De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 19, 1926

W.F. Elkins Celebrates 79th Anniversary Sunday

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. ELKINS and family went to Cisco Sunday to attend the birthday celebration of Mr. ELKINS’ father, W.F. ELKINS, who passed his 79th milestone on that date. The elder ELKINS lived for many years in Comanche but has made his home with his daughter in Cisco for a number of years.

Partnership Dissolved

A mutual agreement to dissolve partnership in Real Estate business was entered into between W.J. HOLLEMAN and R.L. SCOTT on February 1st, 1926, said firm having operated in De Leon for a number of years under the name of Holleman Scott Realty Company.

By this statement, I, R.L. SCOTT, as a partner in the firm retire from said partnership relinquishing all claims to any pending commissions or further profits accruing from the efforts of said firm made prior to February 1st, 1926.

I, W.J. HOLLEMAN, will continue in said business in De Leon and any account or accounts due said above mentioned firm prior to above date are due to be paid to me personally.

We wish to extend our thanks to those who have patronized us in the past and assure you of our appreciation of same.



This De Leon Man Holds Record For Having Hard Luck

About seven years ago Rushing SMITH was married in the Robinson Springs community, his wife being a daughter of Will PARK. The Free Press believes that Mr. and Mrs. SMITH pretty near hold the record for misfortune in the intervening seven years.

Mrs. SMITH has had three operations, the last for stomach trouble at Gorman about two months ago.

Some four years ago one of their two children developed stomach trouble and an operation was resorted to to save its life. The child died.

While staying at Gorman with his wife during the past January while she was recuperating from the operation, Mr. SMITH was bitten by a mad dog on the lawn of the sanitarium and had to take the Pasteur treatment.

Some weeks ago SMITH began gradually to develop symptoms of neuritis, a malady akin to paralysis. Neuritis is a nervous trouble, in his case affecting the hand and arm. Unless checked, the arm will become paralyzed. His condition is grave.

Physicians advised his going to Marlin for the hot baths which may check the malady. He has spent two thousand dollars on operations and doctor bills – all his savings. He said he didn’t have the money.

SMITH has worked for 2 years at road work for Commissioner NABORS on the precinct highways. A strain in this work, the physician believes is responsible for his attack of neuritis. Mr. NABORS and the four boys employed by the precinct gave SMITH about fifty dollars and sent him to Marlin. Citizens subscribed about seventy-five dollars later.

Before arriving in Marlin, SMITH developed a severe case of the flu and a telephone call to the head surgeon there Wednesday afternoon said he is very ill and is threatened with pneumonia.

SMITH is about thirty years old. He is a young man of excellent character, a hard worker and one who is deserving in every sense of the word.

Russell Smith Died of Hydrophobia at Marlin Sanitarium

The last tragic chapter to the above story has been written. Russell SMITH is dead. He died at Marlin at 4:30 o’clock Thursday morning. He died of the most horrible malady, hydrophobia. He took the Pasteur treatment, but he did not go to Austin for it. The serum was sent out and administered by skilled surgeons. Just why it was not effective no one can say. The serum used came from the laboratory at Terrill. The serum is only made up as there is demand and could not have deteriorated.

During his last hours, SMITH was attended by his wife who had accompanied him to Marlin. Press PARK, her brother, went to Marlin on Thursday morning upon receipt of the message telling of his death to arrange about having the body brought home for burial. It is presumed the burial will be at Oliver Springs some time Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel SMITH, parents of the unfortunate young man, received the information of his death from Commissioner Nath NABORS who drove immediately to their home at five o’clock a.m. Thursday after attending Marlin physicians phoned of his death.

The little seven year old son, Elroy, was heartbroken when the sad message was delivered at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Will PARKS. SMITH is also survived by a sister, Mrs. Nattie WATTS, who lives a few miles north of town.

Miss Vera Spencer Now at Home and Gradually Recovering

Miss Vera SPENCER, recently desperately ill of double pneumonia at Colorado, Texas, has so far recovered as to be able to come home early in the week and is recuperating at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George SPENCER. Mrs. W.W. GREGORY, her sister, who spent a month in Colorado at her bedside, returned home with her.

Miscellaneous News

The Free Press has just learned that Ollie ROSS has purchased the city bakery at Gorman. Mr. ROSS will doubtless do well in the thriving little city to our west.

Eld. E.C. THOMSON is seen on the streets almost daily with bountiful bunches of fresh lettuce and young onions which he has grown at his home in the north portion of the city. He planted before Christmas and his garden plot is proving quite profitable. Eld. THOMSON said he is "11 years old" on his second allotment of life, being in his 81st year. His brother, who visited here a couple of years ago, died this past January at the age of 91.

Canaries-Two deep yellow hens, January hatch $1.00 each. Mrs. J.E. NORWOOD

Farm For Rent – Want tenant for H.B. SIMMONS farm two and a half miles from De Leon. Must have good team and be able to furnish himself. See C.C. HAMPTON or S.S. SMITH


Tad CARTER and Dock DABNEY were on a business trip to Amarillo the last of the week.

Bert PATTERSON was here from his home in West Texas the last of the week, visiting his parents.

W.A. MONTGOMERY, stage line operator out of Cisco, was visiting with home folks here the first of the week.

Miss Faye INZER and Mrs. Frank STEED and baby of Dallas were guests of home folks over the past week-end remaining for several days.

Mr. A.C. MARTIN, accompanied by his sister, Mrs. E.E. DABNEY, are spending a month in Fort Worth where he is taking treatment of a specialist.

Miss Opal HOWARD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD is home from Gorman Sanitarium where she underwent a serious operation. She is steadily improving.

Mesdames GILLOCK and TODD, Rebekahs of the De Leon lodge, are spending several days in Austin this week attending Grand Lodge, Mrs. GILLOCK as official representative of this chapter.

Mr. and Mrs. W.P. WEAVER and children and Bertha ROSS attended the fat stock show at Ft. Worth and visited relatives in Dallas the last of the week. Mr. WEAVER became ill of flu while away and remained in Dallas for several days under the care of his brother, Dr. Sam WEAVER.

"Robert Donald" SORRELLE, son of Mr. and Mrs. Don SORRELLE, made his arrival at their home 3105 Bosque Blvd, Waco, on Sunday, March 7th. The SORRELLES are now the proud parents of two little sons, the other almost two years old. Mrs. SORRELLE was Miss Orbie SMITH, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. R.E. SMITH, formerly pastor of the De Leon Baptist church. The youngster is named for the father and grandfather. All are doing nicely.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold FRANK of De Leon, Rt. 2, on March 8th, a baby boy.

John Carl HASKINS has been seriously ill of flu during the past week with fever running to 105.

Buell VAN ZANDT, who has been working with Star INZER in a drug store at Hamlin the past two months, is here on a two week vacation.

The North Ward Roll of Honor

First Grade: George TERRILL, Worth HOWE, Opal Mae TATE, Vance ROOCH, Elsie LEE, E.G. GREGORY, Katherine DONOHOE, Woodrow Wilson DAVIS, Gaylon WARREN, Carrol HOWARD.

Second Grade: Chrystelle HOLLEMAN, Onita POPE, Oleta SMITH

Third Grade: Ida McCURDY, Janie HILL, Taylor MORRIS, Henry Grady PEEVY, O.E. TAYLOR, Merle RICH.

Fourth Grade: Arthur McCURDY, Eddie Roy BARNARD, Ava DUKE.

Fifth Grade: Frances COLEY, Iva WIDEMOND, J.B. CRAIN.

Sixth Grade: Ruby WIDEMAN.

Seventh Grade: Geneva COLEY, Mattie Ruth RIDDLE.

Duster News

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM visited their daughter, Mrs. W.E. WILLIAMS of Blanket, the week-end.

Herman GRAY of Rising Star spent the week-end visiting relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. M.R. JOINER of Desdemona visited relatives here the last of the week.

Bowman News

Jackson QUINN from John Tarleton was home the past week-end.

Denmon ALEXANDER, accompanied by his father and mother, motored to Goldthwaithe Saturday afternoon, returning Sunday.

Emmett SADBERRY and sister spent Sunday with Lester MORGAN and sister.

Oliver Springs

Mr. and Mrs. Jessie MOORE announce the arrival of a tiny 12 pound daughter on Monday the 15th.

Johnnie BURLESON has returned home from the sanitarium at Gorman.

Mr. and Mrs. R.W. BURLESON spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John BURLESON.

Round Grove News

Mrs. Rupert BLANKENSHIP, who has been quite sick for several weeks, is better at this writing.

Bert PATTERSON was shaking hands with old friends and visiting his father and mother here Saturday and Sunday.

J.H. ED and Ernest RIPPETOE went to Comanche last Sunday to attend the funeral of Eld. A.A. HENSLEE.

Roy GEORGE returned from Baird Saturday night with a truck for his father, D.C. GEORGE. His brother Lewis GEORGE, had purchased the truck there for him.



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