De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, July 2, 1926

C.C. Hampton Is Back From Sanitarium

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. HAMPTON are home again, he being for two weeks in St. Paul’s sanitarium at Dallas for treatment. His brother is a physician in the Texas metropolis. Mr. HAMPTON feels much improved.

De Leon Man Is Elected Supt. Of Thurber Schools

Friends of Prof. Lyman E. FORREST will hear with interest of his advancement in his profession. Mr. FORREST has been principal of Ranger high school and supervisor of one of their ward schools the past two years, besides coaching in athletics and being superintendent of the Ranger Methodist Sunday school.

His new position is superintendent of Thurber schools which advancement comes in recognition of his devotion to duty at Ranger. His friends congratulate him.

Mr. and Mrs. FORREST are here to spend the summer at their ranch on the Dublin highway.

Bolt of Lightning From ‘Clear Sky’ Kills 2 Teams

A little patch of cloud formed near Ebenezer school house about four o’clock last Tuesday afternoon and a little sprinkle of rain began to fall. J.M. STURDEVANT, prominent farmer living just west of Ebenezer was hoeing in his field and his two young sons were plowing, running two cultivators. They drove their teams up on either side of a big elm tree, near an abandoned house and all sought the shelter of the house until the rain should stop.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning came from an angle out of the north, Mr. STURDIVANT stated, struck the elm tree and then it descended to a level with the backs of the four animals standing some ten feet on either side, left the tree and struck all four animals, killing them almost instantly. Mr. STURDIVANT said there were five reports which to him sounded about as loud, or not quite so, as a shotgun, in quick succession, one when the bolt struck the tree, and one for each of the four animals. The lightning made a star-shaped mark on the hips of some of the animals, merely ruffing up the hair, but not breaking the skin. One mule was struck in the ear and the hair scorched out.

A freak of the lightning was the melting of a piece of baling wire which Mr. STURDIVANT had used to wrap the bits of one of the mules so his little boy could manage him. A dog chain on this mule, used for a rein, had every link welded together that was not burned in two. A bit of telephone wire from up in the tree was melted red hot and was found under one of the animal’s backband.

Three of the animals killed were mules, one 24 years old and Mr. SATURDIVANT had owned him 23 years. Another mule was 10 years old, another 6, and a pony 6. They were valued at $400.00. Only one of the animals attempted to get up after being knocked to the earth by the flash, this being the pony. It got up on its knees, then fell back and died. The mule struck in the head never moved a muscle after falling to the earth. All four were stone dead three minutes after the flash, Mr. STURDIVANT said.

Some fifteen minutes before the lightning flash, Mrs. STURDIVANT had come down to the old abandoned house, near where her husband and sons were working, bringing water. She set the pail of water on a rock at the foot of the old tree that was struck. She had returned to the house a few hundred yards distance.

Neither Mr. STURDIVANT nor the two sons were seriously hurt by the bolt. All were shocked and the eldest son was knocked off his feet from the porch, falling several feet away, having his hair and eyebrows singed. But after a few minutes all three were able to get up and walk.

Friends of Mr. STURDIVANT circulated a petition in town the day following the accident and a fund of $180.00 was donated by his good friends to help him bear the expense of replacing his work stock.

Card of Thanks

I wish to extend my thanks in the very fullest measure to all those good friends and neighbors who showed their friendship and loyalty in such substantial measure following the accident in which I lost my two teams last Thursday afternoon. Such acts of neighborliness and friendship merit the very greatest commendation and praise and I want each and every one who contributed toward the fund to buy me teams to replace those killed to know that I appreciate from the depths of my heart your goodness.


De Leon Young Man Graduate Life Saver

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. LOWE and son and daughter, Walter Jr., and Miss Mary Louise, are home from Lampasas and Austin. Walter Jr. took the examination at Lampasas and qualified as a life saver in a water event held there. Mrs. LOWE and Walter Jr., went no further than Lampasas, Mr. LOWE and Miss Mary Louise going on to Austin.

Joseph Patterson Married in Virginia

The marriage of Joseph I. PATTERSON, son of Mrs. G.W. PATTERSON, to Miss Caroline WHITE, occurred at a church in Charlottesville, Va., at high noon on Wednesday, June 30th. Facts of the approaching marriage have been known by the mother and other relatives of this popular De Leon young man for some time. His bride is a native Virginian, the two having met during the period of years he has been a student at Virginia State University, where he only recently graduated and received his Master’s Degree.

PATTERSON is a young Methodist minister and pastor of a circuit change in the "rugged mountains of Virginia", as he expressed it. However, he was formerly a student at Columbia University, New York and a director of young men’s work in the metropolis. While there he created a most favorable impression, and as a recognition of his worth, the pastor of one of the Presbyterian churches in New York has asked him to take the pastorate of his church for six weeks this summer while he, the regular pastor, is away on vacation.

For their honeymoon, Rev. and Mrs. PATTERSON leave Charlottesville shortly after their marriage and go to New York where they will remain some two months. Following this, he plans to return to Charlottesville and remain until the first of October, at which time he will bring his bride to De Leon to remain a month with his mother and other relatives. They plan to make their home in Texas where he has a number of attractive offers with schools and colleges, or he may enter the itinerant ministry at the annual conference.

Mrs. Abbie Atlee On A Visit Here

Mrs. Abbie ATLEE, daughter of Rev. L.J. MORTON, arrived a week ago and is spending a month in the home of De Leon relatives. She is connected with a school at London, Ky. where she has made her home for some years. Her many friends are glad to welcome her home.

Oil Is Struck On Harve Smith Tract at Victor

Quite a bit of excitement accompanied the announcement here last Friday that the Welsh et al test had struck oil on the Harve SMITH tract, a mile north of Victor. Mr. WELSH has lived here at Travelers Hotel for a year and a half and worked this well. He lost a rig by fire and has had much hard luck. He and his business associates are jubilant over the prospect of what seems a big producer.

About the middle of last week the drill reached the top of the oil bearing formation at 2950 feet, after drilling through a strata of gray lime. The formation changed to mixed black lime and a rich brown sand. Oil arose in the well and the baler was run for three hours Thursday morning without exhausting the supply of fluid in the hole and the bailer on latter tests has failed to clear the hole of oil it is reported…….

Mrs. C.N. Lighthill Given A Surprise Party

On last Tuesday, June 22, a surprise birthday party was given Mrs. C.W. LIGHTFOOT by her daughter and Mrs. LUCEY. The house was beautifully decorated with cut flowers and the honoree was showered with gifts from her friends. A delightful social time was spent after which ice cream and angel food cake was served to the following: Mrs. Lena MOHON, Jim TODD, Ruby MOHON, J.H. IRVIN, MIXON, PATTERSON, A.K. BENDER, James ROSS, BRILEY of San Antonio, W.S. SNEED, Lacy THOMAS of Okla., JEFFERY, W.H. LUCEY, CARTER, HILL and Miss Bernice BRILEY.

Local News

Mr. and Mrs. T.F. SWAGERTY and Mr. and Mrs. T.P. SWAGERTY and their families, left on Wednesday this week for Wellington, Texas, where they go to make their future home. During a year or more they resided in De Leon, they made many friends, all of whom regret to see them leaving.

Mr. and Mrs. W.C. STREETY and daughter, Mrs. May WHALEY, returned Saturday from a several weeks visit at San Antonio and San Angelo.

Miss Maude BOHANNON, niece of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. JONES, who is attending school at John Tarleton College, was spending the past week end with them in this city.

Mrs. Macel COLEMAN and children of Hillsboro spent the past week in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. JONES.

Mrs. B.M. UTTERBACK of Dublin was visiting on Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack BETTIS.

Mr. and Mrs. Vern BROWNLEE carried their baby boy to Fort Worth Thursday morning to the baby clinic at St. Joseph’s Infirmary.

Mrs. J.D. HAM is leaving the last of the week for Akron, Ohio, where she will spend some weeks in the home of her daughter, Mrs. H.J. STOCKMAN.

Miss Martha DUNCAN, from Tennessee, arrived Thursday for an extended summer visit with her aunt, Mrs. W.L. STEAKLEY.

New Hope News

J.C. LOCKE SPENT Saturday night with his brother, W.C. LOCKE of Ross Chapel who has been very sick.

Lloyd LEE, son of Mr. and Mrs. G.L. LEE, has been home with his parents for the last few days but has now left for Dublin where he will teach vocational agriculture and coach athletics in the Dublin High school. His work will begin July 1st. Lloyd is a graduate of A. & M. College. He was recently awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science.

Lloyd HOLLAND, who is in the Gorman Sanitarium, is improving nicely and expects to be at home on Friday of this week.

Desdemona (from the Gusher)

Miss Martha DERRICK left Saturday night for Westbrook to visit her sister, Mrs. Donald HOWELL and family.

Mr. Rae NABERS of Meadow, Texas, was here the first part of the week, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. RAE.

Miss Effie Jean DYER, of Ft. Worth, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Guy McGEE.

Mr. and Mrs. P.M. PENDLETON and family of Ireland, Coryell county, Texas, was a week end visitor in the home of their son, H.B. PENDLETON.

Mrs. Woods SHANKLIN and little daughter, Marilyn, returned Sunday night from a two weeks’ visit with a school friend at San Angelo.

Wofford JONES came from Coleman Saturday evening and spent the week end with his mother, Mrs. Eula JONES.

W.C. BEDFORD went up to Eastland Sunday afternoon to visit his sister, Mrs. Sue STEELE, and to hear Bishop MOORE preach at the Methodist church. On Monday he went over to Cisco on business.

Mrs. Chas. ICE and little daughter, Peggy Joyce, came down from Ranger Friday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. GRIFFIN. They returned home Sunday, being accompanied by her parents.

Oliver Springs

Mr. Ed GREGORY went to Carbon Sunday. He carried his sister, Mrs. HUNTSUCKER, who has been visiting them from the west to another sister’s home in Carbon.

Miss Chrystell ALLGOOD has resigned from the Oliver Springs school. No primary teacher has been elected to take her place.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer WOODS of Ranger were visiting Mrs. WOODS’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. HAMPTON.

Comyn News

Mrs. A.R. THOMPSON is on the sick list this week but is reported to be some better at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. GODDARD came in Sunday from Waco to visit the latter’s mother, Mrs. Effie BARNES.

Mrs. Clifford LEWALLEN and little son Valton of near De Leon visited her sister, Mrs. B.L. PAINTER Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. B.F. BARNES, Mrs. Kerby BARNES and children of Dublin spent last Friday in the home of Mrs. Jesse BARNES.

Christine PAINTER visited her aunt, Mrs. D.R. McCOUN of De Leon Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. W.H. CRADDOCK and little daughter, Imogene, of Dublin visited his sister, Mrs. B.L. PAINTER, Sunday and attended the singing.

Rock Bluff

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest GOATES and son of Sally Robinson spent Friday night with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex GOATES.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. WILLIAMS and son of Blanket spent Saturday night with the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM.

Bowman News

Lavelle FERRELL, son of C.L. FERRELL, was bruised pretty badly when climbing a tree. The limb he was on broke and caused him to lose hold of the other limbs. It happened that it did not break any of his limbs.

There was a great surprise here in this community last Sunday morning. Mr. Jackson QUINN and Miss Mae SKAGGS "jumped the broom" last Sunday morning at nine o’clock. They were married at the home of Rev. W.L. SKAGGS, the uncle of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. J.T. QUINN gave a singing Sunday night in the honor of their son and new daughter. There was quite a number present. Everybody had an enjoyable time.

Mrs. Annie GRIMES returned to her home in Bearden, Oklahoma last Friday after attending the funeral of her father, Mr. Wallace MORGAN.

Weaver GRIFFITH and family of Desdemona spent Sunday with his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. W.F. GRIFFITH.


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