De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 25, 1927 


Stan Dabney Funeral Held in Room of Birth

When Stan DABNEY’s remains were brought back to Desdemona for burial last Friday after his tragic death in Dallas on Thursday, the funeral service was held at the old DABNEY homestead a mile north of Desdemona, the casket resting in the self same room in which he was born some 47 years ago.  Burial was in the family burying plot at Desdemona cemetery.

            DABNEY has lived in Dallas for perhaps a dozen years, being employed most of the time by Schoellkopf Harness & Saddlery Co.  He was an expert leather workman.  He had his ups and downs in his business relations, and lately was not in the best of health.  He had been despondent as a result.  Thursday about noon he walked out of his home to the garage and drank the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid.  He walked back into the house, told his wife what he had done, threw up his hands and staggered to the floor.  He never spoke after that and was unconscious until death ended his intense suffering three hours later.

            Mr. DABNEY had been married about 25 years.  Their daughter, Miss Lucile, is employed by the Dallas Light and Power Co.  Their three sons are Fred, 19; Elbert 15; and Stanley Jr. 12.  These with the wife and mother survive him.  They reside at 503 South Winnetka St., Oak Cliff, Dallas.

Steakley Family Moved to Sweetwater Monday

            Z.C. STEAKLEY was home from Sweetwater several days last week, finishing up some work at the bank, and packing and shipping his household goods to Sweetwater where they will make their home.  Mr. and Mrs. STEAKLEY have lived in De Leon some fifteen or twenty years and have many friends here who regret to see them go.  Mr. STEAKLEY came to De Leon as agent for the Texas Central railroad, a position he filled for a number of years, resigning that to become cashier of the Farmers & Merchants National Bank.  The family has been prominent in church and social life of the town as well as successful in business circles.

Mrs. Patterson Opens Beauty Shop

            Mrs. J.O. PATTERSON is just home from Oklahoma City where she took a special course of three months at the Lam-Te School of Beauty Culture.  Mrs. PATTERSON formerly had a similar course in Coffeyville, Kansas and is well advanced in the most scientific knowledge along this line.

            Mrs. PATTERSON has engaged rooms over Tomlin Drug Co., and has opened a modern Beauty Shoppe.  Engagements may be made by calling her by telephone.

Card of Thanks

            We wish to extend our sincerest thanks to all the good friends at De Leon and Desdemona who showed us such kindness and sympathy during the recent great trial through which we have passed.  May you be the recipients of the richest blessings of an All Wise Providence and may sorrow never overtake you, is our earnest prayer.

            Mrs. Stanley DABNEY and Children

Intermediate League Had Washington Party on Monday Evening

            The Intermediate League had a George Washington party on Monday night at the Methodist church.  The basement was gaily decorated with red crepe paper.

            After some time had been joyfully spent in playing games, our leader, Mrs. WILLIAMS, served refreshments to the following:

            Lenora FINKELSTINE, Gladys COOK, Sarah JETTON, O’Rene TOMLIN, Firginia GREENWALDT, Mayme UNDERWOOD, Dorothy RICHESON, Connor JETTON, Ralph RICHESON, Cecil COOK, C.A. COOK and D’Otis TOMLIN.

De Leon Folks Are Under Treatment Gorman Sanitarium

            Volley NABORS, son of Chief Police NABORS, who is employed by the De Leon Peanut Co. was operated on for appendicitis at Blackwell Sanitarium the last of the week.  His condition is reported as satisfactory.

            Wade NANCE, second son of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. NANCE, had an operation for ruptured appendix at Gorman Sunday and is resting as well as could be expected.  NANCE has been working at Ranger and came home ill Friday and continued to grow worse until the operation was performed.

            The 8 years old son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD is in the sanitarium at Gorman suffering with an abscess behind the mastoid bone, back of the ear.  He had a minor operation inside the ear for the trouble last Friday.  Mrs. HOWARD is at his bedside.

            Two little sons of Mr. and Mrs. Earl BELL of Breckenridge, ages 5 and 7, had tonsil operations at Gorman Sanitarium Monday.


            The marriage of Mr. Horace BOWEN of San Antonio to Miss Ludnette HOLMES of the Downing community occurred at Comanche at the home of Rev. and Mrs. J.D. SMOOT, Thursday, February 17th, 1927, at 1 o’clock p.m.  Rev. SMOOT performed the ceremony.  The contracting parties took the solemn vow in the presence of the bride’s sisters, Misses Myra and Johnnie Mae HOLMES, and Miss Georgia BOWEN, sister of the groom.  The young people are of prominent families of the community.  The groom has never lived here, having been employed by the Southern Steel Co., of San Antonio, for a number of years.

            The young couple left Sunday for their new hoe at 318 Fairview, San Antonio, being accompanied there by Mrs. J.C. LANE of Stephenville, a sister of the groom, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred NABORS of this city.


Mrs. Otis DILLARD of Ranger, was a guest of the week of her sister, Mrs. Wm. STEAKLEY.

John J. HORN was here recently visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. HORN.

Mrs. S.J. PARKER of Breckenridge, formerly Miss Lucile SIMS of this city, is here this week visiting her mother.

Mrs. S.G. PARKS has gone to Meridian for a week’s visit with her sister, Mrs. H.B. WHITE.

J.D. RAGLAND, his daughter, Mrs. OPDYKE, and Raymond RAGLAND and wife motored to Ranger on business the last of the week.

New Hope News

J.C. DUPRIEST, who is now making his home with his son, John T. DUPRIEST, was preparing to go to church Sunday when he fell to the floor with a stroke of paralysis.  He is improving at this writing and it is hoped that he will continue to improve and not have another stroke.

Francis LIGHTFOOT, little daughter of Ed LIGHTFOOT, is real sick with the measles.

Wade NANCE, son of J.S. NANCE, is in the sanitarium at Gorman real sick with appendicitis.  He was operated on last Sunday.

Levis WILKERSON, son of S.N. WILKERSON, was sick all last week and is still very sick.  He had an attack of appendicitis but seems to be over that now and has been suffering with pleurisy pains and now has pneumonia with high fevers.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer HAFFORD was at the sanitarium at Gorman Sunday at the bedside of her brother, Vollie NABORS, who was operated on for appendicitis last Sunday.

Mrs. Whit SIDES, who was reported as being sick last week is still on the sick list and improving slowly.

Mr. and Mrs. Elbert MORTON, of St. Joe, visited their daughter, Mrs. Perry St. CLAIR, Sunday.

Alonzo LEE spent Saturday night and Sunday with his sister, Mrs. W.W. HODGES of Round Grove .

Mr. and Mrs. Willie LINDLEY and children of near Desdemona, visited her mother, Mrs. Fred HOLLAND, Sunday.  Their small daughter, whose age is nearly three weeks, came to see its grandmother for the first time.

Mrs. John T. SOLLEY of De Leon visited from Saturday until Monday with her daughter, Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON.

Rev. Earl LIGHTFOOT and wife and their two boys of Ft. Worth arrived Saturday for a visit in the home of his sister and brothers of this community.

Rufus OTWELL and family of St. Joe visited Jack OTWELL and family Sunday.

Misses Myrl and Ina Van HODGES of Round Grove community spent Saturday night with their sister, Mrs. Murray SIDES.

Round Grove News

The measles are about over seems like around here, the new case of the past few days are Royce RIPPETOE and Fostine GEORGE.

Little Wayne GILDER who has been real sick with measles and pneumonia is better at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. D.C. GILDER are the proud parents of a new boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Will LOVELACE have moved to the SPICER old home to help take care of Mrs. SPICER who is very old and feeble.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest CORBELL are the parents of a new baby girl.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.