De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, November 12, 1926

Manager Western Union Transferred To Clarksville

Mrs. Walter SIMS, manager for almost two years of De Leon Western Union office, has been offered a transfer to Clarksville and since the place is a promotion, Mrs. SIMS has accepted. She will remain here for a few days, then go on a vacation for a couple of weeks, taking up her new post about December first.

Mrs. SIMS was unable to say as yet who would have charge of the De Leon office.

Former Attorney of De Leon Now Okla. Official

Judge Edwin DABNEY, accompanied by his wife and daughter, spent Monday night this week guests of Mrs. A.E. HAMPTON. Judge DABNEY was formerly law partner of the late A.E. HAMPTON and his wife was Miss Emma ADAMS, who was reared in this city. Their daughter, Miss Amber, is now a grown young woman.

Judge DABNEY has been successful in Oklahoma, having practiced law at Altus for several years. He ran for the office of Attorney General in the election this year and was the successful candidate. He will take office about the tenth of the coming January.

Fisher Boy Got Foot Crushed In Peanut Hay Baler

Auba FISHER, 15, son of O.P. FISHER of De Leon, Route 1, seems to have a sort of hoodoo following him. Last Friday morning while baling peanut hay on his fatherís farm, which is the place where the Fisher oil test was drilled some years ago, he had the misfortune to catch his foot in the baler and before the animal hitched to the machine could be stopped, the large bone in the foot had been broken and the member crushed and bruised. The boy was brought here for preliminary examination, and then sent to Gorman for x-ray examination. Fortunately it was found that the injury was not of such a nature as to cause the loss of the foot. He returned home and is about with the aid of crutches. [Several sentences to light to read here]. Aubra FISHER is a nephew of the lamented Aubra FISHER who lost his life in the world war and whose remains were brought back to De Leon for burial.

Infant Died and Mother is Quite Ill

An infant baby girl, born into the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.L. CONNER Tuesday of last week, died and during the days that have followed the mother has been critically ill. She is now improving. The CONNERs reside near the ball park. He is a traveling salesman for a medicine company.

Tin Shop Is Closed, Elkins to Coleman

W.I. ELKINS, owner of the tin shop here, was offered a place in a tin shop at Coleman and has gone there to work for awhile, having closed the shop here. It is not known whether or not he will remain there. His family will remain here for the present at least.

Travelers Hotel Is Sold To a San Antonio Man

The biggest business deal of the past week was the sale of the Travelers Hotel here. Mr. C.A. HOWERTON of San Antonio was the seller and Mrs. M.B. ERMICH, also of San Antonio, was the purchaser. Mr. ERMICH was here some weeks ago looking over the property and returned several days ago to remain for a few days looking over the situation before closing the deal.

Mr. ERMICH is an experienced hotel man, having acquired his knowledge of the business as an employee, and later as a hotel owner and proprietor. He has other hotel properties it is said, and will have a local manager for the Travelers. Mr. ERMICH has been out of the city for several days prior to the time this paper goes to press. He may have a statement for the public when he returns.

Mr. J.M. THOMPSON and his good wife have found a warm place in the hearts of De Leon people during their stay in De Leon. Mr. THOMPSON is a hotel man of most excellent ability and long experience. He was associated with the Prudential Hotel at San Antonio for twenty years prior to his coming to De Leon. The Free Press editor feels no hesitancy in saying that he has managed the Travelers most efficiently and satisfactorily to the public during the several months he has been here. Best wishes will go with Mr. and Mrs. THOMPSON wherever they go.


The Free Press failed to report last week the marriage of Mr. Roy WHEAT to Miss Lee Bailey. The wedding occurred more than two weeks ago. The couple went to Comanche for the license and called at the home of Rev. S. KIRKPATRICK who performed the ceremony which made them man and wife.

Mrs. WHEAT is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. BAILEY of the Victor community having been reared in that community. She is an admirable young woman and has a wide circle of friends who wish for her greatest happiness. Roy is a De Leon reared young man, a son of Mr. and Mrs. M.D. WHEAT and is an honest and upright and a hard worker who will be a good provider for the woman who has become his wife. They have started housekeeping in an apartment at the W.R. POOL residence. The Free Press extends them very best wishes for long lives of happiness and success.

Old Section Of Bills Hotel Is Being Dismantled

Preferring rather to wreck the building and salvage the lumber than to spend a large sum of money in remodeling, Mrs. L.C. BILLS is having the old section of her hotel property wrecked. The building is about 25 years old and portions of it, especially the upper and lower porches, have become unsafe. The main portion of the building was of frame construction and was sound. The building had about 25 rooms.

Doubtless Mrs. BILLS would have remodeled the building had she had need of it. But during the boom days she had erected along side of the old property a new 16 room annex. She has closed her dining room and will continue to operate the annex as a hotel and rooming house.

Quite a bit of history is connected with the old hotel. It was erected by Howard SHORT as an investment and was for a long time the most pretentious hotel building in the city.


Mrs. Clista DUNCAN, who studied last year at John Tarleton College, accepted a position as teacher in the ward schools of Eastland and has been there since September first. Mrs. DUNCAN teaches third and fourth grades. She was home the past week end for a visit with her children who are with her mother here.

The Free Press failed last week to make mention of the arrival of S.D. NOLEN, son of Mrs. P.E. SHIRO, from Corpus Christi. NOLAN will remain here for awhile.

"E.J., Jr." is the name of the newly arrived little son in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch WISDOM. The youngster arrived last Saturday, Nov. sixth, weighing eight and a half pounds. All doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Q. CAMPBELL of the Humphrey Addition are rejoicing over the arrival of a baby girl which came into their home on November 10.

C.G. MORTON has gone to Fleming in the south part of the county to take up his work at teaching.

Miss Urselle SELF was home from Carbon for the Armistice Day holiday and to attend the football game.

Mrs. A.J. ROGERS of Belton, mother of Mrs. R.W. BRANNON, is here for a week or ten days visit.



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