De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 9, 1926

Pittman Family Have A Reunion

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN, Sr., had the pleasure of having their three children at home for a visit during the week. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moore EVANS and Ralph PITTMAN came from Wichita Falls and B.J. PITTMAN, Jr., from Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. J.E. ROBERTSON and daughter, Miss Mildred, are also visiting in the Pittman home.

Recent Births

Born to Mr. and Mrs.-

Mitchell TATE, a baby boy.

Tate COUNTS, a tiny little daughter

Emmett SMITH, a little daughter.

Albert Rucker is Able to be About Town

Friends of Albert RUCKER will be glad to know that he has so far recovered that he is able to be about town. Mr. RUCKER has been confined to his home with an illness lasting over a period of many months. Indications are that he will regain normal health.

Transfer Man – Moves to Waco

Mr. and Mrs. E.G. HAYS left the latter part of the week for Waco, their home prior to oil boom days here, where he has accepted a position with a storage company, as house manager. Mr. and Mrs. HAYS have made De Leon their home for some six years. Their friends regret very much to lose them.

Foster Café Is Sold Thursday to Heath & Lofton

A deal was closed on Thursday between Mrs. Josie FOSTER and Milton HEATH and Sam LOFTON whereby HEATH and LOFTON take over the Foster Café on August first. Both the purchasers are experienced in the business and will doubtless keep up the high quality of service Mrs. FOSTER has accustomed the public to expect.

Mrs. FOSTER has been operating this business for some four years and has given universal satisfaction. Her friends will regret that she is retiring from business.

A Couple of Birthdays—Free Press is 38 Years Old, City of De Leon Is 45

The last week in June-Friday, June 25th, to be exact-the Free Press had a birthday. At least that is the best information the present owner of Free Press can obtain with regard to the paper’s age. It was 38 years of age. The Free Press was established by John J. SWITZER, the last week in June in the year 1889.

It was a husky youngster from the first, and so far as the present owner knows, has never suspended publication for a single issue, more than to "knock off" for Christmas week occasionally. John J. SWITZER, B. L. NANCE, John ADAMS, W.C. LIGHTFOOT, S.N. STEPHENS, TIMMONS and CALLAHAN, Cyrus TUNNELL and perhaps another man or two have owned the Free Press, all of whom have made their fortunes and retired which is the propelling motive that makes the present editor keep on keeping on. The present editor has owned and operated the paper longer than any previous owner, having been connected with the paper continuously since 1910 and owner since about 1913.

City is 45

The other birthday was that of the City of De Leon. We have our information from F.A. RUFF, who was here at the time and who we believe possesses accurate information. Mr. RUFF came to this section from northern Arkansas in 1879 and made a crop on the HENSON place, now known as the TERRILL farm, on Sabano. Next year he "cropped" over about Suez, and that summer sold corn to a contractor named DEATON who was then building the railroad dump through here. It was in the spring of 1881, Mr. RUFF said, when the steel was laid thru De Leon and the first town lot was sold on July seventh, 1881. The first lot was the one on which the Lambert hotel now stands. A little store was there first, but a hotel has been on this lot almost continuously since the first.

So De Leon was 45 years old on July 7th, 1926.

De Leon Young Man Teaching At D.B.C.

C.O. BRAGG was home Sunday from Daniel Baker College, Brownwood, visiting home folks. He was accompanied by Miss Frances VINSON of Santa Anna. BRAGG is attending school at Daniel Baker and at present is teaching mathematics in the summer school.

Hoodoo Follows M.D. Stewart in Second Smashup

Some sort of evil genius seems to be on the trail of Manager M.D. STEWART of the Liberty Theatre. He "enjoyed" his second serious mishap within ten days while returning from Dallas last Friday evening. Now he’s debating whether he’s unlucky in getting smashed up, or lucky that he did not get killed.

The accident which came so near costing Mr. STEWART’s life occurred on the road three miles east of town late last Friday evening. He was rushing home from Dallas where he had been to straighten out a film booking tangle and had reached a point a few feet east of the Leon river bridge when a nail punctured a left ballon tire on his practically new Chrysler roadster. He was driving pretty fast in order to get home in time to operate the show that night and when the tire went down the car swerved to the left. Mr. STEWART got a firm grip on the wheel and attempted to pull it back to the right, at the same time stepping on the brake.

The car turned sideways across the road and went on the side completely turning over and righting itself, where it stopped. Mr. STEWART was still at the wheel when the car stopped. He sustained a badly crushed left side, and severely bruised right upper arm, cuts about the face and head and a bruised leg.

The car was pretty badly wrecked. The top was demolished, as was also the windshield. All four fenders were bent and the radiator crushed. It will require several hundred dollars to put the machine back in first-class condition.

Mr. STEWART was still wearing bandages from injuries sustained a week prior when he cut his face on the bottom of a swimming pool at Comyn while bathing there.

Birthday Party for Little Clonise Kay

At two o’clock Saturday evening, June 26, Rev. and Mrs. G.L. TOLAR, opened their hospitable home at De Leon to entertain a host of friends in celebration of their little granddaughter Clonise KAY’s, eighth anniversary.

It will be remembered that this dear little girl, while attending school at De Leon, was taken ill and had to undergo a serious operation several weeks ago but apparently she has recovered entirely and her many friends rejoice to see her enjoying excellent health again. She is a junior member of the St. Joe Sunday school where her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Ira KAY are active members of the good work. Her father being adult teacher.

Despite the threatening clouds the guests began arriving at two o’clock and soon the house was filled with merry laughter and little Miss Clonise was presented with many useful and lovely presents. The children played many games, such as the little folks enjoy. In the midst of their merry making there came a call from Mrs. KAY for everyone to congregate in the cool shade of the yard, the command being largely obeyed. Mrs. KAY and Mrs. TOLAR served the most delicious ice cream and cake, to the dear little merry makers.

At four o’clock the guest departed, wishing little Miss Clonise much joy and happiness throughout the coming years and hoping that she would remember us all again next June which we are sure she will do for little Clonise never forgets.

Written by a friend.

Johnny Norwood Honored

On Thursday, July 1st, Mrs. John NORWOOD gave a birthday party honoring her small and popular young son Johnny. It was the occasion of his fifth birthday. The house was pretty with many cut flowers and ferns arranged. A decorated lemonade stand was placed on the porch and each of the guests was served delicious pink lemonade from this.

Johnny proved to be gracious little host. He received many very useful gifts for a boy of five years. The children enjoyed playing with his stock of toys.

A beautiful cake with candles was the center of attraction when they were called to have refreshments. Each child was allowed one blow at the candles. Favors were given at the close. The following attended:

Lenora FINKELSTINE, Doris McGUIRE, Dorothy BELCHER, Marjory MORRIS, Talma RICE, Mary Alice ROLLINS, Gene ROLLINS, Virginia SCOTT, Elaine SCOTT, Buster WHITTLE, Robert COOK, F.J. KNOR, Roy HAMMERS Jr., Bobbie D. HAMMERS, James WILLIAMS, Curtis MORRIS, KIenneth FINKELSTINE, Johnny Lee NORWOOD.


The marriage of Miss Lucile APPLEBY to Mr. Elvis McCAIN occurred at the Methodist parsonage here at 6:45 o’clock Sunday, June 27th, 1926, the pastor, Rev. S. KIRKPATRICK speaking the words of the marriage ceremony uniting them. Witnesses of the ceremony were only members of the pastor’s family.

Miss APPLEBY, the charming young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. APPLEBY, is loved and admired by a large circle of friends both here and at other places she has lived. Mr. McCain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry McCAIN of Comanche, is reported as being a young man of sterling qualities and excellent character. The McCAIN family has lived at Comanche some four or five years, moving there from Dublin. He is in the employ of H. BURKS of that city.

Their romance has extended over a period of months, finding its culmination in the happy event which ushers in that mystic period described in the story book as "happy ever after." The Free Press extends heartiest congratulations.


The officers for the ensuing year were installed by the District Deputy, Mrs. H.G. GILLOCK and suite.

The following officers were installed:

Mrs. A.S. FARROW, Noble Grand.

Mrs. W.J. ROSS, Vice Grand.

Mrs. W.J. IRWIN, Warden.

Mrs. Joe TULLOS, Chaplian.

Mrs. Bertha BLITCH, Conductor.

Mrs. A.K. BENDER, L.S.N.G.

Mrs. W.S. SNEAD, R.S.N.G.

Miss Leona COSBY, L.S.V.G.

Miss Ruby McINNERY, R.S.V.G.

Miss La Trelle WALLER, O.G.

Willie Joe ROSS was elected captain of the degree team. All members of the team are urged to cooperate with him. Lodge meets at 8:30. All members are urged to attend.

Mrs. A.S. FARROW, N.G.

Miss Eula McIVER, Secy.

Introducing New Manager Ice Plant

Free Press editor has made the acquaintance of Mr. L.F. ELLIOTT, late of Okemah, Okla., who has moved to De Leon to become manager of the De Leon Ice Company. Mr. ELLIOTT succeeds J.H. PRINCE, Sr., who was transferred to the Cross Plains plant.

Mr. ELLIOTT is accompanied by his family, they having an apartment at the POOL residence.

Local News

Miss Juanita and Bailey WILSON of Cross Plains were guests during the week of their sister, Mrs. Curt GREGORY.

Miss Martha DUNCAN, late of Rock Island, Tenn., arrived recently and will make her home with her aunt, Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY.

Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL returned home Tuesday from a visit with her parents in Brownfield.

Mr. and Mrs. John SWAGERTY and children are home from a tour of northern New Mexico and points in West Texas reporting a most enjoyable vacation.

Mr. and Mrs. Feltz TERRILL are home from a months visit at Hot Springs, Ark. They greatly enjoyed the outing in the Ozarks, also a trip into Oklahoma where they were guests of her sister, Mrs. E.W. THRASHER, at Snyder.

Mr. and Mrs. R. JONES and their daughter, Mrs. WILCOX and son, of Cement, Okla., are here for a visit with Mrs. JONES’ sister, Mrs. Jim HEATH. Mrs. Jones was formerly Miss Florence LOGSDON.

Mrs. J.N. JOINER and her two sisters, Mesdames HILL and FREEMAN of Fort Worth, spent the Fourth on an outing at Glen Rose.

Mrs. Wm. McFARIAN and children of Tulsa, Okla., are here for a visit in the home of her mother, Mrs. Wesley JONES.

Robinson Springs

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. MACON and little daughter Oleta, have returned from a short visit with Mrs. Macon’s sister, Mrs. T.H. BRADFORD of near Waco. Mrs. BRADFORD and children accompanied them home. Mr. BRADFORD is joining her Thursday.

New Hope News

Mrs. STRUBE of De Leon is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. John LIGHTFOOT.

Miss Lotena HODGES of Gorman is spending the week in the home of her uncle, W.W. HODGES of this community.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard BURT and little daughter arrived from Cleburne Saturday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN and possibly other relatives.

Mrs. Otto BOWMAN of De Leon is spending the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.E. GOLDEN.


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