De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, October 1, 1926


Mrs. T.P. Patterson Is Claimed by Death

Friday morning September 24, 1926 at 10 o’clock, the end of earthly life came to Mrs. Nancy PATTERSON, esteemed wife of T.P. PATTERSON, longtime citizen of this section. Death followed an intermittent illness which dated back to February 18, 1925, her malady being such as to baffle the most skilled physicians and surgeons. She had not enjoyed good health for more than forty years, Mr. PATTERSON told the Free Press reporter.

Mrs. PATTERSON, although desperately ill, was able to sit up until a few hours before her death. It is a strange coincidence that she died in the same room where both her mother, aged 89, and Mr. PATTERSON’s mother, aged 82, came to their death in comparatively recent years and all were able to be up and active until almost the hour of death.

Nancy Artemis THORNTON was born in Pontotoc county, Miss., July 7th 1857, being therefore just past her 69th year. She was married to T.P. PATTERSON in Mississippi on August 10, 1876, just 50 years ago. To their union was born 9 children, the fourth dying in infancy. Eight survive and all were present when death came.

Mrs. PATTERSON was converted and united with the Missionary Baptist church in Mississippi more than forty years ago and during all these years has led a consecrated and devoted life, ever exerting an influence for righteousness and wholesome moral living and her good example is reflected in the lives of those who hold her memory dear.

The children of this good family were all born in Mississippi and in the year 1893 they left their native home and came to De Leon, living 5 years south of town, then moving to the Round Grove community where they have continued to make their home throughout the intervening years.

The funeral service was held at De Leon Baptist church Saturday afternoon by Rev. J.L. GILBREATH and Rev. G.R. ROSS. A very large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friends came to pay their last respects, following her bier to its last resting place in De Leon cemetery.

Thus closed the earthly life of one of God’s noblewomen; one whose mind enriched the mortal form and transmitted its fragrant sweetness to the minds and hearts of little children who in turn grew to serve and bless the world. How rich the heritage of a Godly Christian mother who comes to the end of life’s way and can smile away the sting of death in the recollection of an abundant entrance into the eternal reward the Heavenly Father bestows upon those who love and serve him.

Baby Daughter of B. Hattox Died

The four months old baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. HATTOX of the Turkey Creek community died at their home of cholera infantum Thursday of last week and was buried Friday following at Oliver Springs cemetery. The funeral service was held by Rev. W.L. SKAGGS. Sympathy is extended the bereaved ones.

Breckenridge Baby Buried Here Saturday

Emmett Jr., aged seven months, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.M. WALKER, of Breckenridge, died there Friday at 8:00 p.m. and was buried at De Leon cemetery at four o’clock on Saturday afternoon. The little one had cholera infantum and developed whooping cough, hastening the end. The child’s mother is under treatment at the state asylum at Wichita Falls where she was carried the last of April. She is reported in a critical condition. The dead baby is a grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. J. SMITH of this place and was under their care until two months ago.

County Loses A Real Citizen in N.H. Payne

N.H. PAYNE, prominent farmer residing several miles north of Comanche, and supervisor for the Farm Bureau Cotton Association in Comanche and surrounding counties, was called to Dallas this week to confer with state officials of the Farm Bureau and as a result of the conference was given a larger work in West Texas. Mr. PAYNE has made an outstanding success of the work in this section and the state officials thought best to transfer him to the Lubbock district. Comanche county can ill afford to lose citizens of the type of Mr. PAYNE.

Rev. H.S. Anglin And Wife Celebrate Golden Wedding

Rev. and Mrs. H.S. ANGLIN celebrated their golden wedding at their home two miles northwest of Duster on September 20, 1926.

There were 65 present, 7 children and 28 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Those present were: D.M. ANGLIN and family of Scranton; Mrs. O.C. DENNIS, Gorman; Miss Callie ANGLIN; A.F. ANGLIN and family, Beattie; L.P. ANGLIN and family, Duster; W.S. ANGLIN and three children and Mrs. TEAGUE, Tahoka; Mrs. J.A. LEE and family of De Leon; E.M. FOOTE and wife; Tom RASCO and wife; Claude DENNIS and family; Nute BINGHAM, wife and baby; Hurstle and Cecil HORTON, Mrs. CORNWELL, Lee WEAVER and wife, Carbon; Mrs. F.T. WEAVER of Gorman; Mrs. Mollie USSERY and Miss Minnie of Carbon; Mrs. Minnie KIRK, sister and son ALTON.

The welcome address was given by W.S. ANGLIN. Short talks were made by A.F. ANGLIN, Nute BINGHAM, Burt DENNIS, Father ANGLIN.

Nute BINGHAM led in singing "Give Me the Rose."

There was a nice dinner served under the large oak trees in the yard. All enjoyed themselves very much.

There was a big nice wedding cake, white and pink with 50 made with white and lavender candy that was prepared by a granddaughter, Miss Eara ANGLIN. After dinner there was some real nice singing by Nute BINGHAM, Cecil and Hurstle HORTON, E.M. FOOTE and others.

H.S. ANGLIN was 78 years old on January 14th. Mrs. ANGLIN was 68 years old on July 6.

They were married in Coryell county and moved to Comanche county that fall and have reared a large family of children in the same community.

They are loved by everyone and they are always ready to give of their means to every good and worthy cause.

Father ANGLIN has preached for 46 years and used to go horseback with his saddle bags, with his Bible and hymn book and six shooter all ready for action, as it was dangerous in the pioneer days. He has married a great number of people and he still preaches.

The oldest daughter, Mrs. Beulah BROWN was not present, also the youngest, J.B. ANGLIN, as he is a preacher in New Mexico and could not leave his work at present.

Burt DENNIS, a grandson, is also making a preacher so the good work will be carried on.

There are 9 children and 50 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. They are very proud of the large family of fine grandsons which promise a very useful life in the future.



Byron Short Is Offered Excellent Place At State U.

Byron SHORT, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.W. SHORT, who finished State University last year and who has since been employed on the Texas coast by the Texas company, was offered a professorship in mechanical engineering at State University at Austin recently, the offer effective immediately. The offer carried with it an excellent salary. Free Press has not heard whether or not young SHORT accepted. The place is in line with his particular qualification, his years of mechanical experience being of much value to him in his work.

Birthday Party

On Friday, Sept. 27, Norma Lee and Harold KUHN celebrated their fourth and sixth birthday.

After playing games and admiring the gifts, the little guests were ushered into the dining room where the two cakes with four and six candles were cut and served with punch to the following:

Girls – Catherine MORTON, Virginia PATTERSON, Ruth COOK, Ruth AYERS, Josie Beth ALLEN, Virginia HORN, Bill ROLLINS, Doretha SHAFER, Frankie Jane WILKERSON, Ruth LIGHTFOOT, Mary ELWORTH, George and Agnes COOK.

Boys – Robert COOK, Buster WHITTLE, Howard BIBBY, James HAMPTON, John Travis MOHON, Richard MOHON, Thomas Franklin GRISHAM, Monte Joe GEORGE, Thomas WILLIAMS, Edwin WALLACE, Clark DUKE.

Birthday Party

Mrs. Lloyd HAMPTON complimented her young daughter, Mary, with a birthday party on Saturday, Sept. 25, this being Mary’s seventh milestone. After the guests arrived many games and contests were enjoyed. The crowning feature of the afternoon was the cutting of the birthday cake. Mary received many pretty and useful gifts for a girl of seven. The following guests were present:

Gracie SMITH, Florence TOLAND, Billie and Elizabeth BAGWELL, Martha Fae BARKER, Virginia HORN, James HAMPTON, Buster WHITTLE, Ruby TODD, Charlie SMITH, Genia GENTRY, Billie Fae LONDON, Fannie BELL, Joe HAMPTON, Vera Joclyn and Ola Mae KEMP, Virginia SCOTT, Cecil FUNDERBURGH, Dorothy SHAVER, Elizabeth MORELAND, Mary Alice and Gene ROLLINS, Elizabeth and Thomas WILLIAMS and Ruth AYERS.


Mr. and Mrs. C.E. BASS are the proud parents of a baby boy, born into their home last Saturday. All doing nicely.


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