De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 13, 1927 

De Leon Fisherman Caught 27 Pound Catfish, San Saba

            Three De Leon young men drove into town at about 11:30 o’clock Monday morning with one of the largest catfish ever exhibited by De Leon’s many fishermen.  The big yellow cat tipped the beam at 27 and ¼ pounds, they said, and was caught in the San Saba river, about 300 yards north of King’s Crossing, which is some fifteen miles southwest of San Saba towns.  The lucky fishermen were Autrey SELF, A.C. COZBY and J.P. HOWELL.  The fish was caught on a small hook during the night and the boys discovered and landed it shortly after day light……

Dublin Woman Met Tragic Death by Katy Train.

            Grandmother SHELBY, 82, long-time resident of the Comyn community, and for more than 30 years a resident of Dublin met tragic death last Sunday morning.  The aged woman lived in the west portion of Dublin, and only her grand children lived with her and were not at home Sunday.  At about 11 o’clock she started across the railroad track evidently to visit a neighbor on the opposite side, when she was struck by the eastbound Katy passenger train.  Grandmother SHELBY was hard of hearing and was wearing an old-fashioned bonnet.  A strong wind was blowing and it is supposed that she neither saw nor heard the oncoming train.  She had almost cleared the track when struck by the end of the pilot timbers and thrown a great distance.  Her neck was broken, also many other bones in her body.  It is likely that she never for an instance knew what had happened, death was so sudden.

            Engineer WIGGINS frantically blew the whistle and the rails showed evidence of where he reversed the power well up the track in order to avert the accident, but to no avail.  The train had too much momentum to be brought to a stop in so short a space.

            The unfortunate woman was an aunt of Charlie CATHEY of this city.  Mr. and Mrs. CATHEY attended the funeral which was at Proctor Tuesday afternoon at four o’clock.

A.L. Stephens is Seriously Ill at Home of Daughter

            A.L. (Amon) STEPHENS, father of Mrs. Ed MORTON of this city, is critically ill at the home of his daughter.  He has been suffering with indigestion and heart trouble for some three months and his condition is further complicated with high blood pressure.  Last Saturday his illness became so severe that his children at various points were notified and came here to his bedside.  His son, Jeff STEPHENS, is here from Wolfforth, near Lubbock; his daughter, Miss Ora STEPHENS and Mrs. Chas. WALKER and Mr. WALKER all of San Antonio and Mr. and Mrs. King RHODES of Caddo.

Child Shot in Eye with Airgun

            While playing about a barn at their home near Round Grove Wednesday, Royce RIPPETOE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest RIPPETOE, was accidentally shot in the eye by his brother, Dalice.  The older boy was aiming at shooting through a crack in the barn from the outside, his brother being inside the barn.  The shot struck the eyeball from the side of the face and cut thru the ball toward the nose, narrowly missing the sight of the eye. 

            Medical attention was given the child and while his eye is badly hurt, it is not thought he will lose the sight.

New Filling Station Being Built on the De Leon-Dublin Highway

            Mrs. R.P. HENDRICKS and son Roy SHOOK arrived from Houston several days ago, and they will again occupy the SHOOK homestead, four miles east of town.  They were last week having a tract cleared on the highway on top of the hill next east of the Leon river where they are having erected a filling station.  They also plan to operate a chicken ranch and a wayside store.

            Mrs. HENDRICKS, who was before her marriage, Mrs. H.B. SHOOK, has owned the tract of land on the Leon thru which the highway passes, for many years.  Several years ago she sold the west portion of the tract to Lyman FORREST who now owns that portion lying west of the Leon.

Caught Armadillo Just West of Town

            John RICHARDSON, who resides on the MALLONEE farm a mile southwest of town, caught an armadillo at his place Wednesday night.  The animal had been among his chicks for two to three nights, the dogs chasing it away each night.  Finally he hemmed it and succeeded in catching it.  Mr. RICHARDSON showed the animal on the streets here Thursday morning.

            Armadillos are plentiful as rabbits in some sections of the state but they are seldom seen in this section.  They are harmless except as they prey upon chickens.

Other News

Bill and Hallie STEPHENS received a message Thursday apprising them of the critical illness of both a sister and brother at a Temple Sanitarium.  They left immediately for that place.  The family home is Killeen.  Mrs. Bill STEPHENS accompanied her husband.

Round Grove News

Emil Thieuband, Jr. has been right sick the past few days.

Mr. and Mrs. W.M. RIPPETOE and Ed RIPPETOE returned from a week’s visit with relatives at Fort Worth, the first of the week.  Mrs. Lee RIPPETOE accompanied them home for a few days visit.

Mrs. MYERS of Arkansas, niece of Aunt Margaret BLAIR, who was buried a few weeks ago, not knowing of the death of her aunt, came last week to visit her.  Mrs. MYERS can see the flood waters of the Mississippi from her home.  However, she nor her people were damaged by the high waters.

While Dalice and Royce RIPPETOE were playing with air rifles Wednesday eve, Dalice accidentally shot Royce in the eye, inflicting a painful injury on the ball.

The little infant of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest CORBELL, who has not gained an ounce since its birth some two months ago but weighs 1-2 pounds less was carried to Fort Worth to a baby specialist.  It is thought to be improving now.

Oliver Springs

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde SETZLER are all smiles – a tiny daughter came into their home last week.

Quite a few young folks met and had a jolly time at John BURLESONS Saturday night.  Ice cream and cake was served in honor of Leroy BURLESON and Tommie BAIRD’s birthdays.

Mrs. John GILDER and children of De Leon were at church at Ramsey Sunday.

Carmen BAIRD was in Gorman on Saturday where she is taking X-ray treatment.

Mrs. N. NABORS received two beautiful boxes of candy from her sons, Fred and Roy Sunday.

Mrs. George REID has been on the sick list but is improving.

Robinson Springs

Mrs. F.G. TORRANCE spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Orlena SMITH.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl RILEY are the proud parents of a baby girl, Isla Morene.

Modena WEST was sick this week-end.

Dannye WILLIAMS, who has been teaching school at Huckabee is at home.

Mrs. J.D. STODGHILL, formerly of De Leon, but now of Haskell, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. BROWN.

New Hope News

Mr. and Mrs. J.T. DUPRIEST are the parents of a ten pound boy born to them on Tuesday, May the tenth.

Mr. and Mrs. HUCKABY of the Leon community are spending a few days with their daughter, Mrs. H.M. JOHNSON and family.

Mrs. BURROW of near Ranger spent Saturday night with her son Ben BURROW.  Her son and family returned home with her and spent Sunday.


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