De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, May 21, 1926

Fell in 35-Foot Water—Couldn’t Swim

B.J. PITTMAN accompanied Dave FINKELSTINE and son, Kenneth, to Goldthwaithe, last Saturday on one of Mr. FINKELSTINE’s "weekly" fishing trips, catching a nice batch of crappie. While out in the middle of a lake where the water was reputed to be 35 feet deep, Dave, who incidentally can’t swim a stroke, stood up in the boat and lost his balance and fell in the water. Mr. PITTMAN ought to have a Carnegie hero medal for fishing him out with an oar.

Moves Residence

Miss Mattie REDDEN has moved her cottage from its location east of the ice plant to her lot just south of the CARTER home in east De Leon and is having it remodeled and renovated. When completed it will make a nice cottage home.

Party Caught 15 lb. Fish "Down South"

A party of De Leon young men went "down south" fishing last week and in addition to catching about one hundred pounds of smaller fish, they caught one big buffalo weighing approximately fifteen pounds. It took the combined efforts of all four to land the big fellow. The party consisted of Lee NABORS, Elten BOSWELL, and Jack and George DYER.

Liberty Owner and Wife to Mississippi

Mr. and Mrs. M.D. STEWART of the Liberty theatre left Sunday in their Chrysler Six for a two weeks visit with his mother at Hattiesburg, Miss. It is the first visit Mrs. STEWART has made to Mississippi since their marriage.

De Leon Schools Faculty Elected For Term 1926-27

At a meeting of the school board at the city hall recently the major portion of the faculty for the coming school year was elected. The remaining places are to be filled at a later meeting. Those chosen were as follows:

D.M. RUSSELL, Superintendent.

W.Z. COMPTON, Principal of High School

Mrs. W.Z. COMPTON, History and Commercial Department.

Miss Gladys ROBERTS, English

Miss Louise EDMONDS, Spanish.

Miss Artie COLEY, Home Economics.

The following ward school teachers:

Mrs. S.A. DUKE, Mrs. D.M. RUSSELL, Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL, Miss Iris MOHON, Miss Electra BEAUCHAMP, Miss Jewell JONES, Miss Lillie SINGLETON, Miss Alpha MOORE, Mrs. Oscar COZBY.

A number now serving on the faculty were not re-elected because of the fact that they had already accepted places elsewhere or for one reason or another did not desire re-election. Prof. O.H. MOORE had signed a three year contract with the school at Jakehamon. Misses Golden and Gladys JONES have accepted places at Brownwood. Miss Gladys RIPLEY will attend school next year. The principalship of South Ward, held by R.C. BOSWELL, is one of the two places that will be eliminated, the teaching force being reduced from 20 to 18 teachers as an economy measure adopted by the board.

Commencement To Be Observed at M.E. Church

The baccalaureate sermon is to be preached at the Methodist church this Sunday morning incident to the closing of De Leon high school, Pastor S. KIRKPATRICK will preach the sermon. Mrs. E.C. JOHNSON will sing, accompanied by Mrs. MOHON, pianist and Mr. SENNETT, violin.

The graduating class numbers 42. John D. HARVEY is class president. Miss Roger Mae SMITH is valedictorian and Miss Allene MULLOY salutatorian. The class roll follows:

Charles CARTER

Raymond BUTLER







John J. HORN, Jr.








Thesil ALLEN


Velma BELL

Georgia BOWEN

Kayutah BRADY


Mary Elizabeth BROWN

Irene DUKE






Bernice INZER



Eudora NEEL

Pauline RAY

Ruby Lee REED

Roger Mae SMITH

Rozelle SMITH


Modelle TATE



Comyn School Holds First Commencement; 7 Graduate

Comyn school commencement exercises were held at the school building there during the early portion of the week. Seven pupils finished the course and were awarded diplomas. The full high school course including eleventh grade work is done and the school has applied for affiliation. The term is nine months and closed with the end of the past week.

The list of graduates for the 1925-1926 term is as follows: Finis COOK, Lee SCARBOROUGH, Alita SWEEDEN, Ina CARAWAY, Katherine EASLEY, Pearl GOODWIN and Ellouise THOMPSON.

Local News

Mr. and Mrs. E.S. MERRICK and daughter made a flying trip to Arlington this week, going to Eastland and accompanying their son-in-law, Mr. HARRISON and wife on the trip where they visited their son and brother, Fred MERRICK. Mr. MERRICK stated that crops in the black land are far advanced over this section, cotton being several inches high at this time.

S.V. BAKER of Celeste was here this week in company with his sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. BILLINGSBY of Green’s Creek. Mr. BAKER said his father-in-law, Dr. A.M. NEAL is now located at Zephyr and Gordon NEAL is working in Denver. Both of these families formerly lived in De Leon.

H.B. HOLDRIDGE, the "ruling spirit" out around "Busy Corner" was over in Dallas last week on business. Mr. HOLDRIDGE had built up a very thriving business in the vicinity of the Humphrey Addition.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernus DAY returned Monday night after a week’s visit with the DAY and WALLACE families on De Leon Rt. 1 and Rt. 3. They were accompanied by Mrs. DAY’s niece, Miss Bernice WALLACE.

Born to Mrs. C.L. BOND at Eastland on Wednesday, May 5th, a baby girl – "Charles Lavoile". Mrs. BOND was formerly Miss Charlotte COONER, whose husband met tragic death the past February.

Dale WILSON was home from Brownwood for a few days this week.

Wallace MORGAN of Route Two has been ill for several months and his condition at this time is not improved. His sister, Mrs. W.H. HOLDRIDGE, of Winters, was here to visit him recently.

Mrs. Hallie STEPHENS has been visiting in the home of his [sic] parents at Killeen during the past week.

Mrs. J.B. JEFFREY returned last week from Ingram, near San Antonio where she visited three weeks with her sister, Mrs. Chas MOSELEY.

Miss Pauline BILLS has returned home from Big Spring where she was manager of a rooming house.

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. GREGORY went to Dallas Sunday where he is under the care of a specialist, going there at intervals for treatment.

Ben SLATON, Katy man, became ill on the passenger run as brakeman Thursday morning and was relieved here and returned to Stamford on the afternoon train.

Arl LIGHTFOOT, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.L. LIGHTFOOT, student at the State University, was reported seriously ill early in the week, but is now better.

Mr. and Mrs. E.W. OWEN visited his father at Athens the past week. The older OWEN has been ill for more than a year. He is past eighty years of age.

Mrs. Willis CLARK and baby of Oklahoma City are here for a visit in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. HOWELL.

Mr. and Mrs. A.G. MALONE of Cisco left this week to make their home in the Laredo district where Mr. MALONE will be engaged in the oil business. Mrs. MALONE, it will be remembered, was formerly Miss Avo BETTIS.

Mrs. Sidney HUGHES and little son, Sidney, Jr., of Breckenridge are here at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. H.W. LOCKE, who has been critically ill with influenza during the week.

G.H. YORK left Monday for Birmingham, Ala., where he will attend the Confederate Reunion. Mr. YORK expects to visit relatives in Mississippi before returning home.

Bowman News

We are glad to report that Mr. Gaston FERRILL is steadily improving and his mother also.

Miss Ella BROWNLEE is improving. She has had a severe attack of flu.

Wallace MORGAN is still confined to his bed. His sister, Mrs. W.H. HOLDRIDGE of Winters, spent Saturday and Sunday with him.

George PINSON and wife and Mrs. J.T. QUINN spent Tuesday evening in Gorman at the bedside of Miss Lillie SELF, who underwent an operation for appendicitis.

Duster News

Miss Mollie COUNTS of De Leon is spending the week with her sister and mother, Mrs. J.B. GRAY and Mrs. Cariline TATE.

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HOOKER were Sunday visitors with their daughter, Mrs. W.H. CARPENTER of Comanche.

Mrs. J.R. PATTERSON returned to Rising Star Tuesday after visiting some two weeks with her daughter, Mrs. J.O. HARRIS.

Mrs. Morgan MOORE and children of Houston are visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HOOKER.

Misses Mae Belle WINKLE and Mr. Newman HATTOX, visited his sister, Miss Inez HATTOX who is teaching her Cottonwood.


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