De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 26, 1926

Miss Vera Spencer Improves After Being Near Death

Miss Vera SPENCER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George SPENCER of this city, has been very near death with an attack of pneumonia at Colorado, Texas, where she is employed in the post office.

Tuesday morning of this week the two pneumonia specialists notified relatives that the end would not be more than five or six hours away and relatives here were so notified. Four nurses, one special pneumonia nurse from Fort Worth, have been in constant attendance upon her for days.

At o o’clock Thursday this paper received its last information concerning her. At that hour her condition seemed improved and the specialists pronounced her past the crisis.

Miss SPENCER has been ill of double pneumonia which took a very serious turn after she had been ill of influenza.

Baker & Floyd Have Taken Over Filling Station

Homer BAKER and Dave FLOYD, well known De Leon men, have taken over the Hodges Filling Station, first location west of De Leon Bakery and are conducting same. They plan to reach out after business, operating a road service and field car, selling gasoline wherever there is a demand.

The Free Press predicts success for these enterprising young men.

Former De Leon Man Lost Life In An Explosion

C.L. BOND, employed by a gas plant at Eastland, was fatally burned in an explosion at five o’clock last Friday morning. BOND was up early and out at his garage repairing a tube for his car when a mysterious explosion occurred. With his clothing aflame, he rolled across the lawn in an attempt to put out the fire. He was rushed to a sanitarium at Ranger and given every possible attention, never regaining consciousness to tell how the accident happened. His death occurred Friday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock.

BOND married Miss Charlotte COONER, a De Leon girl, about a year ago.

Two Splendid New Residences Built

W.F. HAZZARD has recently completed on his farm a splendid new farm home of ample proportions to care for the needs of his family. The building was erected on a concrete foundation and heavy framework bolted down, and the building has been neatly finished with paint and paper.

Curtis PILCHER has just completed a modern bungalow in Humphrey Addition, the new house being located where the old CLARK home stood. Jim BROWN had the contract and the new building is a very neat and attractive one.

Desdemona Man Died Suddenly of Heart Failure

Levy ANDERSON, special liquidating agent for the Desdemona State Bank, formerly of Bell county, died at his home Wednesday night of heart failure. He retired early and stretching himself upon the bed remarked to his wife that "the bed feels good." Three minutes later he was dead.

ANDERSON was well known in De Leon. C.H. SHARP, undertaker, took charge of the remains. Funeral service was held at eight o’clock today at the home in Desdemona and the body carried back to Bell county for burial. ANDERSON is survived by his wife and several small children.

Akers Sold To Steakley & Smith Now in Charge

E.E. AKERS this week completed a deal with Hiram SMITH and Bob STEAKLEY in which the AKERS dry goods store becomes the property of the Steakley & Smith Company. Mr. AKERS is in business at Munday and will concentrate his efforts at that place. Mrs. AKERS and their daughter, Miss Ellen, have had charge of the store here since Mr. AKERS went west about a year ago. Their business venture at Munday has proved very successful. Their De Leon friends regret to see them move away, but wish for them continued success in their new home which, after all, is their "old home", the family having come to De Leon from Munday six years ago.

STEAKLEY & SMITH, in purchasing the new place, are simply extending their business. They will continue to sell groceries, feed, radios and light hardware in the same old way, at the same old stand. Mr. STEAKLEY will remain in charge of the old store and Mr. SMITH becomes manager of the newly acquired business. The deal has been completed and the new owners are already in charge.

Mr. SMITH announced that there would be no change in the policy of the popular dry goods and ready-to-wear store, that the sales force will remain the same and that the store will continue to handle standard lines of nationally advertised merchandise, goods that everyone knows what he is getting and the same guarantee of "satisfaction with every purchase" will be maintained.

STEAKLEY and SMITH left responsible positions a number of years ago and commenced merchandising on their own account. Their success has been remarkable. They have built a reputation for service and fair dealing over a territory extending many miles from De Leon. The success they have made in the grocery business will doubtless be repeated in a larger way in the new field in which they have entered.

Card Of Thanks

I want to thank all of my neighbors for their presence and especially the days work they gave me since I have been sick. May the Lord bless every one of you for your kindness. I know I shall love my neighbor better for you have proven your love for me and my family.

J.R. JOHNSON and family

Former De Leon Boy Makes Good With Acme Brick

R.L. McKELVEY, son of J.F. McKELVEY of Route one, was in De Leon this week from Denton and called at Free Press to make a change in the address of his paper. McKELVEY, who has been four years with the Acme Brick Company of Denton, was recently promoted to the managership of the operating department of a plant the same company owns at Malvern, Ark. McKELVEY has been machinist in the manufacturing plant at Denton and his four years experience has fitted him for the splendid promotion, which carries with it a nice salary increase.


On Friday at 2:30 p.m. the death angel came to the home of Mr. C.L. BOND and whispered, "Come with Me to our Heavenly home. Your cares here are over."

Mr. BOND was born near Eastland, April 2, 1902, and professed his faith in Christ October 1922, and on January 3, 1924 he was happily married to Miss Charlotte CONNER at De Leon.

Saturday at 4 p.m. on February 20 he was laid to rest in the Eastland cemetery amid a host of sorrowing friends and loved ones. The floral offerings were many and beautiful. Mr. BOND leaves a devoted wife and father and mother to mourn their loss.

He was the only child and idol of his father and mother’s home and was a kind and loving husband. We grieve not as those who have no hope because we can go where he is to Our Home in Heaven.

During the nine hours of suffering his face was wreathed in a smile and when asked how do you feel? He would say I am all right. Please take care of my wife.

Mrs. Oscar Cosby Honored by Shower

On Tuesday afternoon, February 16, Mrs. George VAUGHN gave a miscellaneous shower at the home of her mother, Mrs. SHAVER, honoring Oscar COSBY. The house was decorated to carry out the Washington motif and this was carried through even in the refreshments.

Several contests were enjoyed, one being musical. The prize went to Miss Letha SMITH, who presented it to the bride. Little Misses Dorothy SHAVER and Mary Gene VAUGHN were dressed as cherubs and brought in the lovely gifts. A delicious plate luncheon was served to forty guests.


The marriage of Miss Ladelle FOSTER to Mr. Doyle LOCKE occurred at Eastland last Sunday afternoon at six o’clock where the young couple, accompanied by Miss Rowena FARMER and Mr. Emmet LOCKE had gone for that purpose. License was procured at the court house and the party then went to the home of Elder GATTIS, pastor of the Christian church who performed the ceremony.

The wedding was a complete surprise to everyone and it was determined by the young couple to keep it a profound secret, but of course the families had to know about it, then a few close friends were let into the secret and the Free Press "promised not to tell." So we admonish our readers to join us in keeping the information "close."

After the wedding the happy young couple returned from Eastland and he engaged passage on the 9 o’clock stage immediately for Fort Worth where he is employed by the Bunker Printing Company. The bride is still attending school, a junior, but will join her husband in Fort Worth the last of the present week, it is said.

The Free Press extends them best wishes.

Mrs. Dave Terrill Entertains at Bridge

The Bridge Club had its regular meeting Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dave TERRILL. Her home was lovely, as usual, with ferns and many flowers, suggesting the nearness of spring.

Twelve ladies played the game and high honor went to Miss Pauline BILLS. A dainty refreshment was served at the close of the playing.

New Hope News

Mr. and Mrs. PAIR of Dockum visited their son Claude PAIR and family Sunday.

Sunday was the regular preaching day at New Hope. The pastor, Bro. NEAL, preached Sunday and also Sunday night. The attendance was good.

Misses Pearl, Lucille and Eva LEE and Mr. Alonzo LEE motored to Gorman Sunday evening to see Miss Addie JOHNSON who is in the sanitarium recovering from an operation. Miss JOHNSON is planning to come home on Wednesday of this week.

Vall McCHAREN and wife of Cisco, visited in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.S. McCHAREN, Sunday.

The little two weeks old baby of Mrs. Wade CARROLL died Tuesday morning of this week. Its twin brother died when only two days old and was buried at Round Grove cemetery. It is supposed that the other one will be buried there too.

Round Grove News

Mr. and Mrs. D.C. GILDER have a new girl in their home.

Graves ROSS went to Roby last Monday to appear as a witness in the court at that place.

D.C. GEORGE, Auther VINSON and Orvel ROSS have been quite sick with colds or flu. All but Orvel are able to be up again.

Mrs. HOWELL and Ed ROSS, Miss Bertha and Rev. G.R. ROSS attended the Baptist Workers conference at Dublin today, the 23rd.

Mr. and Mrs. Will LOVELESS, who moved from this community to the Bays community, visited their son, Herbert last Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Rupert BLANKENSHIP are the proud parents of a new girl.

Ed Rippetoe, who has been confined to his bed and almost helpless since the first of last September, is able to get about on crutches now.


Little Nell EDWARD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pearl McCLELLAN is recovering from a recent severe illness.

Mrs. J.C. McMANNERS, late of Denton, is a guest in the home of her daughter, Mrs. C.C. HAMPTON.

Herbert WEAVER was home from Baylor Medical, Dallas, for the 22nd holiday.

Miss Nettie NEAL, student at Waco, was spending several days with home folks the next week.

Edmond GRIZZELLE was home from Tarleton the last week-end.

Born to Mrs. Joe BROWN, on February 21st, a baby girl. The father and husband died some four or five months ago. Mother and Baby doing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie WINKLES are the proud parents of a baby girl, born into the home on the 21st inst.

Paul STEARN, son of the late Joe STEARN, formerly in business in De Leon, The Economy Store, where the Swagerty Garage is now located, was here on business last week. He is traveling for a Chicago firm.

De Leon people who attended the funeral of C.L. BONDS of Eastland were Mrs. COONER and children, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. GOSBY, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh SINGLETON, A.V. BOSWELL and family, M.B. NELSON and family, J.W. HOWARD and son, Mrs. Oscar HOWARD and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. ROLLINS, Mrs. Jno. NUNNALLY, Miss Eurselle SELF, Mrs. D.T. WILLIAMS, Mr. and Mrs. Felix MORRIS, Miss Dee YOUNG, Mrs. McGURDY and Mrs. Will JERNIGAN.


Dr. and Mrs. P.M. KUYKENDALL and daughter, Alla RAY, spent Sunday afternoon in Cisco.

Don C. CHEEK attended the Royal Arch Masons meeting at Ranger on Tuesday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McGEE have moved out to Humble Camp. Mr. and Mrs. C.M. BRATTON to McMann Camp.

Mr. and Mrs. E.L. SHATTUCK came down from Ranger and spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Woods SHANKLIN and family.

Dr. P.M. KUYKENDALL bought the bungalow from John D. GOODRICH of Mexia and moved into it. Mr. J.W. GRIFFIN and family moved into the house formerly occupied by Dr. KUYKENDALL and family.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. KAUFMAN left on Friday for Dallas where they will reside. Mr. KAUFMAN has been an employee of the Lone Star Gas Company for a long time and was promoted to a position in their office at Dallas.

Mr. A.C. SCHUMANN, accompanied by Mrs. O.O. ZENT and Miss Effie HOWELL of the Schumann dry good company made a business trip to Ft. Worth on Tuesday and while there attended the banquet given for the merchants in the Crystal Ball Room of the Texas Hotel.

Duster News

The party at the home of Mr. Lee DUPUY was greatly enjoyed by a big crowd on Saturday night.

W.L. WINKLES and family visited Miss Addie JOHNSON, who is at the Blackwell sanitarium at Gorman on Sunday.

Misses Iola McCLELLAN, Merlle and Marcella McMULLEN, Odell McMULLEN and Royce and Lovee DUKES spent Sunday with Misses Amber and Jewel DUKES.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie WINKLES are the proud parents of a baby girl born February 21.

Oliver Springs

Clyde SETZLER and family, came by Sunday evening from St. Joe to see Carmen BIRD.

Mrs. A.B. HAMPTON has returned from the sanitarium where she has undergone an operation.

Mrs. Lella SMITH is recovering from an operation at Gorman some weeks ago.

A dog was killed at the home of Ira KAY last Friday. Mr. KAY , seeing the dog acting like he was mad, sent for Garland PERRY. He shot at the dog when it ran at him. Having only one shell he sent for Rushing SMITH who came and killed it. Fortunately it bit nothing while there.

Bowman News

Mrs. A.J. BOURMAN is on the sick list and has been for several weeks.

Mrs. George PINSON is also on the sick list but is able to be up.

Miss Myrtle MORGAN is on the sick list but is able to be up again.

Mrs. W.F. GRIFFITH has been sick for the past two weeks.

D.L. GRIFFITH and family have recently moved to this community from Rochester. We are glad to welcome them in our community again.


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