De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, August 6, 1926

Second Annual Reunion of Ross Family is Held

Friday July 30th, the members of the ROSS families met at the bridge near the NUNNELLEY home on Sabano and spent the day in reunion. The party was made up of descendants of Jacob A. ROSS and Reuben D. ROSS, pioneers and substantial citizens of this community in the years gone by. Eighty-one of the relatives were present.

At a business session held in the afternoon, C.R. CARRUTH was elected president for the ensuing year. Mrs. R.L. MULL was chosen vice-president, Miss Bertha A. ROSS, secretary and Mrs. Archie BOYD, treasurer. The permanent meeting date was fixed as the last Thursday in July.

Committees chosen are: Arrangements, Louis GREENWALDT, John KAY, Graves ROSS, Willie CARUTH; Resolutions, G.R. ROSS, W.P. WEAVER, Stanley CARRUTH; Selecting Emblem, Miss Pearl BOYD, Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH, Mrs. Viola CHEATHAM; Flower selected was the Bluebell.

The entire day was pleasantly spent, feasting together and informally enjoying the association of kith and kin.

Descendants of Jacob A. ROSS present were: Mr. and Mrs. C.R. CARRUTH and daughter, Miss Mary; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS and daughter, Miss Bertha; Mrs. Mollie ROSS, Claude ROSS, Archie BOYD, Mrs. Archie BOYD, Elwood BOYD, Pearl BOYD, Mrs. Romie FERGUSON, Mr. and Mrs. W.J. ROSS, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley CARRUTH, Mr. and Mrs. Willie CARRUTH and Francis and Billie CARRUTH, Mrs. Chas. GREENWALDT, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. GREENWALDT and Willie Maude, Mary Alice, Virginia Ray ROY, and C.A. GREENWALDT; Mr. and Mrs. W.R. GREENWALDT and Mary Louise and Billie GREENWALDT; Mrs. Eddie MILLER, Hazel, Thelma Velma, Rex, Robert, Ross and Edwin Brown MILLER; Mr. and Mrs. W.P. WEAVER and Herbert, Dick, Allene, W. BARTLETT and Charles, Billie and Peyton and Eugene WEAVER; Mrs. Nancy Ross BARTLETT; Mrs. S. L. MULL and Mollie, Doyce, Ernest and Bobbie MULL; Mrs. W.P. ROBERTSON; Mrs. J.H. CHEATHAM, John Henry CHEATHAM, Miss Urselle COLEY and Mrs. YARBERRY.

Descendants of Reuben D. ROSS present: Mrs. Anna ROSS and Bertha and Virgie ROSS; Mr. and Mrs. G.R. ROSS; Mrs. Anna KAY and Robert and Murray KAY; John KAY and Alile, Winnie, Dale Verna and John Ross KAY Jr.; Mrs. T.S. and Jack ROSS; Mrs. Reuben and Bibbie ROSS; Ella Mae SPARKS.

Smith and Gray Families Hold Annual Reunion

The picnic was held on the Leon river near Victor. A similar one was held last year on the Copperas. Next year, 1927, during the first week in August another picnic will be held, however, the place has not been decided upon.

Seining was the main entertainment during the morning but very few fish were caught. About 12 o’clock one of the largest dinners was spread before the crowd, consisting of fried chicken, peas, pies, cakes, coffee, tomatoes, lemonade, roast, watermelon and worlds of goodies. (You should have been a SMITH or a GRAY.)

In the afternoon Mr. Simon SMITH was elected president of this very important occasion and Mrs. J.O. STONE secretary.

The following were present:

Mr. and Mrs. Meade PARHAM and family; Mr. and Mrs. Ben PARHAM and family, of Anson, Texas.

Miss Veda PRESSLEY of Anson.

Mrs. Lula BROWN and daughter, of Memphis, Tenn.

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace WALDROP, of Chillicothe.

Miss Mary KIMBLE of Breckenridge.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam SMITH and family of Hasse.

Mr. Charlie GRAY and family; Miss Bernice GRAY; Mr. and Mrs. Rye COAN and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jake GRAY; Mr. and Mrs. George SCOTT and family; Mr. and Mrs. Hazzard FARLEY and family; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. MORROW; Mr. and Mrs. Bill SMITH and family; Mr. and Mrs. Lucile SMITH; Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie SMITH; Uncle Billie GRAY; Mrs. Josie FOSTER and sons, Gale and Clarence; Mr. and Mrs. John TATE and family; Mrs. Mickey SMITH and sons, Whaley and Bob; Mr. and Mrs. Fulton SMITH; Mr. and Mrs. Merriman POUNDS and family; Mr. Simon SMITH and Wade; Mr. and Mrs. Boliver GRAY and family; Mrs. Mollie TATE; Mr. and Mrs. William CADENHEAD; Mr. and Mrs. J.C. CADENHEAD and family; Mr. Walter KIMBLE; Mrs. Jeff TATE and son Billie, Winston GRISHAM, Emmett SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Bob SCOTT; Mrs. Della GARDNER and son Dale; Mr. and Mrs. Harry HUDDLESTON and family; Mr. and Mrs. Charlie WINKLES and family; Mrs. Coonie FERRELL.

Alabama Reunion Sunday Afternoon

Former residents of the state of Alabama will meet at the residence of R.S. McCHAREN Sunday afternoon and meet with those visitors here from that state, Mrs. Amelia GUNN, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher SCOTT and Mr. and Mrs. E.W. DUNCAN. Of the relatives making up the party, the LOCKE family predominates, but all former Alabamans are invited.

Jack McGuire Married

The marriage of Jack McGUIRE to Miss Texie COUCH occurred at Comanche last Saturday, the Free Press is informed. This paper was unable in this issue to present details but hopes to have more to say of the wedding later.

Stage Hits Car, Evangelist’s Wife Gets Broken Arm

While Mr. and Mrs. H.A. WATSON of the Comyn community were returning from the night preaching service to their home last Friday night an accident occurred on the highway, four miles east of De Leon, that came near proving of most serious consequence. Mr. WATSON was just turning off the De Leon-Dublin highway to go to his home when the eastbound stage struck his car broadside and injuring the occupants. Mr. and Mrs. WATSON were each bruised and daughter, Mrs. Harlie HUGHES, wife of the evangelist who is conducting the meeting, suffered a broken arm. A child in her lap was uninjured. The light touring car in which they rode was badly wrecked.

Mr. WATSON attaches no blame to the stage driver, it is said, and misjudged the distance to the oncoming heavy vehicle because of the intense bright light, it is stated.

Hancock and Wife Off For St. Louis

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin HANCOCK left last week for Saint Louis where he will spend some six weeks working with Higginbotham Bros. & Com., before going on the road for the season. Hancock has the northern district of Texas for this popular and strong firm.

Ralph Duke Continues Ill

Ralph DUKE has been for more than twenty days in a hospital at Brownwood where he continues ill of kidney trouble. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert DUKE of St. Joe, were at his bedside this week and report his condition not greatly improved.

New Meat Market Open For Business

John HAMMOND has arrived in the city and has reopened the De Leon Meat Market. Mr. HAMMOND was formerly in the market business here with Roy SPRUILL and is hence well known to the trade. He has been living at Dublin during the several months absence from De Leon. His family has arrived and they occupy one of the Streety cottages in the Heath Addition.

Mr. HAMMOND expects to open his doors for business next Saturday morning and invites a share of the patronage of De Leon and surrounding territory in his line.

Fire Destroyed Turkey Creek Barn and Its Contents

At 11 o’clock last Monday night J.H. DAWKINS and family were awakened by fire that had enveloped their barn in flames before they awoke. The structure was destroyed together with all its contents of 300 bushels of new hay, three tons of maize, five head of hogs, wagon and six sets of harness. The barn was on the T.M. JENKINS farm and the building was worth $700. Mr. DAWKINS lost about $400 worth of stuff, neither having insurance.

Mr. DAWKINS’ work stock and cattle were scorched by the flames, but not seriously. The fire is supposed to have been caused from new hay heating.


Mr. and Mrs. George VAUGHN are home from a visit with his parents at Haskell where his father ministers for the M.E. church.

Mr. and Mrs. George BROWNLEE and children of Rotan are here for a visit with their son and brother, Vern BROWNLEE and others.

Mrs. Jack SEWARD and children of San Marcial, N.M., are spending some weeks in the homes of Terrill relatives and with friends.

Mrs. Chas. BARTLETT, sons and daughter of Dallas were here the past week visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS.

A. Clay DABNEY of Fort Worth, who recently returned from a tour of the Pacific coast, has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY, this week.

John PETERS and Autrey BALLARD of Littlefield and Sudan respectively, are here for a visit with relatives and friends. Young BALLARD is a son of Albert BALLARD.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold WILLIAMS, late of Turkey, Texas, have moved to De Leon and he has accepted a position with Higginbotham Bros. & Co., in the hardware department. WILLIAMS is a son of Tom WILLIAMS of Comanche.

Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher SCOTT and three children and Mrs. Amelia GUNN, all of Alexander City, Ala., are here for a visit of two weeks in the homes of LOCKE and SCOTT relatives. They were accompanied from Alexander City by Mr. and Mrs. E.W. DUNCAN who are visiting L.B. CHAMPION and family and other relatives and friends.

A.C. MARTIN has been seriously ill at the home of his sister, Mrs. E.E. DABNEY and much concern has been felt because of his condition. His friends will be glad to know that his condition is steadily improving and it is hoped that he will be able to be up and about town again before many days.

Mrs. J.H. BUCHAN and daughter, Mrs. E.E. GENTRY, have been at Iredell recently at the bedside of a relative who was critically ill.

Mrs. H.A. WATKINS has returned from a visit with relatives at Marshall, Texas. Mrs. WATKINS was quite ill of ptomaine poisoning while away.

W.L. GREER was reported leaving on Wednesday this week for Lubbock where his daughter, Mrs. T.L. PATTERSON resides. He will be away for some days.

Mrs. W.A. CHAMBERS of Dallas arrived Saturday last week and will spend a month visiting her father, Uncle Tom MOHON. Mr. MOHON returned recently from spending several weeks with her in her Dallas home.

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. BREWER and daughter, Miss Emma Jo, left recently for Houston to make their future home. The BREWERS have made De Leon their home for several years, he being manager of the Riddle Tank Farm, for the Magnolia company. Their many friends regret to see them leaving.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar COZBY have returned from a two weeks visit in the home of her father, J.W. INZER at Pontotoc, Miss.

Dr. Sam WEAVER of Dallas came over for a week-end visit the past week with his mother, Mrs. T.P. WEAVER and others.

Mrs. E.J. LIGHTFOOT, mother of W.C. and L.L. LIGHTFOOT of Houston, is for a visit and has been ill since her arrival.

Miss Alice WEBB of Morgan, sister of Mrs. H.E. NEWTON, has been visiting her sister during the week.


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