De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, June 4, 1926


The marriage of Mr. Marvin HOLDRIDGE to Miss Gladys JENKINS occurred at Comanche at the home of Rev. and Mrs. J.D. SMOOT at 9:00 o’clock last Sunday morning, May 30th. The wedding was a complete surprise to the many friends of the couple here, HOLDRIDGE having finished De Leon high school course on Friday prior to his marriage on Sunday. The young couple was accompanied by Miss Willie WHITLOW and Mr. Henry KENNEDY.

Miss JENKINS is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. JENKINS of near Comanche and is a charming and lovable young woman. She is a graduate of Comanche high school in the class of 1923, having therefore many friends in that city who extend their congratulations and best wishes. Mr. HOLDRIDGE is a son of Mr. and Mrs. H.B. HOLDRIDGE and to say he is popular is an all too mild expression. Marvin holds a place in the highest esteem and love of the hundreds who have known him from childhood.

Mr. and Mrs. HOLDRIDGE are leaving Friday for Dallas where he will study during the summer months at S.M.U. Both will perhaps study there during the coming school year. Mr. HOLDRIDGE was at Dallas last week making arrangements for an apartment for the summer and arranging for his course in voice, in which he will major during his study there.

The Free Press has no list of adjectives sufficient to express our esteem of these excellent young folks but if wishing them the realization of their fondest hope and ambitions will suffice, then they have the best this paper affords.


Miss Ena DUKE and Nobil John KEITH were married the 25th of April by a Baptist pastor at Comanche.

Miss DUKE is the charming daughter of J.N. DUKE of this city and no word can magnify her popularity too much. Miss DUKE was a junior in the high school this year.

Mr. KEITH is the son of Mr. N.J. KEITH of Dublin, Texas and a very popular young man of many desirable qualities. He is traveling for the General Outdoor Advertising company and covers many cities and states.

The young couple are now in Chicago.

There are scores of friends in and around De Leon who wish for them the most happiness and success. – Contributed.

Pioneer Woman Lived 50 Years Here, - Is Dead

Mrs. Rosa HAMMON, Comanche pioneer woman, who lived more than half a century in the county, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. May HARDIN, Sunday morning, May 30th – Memorial Day.

Mrs. HAMMON was born July 4th 1849 in the state of Virginia, being 76 years, 10 months and 26 days of age when death came. She was married to Daniel HAMMON and to this union were born seven children, two, Sarah and Hariett, dying in infancy. The surviving children are Mrs. May HARDIN, Mrs. Amelia WILHELM, and Daniel HAMMON, Jr., who were present when death came. Other surviving children are Welbourn HAMMON of Wickenburg, Ariz., and Mrs. Julia MAGNESS of Glendale, Ariz. There are 37 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren, twenty being present who live here, the remaining two, Ebb TERRY and Mrs. Ruthie LOUDERMILK of Sipe Springs and Brownwood, respectively, also being present.

Mr. HAMMON died on May 6th, 1886 and in 1905 Mrs. HAMMON was re-married to Mr. Tommie NORTHCUTT, who preceded her in death by only about two months.

Mrs. HAMMON was converted in 1893 and affiliated with the Church of Christ, walking uprightly in that faith until the end. Rev. A.F. NABORS conducted the funeral service at De Leon cemetery on Monday afternoon, May 31st.

Mrs. HAMMON could tell a most interesting story about early days in Comanche county. She came to the county in about 1874 or 75 when the days of the last Indian raids were fresh in the minds of the scattered populace and before the town of De Leon had its beginning. All these years she has made her home on the old HAMMON homestead, four miles southwest of De Leon, which place adjoins the Uncle Joe CHAMBERS place on the west. Daniel HAMMON, Sr. is buried in the little private burying ground near the Joe CHAMBERS residence.

Wedding Shower

Thursday afternoon at four o’clock at the home of Mrs. Billie GREGORY, a shower was given for Miss Jewell JONES and Miss Electra BEAUCHAMP, two very popular De Leon teachers, who were soon to be married. The event being a surprise for the two young ladies, they remained at the school building until late. When they returned, the beautifully decorated living room of the GREGORY home where they were rooming was filled with guests.

Mrs. Johnnie MOHON gave special music. After games and contests were played, Dan Cupid, in the person of little Miss Ruth LIGHTFOOT assisted by Jossie Beth ALLEN, Faye MONTGOMERY and Raynell LIGHTFOOT were ushered into the room carrying many packages which were piled at the feet of the brides-to-be, who opened the packages which revealed many useful and lovely gifts.

But another surprise was awaiting the friends. An ice course was served, on each plate tucked away beneath a rose was Dan Cupid’s secret which read, Mr. J. Columbus SHORT and Miss Jewell JONES; Miss Electra BEAUCHAMP and Mr. Edgar SHORT were married February 28, 1926. The double wedding took place in the home of Rev. A. WOODS of Blanket, Texas.

Thinking it best to keep the event a secret until the close of school, Mrs. GREGORY was the only one to whom it was revealed.

Mr. and Mrs. Columbus SHORT will make their home in Ranger, Texas, after an extended trip east.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar SHORT will be at home in De Leon, Texas, after September. Mrs. SHORT will teach in the public schools here next school year.

We wish them many long and happy years. – Contributed.

T.J. Haney Died Of Paralysis At His Home Sat’day

T.J. HANEY, well known and highly respected citizen of this city was stricken quite suddenly with paralysis shortly after midnight Saturday morning. The deadly malady crept over his body in the short space of one and a half hours. At two o’clock a.m. he was dead.

Upon discovery of his severe illness Mrs. HANEY called a neighbor who hurried for a physician. Arriving within a few minutes the doctor was unable to stay the hand of death for the fatal malady has not respect for the science of medicine nor the skill of physicians. Death was apparently unattended by intense suffering.

Thomas Jefferson HANEY was born at Danville, Ark., in 1854 residing there until about fifty years of age, partially rearing his family there. In 1903 he moved from Arkansas to San Saba, Texas, where he lived 13 years, moving thence to Comanche county. The family made their home here for the past 10 years.

There were nine children born into the home, six of them survive, the three having died while in infancy. Surviving children, all of whom came for the funeral are: M.W. HANEY of Lubbock; J.E. HANEY, Wichita, Kan., A.C. HANEY, Indio, Calif., Mrs. P.D. VAN HOOSE, Amarillo and Misses Katie and Gracie, who live here. Mr. HANEY is also survived by the faithful wife who remained faithfully by his side down through the years.

Mr. HANEY was converted and became a member of the Methodist church at an early age and continued steadfastly in his faith until God called him from labor to rest. He was honorable, honest, trustworthy, in all his dealings, and held the respect of all who knew him.

Funeral services was at the Methodist church Monday afternoon with the pastor, Rev. KIRKPATRICK, in charge. A large number came to pay their last respects and to give expression of their sense of grief and loss.


The Free Press has heard of the marriage of Miss Ina CARAWAY to Mr. Kenneth SPENCER, which occurred on Tuesday afternoon of last week, May 25th. The happy young couple drove to the home of the Rev. George ROSS and members of his family witnessed the ceremony, they being alone.

These are among the best known and highly respected people of Comyn community. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. CARAWAY, and young woman of many graces. She recently graduated from Comyn high school with high honors. Mr. SPENCER is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. SPENCER and holds a place in high esteem of the entire citizenship of that community. Congratulations have been showered upon them, and in these this paper desires most heartily to join.

De Leon Woman To Teach in the Eastland Schools

Miss Clista MOHON DUNCAN has accepted a position to teach in the Eastland public school. Mrs. DUNCAN has been attending Tarleton college for the past year. She will enroll for the summer school when she expects to finish the work there.

De Leon Hi 1926 Juniors—Next Year’s Seniors

[Photos of the following students appear in this issue of the De Leon Free Press. If you wish a copy of the photos, please contact Margaret Waring, Librarian, Comanche County Public Library. (J.M.)]


Local News

Mr. and Mrs. Walter SENNET have gone to Dallas to be with his parents a month before the elder SENNET family move to California to make their permanent home. Mr. and Mrs. SENNET will return in September where he will teach violin again.

W.C. STREETY and family are leaving the latter part of the week. He will go to his farm 16 miles south of San Antonio on the Medina river where oat harvesting is in progress. Mrs. STREETY and Mrs. WHALEY will visit at both San Angelo and San Antonio before returning.

Mrs. T.J. HANEY and two daughters accompanied other members of their family back to their homes on Thursday morning, following the death of T.J. HANEY last week. Mrs. HANEY went with her daughter, Mrs. P.D. VAN HOOSE to Amarillo; Miss Gracie accompanied Marvin to his home at Lubbock and Miss Katie went to Wichita, Kan. With her brother Ernest.

J.W. BAGWELL of Kenefic, Okla., was here this week for a visit in the home of his son, Billie, and with old friends.

Mr. and Mrs. MORELAND have recently moved from Rising Star to De Leon and are living at the Mrs. S.G. PARKS home. He is employed by the De Leon Gas Company.

Dr. J.A. HAMPTON of Dallas was here this week for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. HAMPTON and brother, C.C. HAMPTON.

Herbert WEAVER, student in Baylor Medical College, Dallas, is home for the vacation period.

"Doctor" Faye INZER is home from Baylor Medical College at Dallas. Faye finished the course in medicine and was awarded the coveted "M.D." and has been assigned to duty as an intern at Baylor Hospital for the coming year. She has the distinction of being the first and only woman De Leon ever produced who became a Doctor of Medicine.

Clarence REDDEN, Jr. arrived home Wednesday from school at A. & M. college. The Free Press learns that he has given up the idea of entering Annapolis Naval Academy to which he was recently appointed.

Boyd SHARP arrived home from A. & M. College on Wednesday and will be here only a few days. He will be connected as student officer with the student corps on duty at Del Rio during the summer months.

G.H. YORK returned home yesterday from a visit at Birmingham, Ala. and also with relatives in various parts of Mississippi.

Bill MONTGOMERY, operating a stage line from Cisco to Abilene, was here this week getting his household goods packed to move to Cisco.

Mr. and Mrs. Finis BELL have returned from Merkel where he taught school the past year. They will spend the summer here.

Lee HOLDRIDGE left early in the week to enter business college at Draughn’s at Abilene. He will be away for about three months.

Mrs. A.C. TANKSLEY of El Paso is here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar BUTLER, and with other relatives and friends.

Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON and Mr. and Mrs. BARKER and BAGWELL attended the graduation exercises of the Daniel Baker College at Brownwood Sunday where their son and brother, Robert, is finishing.

Mr. and Mrs. M.D. STEWART of the Liberty Theatre are home from an extended visit thru Mississippi visiting his mother at Hattiesburg.

Mr. and Mrs. E.C. JOHNSON and baby left this week for their new home at Stephenville. Mr. JOHNSON will teach at John Tarleton College next school year.

Mrs. Charles O. GASKIN of Joliet, Ill., and Miss Katherine CENTER, sisters of Mrs. O.E. CLARK, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. CLARK in their home east of town.

Mrs. C.C. McGLASSON and four children of Plainview are here for a visit in the home of her aunt, Mrs. A.E. HAMPTON. Mrs. McGLASSON was formerly Miss Nellie WEBB, daughter of Judge and Mrs. T.D. WEBB.

Leon NOEL was called to Valley Mills Monday by a message notifying him of the death of Mrs. Noel’s brother at that place Sunday evening. Mrs. NOEL and Miss Eudora have been at Valley Mills for several days.

New Hope News

Mrs. G.L. LEE is on the sick list this week.

Mrs. Lea BRAGG has been at the bedside of her brother, Earl DANIEL of near Suez, for several days and has not returned. Her brother has been critically ill with pneumonia but is improving.

Riley WILKERSON and family of near Proctor visited his brother S.N. WILKERSON Monday.

Ben BURROW’s parents of near Ranger, visited in his home here Sunday.

Round Grove News

Mrs. George ROSS has been quite sick but is better at this writing.

Mrs. HORTON of Lingleville, is attending the bedside of her sister, Mrs. George ROSS. After a few days stay she was also taken sick.

Emmett RIPPETOE has been real sick for the past week and does not seem to be any better at this writing. It is hoped he will soon be up again.

Rock Bluff

Mr. and Mrs. Byron SKAGGS spent Sunday with Mrs. SKAGG’s mother, Mrs. BUNTING.

Jackson QUINN is now home as his school is out and everybody is proud to see him again.


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