De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, December 3, 1926 

Two Fires This Week; 1 House Was Destroyed

L. LIGHTFOOT suffered the loss of a residence by fire Tuesday night, the fire occurring in a vacant building in the northeast portion of the city where he formerly lived.  He had owned the building the past nine years.  Mr. LIGHTFOOT was away in Dallas when the fire occurred, having left here Tuesday morning.  Manley STONE had recently moved out of the building. The fire was discovered shortly after 1:00 o'clock and the building was gone before the fire department could get to it, in fact the blaze was well advanced when discovered.  Some insurance was carried.  The house was of five rooms and was wired for electricity.  The origin of the fire is unknown.

New Shoe Shop Opened Here

            W.G. GENTRY, lately of Ft. Worth but formerly in the shoe repairing business here some ten years ago, has returned to De Leon and opened up a shoe repairing business at the old Air dome building.  Mr. GENTRY knows the business thoroughly and will give satisfaction to anyone patronizing him.

 Friends Present Albert Rucker a “Xmas Present”

            Albert RUCKER has been ill for more than a year, confined to his home near the north ward school building.  He is on the road to recovery and will doubtless ultimately fully recover his health but he has a period of convalescence before him yet so his friends, led by H.H. PEEVY, this week presented him with a splendid new radio receiving set, five tubes with charging device for battery; [illeg] speaker and all the modern equipment.  The new instrument has been installed in Mr. RUCKER's home and is giving excellent service.  Free Press commends Mr. PEEVY for his thoughtfulness and his effort in the matter.  Everyone will wish for Mr. RUCKER and family, at this Christmas time, first, the return of Mr. RUCKER's former good health and secondly, many happy evenings around the radio.

 Thanks Extended

            Upon receipt of the splendid gift Mr. RUCKER communicated with the Free Press and asked that his sincere and heartfelt thanks be extended the good people of the community who had any part of the gift, and especially to thank Mr. PEEVY for his kindness and thoughtfulness in the matter.


            The marriage of Miss Lucile SIMS to Mr. J.L. PARKER occurred at the parsonage of the First Baptist church at Breckenridge Wednesday evening, December 1st, 1926, at 7:30 o'clock.  Pastor SHIRER said the magic words that united them for the happy voyage.  The wedding was witnessed by Mrs. W.S. SNEED, mother of the bride and by a number of girl friends of Miss Lucile.

            Miss SIMS, eldest daughter of Mrs. W.S. SNEED, has lived in De Leon since early childhood.  She was a student in De Leon schools until going to accept a position.  She has worked for F.W. Woolworth at Breckenridge since September.  It was while employed there that she met young PARKER who is assistant manager of the store.  Naturally enough, their association developed into a warm friendship and finally into more tender ties.

            Mr. PARKER was formerly of Roscoe, Texas, where his parents reside.  Best wishes of many friends attend them as they start on the eventful journey.

 Ermich Making Things Hum at Travelers Hotel

            M.B. ERMICH, the new owner and manager of the Travelers Hotel is proving his claim to being a hotel man of experience.  Since his arrival the business of the hotel has gone forward in a most satisfactory manner, he said, in fact business was never better with the hotel than it has been during the past thirty days.  Mr. ERMICH pointed with pride to the register which shows a steady patronage running from fifty to seventy-five per cent capacity day after day.

            Mrs. L.J. VALENTA, late of San Antonio, arrived recently and is dining room supervisor.  Mrs. VALENTA has had many years experience in this kind of work.  She is a specialist in pastry cooking and the hotel now makes all the pastry served, including ice cream, etc.  Patrons have commented favorably on the pastry the hotel has served since the arrival of Mrs. VALENTA.  Mrs. CRUTCHFIELD continues with the hotel as head cook.  She has been with The Travelers for several years.


            Mrs. Johnnie MOHON is beginning a course of study this week under Prof. FROH of John Tarleton College, at Stephenville, driving there for her instruction each week.  Mrs. MOHON also teaches a class in piano now, and is taking the course to refresh her music and acquire latest methods.

             “Mary Gwyn”little daughter of Mr. And Mrs. C.J. HARDING arrived Saturday, November 27th, weighs seven and a half pounds and starts her career under auspicious omens.  Mrs. HARDING is a daughter of Mr. And Mrs. O.L. THOMPSON and the little one arrived at the THOMPSON apartments in the telephone building.

             Mrs. Leon NOEL returned home from Valley Mills for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday with her daughter Miss Eudora who was home from Trinity University, Waxahachie.  Mrs. NOEL returned to Valley Mills last Saturday where she is in attendance upon a sister who is seriously sick.

             Mrs. W.W. GREGORY went to Colorado City this week to visit her husband who has been working there the past month, and also to bring home her sister, Miss Vera SPENCER, who has been employed in the post office there for several months.

             Lewis EASTERLING of John Tarleton College was here for a brief visit with home folks recently.

 Round Grove News

Herman GEORGE, who has been real sick with pneumonia is much better and will be able to get out in few days if not hindered.

 Mrs. George ROSS who had been visiting relatives in Ford county returned home several days ago sick.  She is up and going now.

 Jennett ROSS, little daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Howell ROSS, who received a severe burn on her feet and legs from a tea kettle of scalding water when turned over on her several weeks ago, is able to walk about this week.

 Roy GEORGE who has been in Haskel county for several weeks was called home on account of his brother, Herman, who has been real sick.

 A Thanksgiving dinner at W.M. RIPPETOEs was attended by many relatives last Thursday.  Those present were Whipple JONES, Tilmon DYSON and families, Mr. And Mrs. R.L. BLACK of Desdemona, James BRADLEY, Lee RIPPETOE and son Floyd, of Handley, Herman GILDER, Ernest, Emmitt, and Walter RIPPETOE and families, Ed and Jim RIPPETOE of this place.  The crowd in the afternoon enjoyed themselves singing and listening to a sermon by Rev. James BRADLEY.

 Ira ROSS, who has been a cripple from tuberculosis of the hip for more than a year, was taken worse last week.  He was carried to Brownwood where it was at first thought the leg would perhaps be amputated.  However, after an x-ray examination the doctors decided not to take his leg off but placed him in a plaster cast from his waist to his feet including both legs and feet.  It is expected by the doctors that he will remain in this from four to 12 months.  He was brought home last Sunday and is doing as well as could be expected.

 Victor News

Frank THOMAS is moving on his father’s place near De Leon for the coming year.

 Miss Irita GARDNER went to Arlington on Thanksgiving day with the John Tarleton students and ex-students – it was the occasion of their annual football game.  She reports a very nice trip.

 New Hope News

School was dismissed on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  School is progressing nicely with John LIGHTFOOT, principal and Miss Enola McCHAREN, assistant teacher.  This is Miss Enola’s first year to teach but she is making a host of friends.  All the pupils like her very much.  Mr. LIGHTFOOT has taught here in previous years and had already proved to be very successful.

 Mr. and Mrs. Cleburne DAWKINS recently moved into our community and living on R.S. McCHAREN’s place.  Mrs. DAWKINS lived here a few years ago and was then Miss Eva MORRIS.  We are glad to have them with us.

 Mr. and Mrs. Bill DOLLEY are the parents of a baby daughter born on November 26.  Mrs. DOLLY [spelled two different ways] was formerly Miss Leona HOLLAND of this community and she and little daughter are now at the home of her aunt. Mrs. Whit SIDES.

 Miss Ruth St. CLAIR, Mrs. M.E. St. CLAIR and Grandma ROBERSON visited Perry ROBERSON and family of Comanche Sunday.  Grandma remained for an extended visit.

 Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON of Gorman spent Saturday and Sunday with their son, H. M. JOHNSON and family.

 Mr. and Mrs. HUCKABY of near De Leon are now visiting their daughter, Mrs. H.M. JOHNSON.

 W.S. LOCK and family of Harmony community visited W.O. LOCK on Sunday.

 Oliver Springs

Misses Velma BANKHEAD, Viola BRASWELL, Tommie and Will Jose BAIRD all went to Gorman Sunday to visit Mrs. HAMPTON who is recovering from a serious illness. 

Mrs. PARKE and daughter Miss Mamie were in Gorman Sunday.

 This community was shocked and saddened by the injury and death of Alba HAMPTON.  On Saturday, Nov. 23 while returning home from De Leon, his car ran off the cement dip out of town and he was so badly injured that death came Tuesday night, November 26 at 11:00.  He was one of the best liked boys of the community.  Everyone was his friend, of a jolly and pleasant disposition.  He will be sadly missed.  He was buried at Oliver Springs where a large host of friends had gathered to see him for the last time.  Two years ago a little girl lay dying, tired from her battle with pneumonia.  She turned and laid her hand in his, they had been sweethearts for years.  Faithfully, he stayed by her til death called her home and Wednesday he was laid by her side where he will rest until the resurrection reunites them again.

 Duster News

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer JOINER of near Jakehamon spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. JOINER.

 Miss Ardell JOINER spent Sunday with Misses Amber and Jewell DUKE.

 Mr. and Mrs. Elmer HARMON and children left Monday for Howkersville, Okla., where they will make their home.

 Mr. and Mrs. Lee DUPREY are the proud parents of a baby boy. 


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