De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 17, 1926 

 Grandpa Holleman Had a Stroke of Paralysis, Age 91

            “Dad” HOLLEMAN, as he is affectionately known by almost everyone, suffered a slight stroke of paralysis last Saturday morning and was critically ill for a time, however, early in the present week he was reported much improved.  “Dad” HOLLEMAN is “91 years young” and most people would guess him to be ten years younger than he really is.  Friends everywhere hope for his recovery.

 Uncle Doss Miller Improving; Home for Xmas

            A week or ten days ago a report came from Marlin that Uncle Doss MILLER was critically ill at the sanitarium where he has spent the past six weeks taking the baths for rheumatism.  Indications now are that he is materially improved and is expected home before the holidays.  His many friends will be glad to know of his improvement.

 Birthday Party

            Little Miss Treasure Louise RUSSELL, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL, celebrated her seventh birthday at their home on Wednesday afternoon December first.  It was a very large party, the number of boys and girls romping and playing about the pretty home, entering with enthusiasm into the many games and contests.  Scores of pretty gifts were bestowed upon the popular little honoree.  Those present to enjoy the event with Treasure Louise were:

            Sam WEAVER, Willis LIGHTFOOT, Bobby STEAKLEY, Mary Jean NEWTON, Delta Ree HOLDRIDGE, Martha Faye BARKER, Billy Fae LONDON, Frank McCALLA, Daphne SHOOK, Virginia HORN, James David SCHMIDT, Elaine and Virginia SCOTT, Billy GREENWALDT, Pick CHAMBERS, Wilfred BAGWELL, Charles CHRISTOPHER, Ola Mae and Jocelyn KEMP, Ralph NICHOLS, Frances GREGORY, Gena GENTRY, John Travis MOHON, Jimmie THOMPSON, Stewart THOMPSON, Elizabeth BAGWELL, Norman GEORGE, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Dorothy and Ruth COOK, Josie Beth ALLEN, Ruth RICHESON, Mavella JACKSON, Jane PIERSON, Luther JOHNSON, Charles LEIGON, Jas. HAMPTON, Katherine MORTON, Billy ROLLINS, Mary Alice ROLLINS, Ruth AYERS, Susan SCHMIDT, Mary HAMPTON, Minnie Lou ELLIS, Ruby TODD, Lady Grace WHALEY, Dorothy MELVER, Margaret McCALLA, Martha RUSSELL, Margaret SHARP.

 Hampton and Toland Birthday Celebration

            The HAMPTON children and grandchildren gathered at the home of Mr. And Mrs. D.W. TOLAND on Sunday, December fifth in honor of Mother HAMPTON's and Mr. TOLAND's birthdays.

            It was a complete surprise to Mother HAMPTON and little granddaughter Mary.  The children all came early bringing the gifts which were placed in a room decorated with flowers given by Mrs. W.L. LOCKE.  After going to Sunday school and church Mother HAMPTON arrived very much surprised that all the children had gathered there on the same day.

            She was still more surprised on entering the room where the gifts were waiting.  After the gifts were all seen, the dining room door was opened and she was told to enter and see what else had been prepared.  Such another birthday dinner, as has been prepared by the four HAMPTON sisters.  After dinner was served the older ones sat around the fire and talked of the past, present and future while the children ate fruits, candy and cakes and played in their playhouses.

            Those present were Mrs. S.F. HAMPTON, Mrs. A.E. HAMPTON, Mr. And Mrs. Lloyd HAMPTON and little daughter Mary, Mr. And Mrs. Allen BIBBY and little son Howard, Mr. And Mrs. W.S. MORELAND and two children Elizabeth and Cecil, Mr. And Mrs. Joe KEMP and children, Amber Ruth, Fannie Belle, Joe, Joslyn and Ola May, Mr. And Mrs. D.W. TOLAND and children Gladys, Murry, Mildred and Florence.

            Those absent were Mrs. Brown SHAVER and little daughter of Dale, Texas and Gayle TOLAND who is in school at Brownwood.

South Ward Honor Roll

Seventh Grade-Enda Earl COZBY, Grace SMITGH, Alma Nell TATE, Jack DONOHUE, D. Otis TOMLIN.

Sixth Grade-Anton LEIGON, Lenora FINKLESTINE, Evelyn GOLIGHTLY.

Fifth Grade-Martha Frances RUSSELL, Susan SCHMIDT, James NANCE.

Fourth Grade-Azelle CLARK, Louise JONES, Wesley ELLIFF, J.C. MILLER.

Third Grade-John Marie CAMPBELL, Treasure Louise RUSSELL, Winfred BAGWELL.

Second Grade-Frances GREGORY, Eugenia GENTRY, Jocelyn KEMP, Bill ROLLINS, James HAMPTON, Roy N. HAMMERS, Ralph NICHOLS, Billy GREENWALDT.


Miss Georgia BOWEN returned last week from San Antonio where she has spent several months with her brother who is a practicing physician there.

Mrs. Otis DILLARD of Ranger was spending the past weekend with her sister, Mrs. Wm. STEAKLEY.  Eld. J.J. EDWARDS has also been visiting with his daughter, Mrs. STEAKLEY.

 Mrs. H.J. STOCKMAN and two little sons returned this week to their home at Akron, Ohio, following a two or three months visit in the home of her parents, Mr. And Mrs. J.D. HAM.

 Mr. and Mrs. M.H. HANCOCK arrived several days ago and will spend the holiday season with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. A.J. HANCOCK and with her relatives at Whitney.

 Mrs. Beryl HEATH of Rising Star was here the last of the week for a visit in the home of Mr. And Mrs. H.C. HEATH.

Victor News

Roy SMITH, who has been away from home for the past three months returned last week.

Walter BARKER of this community moved into Robinson Springs community last Friday.

Miss Lucile RILEY who attends school at Desdemona spent the past weekend at home.

New Hope News

Shirley STRUBE and family moved from this community last week and are located at Amarillo, Texas.

Clyde HODGES and family and Murry SIDES and family visited in the home of W.W. HODGES of Round Grove Sunday.

Miss Addie JOHNSON, Miss Lucille LEE, Miss Clara WILKERSON, Miss Pearl LEE, J.L. WILKERSON, Alonzo LEE, Miss Alta THOMPSON, Miss Mae HAMMONS, Luther HAMMONS, Miss Addie PILCHER, and Billy PILCHER were among the ones present at the party at Mr. WALKER's of Bowman, on Saturday night.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.