De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 18, 1927 


Elderly Ladies, Sisters, Reunited After 20 Years

            A strange coincidence came to light here this week in the meeting of two elderly De Leon ladies.  They had not seen each other for twenty years.  But the length of time is not the strange part of the story.  The remarkable feature of this story is that these sisters lived just three blocks from each other for two years lacking two or three days and neither knew the other was here.

            Mrs. H. CUDDELL, aged 72, mother of Mrs. D.A. STEPHENS and of Hardy CUDDELL, came with the STEPHENS family to De Leon from Childress on Feb. 15, 1925.  On exactly the same day, Feb. 15, 1925, Mrs. Ellen EADS, who is 81 years of age, and mother of Mrs. P.B. SHIRO, came from Dallas to make her home with her daughter, Mrs. SHIRO.  Mrs. EADS lives with the SHIRO family at De Leon Bakery, Mrs. CUDDELL lives with Mrs. STEPHENS on the first block directly west of the De Leon North Ward school.  There is just one block and a street lying between the two residences.  And these two good women lived here almost two years without either knowing her sister was almost within calling distance.

            They were brought together through a chance mention of the name “CUDDELL” by Mrs. Jack HAYNES when Mrs. SHIRO was calling at the HAYNES home.  As soon as Mrs. SHIRO heard the name she recognized it as that of relatives.  She went home immediately and took her mother in the car.  Within twenty minutes the elderly ladies were happily reunited.

Honor Roll From South Ward School

7th Grade-Edna Earl COZBY, Evelyn KINCHEN, Elouise NANCE, Grace SMITH, Alma Neil TATE, O’Rene TOMLIN, Mamie UNDERWOOD, Jack DONOHUE, C.B. GREGORY, Conner JETTON, D. Otis TOMLIN.

6th Grade-Alexander ALLEN, Leroy BRISTER, Anthon LEIGON, Bob Henry SMITH, Eldora COONER, Mabel CRUCHFIELD, Leonora FINKELSTINE, Evelyn GOLIGHTLY, Dorothy RICHESON.

5th Grade-Christine LESTER, Marjorie MORRIS, Nell NABORS, Martha Frances RUSSELL, Susan SCHMIDT, Buel SNEAD, Doris WHITE, James NANCE, Peyton WEAVER.

4th Grade-Azelle CLARK, Gladys COOK, Dorothy Nell EASTERLING, Louise JONES, Pansy MULLOY, Neville BAKER, J.C. MILLER.

3rd Grade-Elizabeth BAGWELL, John Marie CAMPBELL, Dorothy McIVER, Ruby TODD, Mary Alice ROLLINS, Wilfred BAGWELL.

2nd Grade-Bernie Mae BLUMBERG, ,Frances GREGORY, Eugenia GENTRY, Mary HAMPTON, Jocelyn KEMP, Bill ROLLINS, Virginia SCOTT, Roy HAMMERS, Billy GREENWALDT, Paul COZBY.

1st Grade- Margaret SHARP, Edmund HAPPNER, Rex CARNES, Martha Faye BARKER, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Virginia HORN, Raynell LIGHTFOOT, Madge LIGHTFOOT, Ola Maye KEMP, Flora JONES, Sam WEAVER.

Martha J. Bowman

            Martha J. BOWMAN was born in Cobb county Georgia, April 2, 1859 and died in Comanche county, Texas, on February 3, 1927.  She being 76 years and 10 months old when death came.

            This dear mother was five years old when she, with her parents, moved to Fannin county, Texas.  When she was 18 years of age she again moved with her parents to Eastland county, Texas, where she lived until 1878.  She was married to A.J. BOWMAN Nov. 25, 1878.  They made their home in Comanche county, Texas.  Her beloved companion passed on to his reward in 1912.  She had made her home with her two children afterwards until the end came.  She was a faithful mother and a loving friend.  She professed faith in her Lord and Maker about forty years ago thus living the life of a Christian mother before her children.

            The children are J.N. BOWMAN and Mrs. E.E. QUINN who yet live to bring out the wishes of the one who has gone before. – Contributed

Mrs. M.E. Hansard (Gorman Progress)

            Monday afternoon the death angel came to claim Mrs. M.E. HANSARD, one of the best known of the older generation in Gorman.  She had been sick for a long time of a complication disease and her death came not unexpectedly but suddenly to the entire community.  The members of the family were notified at once and funeral arrangements made for Wednesday of this week.  The funeral was conducted by Rev. W.B. PIERCE at the Gorman Baptist church followed by interment at the De Leon cemetery.  A friend hands us the following obituary.

            Mrs. Martha HANSARD was born in Georgia Dec. 11, 1854 and died February 7, 1927, at the age of 72 years, 1 month and 26 days.  She married J.E. HANSARD in 1869 to which union 9 children were born, seven of whom survive her.  They are:  Mrs. M.J. MAYO, Jim HANSARD of Gorman; D.M. HANSARD of McCamey; Mrs. Nolan HUBBARD of Ranger; Mrs. Rena SMITH of Gorman; Mrs. Grace DEAN of De Leon; John HANSARD of Lamesa.  All were present at the funeral.

            Deceased was converted and united with the Baptist church at De Leon, later moving her membership to the Gorman Baptist church, until death.  During the 17 years she has been a member of this church she has never ceased to do her share in anything for the upbuilding of the church and Christ’s Kingdom……

Birthday Party

            Mrs. R.L. SCOTT was hostess at a delightful party on February third in honor of her mother’s Mrs. S.G. PARKS birthday.  There were motion songs by Virginia and Elaine SCOTT, music and several amusing contests.  Then guests gathered around the dining table for refreshments and the ceremonies attending the cutting of the birthday cake whose top was a forest of glowing candles.  The following guests were present:  Mesdames C.L. GREENWALDT, W.L. STEAKLEY, C.C. MORRIS, Willie ROSS, W.C. STREETY, Y.L. DABNEY, E.E. DABNEY, S.G. UNDERWOOD, J.D. HAM, R.L. MORELAND, J.V. WHITE, D.L. TERRILL, W.W. RICHESON, W.E. HOWELL, J.E. NORWOOD, Joe TULLOS, and C.R. REDDEN.

Former DeLeon Boy Doing Well In West Texas Farming

            Free Press is in receipt of a letter from Mead PARHAM of Hawley, Jones county, in which he encloses a check for his paper another year.  Mead went west in 1923 and worked for wages a year and then purchased a two-team outfit and in 1924 made 22 bales of cotton.  In 1925 he increased his farm power by another team and made 63 bales.  In 1925 he made 37 bales, he stated, but only got 20 of it picked and had the balance “pulled” and got a poor price, but made a fine feed crop.

New Hope News

Elmer ST. CLAIR and family of De Leon and Perry ST. CLAIR and family visited their mother, Mrs. M.E. ST. CLAIR on Sunday.

Mrs. Fred HOLLAND, Mrs. Basil BROWNLEE and Miss Susie HOLLAND visited their sister and daughter, Mrs. Willit LINDLEY of near Desdemona on Monday.

Mrs. Whit SIDES has been real sick the past week but is improving at this writing.

Round Grove News (Too Late For Last Week)

Mrs. Geo. ROSS, who has been confined to her bed for several months, we are glad to report is able to be up.

Ira ROSS who has been in a plaster Paris cast since last Fall is doing as well as could be expected.  He has been moved from Edwin HOUSES’ to his brother’s new home, Huber ROSS.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. BLAIR and Ed RIPPETOE went to see Lewis STEWART last Saturday, who is in a critical condition at Blackwell sanitarium at Gorman.

New cases of measles are Reuben and Linel ROSS, Wayne GILDER, Bee and Herman GEORGE and Marine GILDER.

Uncle Marion BURNETT, who has been in East Texas spending part of the winter is visiting his niece, Mrs. Gib TREADWAY at present.  He will return to his home in the Panhandle soon.

Jim RIPPETOE and family, Mrs. Alva WILHITE and two daughters visited Ernest RIPPETOE and family last Sunday.

Victor News

Gale SMITH has been very sick the past week but is slowly improving.

Mrs. PEAR has recovered from her illness.  She has been bothered with neuralgia.

Mr. REEVES has been seriously sick for the past two weeks but is better now.

Hurvey GARY and wife of Ross Chapel spent this week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank SMITH.

A party was given at the home of Roy KELLEY Saturday night.  Everyone was interested because it was the first party that was ever given at this residence.  It was the former home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank JASPER.  The party was an outstanding success.

Ima HART is leaving soon, for Albany, where she intends to be a dressmaker.  She will stay wither her sister, Mrs. K.E. SMITH.

Evelyn BROWN, six year old daughter of Ernest BROWN, received severe injuries while playing on a trolley.  Her arm was broken in three places.  The doctor said she was out of danger and she is back in school again.  Ray ROBBINS, who has been working at Comyn, has something to show for it.  He is sporting a new Chevrolet, which he purchased last week.

Mrs. S.M. REED is visiting her brother, R.L. CLIFTON, of this community.

Carrol YOUNG purchased six thoroughbred Hereford calves from Sam BAYS.  We are glad to say that our community has improved to this extent.

C.D. GARY is going to bed twenty bushels of sweet potatoes for plants.  He intends to set out ten acres and will truck them west to market.

Duster Items

Miss Alyce SLOAN is on the sick list this week.  Miss Faith ELLIOTT teaching in her place. 

Miss Jimmie McNEEY of Ralls, Texas, is visiting relatives in this community.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.