be moved only with extreme difficulty.  It is believed that the crushed vertebrae will finally knit back and he will in a measure recover.

Uncle Jim Heath Not Doing Well

            Reports indicate that the condition of Uncle Jim HEATH is not so good.  He has been ill for many months, usually confined to his bed but sometimes able to sit up and always hopeful.  His friends hope that his condition may improve.

Two De Leon Girls Escape Injury in Abilene Car Crash

            Misses Emma HAFFORD and Mertie GEORGE are home from Abilene where they visited in the home of Miss HAFFORD's cousins, the Misses GARNER.  While driving in the business section there last Friday afternoon a fire alarm sounded and Miss HAFFORD drove to the side of the curb and stopped.  As the fire trucks came down the street, an arm of the steering gear of a huge fire truck broke, the massive machine crashed into the side of the car in which the De Leon girls were riding, almost demolishing one side of the car, but the girls received only minor injuries.

            Officials of the City of Abilene sent Miss HAFFORD's car to a garage and repaired the damage, according her every courtesy until her car was returned in as good condition as before.

Katy Man Had Tonsil Operation

            Wesley LONDON went to Waco the first of the past week to Colgin's Sanitarium where he had an operation for the removal of his tonsils.  He is reported getting along well following the operation.

Grover Morris Will Teach in Cisco

            Grover C. MORRIS returned two weeks ago from studying the past summer in France and will open studios in several of the larger oil field cities including Cisco, Ranger, Eastland and Breckenridge, where he will teach piano the coming winter months.  His wife will be associated with him as instructor in violin.  The MORRIS's have spent a number of years study both in the United States and in France and Germany and are well equipped to instruct.

Mrs. G.H. York Was Very Ill

            Mrs. G.H. YORK has been critically ill during the past week following an operation for an advanced case of appendicitis Wednesday August 24.  Her condition has been so serious that grave apprehension was felt for her recovery.  She is still very sick, but is thought some better.

Fire Destroyed Home on Hampton Farm Recently

            A four room house on the C.C. HAMPTON farm, two and a half miles northwest of De Leon, was destroyed by fire about two weeks ago.  The fire was supposed to have started from a cookstove, however there had been no fire in the stove since noon and the fire occurred about six p.m.

            The place was occupied by Mr. And Mrs. Jeff LOGAN and they lost all of their household effects, not being at home when the fire started.  There was no insurance.  Mr. LOGAN's loss was approximately $300.00

Birthday Party

            On Saturday, August 27, Little Miss Mary Ellworth GEORGE celebrated her sixth natal day with a party, entertaining about twenty-five of her young friends.  After spending the afternoon in playing many games, a refreshment course was served around a table gaily decorated with streamers and centered with a huge birthday cake with six big candles.

Principal of Comyn School

            A.B. EMMONS, Clarendon, Tex., has been elected principal of the Comyn school to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of Howard BOSWELL, who will study at A. & M. college the coming school year.  Mr. EMMONS is unmarried, a third year man at A. & M. and majored this summer in rural education.

Many De Leon Folks Attend Baptist Assn. Held at Dublin

            A report of the Primitive Baptist Association is given by Eld. S.W. SHORT in another portion of this paper.  The Association was held at Dublin, Friday to Monday last week.  De Leon people attending, so far the Free Press has been able to learn, are as follows:

J.D. RAGLAND, S.W. SHORT and family, Mrs. J.N. BROUGHTON, Grandma GILMORE, L.L. MILLER and family, W.L. GREEN, S.S. SMITH and family, L.S. HODGES and family, J.F. COAN and family, J.M. STONE and family, L.N. HODGES and wife, Joe and Emmett SMITH and families, Mr. And Mrs. C.G. HAMPTON, W.Z. STOVALL, H.S. FREEMAN, W.H. STRINGFELLOW, C.M. WALTRIP, Billie SINGLETON and family, W.T. HENDERSON and daughter, S.E. MORROW and Charley MORROW and families, H.S. FRANKS and family, Lonnie SMITH and family, Bill SMITH, R.W. McPHAIL and family, Charley GRAY and family, Whit COAN, Mrs. F.D. GARDINER, Roy BOEN and family, Frank ROSS and wife, J.E.D.N. and V.B. HODGES and families, Joe ALLREDGE and family, Ben RUCKER, J.L. JOHN and Dan PETERS.

High School Senior Skilled Craftsman

            With no tools but the sharp blade of a pocket knife, he ground and reground until the blades were almost gone, Rush GEORGE, senior in the graduating class of De Leon high school this year, whittled out a class emblem from the ivory handle of a nail file, the D.H.S. and emblem being very skillfully done.  But the most remarkable feature was a dainty chain of the same material, carved from the same piece of ivory without a break.  George is quite skilled in this class of work.

Baptist Church [Revival]

(excerpt from longer article)

            The additions during the meeting are as follows:  by baptism, Oneta POPE, Bertie SIMS, Merle TODD, Valda Myrl ROACH, Mrs. Jack SPARKS, Miss Lela MOHON, Mrs. R.L. NELSON, Mr. And Mrs. Denman ALEXANDER, H.N. ALEXANDER, T.T. CARNES.  The following will be baptized next Sunday:  Mrs. H.L. HUDSON and Azalea CLARK, by letter; Mrs. H.O. CAMPBELL from Wortham; Mrs. R.R. HARVEY, from College Heights, Abilene; Mrs. S.Z. CARNES from Walnut Springs; Misses AMOZONE and Aline MOHON from Theney; Jno. DUPRIEST from Green's Creek; Mrs. J.A. CULPEPPER (by statement) Mr. And Mrs. A.M. NORTHCUTT, from Loraine; Mrs. H.H. ALEXANDER from Energy; Mrs. J.A. DENMAN, from Ashland, Ala.; Mrs. J.E. COLLIER from Iredell; Mrs. J.H. PARKER, from Hawley; Mr. And Mrs. L.B. CULPEPPER from Walnut Springs; Miss Mildred VAN ZANDT, from First, Abilene and Mrs. Addie FITZGERALD (by statement).


James Alvin FERRELL, father of Carl FERRELL and of Mrs. Alma TATE, died at his home between Sipe Springs and Gorman, at 5:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon, August 28, 1927.  The cause of his death was paralysis, having been ill of this malady for some time.

            Mr. FERRELL is entitled to be called a pioneer of this section, coming here in 1893, and remained here for fifteen years.  He moved to Carbon remaining several years and then removed to the community in which he died.

            He was born October 25, 1852, in Union county, Miss., and was married there in 1875.  Eleven children were born into the home, seven of whom, with the wife and mother survive.  Living children are:  Mrs. Alma TATE, R. 2, De Leon; Carl FERRELL, Rt. 2, De Leon; Mrs. Ethel HALBROOKE, San Antonio; Dolph FERRELL, Gorman; Dan FERRELL, San Antonio; Mrs. May GREER, Gorman, Miss Ila FERRELL, Gorman.

            In early youth Mr. FERRELL united with the Methodist church.  In latter years he declared belief in the Primitive Baptist faith, and Eld. Sam SHORT conducted the funeral services, which was held at the city cemetery Monday afternoon, burial taking place there immediately following.  Sympathy is extended to the bereaved ones.


            Thomas Nathan MOHON was born in Georgia, January 23, 1843, died at his home in De Leon, August 30, 1927.

            He moved with his parents to Alabama when 9 years of age, lived there until the war between the states.  He volunteered and enlisted in the Southern army and was in the battle of Shiloh under Bragg and was also in the battles of Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain and at Chicamauga and Missionary Ridge, and was under Hood when captured at Franklin, Tenn., and sent a prisoner to Camp Douglas, at Chicago, Ill., was paroled and arrived home in July 1865.  He was married to Miss Nancy BROCK in 1869 who preceded him to the better world seven years ago.

            To this union was born six children, two died in infancy, four are living, George and John MOHON, Mesdames BLACK and CHAMBERS.

            He moved to Texas in February, 1882 and settled near De Leon where he has lived continuously on the same farm.  He joined the Missionary Baptist church in 1875.  He helped put the shingles on the first Baptist church here and has helped build the other Baptist churches here.  He was a member of the Joseph E. JOHNSON camp here for many years and attended ten or eleven Confederate Reunions.

            He had sixteen brothers and sisters, only two brothers and two sisters are living.  He has seventeen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.  He was a patient sufferer for many months.  Do not weep for him.  He has only gone home to be with Jesus and the angels, where there are no more sickness or heartaches, but all is joy and happiness. - Contributed

Oliver Springs

Misses Ruby lee  and Gladys REID are spending a few weeks in San Antonio as guests of their sister, Mrs. Nannie NABORS.

Mrs. Lella SMITH has returned from Marlin where she has been undergoing treatment.

Edgar HIGGINBOTHAM and Earl WOODS are home from California.

New Hope News

Jim HOLLAND, who now lives near Sweetwater, Texas, was here recently for a visit with his mother, Mrs. S.F. HOLLAND and other relatives.

Miss Adelle MILLER of Dockum community visited Saturday night and Sunday with her aunt, Mrs. J.T. DUPRIEST and also her grand-parents, Mr. And Mrs. G.L. LEE.

Miss Pearl LEE spent Saturday night and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. W.W. HODGES in Round Grove community.


Miss Lillian HANSFORD is leaving this week for Vernon where she will teach piano the coming school year.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. STREETY and daughter, Mrs. WHALEY, have gone to San Antonio and San Angelo to be away for some time.

Little John Marie STEAKLEY of Plainview has returned to her home following a two week's visit in the home of her grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY

Mr. and Mrs. Will SIDES of Pasadena, Calif., are here for a visit with his mother, Mrs. J.C. SIDES.  They have been in California 14 years and had not been home in ten years.

Henry CLAY and Lonnie FREEMAN have gone to Gatesville to work.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS visited his sister, Mrs. Dan MARTIN at Dublin Sunday.

Mrs. Daniel FARROW is here from Clyde for a visit with her mother, Aunt Bettie OWENS.

Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOUR is here from Hico, guest of her parents, Mr. And Mrs. J. Doss MILLER.

Mrs. J.P. TODD and children have gone to Plainview for a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Pearl FOOTE.

Mr. and Mrs. Will ROBINETT were in Fort Worth Monday where their son, Lowell, entered school at Draughon's Business College.

Ezra COMPTON is here from Yuma, Arizona, for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Lester SHORT.

Mrs. Mary HAWKINS from Fort Worth was a week-end guest of her brother, J.B. SMITH.

Mrs. W.T. HOWELL is here from San Antonio for a visit with her son, L.B. HOWELL.

Miss Ella BROWNLEE spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Dolph SMITH at Gorman.

Born to Mr. And Mrs. Joe BLITCH, August 25, a nine pound girl.



2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.