De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 30, 1926

Medical Missionary to Mexico on Visit De Leon Relatives

Dr. Henry RAY, brother of Baxter RAY, of De Leon, Route 1, was here for a brief visit the past week, calling briefly at the Free Press office. Dr. RAY, who is in charge of the Methodist mission hospital at Chihuahua, Mexico, had been attending the American Medical Association meeting at Dallas and also came north to deliver an address to the Rotary Club at El Paso. Mrs. RAY and baby accompanied him, their four older children they left at the mission at Chihuahua.

Dr. RAY commented briefly on the recent disturbance in Mexico, stating that they had just received an X-ray for use in the hospital, which they did not unpack for several days thinking perhaps they could carry this valuable equipment away with them in case they were ordered to leave. But the hospital was left undisturbed, the churches and schools being closed.

Dr. RAY is building up a splendid work at Chihuahua which the whole denomination feels proud of. A Methodist church in Birmingham Ala., the Free Press believes stands sponsor for the hospital and mission over which Dr. RAY presides.

York’s Café is Being Overhauled

G.H. YORK has closed his doors for business this week and a crew of workmen are busy making some repairs on the interior of the building. The ceiling and floor are receiving some new material and paint and new wall paper will make the place look like brand new when completed. Mr. YORK may be able to open by the last of the week, he stated, but if not then, early next week.

Kirkpatrick is Dead, Sister of Mrs. Seba

Mrs. S. KIRKPATRICK, wife of the pastor of De Leon Methodist church, received a message some days ago of the serious illness and later of the death of her sister in Arkansas. She left to be present at the funeral which was held last Sunday. De Leon friends will sympathize with her in her hour of sadness.

Big Base Ball Game Planned for Next Monday

On next Monday afternoon, May 3, at the ball park, the most interesting baseball game of the season will be played when the men of the town will play the women of the town. The lineup is as follows:


Catcher, Mrs. S.A. DUKE

Pitcher, Miss Golden JONES

First Base, Miss Gladys RIPLEY

Second Base, Miss Gladys JONES

Third Base, Miss Jewell JONES

Shortstop, Mrs. Bob STEAKLEY, Sub. Miss EDMONDS

Left Field, Mrs. Mutt SNEAD

Right Field, Mrs. Will WEAVER, Sub. Miss ROBERTS


Catcher, Mr. Billy BAGWELL

Pitcher, Mr. HANSFORD, Sub. Mr. RUSSELL

First Base, Mr. LIGHTFOOT

Second Base, Mr. YORK

Third Base, Mr. B.J. PITTMAN

Shortstop, Mr. GRISHAM

Left field, Mr. KINCHEN

Right field, Mr. SHARP

Rightfield, W.P. WEAVER

Centerfield, Dr. SELF

Subs: Otis HARVEY, Iral INZER, Cager MOHON, Dick CARTER, Alf SLOAN, John MOHON, Lloyd HAMPTON, Fatty MORRIS and others if necessary.

Come and see a good game. Admission 10 cents and 25 cents. Game will be called at four o’clock.

Local News

Carl PITTMAN, who has been employed at Yuma, Arizona, recently developed a severe attack of kidney trouble, and has gone to Los Angeles for treatment. He will be brought home by his son, Morris, about the first of June.

Mr. and Mrs. M.L. STERLING, of Yuma, Arizona, have been in the city this week, guests of her mother, Mrs. Carl PITTMAN. They are moving from Yuma to Dallas where he will be employed by the Magnolia Petroleum Company.

Dr. H.H. INZER was in attendance at the annual convention of the American Medical Association in session at Dallas during the past week.

G.B. MILNER has returned from Little Rock, Ark, where he attended the funeral and burial of his brother-in-law, W.J. HOBBS, 57, veteran engineer of the Missouri Pacific Ry., who was killed in a wreck four miles from Arkadelphia, Ark., on April 16. A.H. WARD, 41, fireman on the engine with HOBBS, also lost his life.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe FARMER and children of Comanche were visiting De Leon relatives the week-end.

W.P. WEAVER was attending the druggists convention at Fort Worth during the week.

Mrs. W.J. HOLLEMAN and W.G. KIMBLE have been back to Mississippi where their father died recently.

J.R. MOON, accompanied by his wife and three children were recent visitors in the home of his brother-in-law, W.H. STRINGFELLOW. Their home is near Stephenville.

Born on Tuesday, April 15th, to Mr. and Mrs. Dee COAN, of De Leon Route 2, a baby boy.

Mr. and Mrs. George SCOTT of Rt. 3 are the proud parents of a baby girl, born Thursday the 15th.

New Hope News

Mrs. Len BRAGG and little son, Charles Rex, visited Mrs. Tom BEATY of Downing on Thursday of last week.

Jim RAGLAND was carried to the Blackwell sanitarium at Gorman on Wednesday of last week and was operated upon. They expect to bring him home the last of this week if he continues to improve. Mr. RAGLAND has not been well for some time.

Miss Enola McCHAREN, who is going to school at Stephenville, spent the latter part of last week with her homefolks.

Rev. A.F. NABORS preached at New Hope Sunday morning.

The Quilting club has not met for a week or two but will meet on Thursday of this week with Mrs. Claud PAIR. The club will, at this time, quilt some for Mr. Oscar NABORS.

I.L. Morris of Comanche is 101 Years Old

Comanche – I.L. MORRIS was one hundred years old last Saturday and his birthday was celebrated at the home of his brother, G.L. MORRIS, of this city, with a fine birthday dinner which he enjoyed with a number of members of his family and relatives, both of Comanche and from distant points.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.