De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 12, 1927 


T.J. Warren

            A short time ago the Free Press published an account of the death of T.J. WARREN and having meager information the account in some respects was incorrect.  A daughter of Mr. WARREN, Mrs. Eva TERRY, Dexter, Texas, has furnished the following data regarding her father’s life and death which the Free Press takes pleasure in publishing.

            T.J. WARREN was born October 21, 1852 and was married Dec. 3, 1873, moving to Texas in the year 1878.  He settled first 22 miles south of Fort Worth, living there 8 years.  He then removed to Erath county, settling 22 miles southeast of Dublin and after residing there 2 years, removed to Comanche county, residing on his farm 6 miles southwest of town, in the Suez community, about a quarter of a century.  Two years ago he went to live with his two sons, H.R. and M.M. WARREN near Sipe Springs, dying at the home of M.M. WARREN as stated.  His wife died here in 1920.

            The Free Press is glad to make the corrections requested by Mrs. TERRY.

More Than 300 Attend Strickland-Fisher Reunion

            Last week the Free Press carried a story of the STRICKLAND-FISHER families reunion, held on Copperas, but lack of space prohibited the publication of the names of those present for this happy occasion.  The list of STRICKLAND and FISHER relatives, and a number of friends in the community follow herewith:

            Rev. and Mrs. J.M. STRICKLAND, De Leon; Rev. and Mrs. D.M. STRICKLAND and children, Fairview, Okla; Rev. and Mrs. W.A. STRICKLAND, and daughter, Alvin, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. G.M. STRICKLAND and children, Dublin; Mr. and Mrs. S.J. STRICKLAND and family, Fort Worth; Mr. and Mrs. H.T. STRICKLAND and children, Abilene; Mr. and Mrs. R.R. STRICKLAND and children, Abilene; Prof. Chas. P. STRICKLAND and family, Alvin; Mr. and Mrs. W.M. NELSON, Abilene; Mr. and Mrs. S.L. NELSON and children, Beattie; S.C. GARTMAN and family, Ft. Worth; Mr. and Mrs. YOUNG and baby, Abilene; L.R. WILLIAMS and children, Beattie; Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. CARTER and children, Comanche, Route 2.

            Mr. and Mrs. A.L. FISHER, Comanche; Mr. and Mrs. G.W. FISHER and children, Eastland; O.P. FISHER and children, De Leon, Rt. 4; Mr. and Mrs. Ed FISHER and children, Crosbyton; Mr. and Mrs. Charley FISHER and children, Eastland; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. FISHER and children, De Leon, Rt. 4; S.W. FISHER and wife, Eastland; L.E. FISHER, Eastland; and Mrs. TANKSLEY, Eastland.

            Mrs. M.E. NELSON and son, Beattie; Mack NELSON and family, Runnels county; Mr. and Mrs. D.J. BOURLAND, Delwin, Cottle county; Mrs. DANIELS, Houston; Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JOHNSON, Zephyr; Mr. and Mrs. Willie WALKER and children, Westbrook; D.L. HANLIN, Westbrook; Mr. and Mrs. Henry RIGGS and Mr. and Mrs. Nolan DUNCAN of Cross Plains; Mr. and Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH and daughter, De Leon, Rt. 2; Mr. and Mrs. Webb TOLAND and children and Mrs. S.F. HAMPTON, De Leon; R.W. McCRARY and family, De Leon; La Fayette MULL and family, Comanche 4; Uncle Billy COTTRELL and wife, Comanche 4; Charley WAGNON and wife, Sidney; Homer RANDOLPH and family, Comanche 4; J.F. BOURLAND and wife, Comanche 4; M.E. STEPHENS and family, De Leon, 4; Jim HARRIS and family, De Leon 2; J.A. LAND, and wife, Comanche 2; E.W. BUTLER and wife, Comanche 2; J.M. VINYARD and wife, Comanche; Ira NICHOLS and wife, Comanche; Uncle Billie BINGHAM, Comanche 2; Uncle George WILLIAMS and wife, Comanche 2; Uncle Jack SLEDGE and sons, Comanche 2; Douglas STEPHENSON and wife, Comanche 2; R. AUVENSHINE and wife, Sidney; W.S. SITTON, and Walter SITTON and family, De Leon 3; E.A. WILLIAMS and wife, Comanche 2; W.T. KEITH, Duster; Charley PRESTIGE and family, Eastland; J.B. JOHNSON and family, De Leon 4; Elmer HOLDEN and family, Comanche 2; Ray McCORKLE and family, Beattie; R.L. McCORKLE   and wife, Sidney; C.W. HASLETT and family, De Leon 4; E.A. HOOKS and family, Cross Plains; Mr. and Mrs. R.L. POYNER, Comanche 2; W.A. LaGRONE and family, Hasse; Mrs. W.M. COPPER and family, Trent.

            Messrs. F.E. ADAMS, T.M. EDWARDS, Pat LESTER, and Mr. and Mrs. W.R. SLIDER, all of Comanche.

            Mr. and Mrs. C.L. HUDDLESTON, and children, and R.L. SCOTT, De Leon.


            The marriage of Miss Ola MERRICK, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.S. MERRICK to Mr. Jim DISHMAN, occurred at the home of the bride’s parents in the south portion of the city on Wednesday afternoon, August 3rd at 9 o’clock.  A few neighbors and close friends were present to witness the ceremony which was pronounced by Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL, pastor of the First Baptist church.

            Following the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. DISHMAN left for Kentucky for a honeymoon trip and to visit his relatives who reside there.  They will be away until September and upon their return will make their home at Ranger.

            Mr. DISHMAN is an oil operator, contractor and driller, and has been connected with the development of a number of the most prominent Texas fields.  He has been making his home at Waco in recent years.  He met his bride several years ago when the Desdemona field was developing.  Congratulations and best wishes extended to Mr. and Mrs. DISHMAN as they embark on the eventful journey.

Mrs. Duvall Improves M-K-T Hotel Property

            Mrs. C.C. DUVALL, proprietress of the M-K-T Hotel has recently had some improvements made in her hotel property, painting and improving the property generally.  She maintains a clean, up-to-date rooming house, with reasonable rates and invites the patronage of the public.


John PARK and family of Baird were week-end guests with Mrs. Will PARK.

Howard GARY is here from Cross Plains, guest of his uncle, C.D. GARY and family.

Herbert McINROE from Rines, Okla. is a guest this week of his aunt, Mr. T.I. FITZGERALD.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS has returned from a two weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. H.R. WHITE at Meridian.

Mrs. Russian SMITH has gone to Marlin for treatment.

L.T. SLATER has gone to Houston for a visit with his uncle, J.D. GUEST.

Miss Lela JENKINS is at McCamey for a month’s visit with her sister, Mrs. Les BURGESS.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence PITTMAN have gone to Eastland to make their home.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar ODELL and children of Gustine, visited her sister, Mrs. Will ROBINETT, Sunday.

Henry Clay FREEMAN is home from Big Lake where he visited his sister, Mrs. Luther STEWARD.

Mrs. Ella NABORS and son of Eastland were here this week guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. WILLHELM.

Mr. and Mrs. T.N. FUQUA and children are here from Hamilton, and are guests of his brother, J.H. FUQUA and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred BOWDEN returned to their home at McCamey after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Don MERRITT. 

Edward SHORT went to Abilene last week-end to visit his wife who is attending summer school at Simmons University.  He was accompanied by C.E. GEORGE, whose family is spending some time as guests of her parents near Abilene.

Mr. and Mrs. Emory TERRELL took their son, F.L., to Gorman last Wednesday and had his tonsils removed.

Mr. and Mrs. Audry RIPPETOE from Westbrook have gone home after a visit with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.N. RIPPETOE.

Mrs. T.I. FITZGERALD received a message from Fort Worth last Friday telling of the death of her brother-in-law, Mr. Stan BELL.  Mrs. FITZGERALD, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon BELL, Mrs. Dick BELL, Miss Lois and Dee, attended the funeral at Fort Worth.

Jim MORROW from Gap, is here for a visit with his sister, Mrs. Bill SINGLETON.

Mr. and Mrs. Jake SMITH and family have moved here from Stephenville.

Mrs. Opal BUTLER of Brownwood was a week-end guests with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Len MAY.

Miss Calantha THOMPSON is here from Amarillo, guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. THOMPSON.

Mrs. A.G. MALONE is spending the week in the city, guest in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. BETTIS.

Morton Chapel

Johnnie MORGAN and family of Colorado City were here this week visiting George MORGAN and family.

Lige HATTOX and family of Jones County were visiting Uncle Jim HATTOX this week.

Walter BROWNLEE of Gorman was visiting his sister, Mrs. PATTERSON, this week.

Fay FARROW, who has been sick with a fever is some better at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom JOHNSON of Gorman have been visiting their children, Bill Henry and Jim JOHNSON and family this week.

Uncle Jim HATTOX and wife, Stanley CARRUTH and wife, Mrs. Paul GRIMSHAW and children all went to the HATTOX reunion at McCharen lake this week.

Mrs. Grady HENDERSON is real sick at this writing.

Robinson Springs

Modess WEST spent Saturday and Sunday visiting her aunt, Mrs. Garland PERRY and grandmother, Mrs. Orlena SMITH, at Oliver Springs.

Merrill and S.E. HARE left Monday for San Antonio.  They will be employed by the Phillips Oil Company.

Mrs. M.A. WEST of Dallas is visiting her son, J.U. WEST this week.

Jesse BARKER, who was badly injured on August first, is much improved and is thought to be on the road to recovery.

John BURLESON of Rule has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. J.B. SETZLER, the past week.

The singing school being taught by Ernest RIPPETOE and Ike BRUMBELOW is to begin Monday.  There are 59 scholars at present.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.