De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 22, 1927 

Three Are Injured In Comyn Mishaps

            With the past week or ten days three De Leon men have suffered injuries at the Humble station, Comyn.  Enoch WISDOM is nursing a fractured arm and will be out two weeks or more.  Jesse STONE also has a broken arm, both bones of the forearm being broken near the wrist.  Alvin STRINGFELLOW received sever burns when he tripped while carrying a bucket of “red hot” asphalt, his injuries being to the arms below the elbow.

            All the injuries were painful, but none will be permanently injured, it is stated.

 Mrs. A.L. Moore Injured by Mishap

            Mrs. W.L. MOORE, wife of Dr. MOORE, was considerably bruised and injured when she was thrown from their car this week.  The door of the machine came open while the machine was in motion.  Her injuries are not thought serious.

De Leon Boys Are Winners in District Meet, Brownwood

            Dick WEAVER won first honors in Senior Boys Declamation at Brownwood last Friday and will represent the district at the State Meet to be held at University of Texas at Austin the end of next week.  His subject was “The Character and Making of a Man.”  Fifteen boys entered this even, WEAVER being an easy winner.

            In the field events Fred HOWE won second honors in Broad Jump, and is eligible to represent the district in the state meet.  These two alone will go to State.

            Violet TODD and Marion SHORT represented the county in debate at the meet.  The subject was resolved: “That a Federal Department of Education Should be Established with a Secretary in the President’s Cabinet”.  The girls won over three opponents in the county, Comanche, Sidney, and Comyn, but lost to Brady in the district meet.

            Dorothy RICHESON won second in the Junior Girls Declamation in the county and competed in the district meet, failing to place.

            Paul HOLDRIDGE represented the county at District in Extemporaneous Speaking, but did not place for State honors.

            Jewell Jean KIRKPATRICK, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Seba KIRKPATRICK of Santa Anna, formerly of De Leon, won third in Senior Girls Declamation.  Miss Allene WEAVER represented this county in this event but failed to place for state.

            Lillie REED in tennis singles won her way into the semi-finals but was defeated by a player from Richland Springs.  Miss REED won third in District.

            Hazel HUDDLESTON and Vivian BOSWELL represented Comanche county in Tennis Doubles and won third place in District, not placing in State.

            Andrew JACKSON won third in Half Mile Run and John Carl HASKINS was fourth in the same event.  HASKINS was “pocketed” and thus handicapped at the beginning of the race.

            Walter LOWE and Cole NANCE represented the county in Tennis Doubles losing to Brady in the preliminaries.

            Approximately 250 people represented the various schools in the various events of the meet.  It was highly successful.

Optometrist Off To State Convention

            H. HAMPTON, local jeweler and optometrist, left early in the week for San Antonio, where he is attending the state convention of optometrists, in session there Tuesday to Thursday.  Mr. HAMPTON rarely ever misses these annual gatherings, gaining much valuable information from the lectures and discussions he hears.  He also makes it a point to attend short courses given in his line from time to time, only recently having spent a week at optometrist’s short course in Fort Worth.

            C.H. FILES, formerly with H. HAMPTON as assistant watchmaker, now of Cisco, was here “keeping shop” for Mr. HAMPTON during his absence.

Dr. J. E. Self is at Home from Sanitarium

            Friends of Dr. J.E. SELF will be glad to know that he has so far recovered from his recent operation that he was able to be brought home Tuesday, where he is getting along nicely.

Sister of De Leon Woman Has Operation

            Mrs. Paul HICKEY of Lingleville, sister of Mrs. Dee HENSON, is in the sanitarium at Gorman, having been operated upon for appendicitis and other  maladies Tuesday at noon.  Mrs. HICKEY is reported recovering nicely.  Mrs. HENSON has spent most of the week at her bedside.

De Leon Man Federal Inspector for World’s Largest Chili Factory

            The largest chili factory in the world at Austin, Texas, according to a letter the Free Press has from our friend, Monroe ROBBINS.  And the Federal Government is represented in that factory by Mr. ROBBINS, as chief inspector.  This is quite an honor, or rather an achievement for Mr. ROBBINS as he acquired the position not through “political pull” but by his ability to make good.  He has had the place for about ten years.  He is a son of W.T. ROBBINS and was reared on a farm near Ebenezer.  Mr. ROBBINS is married and has 3 children all in Austin schools.  He speaks in glowing terms of the efficiency of the public school system in the Capital City.

            In Mr. ROBBINS’ letter to the Free Press editor, he spoke reminiscently of the days when he “ate his first bowl of chili” in a restaurant in De Leon and got his first “barber shop haircut” here with John GRISHAM plying the shears.  Mr. ROBBINS deserves much credit for the advancement he has made, just as a score of other De Leon boys, products of the farm, may be pointed to by this city with pride in their achievements.

Brother of Mrs. J.J. Horn Was Killed in Colo.

            Thurman HIGGINBOTHAM, brother of Mrs. J.J. HORN of this city met accidental death on a highway ten miles from Greeley, Colo. At 11 o’clock a.m. Thursday April 14th.  Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM, who makes his home at Stephenville, was traveling for a school supply house and was enroute to Idaho when he met his death.

            Leaving Denver a short time before, Capt. HIGGINBOTHAM had reached a point ten miles from Greeley when he encountered heavy snow.  The country was level, or slightly rolling, and the snow was in heavy drifts.  He drove out beside the road and was putting on tire chains.  While thus engaged, his car was sideswiped by a large motor bus.  Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM was run over by the bus.  He was picked up immediately and rushed to Greeley, dying enroute.

            Relatives here were notified and J.J. HORN of this city, and D.R. FRANKS of Dublin, went to Greeley, Mr. FRANKS accompanying the body home and Mr. HORN bringing the car overland.  The body arrived at the old home, Dublin, where the funeral was from the First Baptist church at 3:00 o’clock Wednesday afternoon.  The Masonic ceremony was held at the graveside, deceased being a 32nd Degree Mason, his body being laid to rest in the uniform of the Commandery.

            Mr. HIGGINBOTHAM was 40 years of age last February and was unmarried.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. John HIGGINBOTHAM, having died within the past three years.  He was a veteran of the World War, in which he attained the rank of lieutenant.  Later he organized a company of National Guardsmen and was commissioned captain.  He retired from the U.S. army several years ago.

            Surviving are six sisters, Mrs. J.J. HORN of De Leon, Mrs. E.F. PULS and Miss Lorrinne HIGGINBOTHAM, of Dallas; Mrs. D.C. HIGGINBOTHAM, Port Arthur; Mrs. D.R. FRANK, Dublin and Mrs. William J. BOWEN, New York City; R.W. and J.M. HIGGINBOTHAM, are uncles of Capt. HIGGINBOTHAM.

Buried Father-in-Law in the Panhandle

            B.S. SLATON, Katy man who has been working out of De Leon, but who resides at Stamford, was called to Stamford a few days ago on account of the death of his father-in-law, who made his home with the SLATONs.  The remains of the aged man were carried to some point in the Panhandle for burial.

Former De Leon Man Lost Tailor Shop By Fire at Cisco

            Friends of Burl POWELL will hear with regret of a serious loss he sustained recently when fire destroyed his tailor shop in the business district of Cisco.  Mr. POWELL has been in the tailoring business there for perhaps 10 years and has a well-established trade.  His loss was approximately $2500 and Free Press understands he will recover only about $500 in insurance.  Mr. POWELL has already re-opened for business.  He formerly lived in De Leon.

Other News

            Mr. and Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY have gone to Marlin where he is taking a series of baths, not having been in the best of health recently.

            Rev. and Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL were in Brownwood last Friday in attendance at the District Interscholastic League.  Other De Leon teachers attending were Misses ROSS and WESSON and Mr. and Mrs. W.Z. COMPTON.

            Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN and children went to Stephenville Sunday to attend the Masonic ceremonies in session there.

            Mrs. Stuart CATE returned to her home at Breckenridge Saturday following a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH.

            Mr. and Mrs. Howard McCLELLAN and son, Boyd, were here the past weekend while enroute to Cromwell, Okla., from Clyde, where he is to be field foreman for the Mid-Kansas.  They visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.J. McCLELLAN and also his brother, Earl and family.

            Lewis EASTERLING and Emmett GRIZZELLE, Tarleton students, were home for the week-end.

            Earl HOWELL, of Dallas, was in the city for a visit with home folks the week-end.

            Lewis and Albert George and Emmett RIPPETOE, all from West Texas, are at the bedside of Mrs. Herd GILDER, who is critically ill.

Duster Items

Ernest WILSON, who has been working at Luling, has been called to the bedside of his wife who has the measles.  She came to see her father when he took the measles and took them herself.

Miss Hope DUKES, who is attending college at Stephenville, spent Sunday at home.

The Senior Sunday School class of Duster went kodaking Saturday evening, then returned to the home of the leader, Miss Hope DUKES, where ice cream, lemonade and cake was served.

Miss Johnnie Mae HOLMES, who is a nurse in the Gorman sanitarium, spent the week-end with her relatives of this community.

Mr. and Mrs. M.J. DUKES of Rising Star visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. DUKES of Duster, Sunday.

Robinson Springs

Miss Lora SINGLETON spent Saturday night with Lynette and Mabel MACON.

Afton CLARK, Opal TORRANCE and J.W. TORRANCE have the measles.

Beatrice ROBINSON spent the week-end at her home in Proctor.  Jesse FRANKLIN’s sister from Ranger was visiting here the past week-end.

Lela MOHON spent the week-end at home.

New Hope News

Mrs. O.C. THOMAS of West Texas was visiting last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.E. GOLDEN.

S.N. WILKERSON and family spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. J.T. SOLLEY of De Leon.

Claude OTWELL and Jack OTWELL and family visited Mrs. Rufus OTWELL, who is now in the sanitarium at Gorman, Sunday.

Eddie NABORS of Hamilton and Will COLEY and Rev. A.F. NABORS of De Leon was visiting Oscar NABORS on Sunday evening.

Round Grove News

            Mrs. Margaret BLAIR, wife of W.A. BLAIR, died suddenly of heart failure at their home Friday, April 8th and her remains were laid to rest at the Round Grove cemetery at 3:30 o’clock p.m. Saturday, the 9th.  The funeral service was conducted by Rev. R.L. SMALLWOOD of Stephenville.  Aunt Margret, as everyone knew her, had been ill for about a week but was better and was thought out of danger.  She had been a member of the Baptist church for more than 40 years and had been a useful woman in the community.  She was about 75 years of age.  She had no children.  Her husband survives her.

            Mrs. Herd GILDER is critically ill at her home near Round Grove, in fact, so ill that relatives have been summoned from West Texas.  A tiny baby came into the home a few days ago and the mother has not made satisfactory recovery.

©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.