De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 4, 1927 

Mrs. Nunnelley Had Tonsil Operation

            Mrs. John NUNNELLEY has been ill for several days as a result of having her tonsils removed at Blackwell Sanitarium last Saturday.  She has also had a badly inflamed foot, result of a wound made by stepping on a nail.

New Cream Station at Lee Filling Station

            J.A. LEE has arranged to buy cream having made arrangements to handle the product for Metzger Bros. Creamery of Dallas.  Metzger has furnished Mr. LEE all the necessary equipment and he is now in the market for the product. 

Short Farm Sub-Divided and Sold to 4 Purchasers

            The John SHORT farm, situated mostly outside the city limits, on the southeast, which was acquired by a number of interests here a few months ago, has been sold.  There were four purchasers.

            The two larger shares went to W.H. WILLIAMS and C.H. SHARP, they buying 60 acres each.  Mr. SHARP bought sixty acres in a strip running entirely across the east end of the tract.  Mr. WILLIAMS got 60 acres across the center, including the house and other improvements.  C.C. NICHOLS got 25 acres across the south which faces on the Comanche highway, and J.J. HORN purchased the 25 acres in the northwest corner and nearest to town.  Mr. HORN’s tract faces on both the Comanche and Comyn highways.

            Messrs. HORN, SHARP and NICHOLS will build houses on their holding immediately, it is reported to this paper.

Deal Completed in Which Gentry Buys Self Service Stat’n

            Elmer GENTRY this week purchased of Dr. J.E. SELF the fixtures and the equipment of Self Service Station, together with the good will of the business.  Mr. GENTRY took charge immediately.  He will continue the business at the same stand, both the filling station and garage business, etc.

            Free Press understands that the deal was a joint one, with Gulf Oil & Refining Company purchasing the building and Mr. GENTRY the fixtures and equipment.  Although the Gulf has not disclosed their intentions in the matter, it is expected that they will improve the property as they have done similar property at other points where they operate.

            Mr. GENTRY brings with him his mechanical force and will continue to do the same high class work as he did at the old stand.  He will continue the eight-hour battery charging service, Self Service Station has done.

            Bill WALKER is the owner and proprietor of the station next to the Lambert Hotel, formerly occupied by GENTRY.  Mr. WALKER will operate the place as headquarters for his service car business.  He will keep several rent cars to rent at 10 cents per mile, or $1 per hour.  He will add several machines, it is told.  He will continue to operate the filling station also.

Father and Son Injured in Car Wreck Tuesday

            Tuesday afternoon at about four o’clock a small touring car driven by Ben GRAHAM of De Leon, Route 1, turned over off the highway dump at a point near the old De Leon Refinery site on the Gorman highway half a mile from town and seriously injured the two occupants, Mr. GRAHAM and his 11 year old son.  They passed R.F.D. Carrier Sandy GLOVER a mile farther up the highway, driving at a pretty brisk rate of speed.  When Mr. GLOVER reached the scene of the accident the car was wrecked by the roadside and Mr. GRAHAM was standing by, the child lying in the ditch in serious condition.

            Mr. GLOVER took both in his car and hurried into town where first aid was given.  It was found that Mr. GRAHAM had suffered a broken collar bone and bruises.  The child fared much worse.  He suffered from internal injuries evidently about the lower abdomen, and had one leg broken above the knee, bruises about the head and body.

            After preliminary examination the child was taken to Gorman and his wounds placed under X-ray.  Free Press had a report on the case Wednesday afternoon and the leg had not been placed in a plaster cast because of the injury to his body.  He was resting fairly well.

Holcomb Tire & Radio Shop Newest Business in City

            Bryan HOLCOMB, native of Comanche but who has in recent months operated a vulcanizing and radio shop at Gorman, closed his place there and moved to De Leon.  Mr. HOLCOMB is now open for business in the Airdome building.  He is equipped to do all kinds of vulcanizing on tires and tubes and other rubber goods and in addition offers service on all types of radios.  He sells the Arborphone.

            Mr. HOLCOMB graduated from the Sweeney School of Electricity and Automobile Engineering at Kansas City a number of years ago.  During the World War he was employed by the government in vulcanizing gaining valuable experience.  His later experience in electrical work and vulcanizing in the oil field districts has more than fully qualified him for the work he is doing.

            Free Press predicts success for Mr. HOLCOMB in De Leon.


Otho PLEMMONS, son of Dr. and Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS who lives at Waco, was here this week for a visit with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank CARTER have returned from Stephenville and will again make their home in De Leon.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. GREGORY have gone to Fort Worth to make their home, he being employed in a hardware store there.

Miss Gladys SHORT, who teaches at Breckenridge, was spending a few days at home this week.

Charley and Carl ROSS, from Colorado and Snyder, respectively, were here for a brief visit with home folks this week.

Johnnie HUNT, nephew of Mrs. E.B. RIDER, arrived recently from Chicago for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. G.F. MARTIN are to leave Comyn this week to make their home at Hawley.  Mr. MARTIN has been promoted to the position of chief engineer at one of the main line pumping stations on the Panhandle line for the Humble company.  The station employs about as many men as are regularly employed at Comyn, it is said.  Mrs. MARTIN and children will remain here until they can get a house at Hawley.

New Hope News

Lewis WILKERSON, who has been real sick with pneumonia but is now recovering, was made very glad Saturday night when his teacher, Miss Enola McCHAREN and her pupils presented him with a nice bouquet of flowers.

Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIR and mother have both been on the sick list the past week but are now recovering.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde HODGES and their two children visited over Sunday with W.W. HODGES of Round Grove.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer St. CLAIR and little daughter and Mrs. STRUBE of De Leon visited Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIR on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. HUCKABY of near Gorman spent a few days last week with their daughter, Mrs. H.M. JOHNSON.

Oliver Springs

Mrs. Clyde NABORS has been visiting her nephew, Wade NANCE, at the sanitarium in Gorman the past week.

Oliver Springs ball team was defeated by the Robinson Springs boys Friday.  One of the Oliver Springs boys, Lonnie HAMPTON, has an injured arm from the game.

Henry LINDLEY has been ill for several months and is no better at present.  Mr. LINDLEY’s daughters from Alabama are at his bedside.

Mrs. Winnie BRYANT and children of Ranger spent Sunday with her parents.


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