De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 20, 1927 


Two De Leon Boys Make High Score in J.T.C. Contest

Special to the Free Press

            Mr. D.M. RUSSELL, vocational agriculture teacher of the De Leon high school entered teams in live stock judging and poultry judging at the vocational agriculture contest, held at John Tarleton Agricultural College on Saturday, May 14.  The high point man of the De Leon team in live stock judging was Jack PIERSON, with a total score of 557 out of a possible 800.  The high point man of the De Leon team in poultry judging was Ruel LOCK, with a total score of 435 out of a possible 600. 

H.L. Donaldson’s Son Died at Austin Friday Last Week

            John R. Donaldson, aged 25, died at Austin Friday of last week, death resulting from tuberculosis and contracted pneumonia.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. DONALDSON of this place, were notified of his critical illness Friday and their son, Owen, left immediately for Austin, arriving at that place after the death of his brother.

            John R. was the third son of Mr. and Mrs. DONALDSON.  He was born on Sept. 23, 1901 at Lake Creek, Delta county, Texas, being twenty-five and one-half years of age.  When a year of age he came with his parents to this county, living near Duster.  He was a bright lad as a school boy up to 12 or 14 years of age.  It was then that his parents noticed his mind began to be affected.  He gradually grew worse until it was necessary three years ago to have him entered into the state asylum for the insane at  Austin for treatment.  He never improved.  Disease of body added to disease of mind finally conquered his physical resistance and death ensued.

            The body was brought back home for burial, the funeral being conducted at De Leon cemetery Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock.  Rev. A.F. NABORS, assisted by Rev. J.W. WRIGHT, conducted the service, a large circle of sympathetic friends being present to share the burden of grief with the stricken family.

Mrs. R.E. Pressley Died at Rucker

            The sad death of Mrs. R.E. PRESSLEY occurred at the family home near Rucker at 10:00 o’clock last Sunday morning, May 15th.  She fell a victim to that dread scourge, tuberculosis, having been ill for many months and confined to her bed the past six months.  When the end came she was surrounded by sorrowing relatives and friends.  Her mother, Mrs. N.L. PERKINS, attended her to the end.  The husband and seven children survive her, besides one sister and three brothers.

            Mrs. PRESSLEY was born in Alabama just 45 years and 21 days prior to her death.  She came to Texas with her husband some twelve years ago and had since then made her home near this place.  She was a faithful member of the Missionary Baptist church and her pastor, Rev. W.L. SKAGGS conducted the funeral service. The funeral and burial were at De Leon cemetery Monday afternoon at 3:30 o’clock, attended by a large number of friends and relatives who came to pay their last tribute to the departed dead and speak a word of comfort to the bereaved ones.

            The death of a loved one always brings its toll of sorrow and sadness, but there is consolation in the knowledge of a life well spent in devotion to God, and in service to others.  Such a life Mrs. PRESSLEY led during her walk upon earth and it is a blessed thought that since God saw fit to call her from labor to rest, she may dwell forever in His presence.  Sympathy is extended to those whose hearts are made to know the weight of sadness.

 J.H. Burnett was Buried Here Friday

            John Henry BURNETT, for many years a resident of De Leon, but for the past five or six years making his home at Eldorado, Okla., died at the home of his son there at 9:45 o’clock, Wednesday, May 11th, 1927, and his remains were brought to De Leon for burial, which took place at De Leon cemetery Friday afternoon, May 13th.  He had been with his son Dodge at Eldorado  and perhaps with other children in that vicinity, as well as with a daughter at Desdemona, since 1920.  A little more than three weeks ago he left Desdemona to return to Eldorado, after visiting for some time with his daughter, Mrs. Tilda KIETH, also another daughter, Mrs. Nance MOORE, of Abilene.

            Mr. BURNETT came to De Leon in 1891 from Alabama, having come there from his birth-state, North Carolina, where he was born about 75 years ago.  He married in Alabama.  Nine children were born to him.  His faithful wife passed away some 33 years of age.  Surviving children are:  J.L. BURNETT, Eldorado, Okla.; Mrs. Della BENDER, Austin; C.C. BURNETT, Los Angeles; H.H. BURNETT, Pasadena, Calif.; Belton BURNETT, Los Angeles; and G.E. (Dodge) BURNETT, Eldorado; Mrs. Tilda KEITH, Desdemona, and Mrs. Nancy MOORE, Abilene.

            A strange coincidence of his passing was that Dr. W.H. PRICE, Eldorado physician who waited on Mr. BURNETT, proved to be his own cousin and did not know of the relationship until after the death of his patient.

            In years past Mr. BURNETT was a member of the Christian church.  Eld. J.W. COCKRILL of Gorman conducted the funeral service at De Leon cemetery.

Mrs. Alice Reese Died At San Antonio

            Mrs. Alice REESE, sister of B.E. HOWE, a resident of this city for many years, died at a sanitarium at San Antonio last Monday afternoon.  Mrs. REESE had been at the home of Mrs. Sallie Miller WILLIAMSON there within recent months, later accepting employment elsewhere in the city.  She fell and broke her hip and had been confined for about two months to her bed in the hospital.

            She had so far recovered that Mr. HOWE was preparing to go to San Antonio and bring her home, having worked Monday getting his car in readiness for the trip.  Monday evening he received a message telling of her sudden death from heart failure.  Mr. HOWE, accompanied by C.H. SHARP, left here at 11:30 Monday night, arriving in San Antonio at high noon the following day.  They brought the body back during Tuesday night.  The funeral was from the HOWE residence at 4 O’clock on Wednesday, Rev. J.N. CAMPBELL in charge. Burial was at De Leon cemetery.

            Mrs. REESE was perhaps 55 or 60. 

Party of Local Men Going With Humble Pipe Line

            A number of local citizens are leaving this week for Skidmore to accept employment at the Humble Company’s plant which is under construction at that place.  The plant is similar to the Humble station at Comyn, a pumping station on the line from McCamey to the gulf.  Skidmore is located about 150 miles southeast of San Antonio and about 50 miles from the gulf.  The party consists of L.G. MILLER, Jim BROWN, Bud GLOVER, Mitchell TATE and perhaps others.

Vital Statistics

Marriages: R.C. BUMBURNER and Miss Jewell TALLEY; G.E. HUDDLESTON and Miss Odessa ARMSTRONG; Ralph FLOWERS and Miss Lillie Mae MORGAN.

Deaths:  Mrs. Virginia BONNER

Births:  Mr. and Mrs. H.W. BLAYLOCK, Comanche, boy; Mr. and Mrs. A.J. BOX, Dublin, girl; Mr. and Mrs. A.B. CREDDLE, Proctor, boy; Mr. and Mrs. R.O. GRAY, Proctor, boy; Mr. and Mrs. D.L. COTNEY, Comanche, boy.

Miller – Battershell

            The marriage of Miss Ha MILLER, eldest daughter of Mr.. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER of De Leon, Route 3, to Mr. Virgil Battershell of Cranfils Gap occurred on Tuesday, May 8, 1927.  The happy young couple, accompanied by the bride's sister, Mrs. Dean GARDINER, drove to the home of Rev. Geo. ROSS and he officiated at the marriage, which was witnessed only by her sister and members of the veteran minister’s family.

            The romance of these excellent young people began when she went to Cranfils Gap to teach some three years ago.  He is a prosperous black land farmer there, and their association during her stay in the community soon developed into more intimate relations than mere friendship.  There is but one perfect consummation to romance.  This they have attained.

            Miss MILLER is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. MILLER, a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Doss MILLER, Sr.  She is a graduate of De Leon high school and has taught a number of years.  Mr. BATTERSHELL is reputed to be a young man of excellent character, prosperous and popular in his community.  The couple will make their home at Cranfils Gap.  Best of wishes are extended them.

S.E. Golden Celebrates Birthday

            On last Saturday, May 14th, Mr. S.E. GOLDEN celebrated his 59th birthday at his home.  His children, grandchildren and some friends brought in a nice lunch basket well filled.  They spread dinner under the shade of the trees and all had an enjoyable time.

            There were 36 present, Mr. S.E. GOLDEN and wife; R.S. GOLDEN and family; T.E. THORNTON and family of New Hope; S.E. GOLDEN, Jr. and family of Desdemona; Tery WASHAM and were [sic]:  Mr. and Mrs. Otto B”OWMAN of Iredell; Mr. and Mrs. Rush BROWNLEE of Harmony.  Those from De Leon were: Mr. and Mrs. Otto BOURMAN, Mrs. Lester MORGAN, Mrs. Wallace MORGAN and Mrs. Luther HAMMON.

            The ladies fixed lunches for Mrs. John DUPRIEST and Mrs. Arthur HOLDRIDGE who were sick.  They also fixed a well filled box for Lester MORGAN and Luther HAMMON who were working at the peanut factory which was appreciated. – Contributed.

Mrs. Will Weaver Entertains

            The Rook Club had its regular meeting with Mrs. WEAVER on May 14.  Six tables were arranged for the ladies and six games were played.

            High score went to Mrs. CARLYLE.  The next meeting will be with Mrs. CARLYLE on May 26th.

J. T. Ross Remodeling Five Room Cottage

            Jas. T. Ross is having a tenant dwelling remodeled just east of his home place.  The house is being remodeled from one of the oldest houses in De Leon, the new plan being along modern lines.

Local News

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John DUPRIEST on Tuesday, May 10th, a baby boy.  All doing nicely.

Lewis EASTERLING, of Tarleton, was home for the week-end, returning to school Monday.

Miss Mary KIMBLE was home from Breckenridge Sunday, guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. KIMBLE.

Mr. and Mrs. H.A. FINE of Dublin were guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK, Sunday.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS went to Meridian Sunday afternoon for a week’s visit in the home of her sister, Mrs. H.B. WHITE.

Clay DABNBEY, now in the business of manufacturing gas stoves in Fort Worth, was spending the past Saturday to Monday with home folks.

Mrs. V.G. LOCKE and baby were here the past week, guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY.  Mr. LOCKE came down Sunday to accompany them home.

J.H. REED of Spur, and Mr. and Mrs. HAZEL and family of Cisco were Sunday guests of Mrs. S.G. PARKS and of other relatives.  Mr. REED is a brother-in-law of Mrs. PARKS, Mrs. HAZEL, her niece.

Friends of Clark NICHOLS will be glad to know that he is improving from his long illness.  He was able to be out of the house about his place early in the week, but had not been able to be in town.  He has been sick for two or three months.

Bill and Hallie STEPHENS, who were called to Temple sanitarium where both a brother and sister were critically ill last week, returned home on Monday.  Their sister was improved but the brother continues desperately ill.  Mrs. Bill STEPHENS remained there for awhile.

E.H. WEBB, of Breckenridge, a brother-in-law of A.L. STEPHENS, was here this week to see Mr. STEPHENS, who has been critically ill for some time.  Mr. WEBB was in the photography business with Mr. STEPHENS.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. Ben WALLACE of Borger is visiting her sister, Mrs. Reynolds.

Ruth L. and B.J. CLARK, Callia MACON, Ina Mae TORRANCE and Ardie WEST have the measles.


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