De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 29, 1927 

 Ross Family Strong in Reunion Last Thursday

            More than a hundred members of the ROSS family, together with their connections and a few invited guests, assembled at McCharens' Lake on Thursday in the third annual family reunion, the last Thursday in July being officially designated as their reunion day each year.

            The ROSS families about De Leon are descendants of Jacob A. and Reuben D. ROSS, both deceased, and last year the families went into permanent organization, electing C.R. CARRUTH president; Mrs. R.L. MULL vice-president; Miss Bertha ROSS secretary, and Mrs. Archie BOYD, treasurer.  Committees for this year's reunion were: Arrangements, Louis GREENWALDT, John KAY, Willie CARRUTH, and Graves ROSS.  Resolutions, Rev. G.R. ROSS, W.P. WEAVER and Stanley CARRUTH.  Selecting Emblem, Miss Pearl BOYD, Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH and Miss Viola CHEATHAM.  The flower selected to represent the family was the Bluebell.

            This issue of the Free Press went to press before the annual business meeting of the family had been held Thursday.  New officers were to be elected Thursday afternoon.

            The ladies of the ROSS family, and their near kin, are most excellent culinary artists, serving a repast Thursday at noon fit for kings, and in such abundance that not more than half the good food there was eaten.  Ice cold lemonade was available with the meal and to say that everyone present enjoyed it to the fullest extent is stating it all too mildly.

            Those present for the occasion were:  Mr. And Mrs. C.L. GREENWALDT; Mr. And Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH and daughter, Mary; Rev. and Mrs. G.R. ROSS; Mrs. Reuben D. ROSS, Misses Bertha and  Vergie and Graves ROSS; Mrs. Willie ROSS; Mr. And Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS; Mr. And Mrs. John KAY and son, Dale; Mr. And Mrs. Frank KAY and sons, Robert and Murray; Mrs. Lena MAMMETT; Mr. And Mrs. J.L. GREENWALDT, Misses Mary Alice and Virginia and son, C.A.; Mr. And Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH; Mr. And Mrs. Willie CARRUTH and Mary Frances and Billie; Misses Elsie RASS, Gladys BROWN and Lois BLACKSHEART; Mrs. Rex KEE and Donald and Bettie; Mr. And Mrs. J.A. MAHAN and children, Ruth and Wayne; Misses Erselle and Geneva COLEY; Mr. And Mrs. Jesse BARKER and daughter, Elaine; Mr. And Mrs. Chas. ROSS and little daughter, Nancy D.; Mr. And Mrs. W.P. WEAVER, Herbert Wayne, Miss Allene and Eugene; Mr. And Mrs. R.L. SCOTT, Virginia and Elaine, all the above living in and around De Leon.

            Mr. And Mrs. S. L. MULL and children Mollie, Doice, Ernest and Bobbie, Suez; Mrs. Mollie ROSS, Sidney; Mrs. Susie JOBE, Wichita Falls; Mrs. Maggie ROBERSON, Comanche; Mrs. T.S. ROSS and daughter, Mildred, Gorman; Mr. And Mrs. Ira ROSS, Sidney; Mr. And Mrs. Otis CLAYTON, Comanche; Mr. And Mrs. A. GRIMSHAW and daughter, Emma May, Elida, N.M.; Mrs. Chas. BARTLETT and daughter, Nancy ROSS, Dallas; Mr. And Mrs. Archie BOYD and sons, Elwood, and Dividdie and Miss Pearl BOYD, Sidney.


McGuire Family Holds Reunion

            The annual reunion of the McGUIRE family was held at the tabernacle at Van Dyke Friday, July 15th.  Although the crowd was not quite as large as usual, each family, with one exception had representatives present, and many friends were in attendance.

            The crowning event was the big spread at 12:30 with everything good to eat and plenty of coffee, ice tea and lemonade to drink.

            After dinner had been served, a few short but interesting talks were made; Joe JONES, representing the Indian Creek relatives delivering the principal talk on “Family Loyalty.”

            The McGUIRES came to Texas in 1851, settling in Comanche which was then little more than a wilderness in which the savage war whoops and the weird howl of the coyote could be heard.

            These were the days when schools, churches, and neighbors were few, when railroads, telephones and highways were unknown.  Amid such scenes the McGUIRES and other pioneers blazed the way for civilization in Comanche county. - Chief


            Mr. Duree PAIR and Miss Ima HART, two excellent young people of the Victor community, were happily married at the bride's home there on Sunday morning, July 17th, at 9:30 o'clock.  Members of the families of both contracting parties were present and heard Rev. R.L. DAY, also of the Victor community, pronounce the ceremony uniting them.

            Mr. PAIR is a son of Mr. And Mrs. R.L. PAIR and is well known in this community, where he has grown to manhood.  He is an honest, industrious and likable young man, honored by all who know him.  At present he is employed by the Humble Company in the vicinity of Bryan, Texas.  Miss HART is a daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W.H. HART and has lived in the Victor community for a number of years, being an accomplished and likable girl, popular in a large circle of friends and admirers.

            Immediately after the ceremony, Mr. And Mrs. PAIR left in his automobile for their new home at Bryan.  Best wishes attend them.

T.J. Warren Died at His Home Near Sipe Springs Early Last Week

            Thomas Jefferson WARREN, aged 77 years, 8 months and 22 days died at his home near Sipe Springs early this week after an illness lasting for about one year.  He had spent his long life in active and useful pursuits until stricken with disease a few months before he was called away.

            Mr. WARREN was born near Oxford, Miss., October 30, 1849.  He was a Missionary Baptist in his younger days, later joining the Christian church.  He was married to Nancy Jane PATTERSON, in the state of Mississippi about 40 years ago, and 40 years ago came to Texas and has spent the intervening years in this county.  To this sturdy pioneer couple were born ten children, two of these dying in infancy.  Mr. WARREN was perhaps one of the most widely known and was one among the honest and honorable members of the old pioneer group that laid the foundation of Comanche county as it is today.

            Living children are:  Mrs. Eva TERRY, Dexter; Mrs. E.C. PARKER, Dallas; Mrs. May GRAHAM, Fort Worth; Mrs. Fred SKINNER, Aldine; N.R. WARREN, Sipe Springs; N.N. WARREN, Sipe Springs; E.M. WARREN, California; J.I. WARREN, San Angelo.


Mr. and Mrs. Carl PITTMAN and family have moved to Yuma, Arizona, where Mr. PITTMAN has been employed the past several years.

Ed RIPPETOE left this week for a visit in Arkansas.

Messrs. W.C. BAGWELL and Evan BARKER went to Kenefic, Okla., this week for a three day visit with Mr. BAGWELL's father, J.W. BAGWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. SMITH and son of Petrolia returned home Tuesday after visiting in the home of his father, A.B. SMITH, at this place.

Misses Bonnie Bell and Eldora COONER were on a brief visit with their sister, Mrs. C.L. BOND at Eastland this week.

Mr. and Mrs. John HORN and little daughter went to Rockwall this week for a visit in the home of his father, and other relatives.

Mrs. T.C. SMITH went to Breckenridge last week, remaining several days in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Stuart CATE.

Mrs. Harry BRUTCHE of Dallas was guest last week of her nieces, Misses Lottie and Dollie PAINE.

Little Miss O'Rene TOMLIN is spending a month with her grandparents on a ranch near Breckenridge.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave TERRILL have as their guests this week, her three sisters, Mrs. E.M. AVERY and little daughter, Billie Sue, of Jacksonville, and Misses Mozelle and Lucille HENDRIX from Hull and Dallas respectively, Miss Mozelle has taught the past year or so at Hull ad Miss Lucille is a senior nurse from Baylor Medical College, Dallas.

Mrs. Lester MORTON had her tonsils removed at Gorman last Wednesday, a week ago, and after five days, during which time the operation was apparently successful, she suffered a hemorrhage of the throat necessitating her return to the hospital.  However, the flow of blood was stopped within a very few minutes after her arrival there and she is now doing nicely.  This is one case in many where such an operation occasions any serious inconvenience.

Mrs. Abbie ATLEE, daughter of Uncle Jack MORTON, returned from the Gorman Sanitarium Tuesday evening following a major operation.  She had been in the hospital about two weeks.  She is recovering.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.