De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 5, 1927 


Four Accidents on Monday Gave August Bad Start

            August was ushered in with a series of accidents in and around De Leon, some of which were serious.  No less than four major accidents occurred Monday and one Tuesday.

            Jesse BARKER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin BARKER who resides five miles north of town, was seriously and it was at first thought fatally injured, when he was run over by a truck near his home at 9:30 Monday morning.  BARKER had been to the Magnolia station, a mile or so from his home.  He caught a ride on a Chevrolet truck which was going from the pump station to Desdemona.  The truck was equipped with pneumatic tires and was empty save for some chains and other minor equipment carried.  BARKER’s cap blew off and he stepped down before the truck had stopped, falling under the rear wheel which passed over the small of his back, crushing a vertebrae and otherwise bruising and lacerating his body.  A physician was called and took the injured man to Gorman where he is being cared for.  He has a chance for recovery, although his injuries are of a very serious nature.  He is not paralyzed, as at first reported.

            Orville BOYD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack BOYD, was chopping stove wood on their farm near New Hope when an axe slipped and struck his foot, cutting an ugly gash in the side of the foot.  He lost much blood before a physician here closed the wound with several stitches.

            Mr. and Mrs. Grady MOHON were in town Monday afternoon and while their car was parked in front of the Liberty theatre someone in the car slammed the car door on the finger of their two year-old baby daughter, almost severing the index finger, cutting the flesh and bruising the bone.  A physician dressed the wound.

At about 6:30 Monday afternoon, W.T. HEFLIN, Jr., 13 year-old son of Mrs. Will HEFLIN, was walking the iron fence at the Lambert Hotel and fell, breaking both bones in his left forearm, the bones almost protruding through the flesh.  He was carried to Gorman to the hospital.

            The little six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. COAN accidentally slipped and fell on the sidewalk on the east side of Main Street and severely cut his lip and bruised his mouth.  A physician attended the wound, which is not thought serious.

Drs. Inzer & Inzer New Firm Physicians

            Dr. Patti Faye INZER, daughter of Dr. H.H. INZER, has formed a partnership with her father for the practice of medicine here.  They have opened offices in the Morris building upstairs over Tomlin Drug Co.  Much new equipment has been purchased and installed and the Drs. INZER are well equipped to take care of many cases formerly necessitating attention at the larger hospitals.

            Dr. Patti Faye INZER is a graduate of Baylor Medical College and received her M.D. more than a year ago.  She served one year as an intern at the Baptist Sanitarium, Dallas, completing her internship some weeks ago.  Her many friends will be glad to know that she will practice here.

Strickland-Fisher 3rd Annual Reunion Largely Attended

            Another of those delightful family gatherings was had in De Leon territory last Tuesday when the various and sundry members of the families of STRICKLAND and FISHER, together with a large number of invited friends, assembled in the Copperas bottoms on the Will FISHER place, seven miles southwest of De Leon.  The attendance was the largest in three years since the annual affair has been held.  Perhaps no less than 300 were present.

            A program was held in the morning and another in the afternoon, a feature of the morning program being a half hour sermon by Rev. J.M. STRICKLAND, venerable old pioneer, Comanche county Baptist preacher, now a resident of De Leon.  Talks were made by Jeff BOLEN, W.R. SIDER, Louis NELSON, Andrew STRICKLAND, Mrs. Alex FISHER, Mrs. M.E. NELSON, R.L. McCORKLE, and perhaps others.  A song service was lead by Joe STRICKLAND and S.C. GARMAN.

            A wonderful dinner was spread under the friendly shade of widespreading pecan trees.  And such food!  Prepared by the hands of the mothers and wives and daughters of the Houses of STRICKLAND and FISHER and their neighbors not to mention Geo. HALBROOKS, who is the official stew and coffee maker of “them parts.”

            In the afternoon the body went into permanent organization, electing O.P. FISHER the first chairman, and L.R. WILLIS, secretary-treasurer.  The committee on arrangements is composed of S.L. NELSON, W.C. FISHER, and G.M. STRICKLAND.  Program committee is Mr. M.E. NELSON, Mrs. J.M. STRICKLAND, Mrs. A.L. FISHER.  The annual meeting date was set for August first.

            D.M. STRICKLAND made a talk of “Things of Value”, S.J. STRICKLAND sang a solo “We’ll Be Rounded Up In Glory” and he also gave a stunt selection, playing on the “handsaw”.  There was a quartette sung by J.P. WILLIAMS, Mrs. W.A. STRICKLAND, S.C. GARTMAN, and S.J. STRICKLAND, “Wonderful Theme of Love.”  A duet by GARTMAN and S.A. STRICKLAND, “When They Ring Those Golden Bells” was greatly enjoyed.

            Miss Oma Lee STRICKLAND read “Fauntleroy’s Wall”; Miss Mary STRICKLAND read, “Mrs. McDuffin on Baseball.”  Miss Bonnie STRICKLAND gave an excellent vocal selection imitating a Hawaiian guitar; Miss Althea HASLETT gave a reading; Miss Bonnie STRICKLAND arranged a funny stunt called the “Assembly of Nuts”; then there was the sharpening of a knife on an imaginary grindstone by Chas. And Robt. NELSON and finally “The Fat Stock Show.”  Talks during the afternoon were made by F.E. ADAMS of Comanche, W.C. JOHNSON of Zephyr and T.M. EDWARDS of Comanche.

            A complete list of those present will be published in our next issue.

De Leon Young Man Leaves For Carlsbad

            Arl LIGHTFOOT, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. LIGHTFOOT, has developed tuberculosis and left this week for a nine or ten months stay at the sanitorium at Carlsbad, 15 miles from San Angelo.  He has had symptoms of the disease for some two years and the physician at the sanitorium making the examination stated that his condition now is better than it was a year ago.  He has been waiting for a vacancy for some weeks.  Chances for recovery are very strongly in his favor, going to the Sanitorium in the incipient stage.

            LIGHTFOOT doubtless contracted the disease while a student at the State University, where he worked a portion of the night, in order to earn a portion of his expenses, besides carrying a heavy course.  He broke down under the strain.

Mrs. Dan Hanson Died Recently

            Mrs. Dan HANSON of Rising Star, mother of Mrs. Marvin NANCE, died at the home of her daughter Saturday, July 23, following an illness of a year and her mortal remains were laid to rest in the Rising Star cemetery.  Her husband has been dead for nine years.  She lived in Rising Star the past 12 years, formerly living in this city.  She was a sister of W.T. HENDERSON, De Leon, Rt. 2.

            Mrs. HANSON was born in Tallapoosa county, Ala., Jan. 16, 1859.

North Side Barn Destroyed By Fire

            Joe HOLLEMAN, residing just south of the North Ward school building, lost his barn, together with contents, by fire at about 11 o’clock last Saturday night.  An ’18 model buick car in good running order, was burned up in the flames, also a considerable quantity of hay and other feed stuff.  The barn was a 24x26 two story plank structure.  The loss will run into several hundred dollars with no insurance.

Mrs. Ola Golightly in Charge Martin Agency

            Following the resignation of Oscar COZBY as manager of the fire insurance business for A.C. MARTIN, Mrs. Ola GOLIGHTLY, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS, has been employed to manage the business.  Mrs. GOLIGHTLY will office at De Leon Hardware and Furniture Co., where Mr. MARTIN has been located for a number of years.  She is experienced in the line, having formerly worked for Lloyd HAMPTON here.


Mr. and Mrs. L.H. REDWINE and children of El Paso have been guests of Mrs. REDWINE’s sister, Mrs. H.G. TERRILL and family the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. GREER left on Thursday this week for a two weeks visit with her son, Dr. Ras GREER at Lockney and daughter, Mrs. Tony PATTERSON at Lubbock.     

Born to Mr. and Mrs. A.C. HODGES of this city, on Sunday, July 31st, a 7-pound baby girl.  The little one was named “Dorothy Elizabeth” and both she and the mother are doing nicely.

Mrs. Bryan LINVINGSTON of Ft. Worth was guest of her uncle J.B. SMITH Sunday.

Mrs. HOLDER from Stephenville has returned home after a visit with her mother, Mrs. CROWDER.

Mrs. M.E. PHILIPS is home from Wichita Falls where she was guest of her daughter, Mrs. HARRISON.

Mrs. Will AKERS and daughter, Miss Eunice of Denton, were Sunday visitors with her father, J.B. SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. COLLIER are here from Troup visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.L. MORRIS and other relatives.

Miss Mary HAYNES of Ashland, Ala. is guest of her aunt Mrs. Jesse SADBERRY and other relatives.

Mrs. T.J. FORD from Morgan is a guest of her daughter, Mrs. Clark NICHOLS.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. N.J. KEITH, Friday, July 29th, a ten pound baby boy.  Mrs. KEITH was formerly Miss Eva DUKE.

Mr. WALTERS and daughter, Mrs. JONES from Okemah, Okla., visited his sister, Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. BLITCH of Cisco, were week-end guests of their son and family, Joe BLITCH.  They were accompanied home by Joseph and James BLITCH.

Mrs. Kate HANEY and daughter, Miss Verna Lee, from Floydada are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nath NABORS this week.

Little Misses Martha Fay BARKER and Elizabeth BAGWELL visited their Uncle Rev. Joseph PATTERSON, at Corsicana last week.

Mrs. C.E. GEORGE and children, accompanied by Miss Jewell TIMMONS, have gone to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe SCOTT near Abilene.

Mea. J.W. THOMAS and children have returned to their home in Sapulpa, Okla., after a months’ visit here with her mother, Mrs. C.N. LIGHTHILL.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.