De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, March 12, 1926

Downing Man is Shot in Foot on Rabbit Drive

Richard BROOKS, farmer residing in East Downing, was severely injured by the accidental discharge of his gun while on a rabbit drive near his home last Saturday about noon. The muzzle of the double-barrel shotgun was a few inches from his foot when it was discharged, the charge of No. 6 shot taking effect about the middle of his foot, the bones being broken to bits and deposited in the shoe by the force of the shot.

Immediately after the accident, Mr. BRONSON and son, neighbors, who were near him when the accident occurred took him in a car and rushed him, bleeding profusely, to this place where first aid was given him by a local physician. He was then carried to Gorman where about one-fourth of the foot was amputated, the three outside toes being removed. Barring complications, physicians expect that he will save the remainder of the foot. The great toe and the second toe were saved, fortunately, which will aid him greatly in walking.

Mr. BROOKS has lived near Downing for a number of years. He is married and has several children. He owns his farm.

De Leon Baseball Pitcher is Trying Out With Waco

Houston PATTERSON, son of A. J. PATTERSON of this city, left for Waco last week to try out with the Waco baseball club as pitcher. PATTERSON has been recommended for a try-out to the manager of the club by friends who, knowing his ability, believe he will have no trouble getting on the team.

PATTERSON has played professional ball for a number of years, pitching last season for the Lubbock club.

Miss Opal Howard Had Appendix Operation

Miss Opal HOWARD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar HOWARD, had an operation for appendicitis at Gorman Sanitarium Thursday of last week. Mrs. HOWARD is at her bedside. Mr. HOWARD came from Gorman on Wednesday evening and stated that her condition is better. She was stricken with the malady while at school and was carried home by Miss COLEY, and at once taken to the sanitarium. Her friends will be glad to learn of her recovery.

Sunday School Institute is Held at M. E. Church

Pastors and laymen of the Methodist church for the Cisco District assembled here Thursday evening and held a district institute. Speakers included both men and women. The affair was held near press hour and this paper can give no more detailed report than the program as arranged.

Lunch was served at six o’clock, the session having begun at five and was planned to terminate at nine o’clock p.m.

Following is the program:

Devotional, Rev. W.A. NEILL, of De Leon

Inspirational Address, Rev. W.T. JONES of Desdemona.

Program of Work, Rev. J.B. CURRY of Dublin

District Goals, Rev. H.P. WATKINS, of Gorman


Missionary Programs in Sunday School, Mrs. HUFSTEILLER.

Evangelism in the Sunday School., Rev. F.E. SINGLETON, of Eastland

Primary Experiences, Miss Bertha ROSS, of De Leon

Teaching Adolescent Girls, Mrs. May WHALEY, of De Leon

Teacher Training, Rev. A.W. HALL, of Ranger

Neighborly Folks Share Fire Loss of Ross Chapel Man

One of the outstanding characteristics of De Leon and the De Leon territory is neighborliness. A hundred cases may be cited where farmers have gathered in and plowed a sick neighbor’s field, planted or gathered his crop, or helped in any way that was needed when sickness or calamity came. The spirit of helpfulness is one of the things that make living in such a community a pleasure.

Last Saturday night Mr. and Mrs. Monroe MORRIS, residing a few hundred yards from the Ross Chapel Methodist church lost their home by fire. They were away at the time and are uncertain as to the origin of the fire, supposing it was caused from a defective flue, or from a brooder on the second floor. Everything was lost. Mr. and Mrs. MORRIS were married only a few months ago and their furniture was practically new. They estimated their loss in actual value at about $500 with no insurance. Of course, many articles were lost that money cannot replace.

The brooder on the second floor of the building contained 150 pure bred White Leghorn baby chicks, newly hatched, all lost.

Monday neighbors of the popular young couple were in town and circulated a petition among the business people as well as the crowd of visitors present, and it is believed when all have turned in their lists that the amount will reach $500.

The burned building was the property of T.J. McCLELLAN and was not insured.

Local News

Jim BROWN, candidate for commissioner, went to Lubbock on business last week.

Chas. ROSS of Colorado, Texas, and Carl ROSS of Snyder, were visiting in the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. T. ROSS here the last of the week.

Basil HILTON arrived this week from Milwaukee, Wis., where he has been employed in an automobile parts factory the past two years. After visiting relatives briefly he left for Yuma, Ariz., where his father, W.W. HILTON is employed by the U.S. Reclamation service.

Bill LEIGON, who operates a welding shop at Pioneer, was home with his family the past week end.

Mr. and Mrs. Archibald WHITE of Sanderson, Texas, were here the first of the week, returning from a trip to Austin where they had accompanied their basketball team. They visited in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.V. WHITE.

Friends of Bob MORRIS, 18, St. Joe young man, will be glad to know that he is recovering from a severe illness of double pneumonia.

Paul HOUK, M.K.T. man, had an operation at Blackwell Sanitarium early in the week and on the following day was up and about town as usual.

Mr. and Mrs. G.H. McCARTY have returned to their home at Lawn, Texas, after a visit with their daughters, Mesdames C.L. KINCHENS and George MARTIN.

Mr. and Mrs. H.W. LOCKE went to Fort Worth the first of the week to carry their son, Doyle and wife, who have started housekeeping at 807 West 7th Street. Doyle is employed by Bunker Printing Company of that city.

Henry BRYANT, employed by an oil refinery at Colorado, Texas, visited his mother, Mrs. LIGHTHILL and other friends here the past week-end.

Honor Roll

First Grade: Mary Dolph BOSWELL, Eugena GENTRY, Billy GREENWALT, Roy Norman HAMMERS, James HAMPTON, Jocelyn KEMP, Billie Fae LONDON, Herchel MOORE, Mary Alice ROLLINS, Bobbie Jean STRINGFELLOW, Ralph NICHOLS, Virginia SCOTT.

Second Grade: Frances FERRELL, John SWAGERTY, Nathalie BOYD, Noel TERRELL, Jane PEARSON, Kewpie HOGAN, Treasure Louise RUSSELL, Wilfred BAGWELL, Willie LIGHTFOOT, Spencer LIGHTFOOT, Margaret IRVIN.

Third Grade: Leona HAPPNER, Louise JONES, Lady Grace WHALEY, Azalee CLARK.

Fourth Grade: Walter McIVER, Jim NANCE, Billie SNEAD, Nell NABORS, Martha Frances RUSSELL, Buel SNEAD, Susan SCHMIDT.


Sixth Grade: Edna Earl COZBY, Grace SMITH, Mayme UNDERWOOD, D. Otis TOMLIN.

Seventh Grade: Loucile BAKER

Edmund Grizzelle Was Sick With The Flu

Mrs. J.H. GRIZZELLE was called to Stephenville last Friday to the bedside of her son, Edmund, who had been carried to the college hospital at John Tarleton college suffering with a severe attack of influenza. Mrs. GRIZZELLE returned after a brief visit. Edmund has about recovered.

New Hope News

Mr. Shirley STRUBE and little daughter have been on the sick list the past week but are improving some now.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben BURROW accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. S.N. WILKERSON visited in the home of Mr. BURROW’s parents of near Ranger Sunday.

Claude PAIR and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mrs. PAIR’s mother, Mrs. W.C. LOCK, and family of Ross Chapel community.

Mrs. A.S. STACY spent the past week-end with Mrs. G.L. LEE and family. Mrs. STACY lived a neighbor to this family some twenty years ago. She will soon return to East Texas to visit her brother who is sick there.

Mr. and Mrs. LINDLEY of near Desdemona visited her mother, Mrs. Fred HOLLAND and family Sunday night. Mrs. HOLLAND had an operation of the throat a little over a week ago and has suffered very much with it but is on the road to recovery now.

Duster News

School is progressing nicely but a few are absent on account of the flu and some have the whooping cough.

George TIMMS and son Gordon, of Winters, visited relatives in this community last week.

J.P. HOLDER and family visited their daughter, Mrs. Walter FRANK of Trinity on Friday.

Mrs. S.S. JOINER is staying with her son, M. R. JOINER of Desdemona at this time. Mr. JOINER has been very ill with pneumonia but is steadily improving.


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