De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 23, 1926

G.C. Bender Buried Here On Wednesday, 14th

A stroke of apoplexy caused the death of G.C. (Cal) BENDER at his home at Rising Star on Monday evening, July 12th. Mr. BENDER had apparently been in his usual health prior to the stroke. He was engaged in repairing his automobile in the yard at his home, being assisted by his son, Lee BENDER, 20. Mr. BENDER stooped to pick up a tool with which he was working and a severe pain in the back of his head warned him of the stroke. This occurred at 6:30p.m. At 9:30 he was dead.

G.C. BENDER was born at Independence, Texas, 49 years, 7 months and 4 days prior to his death. He came with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. BENDER, to De Leon while young and grew to manhood here, receiving his education in De Leon schools.

When the Spanish-American war broke out in 1898, Mr. BENDER enlisted and served 16 months in Cuba. Returning home, he was married to Miss Della BURNETT of this city. Three children were born to them, one little daughter having died. His son, Lee BENDER, is in his last year at State University. Their little daughter is aged 10 years. His wife also survives.

Mr. BENDER has resided with his family at Rising Star for more than ten years. He has been in the employ of the M.K.T. railway for perhaps 25 years.

Funeral service was at the Methodist church here at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, July 14th, with Rev. F.M. NOE, his pastor, in charge, assisted by Rev. Seba KIRKPATRICK. A host of sorrowing relatives and friends accompanied his bier to its last resting place at De Leon cemetery.

Miller Child Has Tonsils Operation

Mr. and Mrs. L.L. MILLER took their little daughter, Robbie Jean, to a specialist in Fort Worth last week to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. The child stood the operation well. She is now fully recovered.

Introducing New Manager Express Co.

Mr. E.L. SMITH arrived last week from Hico and is in charge of the office of the American Express Company. Mr. SMITH was reared at Hico, and has been with the company for a number of years. He expects his family to arrive soon and make their home in this city.

Man Injured As Cultivator Turns Over, Cuts Leg

The Free Press has just learned of a mishap which befell S.E. GOLDEN of the New Hope community. Mr. GOLDEN was plowing on Friday, July second, when in turning at the end of the row, his cultivator turned over and a sharp sweep caught him in the calf of the leg and cut a portion of the flesh away. He has been going on crutches since and is recovering.

Last week Mr. GOLDEN’s neighbors met at his place with teams and tools and laid by his crop, giving everything a final plowing. Mr. GOLDEN asked the Free Press to give expression of his gratitude to these, his neighbors and friends: J.P. COAN, R.L. GOLDEN, T.E. THORNTON, Ben BURROW, Bill DONALDSON, Eli TERRY, Oscar TERRY, Jr., Inzer CARROLL, Lonzo LEE, J.T. WILKERSON, Lewis WILKERSON and D.A. HAMMOND and children.

Car Turns Over Sat. With Two Elderly Ladies

While Mesdames G.E. MURPHY and J.N. BROUGHTON were out riding on the Gorman highway last Saturday afternoon, Mrs. MURPHY accidentally drove the car too near the edge of the highway and the machine, a Ford roadster, went over the side and turned over. Mrs. MURPHY sustained only very slight injury, but Mrs. BROUGHTON was crushed about the body and severely bruised and will require some time to recover. The machine was damaged to the extent of several dollars.

Four Operations In Thirty Days In Nance Family

W.W. NANCE says troubles do not always come singly – there are "married ones with large families."

First Mr. NANCE had his tonsils removed about a month ago and he is feeling better.

Mrs. NANCE had a major operation some two weeks ago, and this week had a second operation for the removal of the stubs of her tonsils, the tonsils themselves having been removed years ago. Mrs. NANCE’s condition is satisfactory. She is still at the Blackwell sanitarium.

Jim NANCE, young son of the family, crawled into a bed of hot ashes when he was six or eight months old and so badly burned his hand that his little finger grew back doubled against the palm of his hand. Jim got tired of this handicap and last week had the surgeon cut the finger loose from its adhesion.

H.B. Painter Is Painfully Injured

Some three weeks ago H.B. PAINTER suffered an accident which caused him much pain and from which he will be some time recovering. Mr. PAINTER was throwing a cow to doctor for worms when the animal fell on his leg, bending it back at the knee joint and causing a bad sprain. Mr. PAINTER is past 70 years of age and has always been active and enjoyed good health. It is feared his wound may not heal as quickly as if he were younger. However, after three weeks in bed he is up and about on crutches. His friends hope for a speedy recovery.


The marriage of Mr. W.E. HOWELL, Jr., to Mrs. Florence TURPIN occurred at Cleburne on Sunday, July 18th, the pastor of the First Baptist church officiating, the wedding ceremony being said at the home of the bride’s sister in Cleburne.

The wedding was very quietly observed. Only members of the families of the couple were present, those of the bride from Cleburne and Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr., and sons Harry and Russell, from this place and Earl HOWELL from Dallas. After the ceremony the bridal couple left for a two weeks honeymoon trip which takes them to Dallas, Oklahoma City, Sapulpa and other points in Oklahoma. When they return they will be at home to their friends in Cleburne.

Mrs. TURPIN is a young business woman of Cleburne, an experienced and capable accountant, holding a responsible position with one of the leading mercantile establishments of Cleburne and is deservingly popular in the city where she was reared. Those who know her best speak most highly of her personality and accomplishments. Mr. HOWELL, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, has been engaged with Bradberry Clothing Co., in Cleburne for two years and has a responsible place as buyer and sales manager for this large gent’s furnishing house. Bill is one of De Leon’s own sons, known and liked by the home folks, all of whom wish for him and his bride greatest success and happiness.

Birthday Party

Little Miss Virginia PATTERSON, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar PATTERSON, celebrated her sixth birthday at their home Monday afternoon of this week and a host of little friends came to join her in making merry over the event. Games were played, the array of gifts admired and the refreshments greatly enjoyed by the little honoree and the following little guests who were present:

Doris McGUIRE, Buel SNEAD, Billie Ruth JERNIGAN, Joy Lynn JERNIGAN, Harold Lee NORWOOD, Johnnie Lee NORWOOD, Harold KUHN, Norma Lee KUHN, Dale WATTS, Katherine MORTON, Doris MORTON, Paul COSBY, Bobby Dee HAMMERS, Roy Norman HAMMERS, Bill ROLLINS, Mary Alice ROLLINS, Virginia SCOTT, Elaine SCOTT.

Local News

Miss Lillian HANSFORD is home from summer school at John Tarleton college, Stephenville and finished the course in piano, being awarded her certificate. Miss HANSFORD has done very well indeed in her studies and her friends congratulate her upon her completion of the course of study.

Mr. and Mrs. D.L. TERRILL and children are away on their vacation, going to Bremond and other points.

Mrs. Sidney HUGHES and little son of Breckenridge are here for a visit in the home of her parents.

Mrs. C.C. GRISSOM and two daughters of Munday arrived last week for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. BOYETT.

Mr. and Mrs. H.E. MOAK and two sons of San Antonio, relatives of the GREENWALDT family, have been here the past week for a visit with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank PATTERSON of Junction were here this week for a visit in the home of her father, W.B. McKEMIE. Mrs. PATTERSON was Miss Alice McKEMIE.

Duster News

Mrs. R.H. BURLESON is home from Blackwell sanitarium. She is improving nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. BLAIR have returned from a visit with their son, Jeff BLAIR, at Houston.

Mrs. McCLELLEN is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Clifford HADAWAY at Morgan.

Miss Dora Fay McPHAIL of Tarleton is visiting home folks this week-end.

Rock Bluff

Mr. and Mrs. FRANK of Trinity spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOLDER.

Misses Lulu and Fanny HADAWAY returned home Thursday after visiting their brother at Moran the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. Hazzard FARLEY and little son left Saturday for Oklahoma. Mr. FARLEY being called to the bedside of his sister who is reported to be seriously ill.

New Hope News

Mr. and Mrs. Val McCHAREN of Cisco spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN.

W.W. HODGES left this week for Mississippi to visit his aged father and also other relatives.

Mrs. John LIGHTFOOT was carried to the sanitarium at Gorman Monday for an operation for appendicitis. She is recovering nicely.

Miss Anice LOCK was brought home from the sanitarium on Monday of this week. She had been there for an operation for appendicitis and is recovering nicely.

Nat ADCOCK and family of near Leon visited her sister, Mrs. H.M. JOHNSON Sunday. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. HUCKABY, returned with them after a week’s visit with their daughter.


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