De Leon Free Press

DeLeon, Comanche County, Texas, Friday, January 1, 1926

Joseph Patterson Will Preach To The Home Folks Sunday

During all the years since Joseph PATTERSON was the janitor of the old De Leon Methodist church his "home folks" the membership of the church, have had a friendly interest in him and have watched his development to manhood and his advancement in the world of letters. For a number of years he has been engaged in the task of getting an education. He has finished Southwestern Methodist University at Dallas, had work in Columbia University, New York, and is at present studying in the University of Virginia. During the years he has picked up a few old college degrees. Being at this time nearing the completion of his fourth , two Bachelor and two Master Degrees. Free Press don’t know what they all mean but one is A.B., another B.D. and the third M.A. and he will receive his M.S. at the end of the present year.

Joseph, as everybody still calls him in these parts, is home for Christmas with his mother, Mrs. C.W. PATTERSON, and others of the family. Incidentally, he will visit at other points in Texas while here and there is a possibility that he may come back to Texas "for keeps" next fall. At the present time he is pastor of a six-charge circuit in the "ragged mountains" of Virginia and at the same time acting as tutor to a young man in the University, who finished this year all this in addition to carrying his ---to the degree----in a few months.

Pastor KIRKPATRICK has invited Joseph to preach next Sunday evening. His friends all want to hear him preach. The hour is 7:00 o’clock. The church will be made comfortable. It is expected that the auditorium will be filled. Special music will be provided. A most cordial invitation to everyone.

Change Is Made In Managers Of Reid Auto Supply

D. HENSON, for some years manager of Reid Auto Supply Co., of this city is being transferred and promoted by his company. Mr. HENSON will leave in a few days to be assistant manager at the headquarters of the chain of automobile sales stores, Dublin. Mr. F.W. COUCH of Comanche and a native of Comanche county is here and on the job, taking Mr. HENSON’s place as local manager.

Maurice REID, of Dublin, owns and controls three sales depots, at Dublin, De Leon, and Stephenville. The Stephenville house is known as Reid Sales Co., Dublin is Reid Motor Co., and De Leon Reid Auto Sales Co. The company employs approximately fifty men and handles a yearly output of five hundred to one thousand machines besides doing an immense repair business. It is to be assistant to Mr. REID that Mr. HENSON goes to Dublin.

Mr. HENSON has made a host of friends during his stay in De Leon. He is progressive, likable, and business-like in his dealings. Any community with a business personnel of men of his type is fortunate. He company does well to promote him.

J.B. Wilson Buys Drug Business At Sulpher Springs

J.B. WILSON has purchased or rather traded for a drug store in Sulphur Springs, Texas, and is leaving with his family in about ten days to make his home at that place. In the deal, Mr. WILSON disposed of his city property in De Leon, but he still owns his valuable farm eight miles north of town, which the Free Press understands has been leased out.

Sulphur Springs is a city of some 10,000 population. The business Mr. WILSON has acquired is well located and an old established place, carrying all the stock and fixtures of a modern drug store. In addition to this business, Mr. WILSON will have other business interests, he stated.

Mr. WILSON has lived here for more than thirty years. He conducted the business of the Wilson Whaley Co. in this city for many years, which firm grew to be classed with the largest mercantile firms in this section. He has had wide experience with cotton, his knowledge of marketing and handling cotton being an outstanding feature of his business experience. His lands situated in the north part of Comanche county once were rated as having a marketable value of a million dollars from the standpoint of oil possibilities.

Through all the ups and downs of more than a quarter of a century, Mr. WILSON has had an interesting and varied business experience, crowned with a measure of success, and he will doubtless continue successful in the drug business. The Free Press editor remembers with gratitude his loyalty to the paper back in the early struggling years of its history when the Wilson-Whaley Co. was a staunch and consistent advertiser. We regret that Mr. WILSON and his estimable family are moving away, and we wish for them much success in their new house.

Mose Strickland Moves To Dublin

Mose STRICKLAND is leaving the last of the present week to make his home at Dublin. Mr. STRICKLAND sold his farm last fall and has been employed here by Reid Auto Supply Co., in the collection department. He has been ? successful in this work, and has been transferred to Dublin to continue in the same line of work with the Reid Motor Co., of that place.

De Leon folks regret to lose these good people but the best wishes of all go with them to their new home.

Leon Noel’s Father Died in Oklahoma

Leon NOEL, bookkeeper for Reid Auto Supply Co., had a message last Saturday apprising him of the death of his father at Colbert, Okla. Mrs. NOEL and Miss Eudora were notified at Valley Mills and joined Mr. NOEL in Fort Worth and they went to Oklahoma for the funeral, which was held at Colbert Sunday afternoon.

The elder NOEL was 83 years of age, a native of Georgia, and had lived in Texas and Oklahoma for many years. He was a ranking Oddfellow, having been a member of the order for more than fifty years. His wife had been dead for more than thirty years.

Mrs. E.E. Akers Recovering From Serious Operation

Mrs. E.E. AKERS is recovering from a serious operation which she had at a sanitarium at Wichita Falls on November 4th. She remained in the sanitarium for eighteen days following, and is not yet fully recovered, but is able to be at the store again. Her friends will be glad to know she is regaiing her health.

Former School Superintendent On Visit Here

Prof. and Mrs. A.R. JARRETT and children of Temple, Okla. are spending several days guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. PATTERSON. Mr. JARRETT was for a long period of years superintendent of De Leon public schools and held a similar position with the schools at Temple, Okla. for several years. They are well pleased with Oklahoma conditions. Miss Charlotte, the young daughter of the family, is now in college at Chickasha, which is the "C.I.A. of Oklahoma."

Married Sunday

Mr. Blake HEATH, youngest son of Justice and Mrs. H.C. HEATH and Miss Opal GEORGE, daughter of S.B. GEORGE, were married last Sunday afternoon at two o’clock at the home of Rev. and Mrs. A.F. NABORS where they had gone to enlist his services in getting the magic knot tied. The ceremony was witnessed by Mrs. NABORS and by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd BO?ELL who had accompanied them to the NABORS home for the event.

Young HEATH and Miss GEORGE are among the best liked young folks in the De Leon community, both having been reared here. Their friends are numbered by their acquaintances, all of them will wish for them much happiness and success.

Mr. and Mrs. HEATH plan to make their home in De Leon, it is said, he being in the employ of Hafford & Holland.

Local News

Mrs. C.M. ALLEN and little granddaughter, Mildred June HARPER, of Dallas are in the city, guests of her sister, Mrs. J.R. WOOD and brothers, R.R. and O.E. HARVEY.

Dr. and Mrs. J.T. PLEMMONS were in Hico for Christmas with their daughter, Mrs. G.B. GOLIGHTLY and family.

E.E. AKERS, of Munday, has been in De Leon the past week assisting with the work of invoicing his stock, and visiting with his family.

Dr. J.D. BOWEN of Fort Worth, father of Mrs. Chas. TATE, was here during the past week, guest of his daughter and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Weston ATWOOD, manager of the De Leon Refinery, left Wednesday of this week after having made their home here for several years, the refinery having closed for the present. They formerly lived in Oklahoma City.

New Hope News

Miss Odelle and Mr. Roy MILLER of Dockum community spent Friday night and Saturday in the home of their Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G.L. LEE.

The SIDES-HOLLAND annual dinner was held at Mr. Whit SIDES on Christmas day. Fifty-six were present to enjoy the big turkey and other things to eat.

The LOCK brothers and relatives held their annual dinner at Mr. T.H. LOCK’s home on Christmas Day. They had turkey and almost everything nice to eat. Sixty-two were present. They all expect to be at Mr. O.M. LOCK’s next Christmas Day.

Mrs. O.M. LOCK’s father, Mr. McKEMIE and other McKEMIE relatives had a big turkey dinner at Mrs. O.M. LOCK’s on the day following Christmas day.

Miss Ruby BROWNLEE of Harmony community spent Saturday night with Miss Vanita BIBBY.

Duster News

Mr. and Mrs. M. MACNAB and daughter of Fort Worth spent Christmas with J.O. HARRIS and family.

Mrs. Ida GOFFORD of Stamford visited her parents here during the holidays.

Mr. Byron SKAGGS and Miss Elsee BUNTING were quietly married Thursday afternoon.

Mr. W.T. HADAWAY of Moran spent Thursday night with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. HADAWAY.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack HALE is visiting the latter’s parents of De Leon.

Mr. Le?? HUNTSUCKER and family of Winters visited his sister, Mrs. J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM the week end.

Mr. and Mrs. W.E. WILLIAMS and son of Blanket returned home Sunday after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM during Christmas.

Oliver Springs

Ben HANEY is very ill this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell BURLESON were in Duster visiting Mrs. BURLESON’s parents.

Christmas Eve Carmen BAIRD was surprised by her little friends and older ones too by a Christmas tree from whose branches hung many presents. Having lain on a bed of pain for nine long weary weeks this was a most joyful surprise for her indeed. Her love and thanks to Mrs. Bob LOVE for trimming her tree and hanging her presents, to all the community are great. Christmas Eve night the same dear people trimmed a tree for Mrs. Leila SMITH filled with presents for her. Mrs. SMITH has been ill for six months. To one that has never been sick the appreciation of these trees will not be fully understood. Fifty-three presents hung from Mrs. SMITH’s tree and fifty gladdened the heart of little Carmen BAIRD.


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