De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, February 12, 1926

New Hardware Is Opened on Post Office Street

De Leon’s third hardware store is opened for business in the building formerly occupied by Sloan Sisters, on the street leading to the post office. L.L. LIGHTFOOT is the sole owner and proprietor and Mr. LIGHTFOOT opened his doors for business Thursday morning this week.

The interior of the building has been re-arranged and neatly painted, new shelving and tables having been arranged in convenient fashion to properly display the stock of light hardware the new place will handle.

Mr. LIGHTFOOT also plans to handle a few lines that no one else handles here, his experience in the line having shown a demand for certain merchandise which he feels he can handle profitably.

The Free Press refers the reader to Mr. LIGHTFOOT’s opening ad on another page of this issue.

Dick Carter Has Opened Produce House This Week

Dick CARTER is opening a new business in the city today – the De Leon Produce House. His location is two doors east of the telephone office on what is known as Market Street of what some call "Peanut Street." The location is a good one and Mr. CARTER plans to handle all kinds of produce offering market price. He has market connection that will enable him to handle stuff in car lots if the volume of business justifies. He will be on the job six days in the week, and invites those having country produce of all kinds to sell to bring him a share of their business.

Mr. CARTER has an ad elsewhere in this issue.


The climax of every love story is "they got married and lived happily ever after" and so the story of the courtship of Miss Jimmie D. INZER and Mr. Oscar COZBY reached that happy culminating point at exactly 7 o’clock last Friday evening, February 5th. Having been duly and lastingly united, they are now entering upon that mystic state described in the story book as "ever after."

It was at the home in southeast De Leon that the wedding occurred, their good friend, Pastor J.N. CAMPBELL, of the Baptist church, was the officiating minister. It was a very quiet wedding and being so was a genuine surprise to everyone. No one was present except the pastor and Mr. and Mrs. Forrest FARMER, except the bride and groom.

Mr. and Mrs. COZBY are said to have gone on a short honeymoon trip, but thus far not even their closest friends have found out where. Mr. COZBY is employed by E.E. Dabney Hardware and Mrs. COZBY is teaching in North Ward, each valued in their respective places and having the confidence and esteem of everyone in the community.

It is the earnest wish of the editor of this paper that their "ever after" may be as happy as the days that have gone before, a wish in which we believe the big family of Free Press readers will heartily join.

Mrs. C.D. Blanton Died Last Sunday

Mrs. Georgia BLANTON, wife of Charles D. BLANTON, aged thirty-two years, died at the family home in De Leon at 11:00 o’clock Sunday morning, February 7, 1926. She had been ill since having an attack of influenza in December 1924, contracting throat trouble from which she was a patient sufferer for many months, finally ending in death. She had been confined to her bed since Christmas. Every attention, together with the advise and treatment of the most skilled physicians, failed to arrest the progress of her malady. She was carried to Carlsbad for a consultation with the state specialists and other eminent physician and surgeons were unable to cope with her malady.

Mrs. BLANTON was Miss Georgia COOK before her marriage. She was a native Texan, being born and reared at Cisco. She came to De Leon after her marriage to Mr. BLANTON in 1911 at San Angelo, having made their home in De Leon for the past seven years. Two children were born to them: W.E. aged 14 and Mattie Elizabeth, aged 12, who together with the husband and father survive. She is also survived by her father, W.T. COOK, who resides here at the BLANTON home.

Mrs. BLANTON was converted and joined the Methodist church at Hico about twenty years ago. Her membership was with the San Angelo Methodist church at the time of her death.

Funeral service was conducted at the home at 2:30 Monday afternoon, February 8th, and the remains laid to rest at De Leon cemetery following. Friends and loved ones following the bier to its last resting place in the "silent city of the dead" and where a bank of flowers was heaped upon the mound, attesting to the love and esteem in which she was held.

Peace be to her departed spirit!

N.H. Wright Dead

The death of N.H. WRIGHT occurred at his home at Stamford on Saturday, Feb. 6th. His remains were brought to De Leon and interment was at De Leon cemetery at 2:30 pm Monday afternoon, the 7th.

Mr. WRIGHT formerly lived at De Leon on the Dew MERRITT farm, three miles east of town. This was about 1908. He moved west and the Free Press editor, who knew him well, had not heard of him since. He was a brother-in-law of B.S. SLATON, Katy conductor, who resided here for several years. His daughter married Dr. Allen LIGHTFOOT. Mr. WRIGHT was an honorable and upright man, rearing a family of sons and daughters who have filled well their places in the world. He was perhaps sixty or sixty-five years of age.


Martin McCAIN and family are leaving Iredell after making their home there for several years. They will go to Hamlin where Mr. McCAIN will continue in the banking business.


Mr. and Mrs. A.C. POLNAC, Mrs. T.W. GLAZIER and Miss Lillie Pearl RUFF were introduced into the mysteries of the Rebekah Degree on Tuesday evening, Feb. 9th. We welcome these good people into our lodge. The degree team gets better and better. We invite our members to attend our practices. All the members are invited to the Valentine party which will be held at the hall on Saturday evening.

The following made talks for the good of the order, Bros. POLNAC and PITTMAN, Sisters FARROW, GILBERT, and PATTERSON.


Eula McIVER, Secry.

Baptist Church

Pastor W.B. PIERCE of Gorman, will preach at the high school building at 7:15 this Sunday evening. Mr. PIERCE will also bring with him the Gorman male quartette. Mr. PIERCE recently came from the state of Arizona to the pastorate of the First Baptist church of Gorman and is having a great ministry there. Everybody is cordially invited to hear him and his excellent quartette.

The Senior B.Y.P.U. has been invited to come down to Van Dyke at 3 o’clock this Sunday afternoon and put on a program. Zollie STEAKLEY, Jr. is the president. The excellent program rendered by these young people at high school last Sunday evening was enjoyed by all.

Bids for the new Baptist church building are to be opened next Monday afternoon at three o’clock at the city hall.

Mrs. W.A. MONTGOMERY is the leader of the Junior B.Y.P.U. and Frances HARVEY is the president. This Union was awarded the A-1 standing for the last quarter of 1925 by the Baptist Sunday School Board.

The Intermediate Union meets at the city hall at 1:30 this Sunday; Thos PITTMAN and Group Four will have the program. The Juniors at 2:30 will have their program led by Wayne MONTGOMERY and Group Two. And the Seniors at six o’clock will be led by Miss Bernice INZER and Group Two.

Local News

Dan ROSS, elderly Comanche citizen, was visiting in De Leon on Thursday. Mr. ROSS, a native of Alexander City, Ala., followed the trade of a blacksmith for more than 40 years, much of this in Comanche. He is now 87 years of age.

Mrs. J.T. EDMONDSON and little son, James, were in Dallas last week at market. Mrs. EDMONDSON bought a very pretty line of millinery and her purchases have already begun to arrive. She extends the ladies a cordial invitation to come in and see what’s new in millinery.

Miss Lillian HANSFORD was home for the week-end from Tarleton College.

Clay DABNEY was here from Fort Worth Sunday visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.E. DABNEY.

Mrs. Leslie BURGESS of Eastland is spending a few days in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.C. JENKINS.

Mrs. W.D. HAMNER of Smackover, Ark., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.T. FORTUNE is here for a visit.

Clifford ALLEN, Tarleton student, spent Sunday with home folks.

C.G. MORTON was here for the past week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.W. MORTON. He is a Tarleton student.

Little Mary Frances, aged 3, daughter of Mrs. Clista DUNCAN, was carried to the Gorman Sanitarium two weeks ago with an attack of membranous croup. So severe was her illness that the surgeons found it necessary to insert a tube in her throat to enable her to continue breathing. She is now recovering and is at home again at J.A. MOHON’s. Mrs. DUNCAN, who is studying at John Tarleton college, has resumed her work.

The stork visited Mr. and Mrs. S.O. RIDENHOWER at Brownwood sanitarium on Tuesday this week. The little one is a girl. All are doing nicely and the grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doss MILLER, Sr., are all smiles.


Mrs. P.D. ANDERSON went to Strawn Wednesday to visit relatives.

J.H. RUSHING and S.W. SMITH made a business visit to Dallas Tuesday.

Mrs. J. HEETER and Mrs. LOVE motored to Eastland Saturday for shopping purposes.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed LEE and baby spent Thursday with relatives at Comanche.

J.W. CARRUTH of Fort Worth was here Wednesday looking after his property and visiting relatives and old friends.

Walter LAMM and family returned the first of the week from Dallas where they have resided the past year. We join with their many friends in extending them a hearty welcome.

Mrs. Robert PATTERSON from Ranger came to visit her daughter, Mrs. Jake WILLIAMS Sunday and will remain with her for a few days.

Mrs. Bill POTEET was honored by an informal birthday party at her home Monday evening by a group of her friends.

Mrs. O.L. AYRES was called to the bedside of a friend in Arizona during the past week. Mr. Will NICHOLS is in charge of her store during her absence.

Mr. and Mrs. A.E. HODGES arrived Friday from Comyn where they were married on Wednesday. Mrs. HODGES was Miss SPRUILL before her marriage. We extend congratulations and good wishes to them and also a welcome to our town.


Mr. and Mrs. Marcelle HIGGINBOTHAM and little daughter of Desdemona spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Byron SKAGGS.

Miss Gracie CARTER visited her brother at Comanche Friday, who is with the Brunk Comedians.

Mr. J.H. EZZELL is visiting his son of Abilene this week.

On last Friday morning while Mr. TENNESON, better known as Uncle Billy, was plowing a young team, they were frightened and ran away dragging him quite a distance and fatally injuring him, his death following on Saturday morning at four o’clock. He leaves a wife, son and a number of friends to mourn his loss. Uncle Billy had long been a citizen of the Duster community and highly respected by all who knew him. The remains were laid to rest at Sand Hill cemetery Sunday afternoon.

Mr. J.B. Edwards Observes Passing of 76th Milestone

Mr. and Mrs. J.B. EDWARDS, who recently moved here from Abilene, purchasing the Fred HENDERSON property in Heath Addition, were given a surprise party last Monday when their daughters, accompanied by old friends and neighbors of Comanche, came over to help them observe Mr. EDWARD’s 75th birthday. Mr. EDWARDS was not expecting such an event and came to town as usual that morning but one of his daughters, Mrs. J.W. SMITH, accompanied by Mrs. A.Q. RACKLEY, came into town upon their arrival and carried him home where Mrs. Leroy RAINES, another daughter, and Mrs. Josie HAMRICK, a friend of the family, awaited them.

And such another feast! The four ladies spent the forenoon in preparing the spread which all enjoyed together a noonday. The afternoon was spent in pleasant family association. Friends of Mr. EDWARDS wish him many happy returns of the day.

Katy Komment

Uncle Jack BETTIS, who had an operation at Cisco, is doing nicely and is now at home.

Mrs. T.J. COOK and children spent Saturday and Sunday with her father, Uncle Billie PHILLIPS, at Iredell.

Miss Waldeen TIDWELL, who has been ill with the "flu" this week, is now doing nicely.

We are sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Charley BLANTON which occurred Sunday at their home in De Leon. Mrs. BLANTON is survived by her husband and two small children. She had been ill for several months.

E.B. WILLIAMSON is relieving Ben SLATON, who is off on account of the death of his brother-in-law, Mr. WRIGHT.

Harvey PIERSON, engineer, who had an operation at Colgin sanitarium last week is reported doing nicely.

Mrs. George COZBY has been to Cleburne to visit her daughter recently.

J.P. TODD is on his job again after having been sick a few days.


©2004,2005 Judith Michaels.  This transcription is the generous work of Judy Michaels taken from microfilm held by the Newspaper Collection of the University of Texas at Austin with a microfilm copy at Comanche Public Library.  The information may be used for personal research only and not for commercial purposes without specific permission.