De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 23, 1926

 Child 7 Has Had Three Operations

Chlonise KAY, 7, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ira KAY, and grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.L. TOLAR, had three operations at the Gorman Sanitarium about two weeks ago and her recovery was remarkable. The little one never had so much as a degree of fever. Her operations were for the removal of appendix, tonsils and adenoids.

Residence Burned In Humphrey Addition On Friday Night

A residence formerly owned and occupied by Eld J.J. EDWARDS, and later owned by R.E. SHORT, burned at 2:00 o’clock last Friday morning. The house was located across the street east from the Arch HUMPHREY home and diagonally opposite the HOLDRIDGE store. The structure was framed and had five rooms. It was said to have been worth $1,500 to $2,000. The house was practically burned down before discovered. The fire truck was taken to the scene but could not save the building. Mr. SHORT carried insurance in the amount of $1,000. The house had been vacant about a month.

De Leon Entries Win Six District Firsts—To State

It should be a matter of great pride to De Leon people that "ten pupils entered the District Meet at Brownwood and Ten of Them Placed.

Indeed, seven out of the ten won first places and will therefore represent the district at the State Meet at Austin, May 6-7-8. The winnings are all the more noteworthy since there was a very large enrollment at the meet from over about ten counties.

Dick WEAVER won first in Senior Boys Declamation.

Lillian PITTMAN won first place in Junior Girls Declamation.

Zollie STEAKLEY won first in Tennis Singles (Third year in succession.)

Zollie STEAKLEY and Jno. D. HARVEY won first in Tennis Doubles.

Elton BOSWELL won first in mile run with 70 yards to spare.

Fred HOWE won first in the Broad Jump with 10 feet, 4 inches.

Perry FARROW won second in 440 yard dash.

Everett HANSFORD won third in high jump.

Andrew JACKSON won third in half mile run.

In the total points won in the entire meet, De Leon ranked second, being beaten only by Brownwood.

Father of G.R. Goosby Is Dead

John GOOSBY, a resident of the lower part of Comanche county, and father of George GOOSBY, superintendent of Comyn schools, died at his home at 10a.m. Sunday, April 18th, and his remains were laid to rest at Comanche Monday at noon. The cause of death was diabetes. He had been ill for some months.

Deceased is survived by his wife and three sons, and two daughters, George GOOSBY, being the eldest of these.

Baptists To Lay Cornerstone Sunday At 3:30

De Leon Baptist church will on Sunday afternoon at 3:30, April 25th, 1926, lay the cornerstone of their new church building. Dr. Forrest MADDOX of the First Baptist church of Comanche will deliver the chief address.

Church History

Historical sketch of the De Leon Baptist church from Saturday before First Sunday in May 1877, to April 25, 1926. Same being the occasion of the laying of the corner stone of the new building.

The De Leon Baptist church was organized in the year of 1877, about four miles east of De Leon. It was then known as the Liberty Baptist church. Brothers R.D. ROSS, J.R. NORTHCUT and William BARKER were invited as a council to assist in the organization of this church.

This church was composed of nineteen charter members, none of whom are now living, the last being Mrs. A.C. HILTON, who died in the year 1925.

Brother Wm. BARKER was the first pastor of this church and A.C. HILTON was the first clerk. Brother BARKER served as pastor only one year. Brother HILTON served as clerk 13 years. The first deacons of the church were Brothers J.P. RUCKER and Lem BRUMBELOW.

Brother BARKER was followed as pastor by Brother J.R. NORTHCUT who served as pastor three and one half years.

Brother NORTHCUT was in turn followed by Brother Wm. BARKER, who only served one year.

In December of 1881 the church was moved to De Leon and then took the name of the De Leon Baptist church.

Brothers A.M. BARKER and J.R. NORTHCUT were appointed as building committee to erect the first building which was located on the lot just south of Higginbotham’s Dry Goods Department, where the Corner Drug Store now stands.

This building was soon wrecked by a storm and then services were held in a school building which was located near where Dr. INZER now lives.

Brother Isaac REED was the first pastor of the church after it was moved to De Leon, he served the church only one year and was followed by Brother William BARKER, this being the third time for Brother BARKER as pastor. Brother BARKER served one year and was followed by Brother J.T. HAVIS.

Brother HAVIS only served the church one year and was followed by Brother M. RAY, who had care of the church one year.

Brother R.W. HALL was the next pastor, giving the church only one year’s service.

In the year of 1885 a second building was erected on the lot where the Corner Drug Store now stands to take the place of the one wrecked by the storm. The committee to build this building was composed of Bros. N.W. BROUGHTON, L. BRUMBELOW, W.F. KIRK and Sisters S.E. KEE, C.A. DAVIS and M.E. BARKER.

Brother R.D. ROSS was called to the care of the De Leon Baptist church in the year 1887. He only served one year and was followed by Brother G.R. ROSS, who served as pastor from 1888 until August 1897.

The clerks during Brother ROSS’ pastorate were P.H. MILLER, J.F. SCARBOROUGH, H.B. DILLARD and A.M. BARKER.

The Sunday school was organized about the year of 1888, with W.F. KIRK as superintendent. The Woman’s Missionary Society was organized in the year of 1889, Miss Mary KEE, now Mrs. Jeff SMITH, was the first president. It was then called the Ladies’ Aid.

Brother J.H. VINSON followed Bro. G.B. ROSS as pastor. He served only one year and was followed by Brother G.R ROSS who was pastor of the De Leon church longer than anyone who has ever had care of the church.

Brother G.R. ROSS was followed by Brother G.W. SMITH, who remained pastor until 1909.

The clerks during Brother SMITH’s pastorate were R.B. KEE, T.D. WEBB, Eugene WELCH, T.J. HARVEY, C.W. MORGAN, C.M. KEE and W.L. SPENCER.

Brother A.M. BARKER has been a member of the De Leon Baptist church and a deacon longer than any member of the church. He united with the church as a deacon May 5, 1882.

In October of 1903 the De Leon church decided to sell the lot where the building was then located and to move to a more desirable location. T.S. ROSS, C.R. AYERS and J.P. KINCHEN were appointed on committee for this purpose, but it was not until the year of 1905 that this transaction was made.

The building that has recently been torn away to make room for the one that is now being erected, was built in the year of 1906. The building committee was composed of J. Doss MILLER, Sr. as chairman, Brothers G.W. SMITH and C.R. AYERS. This building was dedicated to the service of God on the First Sunday in September of the sme year, Brother G.R. ROSS preaching the dedication sermon.

The building that is now being erected will be the sixth building in the history of the De Leon church.

Brother W.T. SHERROD followed Brother G.W. SMITH as pastor, served two years, from 1909 to 1911.

The clerks during Brother SHERROD’s pastorate were W.L. SPENCER, G.E. HARVEY and T.L. PATTERSON.

Brother SHERROD was followed by Brother B.D. GRIFFIN, who served only one year. T.S. ROSS and T.L. PATTERSON were the clerks.

Brother R.E. SMITH followed Bro. GRIFFIN. Brother SMITH had care of the church for five years, 1912 to 1917.

The clerks were T.S. ROSS, T.L. PATTERSON, Carl WITT and Buell Van ZANDT.

Brother W.D. BOSWELL was followed by Brother W.T. HAMOR, who resigned in November 1924. The clerks were O.E. HARVEY and C.E. CONLEE.

Brother J.N. CAMPBELL, our present pastor succeeded Brother HAMOR, C.E. CONLEE, clerk.

R.R. HARVEY is the superintendent of the Sunday school, having served in that capacity a little over 21 years and L.G. MILLER is the secretary. Our Sunday school reached the A 1 standard in January 1911. The average attendance of the Sunday school in February 1926 was 219.

The different organizations of the church are as follows: The Woman’s Missionary Society, with Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL president and Mrs. J.J. HORN, secretary.

The Senior B.Y.P.U. with Craig NICHOLS president, and Violet TODD, secretary.

The Intermediate B.Y.P.U. with C.L. KINCHEN, Jr., as president, and Mattie Ruth RIDDLE, secretary.

The Junior B.Y.P.U. with Gracie H. SMITH president, and Frances HARVEY secretary.

The Sunbeams with Mrs. C.C. NICHOLS, leader.

The active deacons are O.A. RIDDLE, chairman; C.E. CONLEE, secretary, Dr. H.H. INZER, H.F. SHORT, B.C. CHAMBERS, C.H. SHARP, Z.C. STEAKLEY, S.D. WEST and R.R. HARVEY.

Three Big Rabbit Drives Were Held Last Week

The three most successful rabbit drives the Free Press has heard of thus far were those held in the Round Grove community on Wednesday of last week, at Dockum community on Friday and at Rucker, also on Friday.

At round Grove about 35 men participated and 301 rabbits were destroyed, largely cottontails. Dinner was served in the church building at Round Grove, free to all the hunting party. W.E. HOWELL, F.E. CARTER and H.E. NEWTON of this city joined in the sport.

In the Dockum hunt, 45 men participated. Dinner was served at the Abb WILSON home with an abundance of good eats and hot coffee. During the day’s drive 356 rabbits were killed.

High point man for these two drives was Clyde EOFF, killing 25. Arthur VINSON sat in the edge of a thicket toward which the drivers were approaching and shot eight rabbits without moving out of his tracks. VINSON killed 23.

On Friday of last week a party of 48 farmers living in the vicinity of the Johnson church north of De Leon held a big rabbit drive and the result was 220 rabbits less in that community. A big dinner was served at the Johnson church at which about 100 people gathered to enjoy the good things to eat. This was the second drive in this community in the last ten days and about 500 rabbits have been killed.

About 1000 rabbits were killed in the three drives and this will save a lot of watermelons, young fruit trees and garden truck.

Shower Honoring Mrs. Wayne Bell

One of the most delightful social events of the season was a miscellaneous shower given Friday April 18th at three o’clock by Mesdames Wm. STEAKLEY and Joe A. MOHON at the home of the latter, honoring our most recent bride, Mrs. Wayne BELL.

The beautiful home was decorated throughout with wild flowers and cut flowers of the season. More than 50 guests were received by the hostesses to do honor to the bride, who was the "uninvited guest." After the arrival of the guests, Mrs. BELL was invited to the MOHON home to inspect a "used refrigerator" and then the "cat was out of the bag."

Two contests were engaged in. Mesdames HOWE and B.J. PITMAN winning the prize in the first contest and Mesdames UNDERWOOD and SNEAD winning the second, they presenting the prize to the bride.

Many useful and lovely articles were given to the bride which were displayed and admired by her many friends. An ice course was served.

Bowman News

Mrs. J.N. BOWMAN is still in a critical condition.

Thomas ROBINETTE has been very ill but is recovering nicely now.

D.L. GRIFFITH has had a right sick child.

Joe GRIFFITH of Rotan is visiting his brother, W.F. GRIFFITH.

New Hope News

The little daughter of Mrs. Jeff LOUDERMILK is very sick at this writing. Mrs. LOUDERMILK is at her mother’s at Downing and the little one is too sick to bring home.

Miss O?a Mae McCHAREN spent Saturday night and Sunday with her sister, Miss Enola McCHAREN, a Tarleton student and attended the singing convention.


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