De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 9, 1926

Meat Market Is Closed; to Reopen by New Owners

The De Leon Meat Market, owned and operated the past six months by J.O. McCLAIRY of Goldthwaite, closed its doors on April first and Mr. McCLAIRY has returned to his ranch at Goldthwaite where his interests are larger than here.

The market will be reopened for business the last of the present week by WALTRIP & HAYNES, local men, who will hereafter conduct the business. Messrs. WALTRIP & HAYNES will have an announcement of their formal opening in the immediate future, they state.

Swagerty Building Garage Anew After Disastrous Fire

Following the disastrous fire at the Swagerty Filling Station and Garage three weeks ago, Mr. J.L. SWAGERTY has entered upon a building and improvement program which will give him one of the best properties of this nature in De Leon. The place is ideally located in the center of town and when again opened to the public will be equipped with new cement and … awnings…..[illegible].

A crew of workmen are busy daily tearing away the charred woodwork and getting the building in readiness for concrete work to commence perhaps sometime next week. It will perhaps be thirty days before the entire improvement program will have been completed.

Bitten By Dog, Takes Treatment to Prevent Rabies

Monroe MORRIS of Ross Chapel community was bitten by his dog at his home last Saturday. The animal, a pup several months old, was acting queerly and bit MORRIS and he killed it by beating it over the head with a club, beating the head to a pulp.

When the head was sent to Austin, nothing could be determined as the form of the brain had been destroyed. This should be a warning to others. In killing an animal be sure the brain is left intact and it may save you much worry and expense. MORRIS is taking the treatment which is being administered by a local physician.

MORRIS seems in a streak of bad luck. His home burned near Ross Chapel a month or so ago. Nothing was saved.

Brakeman Milner Is Burned in Explosion

Brakeman MILNER went into his back yard Friday evening to take off a hatch of baby chicks from an incubator. The brooder was heated by gas and there evidently must have been a leak as it exploded when he lighted a match. The top of the machine may have served as a pocket for the gas. Mr. MILNER was painfully burned about the face, neck, hands and arms.

Curt Gregory Gets A Painful Injury

While uncoupling cars in the yards at Dublin early in the week, Curt GREGORY, brakeman, was struck by an air hose when he cut the air line and while his injuries are not believed to be serious, he was painfully bruised. The metal end of the hose struck him in the lower part of the abdomen.

Baptist Church

The Baptist church Sunday elected the following committee to furnish the new church building: Messrs. B.J. PITTMAN, G.W. ROLLINS, Z.C. STEAKLEY, C.H. SHARP, C.L. KINCHEN, J.P. TODD, F.T. DANIEL, R.W. BRANNON, G.C. HORNSBY and Koss MYERS. The announcement was made that the committee would have its first meeting on Thursday evening.

Mesdames J.H. GRIZZELLE, C.L. KINCHEN, J. NUNNELLEY and G.W. ROLLINS on Wednesday attended the annual district W.M.U. meeting at Hamilton of Baptist ladies. They announced that they would bring back with them Mrs. J.E. LEIGH of Dallas, to speaking in De Leon on Wednesday evening. Mrs. LEIGH is the corresponding secretary of the Texas Baptist Woman’s Missionary Union.

Messrs. W.T. HENDERSON, S.D. WEST and J.N. CAMPBELL on Tuesday attended the Comanche Association at Gustine.

The new officers elected by the Senior B.Y.P.U. follow. President, Craig NICHOLS; vice-president, Andrew JACKSON; recording secretary Miss Violet TODD; treasurer, Miss Virginia SHARP; chorister, Miss Clara Belle FUNDERBURGH; pianist Miss Louise LESTER; corresponding secretary Mrs. J.N. CAMPBELL and as captains, Murray NICHOLS, Cecil SHORT, Miss Mary Louise GRIZZELLE and Walter LOWE.

The new officers in the Intermediate Union are: President, C.L. KINCHEN, vice-president Henry Grady SHARP; recording secretary,, Mattie Ruth RIDDLE; corresponding secretary, Christine AYERS; treasurer, Roger CHAMBERS; chorister Lillian PITTMAN; librarian, Ruth HOWE and captains, Winnie Zell HOLLEMAN, Bertie SIMMS, William TAYLOR and Opal IRVIN.

Mrs. M.A. JAMES, mother of Mrs. H.N. ALEXANDER, joined the church last Sunday.

Redden Jr. Given Annapolis Place by Cong. Blanton

Clarence REDDEN, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. REDDEN, perhaps was made the happiest of all the twenty-two hundred cadets at A. & M. college of Texas last week when a telegram came announcing that he had been appointed by Congressman Thos. L. BLANTON to Annapolis Naval Academy.

The appointment means a great deal to young REDDON. Only one appointment is issued in each congressional district each year, and that only to very select young men. To be eligible to receive this honor one must have finished high school and have had certain college work. REDDEN, it is understood, has met all these requirements.

Appointment to Annapolis means the man "belongs to Uncle Sam for eight years." The first four he is in school at Annapolis and the last four he is assigned to sea service in the navy. The government provides adequately for her cadets. An allowance of probably $75 per month is paid to them while in school to cover personal expense, this in addition to all expense of tuition, fees and all living expenses. He will receive an education worth many thousands of dollars free.

Clarence received the appointment as alternate to West Point some time ago, rejecting this because he always wanted to go to Annapolis. A Cisco lad goes to West Point.

Miscellaneous local news from front page

Mr. and Mrs. C.B. POWELL, Sr., of Sinton, Texas, visited with Mr. and Mrs. B.J. PITTMAN this week. They formerly lived on the Lewis DICKSON farm, three miles west of town. Mrs. POWELL is a sister of B.J. PITTMAN.

Mr. and Mrs. G.B. GOLIGHTLY and little daughter of Hico, accompanied by Otho PLEMMONS of Waco, were spending the week=end with their parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS.

A party of De Leon people attended the Brown county singing convention held in the auditorium at Howard Payne College last Sunday. They were Ernest, Walter and Emmett RIPPETOE, Dean GARDNER and wife, C.V. SINGLETON, and wife, Mrs. Walter RIPPETOE, Ed RIPPETOE and C.B. GEORGE.

Mrs. Leon NOEL, Mrs. W.S. BLACK and Mrs. C.L. PITTMAN returned home Thursday from Eastland where they attended the Parent Teachers Association district meeting as delegates from the De Leon P.T.A. They report a most interesting meeting and that they were royally entertained by the Eastland folks.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse HOLDRIDGE, a baby boy. All doing nicely.

Miss Lillian HANSFORD was home from Tarleton college for the past week-end.

Herbert WEAVER was home for a brief visit early in the week from the Dallas Medical School.

Russell HOWELL was home from Daniel Baker college, Brownwood, for Easter with home folks.

Mrs. Chas. BARTLETT and children of Dallas spent Easter Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS.

Mr. William, Miss Ona Mae and Tommie CONNER, all of Breckenridge, spent Sunday with their cousin, Mrs. D.L. TERRILL.

Mrs. Elia NABORS returned from Cisco Saturday where she had been at work at the Daniels Café to accept a position waiting tables at the Travelers Hotel.

Mrs. E.C. DODSON left Tuesday for a month’s visit with her sister, Mrs. Newell JERNIGAN at Raymonville in the lower Rio Grande Valley.

Have New Residence

Tom JOHNSTON and children are living in a new home which he recently purchased, opposite the D.P. LLOYD home.

Bowman News

Mrs. Lela BOWMAN and four of her children are in bed with the flu. They are improving some now.

Mrs. Wallace MORGAN and Lester MORGAN are in bed with the flu. They are mighty sick and are still confined to their beds.

Christine PINSON is sick with flu also. She is improving some now.

Mrs. Maud FERRILL has been sick but is able to be up again.

Mr. and Mrs. W.F. GRIFFITH visited his son, Weaver, at Desdemona on Sunday.

Miss Mary WALKER was home the past week-end to visit homefolks.

New Hope News

Claude PAIR and family visited relatives at Strawn Sunday.

Miss Susie HOLLAND and mother visited relatives in De Leon Monday.

Mrs. Ed LIGHTFOOT is at the bedside of her mother, Mrs. E.O. COZBY of De Leon who is very sick at this writing.

Oscar NABORS has a case of the flu. He said he has had the flu in previous years but not as bad as he has this time. Some of his children have the flu also.

Duster News

Clarence FOSTER of De Leon visited relatives here Friday.

Allen CHAINEY and family visited relatives of Comanche the latter part of the week.

Miss Essie Pearl HARRIS has been very sick with the flu, but she is steadily improving at this writing.

J.C. HOOKER left last week for Glen Rose where he will remain a few days on account of his health.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer JOINER of near Jakehamon spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. JOINER.

Misses Iola McCLELLAN, Arra WHATLEY, Wilma GRAY and Emily HUDDLESTON spent Saturday night with Hesper and Ardell JOINER.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter FRANK of Trinity spent Saturday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOLDEN.

Smith-Cate Wedding at Eastland on Sunday

The wedding of Miss Letha SMITH to Mr. Stuart CATE occurred at Eastland last Sunday evening at nine o’clock, much to the surprise of their friends and even the families of the popular young people. It was suspected by close friends that a wedding was approaching but no one expected it to be so close at hand.

Miss SMITH was visiting friends at Cisco when the plan for the wedding materialized. They were accompanied to Eastland by her friend Miss Aileen WALKER, and Mr. A.E. SARTER of Cisco. Pastor NELSON of the First Baptist church of Eastland pronounced the ceremony. The young couple then came here and apprised her family of the occurrence. They are now living temporarily at the Colonial Hotel at Breckenridge until their new home has been completed there.

Miss SMITH, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH, is a highly cultured and lovable girl. She has been reared in De Leon, educated in the schools here and at Baylor University, taught piano in De Leon schools, and has been closely associated with and a moving factor in the social life of the town for a number of years. She is deservedly popular with a large majority of the people, and her friends will miss her.

Mr. CATE is not widely known in De Leon. He was reared in Cisco where his parents now reside and where good reports of his character and integrity are heard everywhere. The following clipped article from the Breckenridge Daily American gives additional information regarding the event.

"The many friends of Stuart CATE, who has resided in Breckenridge for the past five years will be surprised to learn of his marriage Sunday night to Miss Letha SMITH of De Leon which occurred in Eastland at 9:30 o’clock following Easter services when the young couple went to the home of the Rev. NELSON, Baptist minister of that city, where the wedding was solemnized.

"They were accompanied by Miss Aileen WALKER and Mr. A.E. SARTER of Cisco who witnessed the ceremony, following which the young couple came to Breckenridge where they will be at home to their many friends at the Colonial Hotel until they move into their new home.

"Mr. and Mrs. CATE had planned to be married the early part of May with a big wedding preceded with an announcement party and numerous showers which the bride’s friends had already planned for her but decided Sunday to eliminate all festivities and be quietly married.

"The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.C. SMITH of De Leon, who are numbered among the old time prominent families of that community. She was one of the most popular girls in the city with many friends to wish her well.

"The groom is superintendent of the Breckenridge Gasoline Co., having held that position since coming to Breckenridge five years, and stands high in the estimation of his business associates and a general favorite among his many friends in the city.

"In accordance with previous arrangements they plan to take their honeymoon trip the first of next month."



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