De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 29, 1926

Death Claims L.J. Bogart at Brownwood Home

Lee J. BOGART is dead. The end came on Saturday morning, January 23, 1926, following an illness lasting over a period of two or three years. His malady was tuberculosis. He made a hard and determined fight, spending months at Christoval where he had the advice of specialists. His last few months were spent near Brownwood where they built a cottage and where he was when the end came.

Mr. BOGART was about 38 years of age. He was married about thirteen years ago and his wife remained constantly at his side until the end came. Sunday afternoon his Masonic brethren took his mortal remains to Brownwood cemetery where they were laid to rest, the funeral service having been held at the First Methodist church of that city.

Mr. BOGART was in business at De Leon for several years, first as a manager for the Dependable Store, and later as an owner and manager of the Wilson-Bogart Company. He also was in business at Mart and at Athens for a few years.

Two Desdemona Youths Meet A Tragic Death

The people of Desdemona were grievously shocked Saturday morning, January 23, when the news reached them of the accident which befell little Elmer NORTHCUTT and Hubert GLASS. The two boys, along with three other companions, Paul SCHUYLER, Melvin FLOYD and D.H. GODWILL, were on a pond skating, when little Elmer broke thru the ice and fell into the water. Hubert could swim, so he cut the ice with his knife and then jumped into the water to save his playmate. Just as they were both struggling to get out and had halfway succeeded but the cold and the frenzy of the struggle overwhelmed them, and they sank again together. Over five hundred people had gathered in the meantime and efforts of all kinds were made to reach the boys but these efforts all came too late, and when finally Mr. Jimmie HEETER and Mr. NICHOLSON rescued the bodies from the water, life had fled.

Elmer Northcutt

Elmer NORTHCUTT was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy NORTHCUTT of Desdemona. He was born May 24, 1916. All his life he was healthy, strong, and lovable. Everybody knew him as "Red".

He entered the second grade shortly after school started and advanced rapidly to the third grade. With his happy, friendly and lovable disposition he made friends of all who knew him, playmates and teachers. Every day he entered the school room ready for work and ready for play. Never did he displease his teachers, but he responded promptly and eagerly to each task he was called upon to do, no matter how great or small.

He was buried at Shiloh, within eight miles of Comanche on Monday afternoon between two and three o’clock.

Elmer is survived by his bereaved parents and a younger sister.

Hubert Glass

James HUBERT, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. GLASS, was born June 2, 1913, at Lingleville, Texas. Hubert was the first born of three boys – David Manson, the second died at the age of two, and Donald alone survives to cheer the hearts of his parents.

In 1922 Mr. GLASS moved to Desdemona where Hubert made many close friends. He was manly, courteous, and lovable, a pupil in the sixth grade. He enjoyed Sunday school and church.

On Saturday, January 22, he waved a fond "goodbye" to his mother, and went off with his chums. The tragedy then occurred.

It was only last Friday night that Huber joined the Boy Scouts eager to learn how to help in emergencies. His last year’s teacher tells the story of an incident which occurred in class illustrating his noble tendencies. The class had just read a story of self sacrifice in which a man gave his own life to save others. When the story was discussed, the teacher asked her class who would really give his life to save another. Hubert spoke up readily and said "I believe I would." And true to his word, he had occasion to prove his heroism. If it were given all of us to choose the manner of our departure from this life, we would all love to leave in just this manner, with the noblest of deeds to crown the memory of our stay upon earth.

Hubert was buried at Lingleville, Texas, on Sunday afternoon with Rev. JONES conducting the funeral service.

Recent Births

Born to Mr. and Mrs.:

C. THOMPSON, near Comyn, on Tuesday, January 19th, a 14 pound boy.

C.D. GILDER, Round Grove, Wednesday, January 20th, a fine girl.

T.E. THORNTON, on Thursday, January 14th, a girl.

D.W. SMITH, near Victor, Sunday, January 24th, a boy.

Greenwaldt & Morton Grocers Close Business

Greenwaldt & Morton, popular and successful grocers of this city, have sold their stock and fixtures to Steakley & Smith and have retired from business. They have been in business here the past two or three years and succeeded in building up a splendid trade. Their customers regret to see them withdrawing from De Leon business circle.

Mr. MORTON has been in business for 22 years, and states in an ad found elsewhere in this issue that he feels he has earned "a breath of fresh air" or words to that effect. Mr. GREENWALDT owns several farms in this vicinity. Both will engage in farming. Mr. MORTON has moved to his farm a mile east of town. Mr. GREENWALDT will continue to make his home on the elevation in the south part of the city where he has lived for several years.

Mrs. Robert Lindsey Had An Operation

Mrs. Robert LINDSEY went to the Gorman Sanitarium early in January for an operation and was reported to this paper several days ago as improving. Her friends will be glad of her recovery.


The Free Press has just heard of the marriage of Mr. Robert SIMPSON to Miss Gladys ROBISON, which occurred at the Methodist Circuit parsonage in this city on December 20th. Pastor W.A. NEAL performed the ceremony in the presence of a number of friends and relatives of the contracting parties.

Miss ROBINSON was reared near De Leon, living at the time of her marriage with her mother in the Morton’s Chapel community. Mr. SIMPSON, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. SIMPSON of Downing, was also reared there. Both are most estimable young people, highly respected and honored in the communities in which they have grown to manhood and womanhood. Congratulations and best wishes were extended them.

The bridal party consisted of: Miss Mildred ROBINSON, Miss Enola McCHAREN, Mrs. Lonnie COSBY, Miss Violet GRIMSHAW, Mr. F.M. CHAMPION, Miss Tot McCHAREN, Mr. Carl SIMPSON and Miss Ruby SMITH.

Holder – Frank

On last Sunday afternoon Mr. Walter FRANK of Trinity and Miss Afton HOLDER of Rock Bluff were united in the happy bonds of matrimony, Rev. W.L. SKAGGS being the officiating minister.

The bride is the lovable and charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. HOLDER and is the center of a circle of admiring friends.

Mr. FRANK’s friends are numbered by his acquaintances.

We wish them happiness and success as they journey thru life together. May their lives always be as happy as their smile on their wedding day. – Contributed.


Mr. and Mrs. E. FORD of Cisco announce the marriage of their daughter, Tommie, to Mr. Wm. Ralph CABANNAS at their home on Sunday, January 17, 1926. They will be at home at Paducah, Texas. Mrs. CABANNAS was born and read [sic] at De Leon.

Ralph Bender In N.C.

Ralph BENDER has entered school at Asheville, N.C., the Bingham Military Academy where he will complete his high school training, preparatory to entering college. He writes that he likes it fine.


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