De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, April 2, 1926

District Court Will Convene for Spring Term at Comanche on April 19th

The District Court for Comanche County will convene on April 19. There are thirty-one cases on the civil docket, seven of them divorce cases. How many may be on the criminal docket will not be known until the grand jury has met. No important criminal cases were brought over from last term. Following is a list of names of the Grand Jury and also the petit juries for the various weeks the court will be in session.

Grand Jury

V.I. JACKSON, Sidney; W.P. WEAVER, De Leon; N.N. DURHAM, Comanche; F.L. LITTLE, Sipe Springs; W.A. CUNNINGHAM, Comanche, Rt. 5; N.A. HENSLEY, Energy; W.D. CARMICHAEL, Lamkin; George NEAL, Gustine; C.F. LUKER, Proctor; W.G. KIMBLE, De Leon; J.R. EANES, Comanche; O.L. PARKER, De Leon, Rt. 4; S.E. BLACK, Comanche Rt. 2; C.S. ALLEN, Comanche, Star Rt.; A.D. PETTIT, Gustine, Rt. 1; Jess HARRIS, Comanche, Democrat Star Route.

Week Beginning April 26th

D.V. COKER, Comanche; T.D. ROBINETT, De Leon 2; N.W. POUNDS, De Leon; W.A. TIPPS, Comanche; H.H. DURHAM, Comanche; T.M. GLASGOW, Comanche 2; J.L. BISHOP, Proctor 1; W.C. HAWKINS, Gustine 2; S.E. GLOVER, De Leon; R.C. MORRIS, Sidney; H.T. REDWINE, Sidney; T.D. SWEARINGEN, Hasse; E.O. COZBY, De Leon; T.E. HOOD, Comanche; Loyd HAMPTON, De Leon; R.T. JANES, Sidney; A.E. BOYD, Sidney; N.B. LARGE, Gustine 2; Pat ARNOLD, Sipe Springs; R.T. WALLACE, Sidney 2; C.D. SATTOM, Sidney; D.F. McCARTHY, Sidney; J.I. GRISHAM, De Leon; S.D. STRONG, Dublin 3; W.R. DANIEL, Comanche 2; H.E. MOORE, Comanche 1; O. STURKIE, Proctor; G.C. McKENZIE, Comanche Star; B. McPHERSON, Energy; W.J. RANKIN, May 1; J.D. ALLEN, Comanche; L.L. LIGHTFOOT, De Leon; S.C. VINEYARD, Comanche; T.J. MOONEY, Dublin 2; George JONES, Gustine.

Week Beginning May 3rd

F.A. FERRILL, Blanket; H. KILPATRICK, Comanche; G.T. NELSON, Gustine; R.T. NABORS, De Leon 2; L.T. CUNNINGHAM, Comanche; J.O. JONES, Sipe Springs; W.A. KEY, Gustine; J.W. MILLER, Proctor; H.R. JONES, Comanche; J.T. GUINN, De Leon 2; R.A. FOSTER, Sipe Springs; J.T. ROBERTS, Sidney; R.W. BELL, De Leon; R.K. LANE, Comanche 5; Stanley CARRUTH, De Leon; B.F. MOORE, Proctor 2; J.N. BOWEN, Proctor 1; C.J. BROWNLEE, De Leon 2; C.R. PETERSON, Lamkin; H.B. ROGERS, Comanche Star; E.M. Comanche; T.R. RANDALL, Comanche; G.H. MOORE, Sidney 2; W.C. MIXON, De Leon; B.O. KOONCE, Desdemona; E.A. WHITESIDES, Sipe Springs; E.E. DABNEY, De Leon; Mat HAYS, Dublin 1; C.M. EDMONDSON, Comanche; G.M. MORGAN, De Leon 2; C.L. KINCHEN, De Leon; C.L. PERKINS, Gustine 1; L.J. DRENNAN, Sidney 2; J.L. JAY, Sipe Springs; R.K. SHELTON, Comanche; T.C. SUMMERS, Sidney.

Week Beginning May 10th

W.R. GREENWALDT, De Leon; G.C. BRYSON, Comanche; Evan BARKER, De Leon; J.L. FUNDERBURGH, De Leon; C.F. DENNY, Comanche; N.W. HELMS, Comanche; E.H. RAUHUT, Comanche; E.E. MULLOY, De Leon; W.T. STEPHENS, Proctor; W.A. MERCER, Comanche 3; C.M. CARAWAY, Comyn; R.W. NEWMAN, Comanche 1; K.L. MACON, Comanche; T.A. WARD, Blanket 3; L. MAPLELS, Comanche 5; G.R. ROLLINS, Gustine 1; J.R. CARROLL, Dublin 8; H.S. ECHOLS, DeLeon 1; J.H. WILHELM, Comanche; W.T. HAZZARD, De Leon; Ed THOMAS, De Leon 5; W.L. MASSINGILL, Lamkin; W.C. CAULEY, Comanche; D.H. MATTHEWS, Comanche 2; Ed LIGHTFOOT, De Leon 4; J.J. HORN, Sr., De Leon; E.H. LONG, Comanche 5; J.L. BOYETT, De Leon 4; J.D. FARRAR, Comanche 5; J.B. BURTON, Comanche 5; Chas WALKER, Comanche 2; W.T. HUFF, Comanche 3; E.C. COZART, Comanche 5; R.J. BURDETTE, Comanche; F.G. CARAWAY, Energy; E.G. WELLS, Sidney.

San Antonio Man Leased Travelers; Lyle to Eastland

The Travelers Hotel has a new manager in the person of J.M. THOMPSON, late of the Prudential Hotel at San Antonio. Mr. THOMPSON has taken over the splendid hostelry upon the expiration of the lease to A. E. LYLE. Mr. LYLE goes to the Charlotte at Eastland which place he has been in charge of for several months, dividing his time between the Travelers and the Charlotte. Mrs. LYLE has been living at the Charlotte for several months.

Mr. LYLE proved himself a good hotel man and the Travelers built steadily under his management. He took charge of the property when it was badly run down and many times has been able to report a full house and always enjoyed a good business.

Mr. THOMPSON comes to De Leon with a well established reputation as a hotel man. He has just finished a record of twenty years with the Prudential Hotel at San Antonio and the Texas Hotel News, official organ of the Hotel men’s organization, carried an article descriptive of his service and also a photo of him on the front cover of the periodical, attesting to his popularity. Mr. THOMPSON is accompanied by his wife who will be closely associated with him in the management of the Travelers. Both have arrived and are now in charge.

Mr. THOMPSON realizes, of course, that the greater portion of his patronage will be derived from transient trade. But he expressed a desire to the Free Press that he may be able to give a service that will earn the patronage and approval of the home people as well.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank our many friends in and around De Leon for their kindness and help shown us during the illness and death of our beloved husband and father. Above all we wish to thank Mr. NABORS and Doctor J.E. SELF for their help and for the beautiful floral offering.

A lonely mother and son.

Mrs. R.R. SMITH, Austin, Texas

Sixteen Divorces Obtained In This County Last Year

The report sent by the District Clerk, Henry GORE, to the Bureau of Statistics this year shows that there were sixteen divorces granted in Comanche county in 1925. The number in 1924 was 14, and in 1923 it was 12. An indication that the increase shown for the last three years will be maintained this year is that there have been seven divorce suits filed for the April term of court in this county.


The marriage of Miss Maurine MILLER to Mr. Dean GARDNER occurred last Sunday afternoon at five o’clock, when they accompanied by her sister, Miss Ila, motored over to Dublin and were united in the holy bonds by the Rev. Gordon BARRETT, pastor of the First Baptist church.

Miss MILLER, the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll C. MILLER, is employed as teacher in the intermediate grades of the Downing school, and will continue to teach until the end of the school term. She is a graduate of De Leon high school in the class of 1923 and went to John Tarleton where she procured her teachers certificate and is teaching quite successfully. She has scores of friends here, acquired during her high school course, all of whom admire her for her quiet ways and loveable personality.

Mr. GARDNER is engaged in business in De Leon operating a filling station on the Dublin highway with Mr. CHERRY and they are reported to be doing very well indeed. He is a member of the Rippetoe quartette and has sung for De Leon audiences often, having a remarkably good baritone voice. He was reared near Lingleville and lived for some years in the Round Grove community before coming here to make his home.

Friends of this popular young couple extend heartiest congratulations and best wishes for a life of great happiness.

Another Auto Wreck

Last week the Free Press editor told of picking up the victim of an auto wreck on the Carbon-Eastland road. After reading the story, A.A. WILHELM came into the Free Press office and told of having had a very similar experience. Mr. and Mrs. WILHELM and their little grandson, Bonner NABORS, were returning from Cisco and had just passed Carbon on their return, when a young woman and her mother, residents of Bear Springs, a community out from Gorman, attempted to pass them. The driver was evidently inexperienced, at any rate, allowed the machine to get off the asphalt and when the wheel struck the edge of the roadway coming back on it crumpled up and the car turned over. Both women were pinned under, the younger sustaining a broken arm and the elder sustained severe bruises and lacerations. First aid was administered at Carbon, after which they were carried to the Blackwell sanitarium at Gorman.


Howard SHORT is convalescent from a severe attack of the flu.

Edmund GRIZZELLE was home from Tarleton college Sunday.

John Carl HASKINS is somewhat improved from a most severe attack of influenza lasting two weeks.

W.W. NANCE has been entertaining a severe case of the influenza for several days. He is improving now. Mrs. NANCE has also been quite ill.

J.H. BLACK of Brownfield, arrived Sunday and is spending a week visiting his brother, S.E. BLACK near Duster.

Uncle Jim WHALEY has been confined to his room for more than two weeks with an illness and continues quite sick.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred NABORS have both been confined to their bed with influenza during the week. Fred is better but Mrs. NABORS continues quite ill.

Rev. S. KIRKPATRICK and his two daughters, Jewell Jean and Faye, have all been ill of influenza during the week. Rev. KIRKPATRICK was confined to his bed a portion of the past week.

Miss Iris MOHON, teacher in De Leon South Ward, visited her sister, Mrs. Vernon DOSS at Spur last week. Mrs. DOSS had an operation a few weeks ago and has not fully recovered.

S.A. HOOD told Free Press a few days ago that his daughter, Oralena, is principal of the school at Richland, N. Mexico, having finished the course at Simmons, at Abilene, last year. Her De Leon friends extend their congratulations.

Birthday Party

Mrs. H. HAMPTON honored her small daughter, Elaine, on March 20th, with a birthday party, the occasion marking Elaine’s fourth milestone. Sixteen of her small friends were present and helped her enjoy it. The guests were met by Mrs. HAMPTON and after all had arrived a number of interesting games were played and enjoyed. Elaine received many tokens of remembrance from her party of little guests. Refreshments were served to the happy little tykes.

New Hope News

Grandma OWENS of De Leon is visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. Mury SIDES and other relatives of this community.

Uncle Joe CHAMBERS and wife, Aunt Carrie, have been visiting in East Texas the past week.

Ben BURROW and family and Miss Clara WILKERSON visited in the home of Riley WILKERSON near Downing on Sunday.

Oliver Springs

Clyde SETZLAR and family, Mrs. Will PARK and sons, Mr. WATTS and family of this community returned Friday from Austin where Mrs. Lella SMITH, little son and Miss Mamie PARK are taking the treatment at the Pasteur Institute.

Mrs. Garland PERRY and little daughter, Nella V. are very sick with the flu.

Buford COGBURN’s family are all ill with the flu.

Earl CANTWELL has gone to New Mexico by way of Lubbock where he is to fill an appointment Sunday at the Christian church in that city.

Bowman News

The health of this community is not any better. Most of the people have the flu.

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh SINGLETON visited Mr. and Mrs. Bill SINGLETON at De Leon, Sunday.

Miss Ethel SADBERRY and brother, Emmett, visited in Stephenville Saturday night and Sunday.

Miss Phillis SHORT is now teaching as assistant teacher at Bowman in Mrs. Albert BYRD’s place since she has resigned.

Duster News

Miss Lula HADAWAY has been very sick with the flu but is better at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. M.R. JOINER of Desdemona visited relatives in this community Sunday.

Mr. Guy MORELAND and family visited relatives near Gorman Sunday.

Parties That Went To Austin Did Not Stay for Treatment

Following the death of Rushing SMITH from hydrophobia, Mrs. SMITH, his wife, and their little son, Elroy, 7, went to Austin and are taking the treatment as a precaution.

A number of relatives and friends who were in close contact with the deceased went to Austin and considered taking the treatment. But the specialists in charge of the institute reassured them and only one, Coy LOVE, remained to take the treatment after the doctor told them that he, personally, ran more risk daily than they had done with no resulting harm. Those making the trip to Austin were Frank and Press PARK, brothers of Mrs. SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. George REED, and Mr. and Mrs. Lee ROCHESTER and children and Mr. and Mrs. Mattie WATTS.

Miss Mamie Underwood Honored With Party

The attractive home of Mrs. S.G. UNDERWOOD was the center of much merriment and joy on Saturday afternoon, March 27th, when a number of little friends gathered to honor Mamie’s twelfth birthday. The guests were received by the hostess and the young honoree.

After a number of games were played the refreshments were served. The cake contained all the fortunes and caused much laughter.

Those present were Christina MOORE from Dublin, Edna Earl COZBY, Callie HORNSBY, Elouse NANCE, O’Rene TOMLIN, Grace SMITH, Imogene MULLOY, Merle TODD, Mary HARELWOOD, Fay KIRKPATRICK, Ruth KEMP, Ruth HOWE, Gussie INSALL, Conner JETTON, Clarence FOSTER, C.B. GREGORY, D’Otis TOMLIN, Jack DONOHUE, Robert TERRILL, Thomas HOLDEN, Taylor DABNEY, C. NEAL, Thomas UNDERWOOD, J. H. UNDERWOOD and Paul CAMPBELL.



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