De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 26, 1926

Liberty Manager Injured Face in Swimming Pool

While swimming at Comyn early in the week, M.D. STEWART, owner and manager of the Liberty theatre, accidentally cut his face on the concrete floor of a pool of water. The victim of the accident was engaged with others of a swimming party in doing fancy aquatic stunts when Mr. STEWART fell, cutting his forehead, cheek and nose against the bottom. The water was five feet deep. His injuries are not serious.

Faculty is Near Completion For Next School Year

A meeting of De Leon school board was held at the city hall on Monday of this week and a number of teachers were employed for places on the faculty the coming year. This completed the faculty for the coming year except a principal for North Ward and possibly one additional ward teacher.

Teachers employed Monday night were Miss Bertha ROSS, mathematics in the high school; Miss Virginia Grace WESSON, Spanish and Miss Ruth HARVEY for place in the grades.

The faculty as it stands at present is as follows:

High School:

D.M. RUSSELL, Superintendent



Miss Bertha ROSS

Miss Ethel ROBERTS

Miss Virginia Grace WESSON

Miss Artie COLEY

Ward Schools:

Mrs. S.A. DUKE



Mrs. Edgar SHORT

Mrs. Oscar COZBY

Miss Alpha MOORE

Miss Ruth HARVEY

Miss Iris MOHON


Uncle Jack’s Birthday

Uncle Jack MORTON had a birthday last Sunday and his children gave him a big celebration, details of which this paper failed to get in time for publication this week. We hope to be able to give the story in our next issue – Editor

De Leon Young Man Gets Degree From Texas University

Owen A. NABORS, son of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS, is a graduate of State University. He recently was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration. For some years he has filled the responsible position of chief clerk in the stenographic bureau where he drew a salary while attending school.

NABORS is expected here this week, and will leave shortly, accompanied by Emilo VAN ZANDT, to tour the lower Rio Grande Valley country.

"A Foot of Plums"

H.F. SHORT brought to the Free Press a twig measuring about one foot in length on which twenty-two bright yellow plums were growing, thick as grapes on the bunch.

The variety is "America" and Mr. SHORT has a good quantity of them, which he is selling now.

Mr. SHORT’s Elberta peach crop, which was reported earlier as a total failure is not quite so. He will have perhaps a couple of hundred bushels.

Local News

W.E. HOWELL is having a new home built. The old residence which the family has occupied for more than 20 years has been leveled to the ground this week and workmen will commence at once to erect a new seven room structure to replace it. The beautiful new Baptist church in this vicinity doubtless made Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL feel that they, too, must dress up their premises.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. HOWARD, son Emmett and Lewis EASTERLING have gone on an automobile tour of the lower Rio Grande valley and to points in Old Mexico.

Mr. FORD, father of Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS, died suddenly at his home at Morgan late Tuesday of heart failure. The NICHOLS family, accompanied by Mesdames C.H. SHARP, J.H. GRIZZELLE, J.T. PLEMMONS and W.S. SNEED and C.H. SHARP were attending the funeral service Wednesday. Deceased was 86 years of age and an old time business man at Morgan, having lived there for more than half a century.

Mr. and Mrs. Y.L. DABNEY left on Thursday for their summer cottage near Colorado Springs, Colo., where they will remain until September. Wayne WEAVER accompanied them.

Mrs. W.R. CLARK and baby have returned to their home in Oklahoma City after a visit of a month in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL, Sr.

Harry HOWELL is home from Kansas where he is traveling for the Sure-Fit Cap Company.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard SHORT had as their guests last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. F.A. SHORT and Mr. and Mrs. Elbert SMITH of Abilene and Mr. and Mrs. L. P. FOSTER and L.P. Jr. of Carlton. Mesdames SMITH and FOSTER are sisters of Mr. SHORT.

Mr. and Mrs. D.A. STEPHENS and son, Bennie, left Thursday morning for Clovis, N.M. to visit with Mrs. STEPHENS’ sister. They will go from that place to Denver, Colo. For an extended visit.

Alexander, the young son of Dr. and Mrs. A.M. ALLEN, is quite ill at their home in the southeast portion of the city. His condition is reported as quite serious.

Zollie STEAKLEY, Jr. has accepted a position in the Citizen’s National Bank at Abilene for the summer. Young STEAKLEY expects to enter school at Simmons University in September he said.

Pastor Seba KIRKPATRICK returned the last of the week from a visit with relatives in Arkansas and at Shreveport, La. He preached at both hours Sunday, then left Monday to spend the week at the pastor’s institute, in session at S.M.U. during the week. He will return here Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. JONES and children have returned from an extensive vacation trip to Oklahoma where they visited in the home of his brother, B.F. JONES, who lived here prior to 1900. Miss Irene, niece of Mr. JONES, returned with them for a visit. J.W. reports crops fine at several places they visited including Haskell, where they visited his sister.

Rock Bluff

W.J. HUPTSUCKER left Friday for a few months visit with his daughter, Mrs. W.F. CAPERS, of Littlefield, Tex.

Jim HARMON and family of Tyler are visiting his brother at this time.

Miss Rosalene CARNES returned home Sunday after visiting relatives at Gorman the past week.

Duster News

Mr. and Mrs. Irwin FRAZIER are the proud parents of a baby girl.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie CAIN also have a baby girl.

Jim ANGLIN and wife are visiting his parents. Mr. ANGLIN, who preached for four churches in New Mexico, has only a short vacation. However, he wishes to hurry back to his work.

W.C. DUKES was able to return home from Gorman sanitarium on Sunday afternoon.

New Hope News

Lloyd HOLLAND is in the Gorman sanitarium recovering from an operation for appendicitis. He was carried there on Tuesday of this week.

Miss Ruth St. CLAIR left Sunday to visit with her cousin, Mrs. James HEATH of Rising Star.



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